Winter 2011 - Innovative Captive Strategies


Winter 2011 - Innovative Captive Strategies
captive strategies
Winter 2011
PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE: New Initiative on the Horizon
2010 was an incredible year for ICS,
despite challenging market conditions.
We added 25 new group captive
accounts, which means business
owners are looking to the captive
industry for solutions now more than ever. I’m proud
we’ve been able to remain a competitive alternative to
reducing overall risk.
As we move into the first quarter, our team has been
working diligently to develop new opportunities to offer
our members. In our previous E-letter, you read about
the Employee Benefits Initiative. In this issue’s industry
spotlight, you’ll read about a unique Wealth Transfer
opportunity with Nick Henderson. Look forward to our
next issue which will be highlighting our new captive
portal and all the advantages it will bring our members.
I am proud of our team at ICS and I am continually
impressed with our captive owners and agency and
professional partners. Our resolution this year is to keep
our momentum through 2011!
I wish all of our clients, agency and professional partners
a safe and Happy New Year!
Daniel T. Keough, CPCU
Innovative Captive Strategies
Nick Henderson joins ICS with 25 years experience in the
alternative risk marketplace. His expertise in the industry
has been a great addition to the ICS team.
Working in an economy where
every dollar matters, ICS has
developed a wealth transfer
initiative to extend your dollar
even further. This wealth transfer
initiative is the latest value-added
service offered exclusively to ICS
Nick Henderson, CPCU, CIC
captive members. This program
Vice President, Alt. Risk
is a Non-Controlled Foreign
Corporation (NCFC) transacting reinsurance business in
Bermuda. One of the key benefits the wealth transfer
program can bring captive owners is the opportunity to
accumulate surplus on traditionally uninsurable lines of
coverage. Other key benefits include minimal variation
in self insurance costs from year to year, reduction of
total cost of risk, and a mechanism to fund additional risk
to be taken in the future.
Ideal candidates are financially strong, privately held
companies with “long tail” exposures, and encompass
an entrepreneurial spirit. However, any captive owner
is encouraged to inquire about the advantages and
opportunities of the wealth transfer program. If you have
an interest in pursuing this opportunity, please contact
us to discuss how you can implement wealth transfer to
optimize your dollars.
Quebec city
We hope you are getting excited
about our 11th Captive Owners’
Conference scheduled for
September14 at the Fairmont
Chateau Le Frontenac in Quebec
City! Each year, we strive to improve
the COC experience for our captives,
customers and partners. This year
we’ve made some exciting
changes to our agenda.
Creating valuable experiences. The
COC is a significant experience for
all our captives, agency partners,
and new captive owners to have the
opportunity to build their partnerships.
In order to add value to our programs
and create cost efficiency, we have
made the decision to hold the COC
every other year in conjunction
with many of our group captives’
board meetings. This year we will be
hosting nine board meetings to make
efficient use of our time together.
little out of pocket cost.
Program design. The 2011
conference will be 100% devoted to
captive education. Participants can
look forward to hearing more member
stories and lessons learned from other
captive owners.
Registration for the conference will
begin next month. We look forward
to seeing each of you in Quebec City,
Canada in September 2011!
Accessibility and cost. By having the
captives absorb registration costs
through budgeted board meeting
expenses, participants will now be
able to attend the conference with
Photos courtesy of the Fairmont Hotel and Resorts
ICS FOCUS: Lindsay Chase
Lindsay Chase joined ICS in 2006 to manage the
accounting aspects of ICS-managed captive companies.
Her analysis of captive structures and experience with
alternative risk financing make her an invaluable asset to
the ICS team. Here are five things to know about Lindsay
I joined ICS because: I actually turned down the offer to come work for ICS
about 5 or 6 times. After what Dan said was going to be his final time of offering
the job to me, which I once again declined, I couldn’t sleep well and didn’t
have a good feeling about my decision. Being the Christian I am, I prayed
about it, and looked to the Bible for guidance. First page I turn to, first word I
read is “captive”. The next morning I called Dan and told him I might want to
reconsider. He just laughed and said “you’ve got to be kidding me”. The rest is
The best lesson I learned was: I learned so much about honesty, hard work,
value of a dollar, etc growing up as a child. One that sticks in my head was
honesty. In first grade I was lucky enough to get the challenge spelling list one
week. I was thrilled when I received a perfect score on the test and proudly
took it home for my parents to put on the fridge. Only then did my mom look
at the test and noticed I spelled “turquoise” incorrectly. She made me take the
test back to my teacher the next day and inform her of her mistake. I was in
tears. The worst part was my teacher still took the point away from me!
My favorite food is: Anyone that knows my tastes are that of a true Iowa farm
girl...meat and potatoes. I love a good steak.
Most people don’t know: I kept my maiden name as my married name.
This year marks a milestone for
Southern Construction Group, Ltd. and
Valley Indemnity Group, Ltd. Each is
celebrating 5-year anniversaries.
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The best part about my job is: the client interaction and amazing places I have
been. I already filled up one passport and had to get extra pages!
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