Spray September 2010


Spray September 2010
Back to basics
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moisturizing gel containing 100%
pure hyaluronic acid; Moisturize
gel and Pale Face with SPF 29
sun block spray.
New cosmetics are featuring
more and more skin care benefits.
Arbonne International has
reformulated and repackaged
their liquid foundation and
makeup primer. Arbonne
Cosmetics Perfecting Liquid
Foundation with SPF 15
has skin-firming properties to
help lift the
of facial
smooth and
even skin
tone, and
provide sun
was chosen
to upgrade
the packages from traditional glass
containers to airless acrylic bottles,
using an airless dispensing system which
ensures nearly 100% product evacuation
and enhanced product preservation.
Gabriel Organics Sea Fennel Gentle
Eye Makeup Remover is a mild liquid
of sea fennel and chamomile, which
gently and
removes eye
without irritating the delicate
eye area. Eyebright extract
soothes tired, sore eyes and
diffuses redness and puffiness.
Other organic ingredients
include aloe leaf juice, sea
fennel extract, witch hazel,
blue green algae, azulene,
organic amino acid, orange
flower oil and potassium
sorbate. According to the
company, the 3.3oz packaging
was provided by Custom
Lithograph. Body care goes
beyond moisturizers
Marketers know that it’s
not enough to just have soft
skin and smell nice; new
products are constantly being
developed to address a variety
32 Spray September 2010
of body care needs. For example, Novartis Consumer
Health OTC launched a new product in its Venoruton
range called Venoruton Legs Spray Cosmetic. The
product’s active ingredients, such as menthol, provide
“freshness, wellness and lightness to the legs,” according
to Novartis. The formula also includes Troxerutin, an
antioxidant that helps blood circulation. The packaging
is comprised of a 100mL white plastic bottle with a white
spray pump and a green semitransparent overcap, all from
Lumson’s “Collezione Carmen.”
The Depilar System from Norlab USA offers an
effective and affordable method for lasting removal of
unwanted body hair for all sexes, races, hair colors and
types. Developed by a Scandinavian research team, the
Depilar System’s newly enhanced enzyme-based formula
features the synergistic proteolitic enzymes Trypsin and
Chymotrypsin. The Depilar System is used directly after
a traditional waxing to target and destroy hair follicles
and works by breaking down the hair-producing cells
located at the bottom of the follicles and accessible
only when hair is in the growth (anagen) phase. The
system consists of two gels—the inhibitor and the
activator—both applied to the target area immediately
after waxing, sugaring,
threading or tweezing.
The pump, bottle and cap
are from Yonwoo, and to
encourage recycling of
Depilar System packaging,
Norlab USA is offering
customers a 10% discount
on future orders if they
return empty, used
packaging for recycling
with shipping courtesy of
the manufacturer.
Formulated with
encapsulated odorfighting technology,
new Sure Maximum
Protection Aerosol for
women delivers twice