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Dessert Menu
Dessert Menu
If you are STRESSED have a DESSERT. Can it be a
mistake that STRESSED is DESSERTS spelled backwards?
Churros con
A classical dish out of Mexico
City. Prepared in the same
fashion as Chef Nora’s
grandmother’s recipe. Served
with a delightful homemade
chocolate dip. Add Ice Cream $1.50
Tres Leches $ 6
A true tradition on every
Mexican table. Tres Leches or
“Three Milk Cake” is soaked in
three kinds of milk and is
creamy and sweet. Manny’s
wife, Janett, created this dish
because she couldn’t find a
true home style Tres Leches
outside of Mexico. So she
reinterpreted the recipes for
you to enjoy! Add Ice Cream $1.50
Manny’s Flan $ 5
Creamy, sweet custard that is
nice complement to a hearty
Mexican meal. Manny does not
have much of a sweet tooth and
he always refuses to have
dessert except when it comes to
his favorite homemade flan
recipe. Add Ice Cream $1.50
Tres Leches Bite Only $ 4
Flan Bite Only $ 3
Sopapillas $ 5
This crisp, puffy, deep-fried
pastry resembles an air-filled
pillow. Chef Nora created her
own special recipe for
Sopapillas after living in
Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Albuquerque is the land where
the sopapilla was created more
than 200 years ago.
Add Ice Cream $1.50
Fried Ice Cream $ 6
By popular demand, Chef Nora
has finally created her very
own fried ice cream recipe,
you’ve got to try this Tex Mex
traditional recipe with a
gourmet twist.
Dessert Bite Sampler $10
Indulge with the flavors of three of our most
popular desserts, all in one plate!
Gourmet Mexican Coffee $2.50
Cappuccino $ 5
Espresso 4
Café con Leche $ 5
Green Tea $ 4
Chai Latte $ 5
Hot Chocolate $ 5
2x1 everyday
after 4:00 PM
By the Glass
or Carafe
*Champagne Mojito
*Strawberry *Mango
Available by the Glass (16 oz), Fish Bowl(36 oz ) or Pitcher
Great wine selection from
Latin America and Spain
also available