Lori Molnar - [email protected] 724-312-8739



Lori Molnar - [email protected] 724-312-8739
In the food business, trends come and go,
but everyone loves ice cream – especially
Bruster’s. In fact, Americans eat more than
two billion servings of ice cream each year,
far exceeding other frozen treats. And ice
cream sales are growing!
While we have expanded our menu to
include yogurt, ices and other new products,
it’s our truly unique, freshly made premium
ice cream that keeps customers coming
back, day after day, all year long.
The Bruster’s family is a fun and diverse
group. Together, we share
• a commitment to quality product and
outstanding customer service
• a genuine desire to make a positive impact
in our local communities
• a focus for opening the right stores, in the
right places with the right people
• a commitment to mentoring tomorrow’s
leaders, today
At Bruster’s, our formula to achieve this is
very simple: serve America’s best ice cream,
and in the process, create special
community gathering places. A place where
one can celebrate life, relax from daily
challenges and create lasting memories.
Bruster’s has
amazing treats,
served by friends
and neighbors.
We’re successful
when everyone –
our brand, our
investors, our
communities –
comes out ahead.
In the business of
ice cream, we call
that a win-win-win.
To learn more, contact
Lori Molnar - [email protected]
• Multiple building plans, including a new,
year ‘round strip center design with
indoor seating
• Low cost of entry and affordable royalties
with strong ROI potential
• Co-branding opportunities with Nathan’s
Hot Dogs
• Proven, turnkey operating system honed
over 25 years with loyal, raving fans
• Marketing, merchandising, real estate,
project management, supply chain,
finance, training and field support
of all
is Becoming a Bruster's
franchisee. Read on.....
If you like the idea of being your own
boss while utilizing a proven turnkey
system, working in a job where customers
are always happy to see you, and ice
cream is always a spoonful away,
Bruster’s ranks among the top franchises
by Entrepreneur Magazine. With a quarter
century of success, we are growing and
evolving to better meet the needs of
today’s consumer.
If this sounds good to you, read on.
This could be the ultimate way to
To learn more, contact
Lori Molnar - [email protected]

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