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S`more News - Seasonal Resort
2901 Liberty Just 1 mile west of Baumhardt
S’more News
July 6, 2011
4th of July Happenings
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The men of BHHP
At Play
If there is anything you need fixed Call
Tim Pettry, Neff Bros RV, 440-282e m a i l
o r
5 6 0 0
[email protected]
Hat Making Class
Stars & Glitter Galore
Heather gave us a
very informative,
educations two hour
tour. She’s the best
Milan on the Square
The Invention
For those of you who may still
be interested in wifi we will
gladly hook you up. Just put
your mac# and a check for
$110 in the office drop box.
If you own a corn hole set could
we borrow them Sunday at
4.00pm for Colin’s party. Colin
is the cook at Bar 61 and before
that Bacardi’s so we have known
him for many years. He got a job at Great Bear
lodge as a food and beverage manager. This is a
really good step in the right direction for him and
we wish him all the best.
Free Ice Cream Cone
For the Birthday people Only
Free Ice Cream Cone
For the Birthday Girl Only
7:30 First Ice Cream Social of the Season!
Cones, Brownie Sundaes, Milkshakes, Floats, Banana
Splits! ! ! ! Discounted Prices for QV’s!
Followed by: Cards-Poker, Euchre, 65, Dominoes
Whatever games you like!
8:00 Popcorn Stringing & Tree Decorating
Saturday, July 9
9:30 Shooting with Larry
10:00 Mini Horse Time & Pony Rides
11:00 Cookie Decorating & Game
3:00 Christmas games at the lodge
7:00 Ornament making in the lodge lounge
7:30 Bingo
8:00 Hayride
Sunday, July 10
9:00 Breakfast $4/QV$3-Children $1.50
4:00 Corn Hole Games
Spaghetti Dinner for Colin (Bar 61) $10 Dinner,
Ice Cream, Beer
We have scored some 75 watt equivalent LED
lights that we can replace the halogen on
some Park models. It will cost you $40 but
they should last 30 years. We aren’t going to
replace the halogen bulbs anymore because they keep
burning out. Sign up now so we can replace them next
week. We only have eight at this price.
Holy Cow — There was even a
Batman sighting at the Corn Hole
Tournament this time! The turnout
was great for participants and
spectators again!!
1st Bob & Bruce/2nd Mike & Shannon
/3rd Darrell & Ken
To help grow our fireworks fund, look for 50/50 tickets being
sold from now through Family Weekend, July 30th. They will be
sold at Bingo, ice cream social, food activities, etc. This way we
can help build the pot and this allows you to purchase tickets to
win. Your guests can also buy tickets too. Last weekend Ray &
Rhonda’s guests won $97.50. You do not need to be present to win. I’m sure
you all remember and enjoyed the fireworks displays we had last year. Let’s
make it happen again!! Thank you, Cindy McGinty
Last year the fireworks display Family Weekend cost around $1200.
Thanks so the Loves & Bernie, their discounts enabled us to purchase over
$2600 of spectacular fireworks. It’s not too late to do it again.
So many said last weekend was really great. I think so too. Thank you
Garden of the week
Eastman E1
Free Ice Cream Cone
For the Anniversary Couple Only
Wednesday, July 6 S'more News
Friday, July 8
Happy Birthday
Bob & Laura Langenfelder
It’s time for Christmas in July! Let’s get those lights up for the contest. The
site with the most lights wins! Can’t tell you what yet, it is a surprise…...The
lineup for Saturday starts with Decorating a Cookie for Santa at 11 followed
by a game. At 3 pm, bring the kids up to the lodge for Snowball Squishers,
Christmas 4 corners, Gift Wrap Relay and we’ll also, Shovel some Snow! 7
pm will be ornament making followed by a Santa hayride. Bring on the fun.
Happy Birthday
Cindy McGinty 11th
July 6, 2011
Happy Anniversary
Ruth & Darrell Walkerow
Do you want the ice cream machine??? Then tell us when the lights come on, if it blows up because there is no product in it we will NOT repair it
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