© Dr. Hannah Anderson, DC • Back In Line Family Chiropractic and



© Dr. Hannah Anderson, DC • Back In Line Family Chiropractic and
 You may have a few questions about why I work with cash plans only, and do not participate with insurance carriers. You
may not have a preference, or you may be disappointed. Please read this letter in its entirety to get the FULL picture of how this
approach to healthcare can benefit you immensely.
1. I am working for you, the patient, NOT the insurance company.
At Back In Line we will treat our patients until full recovery or maximum medical improvement (aka as good as you can get).
We also refer to other providers when we are not making progress. You are our number one priority, and no one can tell us otherwise.
We also pride ourselves on getting our patients better faster, because of the specialized training we have (soft tissue techniques,
cranial work, prenatal care, nutritional counseling, infrared sauna, acupuncture… etc.). The specific number of treatment visits
needed varies patient to patient, and is specific to the patient being seen and their present condition. For example, If your insurance
plan only allows 5 visits in a 2 month time period, but it will take 8 to 10 visits to get you back to 100% function, we do not want to
stop at 5 visits (when insurance stops reimbursing) because it’s not the best thing for your health. In contrast, if your insurance allows
for 20 visits but your condition is resolved in 2 visits, I do not want to be motivated to "over treat" in order to get paid extra by your
insurance company. I don’t want companies (who don’t know me) dictating my healthcare, so I don’t want that for my patients.
I am always working for you, doing my best to honor your time, money, and health.
2. Not all chiropractic patients are "pain-based."
Research has shown that chiropractic is an effective treatment for not only back and neck pain, but also visceral issues like
blood pressure, ear infections, and heartburn. In pediatric patients particularly, we rarely see patients for pain. For infants and children
(and some adults) symptoms are often visceral or organ-related in nature (ear infection, colic, insomnia, spitting up, constipation,
cold, flu, nursing difficulties, ADD/ADHD, food allergies... Etc). Although research has proven this, insurance companies are
behind the times and refuse to reimburse chiropractic physicians for these diagnoses that are not directly spelled out as muscle or joint
pain. This is the case for wellness patients as well. For those of you who go to the chiropractor even when you are not sick or aching
in order to PREVENT illness and pain (good for you!), insurance does not like to pay for this either (even though you are saving them
countless dollars by being proactive with your health, how can they not see this???). We hope in the future that this will not be the
case, but presently this is what we are dealing with.
3. Cash plans can actually save you money.
Chiropractic care is one of the most affordable forms of healthcare in existence. By not participating with insurance, I can
make it even MORE affordable. Those submitting to insurance cannot legally provide patients with discounts and value priced
packages. The average cost for a chiropractic adjustment in Iowa is $35-$40. Many insurance companies also require a copay of $20$30 which is not applicable with non-participating providers such as myself. At Back In Line we offer family value plans.
* 1 “unit” of service can be used for 1 adjustment or 1 soft tissue treatment. *
The prices are as follows:
• 10 unit pre-pay $300 ($30 per unit) - For use by 1 or 2 patients part of a single household
• 20 units pre-pay $500 ($25 per unit) - For use by 3 patients part of a single household
• 25 units pre-pay $575 ($23 per unit) – For use by 4+ patients part of a single household
If you currently have a high deductible insurance plan, cash plans may save you BIG money. High deductible plans are
becoming more and more common (especially in Iowa) as the traditional American healthcare system struggles to save itself. Many
patients rarely meet their yearly deductible, and therefore are paying cash for their appointments anyway. If you are using a provider
that is submitting to insurance, you only have the option to pay the fees pre-approved by the insurance companies. If you go through a
non-participating provider, you can buy the same services but for a lower price (see package options listed above).
4. In some cases, you as the patient are still able to submit to the insurance company on your own.
Just because we are not submitting for you, doesn't mean you can't submit on your own. Many insurance companies have
ways for you to submit online or by paper claim, and our office staff will be able to provide you with the necessary codes and numbers
to perform these actions. Medicare and Medicaid unfortunately do not allow this. Please also keep in mind that you as the patient and
customer of the insurance company, are likely to be reimbursed for more money and faster than the physician. You are their
customer, not the physician, so the would much rather please you than our clinic.
I hope you value the choice to have an experienced professional work with you to achieve the best health possible. The physicians at
Back In Line are highly qualified in specialized fields, as to serve their patient population with the most up to date, accurate, and
effective treatments. I also fully understand if this situation is not financially attainable for you at this time. Please know that you are
welcome to seek treatment from us whenever you are able, and we would always love the opportunity to care for you and your family.
© Dr. Hannah Anderson, DC Ÿ Back In Line Family Chiropractic and Wellness, P.C. Ÿ Hiawatha, IA 

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