2010 Annual Report - Brevard Family Partnership



2010 Annual Report - Brevard Family Partnership
Working Together to
Stop Child Abuse
rePort to the Community
Brevard C.a.r.e.s
and WraParound
Family Team
Conferencing Keeps
Families Strong
and Together
Based Care in
revard Family Partnership was established in 2003 as a
non-profit organization in response to the Legislative
mandate to privatize foster care and related services (Section 409.1617, Florida Statutes). The Agency was subsequently
awarded the contract, through the Florida Department of Children
and Families to manage Brevard County’s child welfare system.
Brevard Family Partnership and its community partners provide
child abuse prevention, foster care and support, adoption,
independent living and community outreach services to the
children and families of Brevard County.
The Community Based Care initiative is currently being
instituted throughout the State of Florida and nationwide. The
CBC initiative in Brevard County is the collaborative effort of
local child welfare agencies and community partnerships through
the leadership of Together in Partnership, the Leadership Roundtable Alliance, Brevard County Government, Devereux, and
Children’s Home Society.
The partners voluntarily assumed responsibility for the health,
welfare and safety of at-risk children and families in Brevard
County. These agencies worked together for four years prior to
implementation to increase prevention and early intervention
2 | BreVard faMily parTnerShip
services with the purpose of strengthening and preserving the
integrity of the family while protecting the children. The CBC
philosophy empowers and challenges neighborhoods and local
communities to take ownership of their community by assisting
children and families.
In its five years of operations, Brevard Family Partnership has
consistently ranked among the top performing CBC agencies in
the state of Florida, ranking among the top three agencies in
visits to children and families, timely reunification, and exceeding
the federal measures for placement stability. Since the advent of
Brevard Family Partnership, and the implementation of familycentered case practice using the wraparound process, Brevard
County’s child safety has increased by nearly 50 percent.
Our guiding principles
In order to insure the safety, security, and well-being of every
child in Brevard County, we believe that a seamless continuum
of child welfare services must be provided for our children and
families to address the prevention, intervention and treatment
of child abuse and neglect.
There are many critical partners caring for our community’s
The CBC philosophy empowers
and challenges neighborhoods and
local communities to take ownership
of their community by assisting
children and families
children. They include the State of Florida, its courts, law enforcement services, local government, service providers, the school
system, children and families, foster parents, faith-based organizations and businesses, as well as other community groups and
We believe that securing and mobilizing adequate resources
is the responsibility of the entire Brevard community. We are
committed to the development of a child welfare system in
which community resources are shared within Brevard County,
neighboring counties and with partnerships built to achieve our
Our Mission
It is our mission to protect children, strengthen families and
change lives through the prevention of child abuse and the
operation and management of a comprehensive, integrated,
community-based System of Care for abused, abandoned and
neglected children and their families.
Our Values
Our System of Care is family centered, strength-based and community driven. We believe that all children have the inalienable
right to grow up safe, healthy and fulfilled in families that love
and nurture them.
Our Vision
It is the vision of Brevard Family Partnership and its stakeholders
to manage a child welfare system committed to the following:
n The safety of children will be the foremost concern, at all times.
n Permanency issues will be resolved in accordance with a child’s
sense of time.
n Services are customized to meet the unique needs of each child
and family and are provided by a comprehensive, communitybased network of providers, dedicated to delivering a familycentered, customized, need-driven, responsive service delivery
n Resources will be efficiently and effectively managed to achieve
better outcomes for children with the ultimate goal being child
safety and permanency within a twelve-month timeframe.
n Financial support will be available from diverse federal, state
and local sources and flexibly managed at the local level to meet
child and family needs in a timely and appropriate manner.
n The system will be able to collect and use data to accurately
forecast what services and supports are needed, at what level
of intensity and duration, and at what cost to achieve desired
outcomes for each child and family in need.
Our System of Care
Brevard Family Partnership’s System of Care is family-centered,
strength-based and community-driven. We believe that all children
have the inalienable right to grow up safe, healthy and fulfilled,
in families that love and nurture them.
Our System of Care facilitates a single point-of-entry model. It
is this model that brings consistency to the children and families
as they enter the system, and provides the team with a standard
assessment of the child. This assessment enables the care
manager to meet the needs of the child upon entry into the
system to ensure proper initial placement of the child.
It is imperative that first placement is appropriate, as the child
needs stability and security in order to manage this crisis in his
or her life, with minimal emotional damage.
Our System of Care includes the following services to
most effectively meet the needs of the children and
families we serve:
n Mobile Response: Teams are mobilized to assist in crises and
stabilize the family in need, if appropriate. This is a 24/7 hour
service that helps ensure the safety of the children and the
stability of the homes in which the child resides.
n Family Team Conferencing: Comprised of family members,
friends, a care manager, clergy and others in the community
with a close link to the family. This team is created to provide
the family with the necessary support voice and ownership to
ensure the success of their care plan. Data indicates that this
element is a pivotal factor to the success of the families utilizing
our services.
n Flexible Supports: Plans adjust to the needs of the family. As
one plan does not fit all families, one plan does not fit one
family at all times. Many families experience different crisis at
different times in their lives resulting in the need for a variety
of services.
n Wraparound: We build a network of individual support services
to meet a family’s unique needs. The wraparound philosophy
is to ensure the family’s needs are met with the appropriate
services at the appropriate time.
our children, our families, our communities | 3
Dear Partners and Friends,
I am pleased to present you with our 2010 Report to the Community, highlighting the many programs and
services we provide to the children and families of Brevard County.
It is an honor and privilege to have served in the capacity of CEO of Brevard Family Partnership for the past
five years, alongside a dedicated team of consummate professionals; a provider network that goes above and
beyond; and a Judiciary and a Board of Directors who are committed to the continuous quality improvement
of the local System of Care. Together we have accomplished a great deal on behalf of Brevard County’s
vulnerable children and families.
It has been rewarding to see the positive outcomes and changes that have occurred as a result of the work
our provider network and staff does each and every day. As a result, the number of children in care has
decreased by more than 50 percent since our inception and, amidst these turbulent times, child safety has
actually improved, while calls to the child abuse hotline have increased. We have met and exceeded the
federal standard for placement stability targets and have consistently increased adoptions.
These outcomes are a direct result of the work of our case management agencies, Devereux and Children’s
Home Society, as well as our community partners who diligently serve those entrusted to our care. Most
importantly, this data translates into improved quality of care for the children, youth and families we serve.
These were years of planning and preparation as our staff worked diligently to prepare for the attainment
of COA accreditation (in keeping with the priority of accreditation established by TIP), and the
development of our three-year strategic plan.
Allow me to share some of Brevard Family Partnerships’ milestones. In June of 2009, BFP achieved
COA accreditation and we did so with a 100 percent approval rating. We have also successfully renewed
our four-year contract with the Florida Department of Children and Families. We recently hired two
Independent Living youth, in an effort to promote opportunities for youth aging out of foster care and
to ensure consumer voice is central to system improvement. We have centralized the Client Relations
function to ensure ease of access in navigating our system and addressing areas of need. We continue to
build needed capacity of evidence-based programs and invest our efforts in the grassroots agencies within
our local community. We have a new name, new logo, new mission statement, new accreditation status
and a new contract.
As we continue to transform our System of Care we felt it important to share our successes and illustrate
what a community that unites together can do to effect change.
To our board of directors, foster and adoptive parents, youth,
providers, case managers, 18th Judicial Circuit Court, TIP, donors,
and staff, I thank you for each and every life you have touched on
behalf of BFP.
With gratitude,
Dr. Patricia Nellius-Guthrie, CEO
Dear Friends,
It has been my distinct pleasure to serve as the board chair of Brevard Family Partnership these past two
years. During this time, I have had the opportunity to see our agency continue on its path of continuous
quality improvement and capacity-building efforts to enhance the service array and flexibility of our local
System of Care, as it remains focused on serving the children and families of Brevard County.
Our achievements in keeping children safe and families intact could not have been possible without our
outstanding providers and System of Care partners; a strong and capable chief executive officer and executive
team; a talented professional and caring staff; a dedicated board of directors; and, of course, the unwavering
support our Brevard community, which set the course for community based care over five years ago and has
since helped guide our programs and services, so that they could positively affect the most people. .
I am most proud of the agency’s achievement in reducing the number of children in dependency and foster
care by almost 50 percent since our inception, while increasing the number of children and families who have
received help through Brevard C.A.R.E.S. It is a reflection of our commitment to our core mission: to prevent
child abuse, abandonment and neglect.
Brevard Family Partnership is well positioned to continue to have a significant, positive impact in our local
community. It will continue to build upon its solid foundation and enhance its capacity-building efforts
by developing and employing best-practice and evidence-based programs, improving the service array and
delivery system designed to serve our most vulnerable citizens. Brevard Family Partnership will remain
committed to “protect children, strengthen families and change lives!”
Mr. William (Bill) Ryder
Board Chair
We would like to recognize these valuable community volunteers and appointees
who have served as our board of directors.
Helen Voltz
Board Vice Chair
Leigh Holt
Brevard County Appointee
Stockton Whitten
Board Treasurer
Brevard County Appointee
Brevard County Appointee
Judge Kelly McKibben
Leo Roselip
Mel Broom
Peter Foley
Retired Board Member
Irene Burnett
Nancy Higgs
Retired Board Member
to BFP
Our Transition to Brevard
Family Partnership
In July 2009, in an effort to better communicate our mission
and promote our scope of community impact and outreach to
the children and families residing within Brevard County we
changed our name from Community Based Care of Brevard to
Brevard Family Partnership.
The name change was the result of a corporate vision to better
reflect the mission and purpose of Community Based Care
across the broader community. It also helps to identify us as
the lead child welfare and prevention agency that helps to
bring together the resources of many partners and providers
who are critical to protecting children and building strong
For a community to be whole and
healthy, it must be based on people’s
love and concern for each other.”
Millard Fuller
Brevard Family Partnership
earns Accreditation
In September 2009, Brevard Family Partnership received
accreditation from the Council on Accreditation (COA), identifying it as an organization that has set high performance standards
for itself and has made a commitment to their constituents to
deliver the highest quality services.
COA accreditation is an objective
and reliable verification that provides
confidence and support to an organization’s
service recipients, board members, staff
and community partners. The accreditation process involves a detailed review
and analysis of both an organization’s
administrative operations and its service
delivery practices. All are “measured”
against national standards of best practice.
These standards emphasize services that
are accessible, appropriate, culturally responsive, evidence
based, and outcomes-oriented. In addition, they confirm that the
services are provided by a skilled and supported workforce and
that all individuals are treated with dignity and respect.
“It is an incredible honor to receive COA accreditation and
a testament to the high level of commitment our staff has
6 | Brevard Family Partnership
to excellence in both operations and service delivery to our
clients,” said BFP CEO Dr. Patricia Nellius-Guthrie. “We are
proud to be recognized on both a national and international level
as an outstanding lead agency and will continue to provide the
children and families of Brevard with the
best services and programs in our mission
to protect children, strengthen families
and change lives.”
“We’re also very proud that we met
or exceeded all qualifying standards and
therefore received notice of our accomplishment in less than half the time than
it normally takes for the accreditation
process to be completed.”
The process to achieve accreditation
took nearly two years of strategic effort
and commitment and included BFP self-assessing and reporting
on its operations, programs and services, and policies and
procedures. It also included site visits by COA personnel who
reviewed and validated all of BFP’s data and interviewed
several staff members.
Preventing Child
Abuse Happens
When One C.A.R.E.S.
Strengthening Families...Whatever it Takes!
Brevard C.A.R.E.S. (Coordination, Advocacy, Resources, Education and Support) is Brevard Family Partnership’s innovative
and unique, voluntary child abuse prevention program tailored
to protect children, strengthen families and change lives.
Brevard C.A.R.E.S. offers Wraparound Family Team Conferencing
to families experiencing stressors that often lead to child abuse
and neglect. This model, which is family-centered, strengthbased and community-driven empowers families to develop
the most effective plan to meet their needs by providing a full
array of support services within the family’s community, while
ensuring the safety and well-being of the children entrusted to
our care.
Upon successful completion of their program...
n 99% of families engaged in the Family Team
Conference process
Percentage of families free from verified abuse
n 93% at the six-month follow up
n 90% at the one-year follow up
n 86% at the 18-month follow up
Since its inception in 2005, Brevard C.A.R.E.S. has provided
support to over 6,800 children and more than 3,000 families
in Brevard County. Of these families, approximately 20 percent
self-referred themselves, seeking assistance prior to a situation
becoming a crisis. Less than 10 percent have been referred more
than once.
Through Brevard C.A.R.E.S. we have achieved our goal of
reducing the number of children in the dependency system by
50 percent, two years earlier than originally planned, when our
System of Care was developed. On average, at any given time, we
are serving over 500 children and their families.
In December 2009, Brevard C.A.R.E.S. became a wholly-owned
subsidiary of Brevard Family Partnership, with a mission to
continue to reduce the number of children entering the foster
care system through abuse prevention. Its offices now are located
at 4085 S. US 1 in Rockledge, FL.
If you or someone you know is experiencing the stressors
that may lead to child abuse please call Brevard C.A.R.E.S. at
(321) 63-CARES (632-2737). You can also find helpful information on our website at www.BrevardCARES.org.
Statewide and local
support helps our children
in times of need
BFP would like to acknowledge the strong partnership we have with the Florida
Department of Children and Families, its Child Legal Services staff and the DCF
Protective Investigations staff. The collaborative efforts between DCF, BFP, the
Case Management agencies and the Judiciary are critical to the safety and well
being of the children and families we serve. Our local prevention efforts have
been successfully implemented as a result of the diligence of DCF staff upon first
contact with the families.
We would especially like to recognize and thank DCF Secretary, George Sheldon,
Circuit 18 administrator, Dr. Jack Sidoran, operations manager, Phebe Powell and
program administrators Joe Coleman and Kathy Short, as well as Children’s Legal
Services’ managing attorney for Circuit 18, Barbara Dirienzo for their continued
commitment to child welfare and their support.
L to R: DCF Secretary, George Sheldon; Rita Elkins; and DCF
Circuit 18 Administrator, Jack Sidoran
our children, our families, our communities | 7
oster care is the temporary placement of a child while
his or her parent(s) are receiving support and assistance needed to work on improving parenting skills or
addressing the issues which resulted in the child being
placed outside of the home. A child can reside in foster care for a
few days or as long as 24 months with the goal for reunification
occurring within 12 months. The median length of stay in foster
care for a child in Brevard is 11 months.
Brevard Family Partnership contracts with Children’s Home
Society, Intervention Services, Devereux Florida and Florida
Mentor to serve as our local child placing agencies. They are
responsible for the recruitment and management of foster
homes to meet the needs of the children in care.
In partnership with these agencies, Brevard Family Partnership manages foster care and adoption services for youth who
have been removed from their homes due to abuse, neglect
and/or abandonment. These children represent all races and
ethnicities, and range in age from birth to 17 years. Recently,
we have focused our efforts on creating a larger base of foster
parents in the northern end of Brevard County, where the need
is greatest, as well as identifying foster parents that are willing
to foster teenagers and sibling groups.
While approximately 85 percent of these children will return
home to their parents, many others will become available for
adoption. Brevard Family Partnership provides support to the
foster and adoptive families as well as relative (Kinship Care) and
non-relative caregivers.
Thanks, in part, to our partnership with local DCF protective
8 | BreVard faMily parTnerShip
investigators, 211 Brevard, our local prevention providers,
Brevard C.A.R.E.S. and the many dedicated care managers who
respond to reports of abuse and neglect, we have been able to
reduce the number of children removed from their homes and
placed in foster care. The direct result is fewer children in outof-home care and more families receiving the help they need
to stay together, providing a loving and safe environment for
their children.
Children in
Typically, children in foster care reside in
foster homes. They are placed in the most
appropriate, least restrictive setting based
on the child’s needs. The benefit of a foster
home is the security and comfort of a
family setting.
who are the children in foster care?
Children in foster care represent all races and ethnicities. They
range in age from birth to 17 years. Some of our children need
only to feel safe, loved, have structure and a family on which
they can count. Other children have additional needs. They
are single children or part of a sibling group, and they all need
loving, caring families in which to be nurtured.
what are the requirements for being a foster parent?
n Be at least 21 years of age and in good physical and
mental health.
n Able to support themselves financially.
n Willing to assist and support the foster children’s contact
with their natural parents.
n Assist in reuniting a child or children with their families or
prepare them for permanent homes through adoption.
what kind of support is available to foster parents?
Foster parents receive a monthly stipend to care for a child
and cover expenses like child care, food, clothing, recreation,
transportation and housing. The child or children are covered
for medical and dental services through Medicaid. Brevard
County has a variety of resources available to support families
caring for foster children including foster parent support
groups, in-home support assistance, and ongoing training and
skills development.
what types of people are foster parents?
Men, women, single, married, home owners, renters…
Everyday people, just like you, are fostering children.
how do you find the right match?
Children are placed in foster homes by matching their needs
with the foster parent’s or families’ ability or suitability to
address the specific needs of each child.
will the foster care process take a long time?
The length of time will vary depending on the procedures
involved in each situation. The process usually includes:
n Attending an informational meeting and completing an
n Attending a conveniently scheduled 10-week training program
(MAPP — Model Approach to Partnership in Parenting).
n Participating in a home study.
may is
Foster Parent
Thanks to all
of Brevard’s
Foster Families!
any parent knows, raising one’s own
children is no easy task. What about
caring for a child you don’t even
know; one who has suffered through
abuse or neglect that was severe enough it
warranted removing that child from its home?
That’s what Brevard’s foster parents do every
day and they do it with care and compassion
for children that aren’t their own but who
need safety, security and a place to call home,
if only for a while.
Our foster parents are some of the most
incredible people you’ll ever meet! Many have
been known to take a child in the middle of
the night, ensuring they’ll have a place to
sleep and breakfast in the morning; comfort
when a child’s world is turned upside down.
Each year during the month of May, we say
“thank you” to the foster parents and families
who open their hearts and homes to children
who need it most.
If you are considering becoming a foster
parent and would like more information,
please call us at (321) 752-4650 or visit
what is a ‘home study’?
A home study is the synopsis of information compiled on
the prospective foster parent, including but not limited to:
references, thorough background check, health screening,
and brief biography of the family history.
Our Children, Our faMilieS, Our COMMuniTieS | 9
Providing a Child With
a “Forever home”
the event that a child or children cannot return to their home, the judge may
terminate the parents’ rights and establish that the child is available for adoption.
Adoption is permanence for a child; it means the child has a ‘forever’ home and
family. There is safety and security knowing that a child’s family will be there for them.
We work in partnership with our case management agencies to ensure the timeliest
adoption for the child or children in our care. However, there are many factors that impact
permanent placement of children and can include: the child’s age and if they are pre-teen
and teenage; whether they are part of a sibling group; gender of the child or children;
and, medical/emotional needs. There is currently a need for families to consider adopting
a child from one of these groups, as these children also need the stability and security of a
forever family.
If you are interested in providing a “forever home” for a child in the foster care system,
please contact (321) 752-4650 ext. 2054 or visit our Heart Gallery. There, you will find
many of the children available for adoption; however, it does not include all of the children
available in Brevard County or in the State of Florida.
In 2007 and 2009 Brevard
Family Partnership was
recognized by the Dave
Thomas Foundation
for Adoption as one of
America’s Best AdoptionFriendly Workplaces in the
top 100 small employee
group businesses category
(1-100 employees)
Adoption FAQs
Below are frequently asked questions that we receive about child adoptions and becoming
and adoptive parent, as well as myths and facts about adoption.
Who Can adopt?
Most adults who can provide a stable, loving home to a child can
adopt. Married couples, single people, working mothers, parents who already have children, people who live in apartments,
and people of any religious faith, race, and education level will
be considered. Many of our most successful adoptive parents
are older or have modest incomes. As long as you can provide a
loving, nurturing and safe environment where a child can have
their “forever home” you may adopt. Children need loving and
patient parents, not necessarily wealthy ones.
10 | BreVard faMily parTnerShip
how do i find Out about Children available
for adoption?
To view pictures and video, and to listen to the voices of the
children available for adoption, go to the “Children Available for
Adoption” section of the Heart Gallery Brevard website.
what does it Cost To adopt?
Brevard Family Partnership does not charge to place foster children
in adoptive homes, and we even pay for MAPP classes, the home
study, and background checks. The main costs for a foster care
adoption are court costs and attorney fees. Brevard Family Partnership will cover up to $1,000 of these costs.
How Long Does It Take To Adopt?
The answer varies. The process to become an approved adoptive
parent includes attending a preparation course of ten weeks,
obtaining local, state and federal background checks, current
physical exam, and completion of a home-study. The process can
usually be completed in eight months.
When a child is matched with your family, pre-placement
activities will occur including visits and regular communications
with the child. Placement of the child will occur as soon as the
child is comfortable. The child’s care manager will supervise the
placement for a minimum of 90 days. When the supervision
period is completed, a hearing will be scheduled for legalization
of the adoption.
Will I Get Historical Information On The Child I Adopt?
You will be given the child’s foster care history including the
circumstances involving his or her removal, the child’s medical
history including the birth and delivery information, any assessments or psychological evaluations completed, and the child’s
current daily habits and preferences. Non-identifying social and
medical information about biological parents and birth family
will also be provided.
What Kind Of Post-Adoption Support Is Available?
For children with special needs, financial assistance may be
available to help meet their expenses. In addition, Brevard
Family Partnership provides ongoing support for adoptivefamilies, Family Team Conferencing if necessary, and a monthly
Are college tuitions paid for adopted children?
Yes. Children adopted through Brevard Family Partnership are
eligible to receive up to four years of college tuition exemptions at
Florida universities, colleges and vocational training programs.
Some Things To Consider When Deciding
To Adopt A Child:
n Why do I want to adopt a child?
n Can I provide a stable home for a child?
n Am I ready to open my heart to another’s needs?
n Is this child just a substitute for a lost child, or a person in
his/her own right?
n Am I willing to go through the paperwork and various other
requirements to have a child?
n How will I handle friends’ and family’s questions and comments about adoption?
n Can I love this child as my own?
n How will I deal with my child’s questions about his or her
birth parents?
n When will I tell my child about adoption?
n Can I afford to take another person into my family?
Traits Of Successful Adoptive Families
n A true acceptance of the child’s differences.
n The ability to measure success in small steps.
n A firm belief in commitment.
Adoption stats
Each year, Brevard Family Partnership
helps bring together children and
families who begin a new life, together.
Since 2006 we have facilitated over
350 adoptions in Brevard.
FY 2006:
FY 2007:
FY 2008:
FY 2009:
FY 2010 to Date:
Myths and Facts About Adoption
MYTH: The children available for adoption through Brevard
Family Partnership are disabled.
FACT: Many of the children available for adoption do not have
physical or mental disabilities. Some do have special needs, but
they all can thrive in loving, permanent homes.
MYTH: You have to be young, married, and wealthy to adopt.
FACT: Many of our most successful parents are older or have
modest incomes. Also, many children do well with single parents.
MYTH: Teenage children don’t want to be adopted.
FACT: Many teens want a loving family, and some fear that
without parents they will be unsupported and alone. Family ties
don’t end at 18.
MYTH: Adoption is expensive.
FACT: There is no charge to adopt one of Florida’s foster children.
Brevard Family Partnership pays for the necessary classes,
home study, and background checks. Also, Brevard Family
Partnership will reimburse up to $1,000 in legal fees.
MYTH: There is no support after the adoption is final.
FACT: Brevard Family Partnership provides post adoption
family support, a monthly stipend and child-specific support,
as needed. In addition, children adopted out of foster care are
eligible for Medicaid until the age of 18 and they are eligible
for tuition exemptions for four years at a Florida State college,
university or vocational school.
If you are considering adoption and would like
more information, please visit the Heart Gallery
Brevard web site at www.heartgallerybrevard.org
our children, our families, our communities | 11
the road to indePendenCe
any children in Brevard age out of foster care without
reunification or finding a permanent home. Rather than
leave these children cut-off and alone, Brevard Family
Partnership and its partners tap into state, federal and foundation
resources to provide them with critical tools for a successful
transition to adulthood.
It is a requirement that youth aging out of the system (those
turning 18 years old without returning to the care of their parents
or being adopted) have the basic life skills to function successfully
on their own. Training includes, but is not limited to: financial
literacy training, household management, educational and career
planning. There also are several services that he or she can
access if certain requirements are met, including: transportation,
housing and housing assistance, as well as emotional support.
independent living
Children from ages 13 until 18 are eligible to receive life skills
assessment and training. Youth participate in opportunities for
experiential learning, in preparation for their transitions from
care to independence. An average of 90 children are part of BFP’s
Independent Living population. Crosswinds Youth Service provides assistance and manages IL services for these young adults.
Connected By 25
Each year, nearly 40 young adults in Brevard receive Road to
Independence assistance through Brevard Family Partnership’s
Independent Living Program.
Eligible youth, aged 18 to 23 years, can receive financial assistance
to support educational attainment, including high school or
college degree programs and vocational training. By working on a
12 | BreVard faMily parTnerShip
plan and meeting employment and educational
requirements, they also can receive assistance
with housing payments, transportation and
other critical needs.
This program is designed to help vulnerable
young people gain the skills and support they
need to succeed as adults. Its mission is to help those between the
ages of 18-25 years make a successful transition to adulthood as
they leave the foster care system. In Brevard, assistance includes:
safe, affordable, independent housing; dependable transportation to schools, work and leisure activities; continuing education
opportunities; meaningful and challenging jobs; and practical
life skills and training in areas of finance, self-advocacy, and
health care. Connected by 25 is funded by the Eckerd Family
Foundation and the Jim Casey Youth Opportunity Initiative.
Connected by 25 Brevard would never have gotten off the
ground without the support of Brevard Family partnership.
BFp worked with United way of Brevard to recruit our
community partnership board in 2007 and provided
most of the information for the first grant applications.
they funded our guidance counselor when we needed
assistance this year, and they continue to support in
large and small ways on a daily basis. i simply cannot
say enough about the support we receive from BFp!”
Julia irvin, Executive director
Connected by 25
Guardian Ad Litem
A Guardian ad Litem (GAL) is a volunteer appointed by the
court to represent the best interests of a child in dependency
cases that usually involve suspected neglect or abuse. Unlike
other participants in court who have multiple responsibilities,
GAL volunteers are there to think of the child first.
The GAL volunteer visits the child, provides information on
court proceedings, makes sure the child’s needs are being met
throughout the case, tracks the progress of court and department ordered activities, and advocates for the best interests of
the child to the court and relevant agencies. The GAL volunteer
is also sometimes the trusted ear of a child going through the
most uncertain time in his or her life.
A Guardian Ad Litem does not have to be a lawyer, counselor,
therapist or parent, since he/she does not perform these roles
for the child. A Guardian Ad Litem is a person who cares and has
time to devote to children. Each volunteer must attend over 30
Being a Guardian Ad Litem means being part of a team
whose goal is to serve in the best interests of the child. It
is an awesome responsibility and I get a lot of joy helping
a child who may be frightened and confused gain the
confidence that someone is looking out for them and
help them build a relationship based on trust.”
Bill Ryder, Guardian Ad Litem,
BFP Board Chair
hours of training and successfully pass a thorough background
If you’re interested in more information about becoming
a Guardian Ad Litem to a child in Brevard please call GAL
director, Kimberly Del Guadio at (321) 690-6823 or online at
Grandparents Raising
Grandparents Raising Grandchildren of Brevard County is an
organization established to assist grandparents taking on a new
parenting role of raising their grandchildren. The organization
seeks to make our community
aware of the needs these grandparents face and assist them
by providing resource information, training, moral support,
and counseling. These services
keep children from dysfunctional homes and in relative
placement, which will reduce
taxpayer cost, give the children
a family connection, and enrich
their lives.
The Child First
The number of grandparents raising their grandchildren is
constantly growing. Within Brevard County there are approximately
103,897 children. Of these children, grandparents are raising 6,324
and relatives 1,434 (totaling 7,758) of Brevard’s children. Over 13
percent of Brevard County’s children are being raised by someone
other than their parents.
Grandparents receive grandchildren at a time in their lives
when most are retired and living on fixed incomes; however,
the rewards are great when these grandparents know that their
grandchildren will be in a safe and stable environment and
maintain family heritage.
There are several support groups of Grandparents Raising
Grandchildren on the Space Coast. For more information, visit
www.grandparentsraisinggrandchildren.org or call the Brevard
“warmline” at (321) 631-7776.
Grandparents Raising Grandchildren executive director, Mary Ann Stirling accepts 2009 Social Service award from Brevard County
Child Abuse Prevention Task Force chairman, Tracy Little.
our children, our families, our communities | 13
Connecting to Our
Events Help Raise Awareness About
Child Abuse Prevention Efforts,
Foster Care and Adoption
While everyone agrees that preventing child abuse and neglect is important, it is
sometimes overlooked when it comes to the many issues facing a community. Through
our many events and activities, Brevard Family Partnership is able to raise awareness
about the importance of being proactive and keeping children safe.
From our annual “Dine Out” to raise awareness about child abuse prevention
programs to our “Walk for Love” to promote child adoptions, and from our annual Foster
Parent Appreciation Event to our Provider Network Recognition Banquet, we’re in the
community throughout the year, telling our story. We would like to thank those who
support our programs and services who, above all, do everything they can to protect
children from harm.
Brevard Family Partnership participates in
and supports many events throughout our
community including:
14 | Brevard Family Partnership
Foster Parent Appreciation Event
Annual Provider Network Banquet
Boo at the Zoo
City of Cocoa’s Holiday on Ice
Child Abuse Prevention Taskforce
of Brevard Banquet
Dine Out to Prevent Child Abuse
Holiday Gift Drive to Benefit Children
in Foster Care
Jr. League of South Brevard’s Festival of Trees
Mass Adoption Events with Judge Griesbaum
Provider Network Banquet
Simons Mall Evening of Giving
Walk for Love at the Avenue Viera
March of Dimes
American Cancer Society
United Way of Brevard
Putting the “Partnership” in
Brevard Family Partnership
Brevard Family Partnership and its community partners provide
child abuse prevention, foster care and support, adoption,
independent living and community outreach services to the
children and families of Brevard County.
We work with over 70 community partners and providers to
deliver services. While we can’t thank each individually here, we
have listed all of them on page 20 and would like them to know
how important they are and how much their services matter to
every child and family we serve.
Our System of Care was developed by the community, for
the community. To develop a System of Care — based on best
practices — and to address local concerns, Brevard County
government established Together in Partnership (TIP). Comprised of community leaders from across private, public and
non-profit sectors these volunteers selflessly dedicate countless
hours to the oversight and enhancement of a System of Care that
focuses on the safety and security of the children. TIP still actively
engages in Brevard County’s child welfare system to ensure that
we continue to enhance our continuum of care to best serve
children and families.
Brevard County’s community alliance, the Leadership Round-
table Alliance was formed in accordance with Florida Statutes
that directed the Florida Department of Children and Families
to, “…establish a community alliance of the stakeholders,
community leaders, client representatives and funders of human
services in each county to provide a focal point for community
participation and governance of community-based services.”
This group is somewhat unique as TIP conducts the ground level
analysis and review for submission to this high level group of
officials to consider and ratify. This tiered review process ensures
the best interests of Brevard’s children and families are always
at the forefront of program and service development.
LRA partners include: The Leadership Roundtable, The Florida
Department of Children and Families (DCF), Brevard Family
Partnership (BFP), Together in Partnership (TIP) and Together
in Partnership Community Based Care Sub-committee.
Members include: a local legislator; the Brevard County
manager; superintendent of schools; dependency circuit court
judge; chief probation office/circuit manager; Brevard County
sheriff; TIP chairperson; public defender; the president of United
Way of Brevard; Children’s Services Council representative; and
the State Attorney.
our children, our families, our communities | 15
Dependency Court welcomes
Judge Crawford
In 2009, the Honorable Charlie Crawford became the new 18th
Circuit Dependency Court Judge in what is now the Unified Family
Court. Judge Crawford hears both family and dependency
court cases; a common practice for years in Florida but the first
court of its kind in Brevard. Through this court system he keeps
all the parties, evidence and procedures under one presiding
judge, instead of two or three.
An adopted child himself — his grandparents adopted him at
a young age — Judge Crawford brings a unique and personal
perspective to the bench and to those he serves.
Demonstrating his care and compassion for children and
families, Judge Crawford turned one of the witness rooms in
his court into a playroom where parents can have visitation
with their children while waiting for their cases to be called. He
feels that as long as they’re in the same courtroom they should
have that time together. He’s also known for giving gifts to
children — ball gloves, basketballs, stuffed animals and other
toys to comfort children and give them a sense of normalcy.
Judge Crawford has been the catalyst for increased therapeutic
visitation so parents can demonstrate the skills they have
learned in their parenting classes. Due, in part, to his efforts the
time it takes to deliver services to children has improved. He also
has implemented status hearings every thirty-days for children
with special needs to insure they are receiving the care and
services to which they are entitled.
He sets ninety-day hearings for children who have a goal of
Another Planned Permanent Living Arrangement (APPLA) and
he affords them the opportunity to speak openly to insure that
they have an opportunity to express to the court their desires for
their future and any specific needs they may have. It helps them
to know they have a voice in what happens in their life. He also
has instituted status reviews after a child is recovered from run-
Judge Charlie Crawford joins a family for their first official family photo
at a recent Adoption Celebration.
away to put safety parameters in place, order sanctions or impart
rewards for good behavior. Judge Crawford received his Bachelor of Science degree from
Florida State University in 1987 and his Juris Doctorate from
Cumberland School of Law at Samford University in 1992.
He served as a Child Abuse and Sex Crimes Prosecutor for the
Orange County Texas District Attorney’s Office from 19941997; a Sex Crimes Prosecutor for the Brevard County State
Attorney’s Office from 1997-1998; and worked in the law firm of
Cianfrogna, Telfer, Reda, Faherty and Anderson, P.A. as a Family
Law, Criminal and Civil Litigator from 1998-2000. He was
elected to the Circuit Court, November 2006
Judge Griesbaum leaves bench after 294 adoptions
On November 19, 2008, Dependency Court Judge Jack Griesbaum
conducted his last Adoption Celebration having united 294 children
who had been permanently removed from their homes with their
new, “forever families.” The event marked a long tenure as the
Dependency Court Judge for the 18th Judicial Circuit.
Judge Griesbaum has been an advocate for providing a
safe environment for children who were abused, neglected or
abandoned and worked diligently with youngsters and families
who came through his court to ensure that children were protected.
The father of an adopted child, Judge Griesbaum knows both
the joy and the challenges of providing a ‘forever home’. Along
with Brevard Family Partnership, he spearheaded the efforts to
host adoption events within the county each November in honor of
National Adoption Month and to call attention and raise awareness
of the needs for adults to consider adopting a child.
Judge Greisbaum helps parents welcome their newest
children to their “forever home”
16 | Brevard Family Partnership
BFP enhanCes level oF Customer
serviCe With addition oF Client
relations sPeCialist
Brevard Family Partnership is dedicated to providing a superior quality of care
through a network of community partners responsible for delivering resources and
support to the children and families of Brevard County.
Always looking to improve our level of service and help clients navigate our
System of Care we welcomed Linda Marshall to the staff in the role of Client
Relations Specialist (CRS).
In the newly created position, Linda serves as a client resource and the central
point-of-contact for all agency and service related inquiries, as well as provides
navigation assistance. She also serves as a “client advocate” and has the responsibility of determining an appropriate course of action to assist clients achieve the
best possible solution when they have concerns with Brevard Family Partnership’s
policies, procedures or guidelines.
Any child, parent, family member, client or community stakeholder who has a
concern or a positive comment related to BFP or a network provider can contact
our CRS and know that they will receive prompt attention and support. Pamphlets
explaining the CRS services and the steps to take to get answers can be found in
any of our Care Centers.
If you need assistance for any reason, please contact our Client Relations Specialist
at 321-752-4650 ext. 2082. You can also visit our website at www.Brevardfp.org
and click on ‘Finding Help’.
Branching out
social media
Brevard Family Partnership has devoted
resources to enhancing its community
outreach efforts in the digital world.
You’ll find a new websites at BrevardFP.
org and BrevardCARES.org that contain up-to-date information about our
agency and programs, as well as links to our partners, providers and helpful
Keep up with our programs, services and community outreach anytime!
You can follow both Brevard Family Partnership and Brevard C.A.R.E.S. on
Facebook and Twitter at the following addresses:
Find us on facebook:
Brevard Family Partnership –
A Community Based
Care Agency
Brevard C.A.R.E.S.
Brevard Family partnership exemplifies all
that one could hope for in implementing
a system of Care approach. the level
of support and the adherence to all
system of Care principles that i have
seen in BFp is truly outstanding, and
exemplified in the Brevard C.A.R.E.s.
prevention program, which provides an
array of family-centered services to keep
children safe and families together. the
accomplishments to date of Brevard
C.A.R.E.s. are already impressive;
i expect that this prevention approach
will yield amazing long-term results.
Bravo Brevard Family partnership!”
Gary de Carolis, president
Center for Community Leadership
Brevard County’s community partners
are certainly fortunate to be able to
work in concert with dr. patricia nelliusGuthrie and Brevard Family partnership.
the BFp team has raised the standard
when it comes to children’s services and
child abuse prevention in Brevard. their
family-centered approach always puts
children and their families first, with the
ultimate vision of breaking the cycle
of abuse. i am pleased to represent
dCF as we continue to collaborate
with Brevard Family partnership for
safer kids, stronger families, and
a fully engaged community.”
dr. Jack sidoran,
Circuit 18 Administrator
Florida department of
Children and Families
Follow us on twitter:
Our Children, Our faMilieS, Our COMMuniTieS | 17
awards and recognition
The staff and board members of Brevard Family Partnership work tirelessly to help protect children,
strengthen families and change lives each and every day. What follows is the recognition for
their efforts, both personally and on behalf of the agency.
BFP’s CEO Receives Distinguished Service Award
Dr. Patricia Nellius-Guthrie, chief executive officer received the Distinguished Service
Award from the Florida Coalition for Children. The award was presented at the FCFC’s
annual conference in Orlando, on November 6, 2008.
Acknowledged as one of the highest honors that the FCFC can bestow upon an
individual from an agency, the Distinguished Service Award is presented in recognition
of an individual who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in their own agency,
as well as having made a significant contribution towards improving the quality of life
for troubled children and their families at the local, state, and national levels.
“Dr. Nellius is a collaborative leader whose style is approachable and transparent.
Her efforts have greatly impacted Brevard’s System of Care and improved the quality of
life for children and families it serves,” said FCFC spokesperson Mary Ann Davenport.
“The Brevard C.A.R.E.S. prevention program Patricia designed and implemented gained
national recognition and is considered a best-practice model for the State of Florida. She
lives her ‘passion’ daily and focuses on the unique needs of each person. She is a role model,
a teacher and a passionate advocate.”
Also in 2008, Dr. Nellius-Guthrie was selected as the “Administrator of the Year” by
the Florida Coalition for Children and received commendation from former Governor
Bush for her part in developing the “Principles of Practice and Service Array Guide” for
Florida’s first child welfare IV-E (four-E) waiver, permitting previously restricted funds
to be used more flexibly to serve the needs of children and families. She played a key
role under former DCF Secretary Lucy Hadi in the development of Florida’s first Center
for the Advancement of Child Welfare Practice and has received a Gubernatorial
Appointment to the Child Abuse Prevention and Permanency Advisory Council.
L to R: DCF Secretary, George Sheldon, BFP CEO,
Dr. Patricia Nellius-Guthrie, former DCF Secretary,
Bob Butterworth
Awards and Recognition 2008
Dr. Patricia Nellius-Guthrie, CEO.................................... Administrator of the Year................................. Florida Coalition for Children
Irene Burnett, Board Member......................................... Lifetime Achievement...................................... Florida Coalition for Children
Bill Ryder, Board Member............................................... Ann Bowden Child Advocate........................ Florida Coalition for Children
Leo Roselip, Board Member........................................... Trustee of the Year............................................ Florida Coalition for Children
Alicia Phillips, Central Care Center Manager............. Collaboration Award...............................CBC of Brevard Provider Network
Dr. Patricia Nellius-Guthrie, Prevention Task Force...... Leadership Award......Brevard County Child Abuse Prevention Task Force
Dr. Patricia Nellius-Guthrie named to the Top 100 Most Influential People by Space Coast Business magazine.
Brevard Family Partnership of Brevard ranked second in statewide performance among Community Based Care agencies.
Awards and Recognition 2009
Brevard Family Partnership................ Finalist • FLORIDA TODAY Volunteer Recognition Awards.............. Organization of the Year
Dr. Patricia Nellius-Guthrie, CEO....... Finalist • FLORIDA TODAY Volunteer Recognition Awards..........................Citizen of the Year
Dr. Patricia Nellius-Guthrie, CEO....... Distinguished Service Award....................................................... Florida Coalition for Children
Jim Carlson, COO............................... Jim Strayer Award for Leadership............................................... Florida Coalition for Children
Becky Petty, BFP Family Partner........ Values Award........................................................................CBC of Brevard Provider Network
Bill Ryder, Board Chairman............... Friend of Children Award.....................................................CBC of Brevard Provider Network
Chris Goncalo...................................... Social Service Award............................Brevard County Child Abuse Prevention Task Force
Brevard Family Partnership ranked third in statewide performance among Community Based Care agencies
Brevard Family Partnership receives Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption as one of America’s Best Adoption-Friendly
Workplaces, Ranked #6 nationally, in the top 100 small employee group businesses (1-100 employees)
18 | Brevard Family Partnership
capacity building efforts
When we began in 2005, there was an emphasis on building capacity within the community to serve
children and families. Over the years we have contracted with several providers that offer services and
worked to create a culture and atmosphere within our community where children come first.
Among our capacity-building efforts, we recognize these activities,
affiliations and accomplishments…
Welcome Center
Mobile Response Team
24/7 Family Residence
Dialectical Behavior Therapy
Family Style Group Homes
Flexible Supports: Unbundling Services
Hidden Potentials
Space Coast Counseling Center
Center for Life Enhancement
Supportive Counseling
Brevard Psychology and Learning Center
Jennings Applied Behavior and Cognitive Center
Adult and Child Counseling and Psychiatric Center
Open Door International
One Haven Home
Boys Unlimited, Inc.
Paradise Haven
Devereux Family Residence
As part of the capacity building effort of BFP and in keeping
with the statewide 5 year prevention plan, in 2008, Brevard
Family Partnership designed an innovative outreach strategy to
include and involve the faith community in its System of Care
initiative. BFP contracted with Catholic Charities of Central
Florida to form the Brevard Interfaith Coalition, a group of
leaders and congregants from Brevard’s many faith-based
communities that have come together to identify the needs of
families in crisis, and children who may be in abusive situations.
The Brevard Interfaith Coalition has helped the faith community
develop outreach programs for their members and the
community-at-large. Families within the faith-based community
are prepared to take in a child or children while their parents
receive the help they need to overcome their stressors. They’re
learning how to provide support when a friend or neighbor is in
crisis and feel they’ve nowhere to turn.
For more information about upcoming events of the Brevard
Interfaith Coalition call Catholic Charities of Central Florida at
(321) 636-6144.
Alternate Family Care Child Placing Agency
Royal Priesthood Residential Group Home
Lighthouse Mentoring Group
Family Enhancement Services
Center for Drug-Free Living
Expansion of Brevard C.A.R.E.S program
Domestic Violence Specialists at all Care Centers
Substance Abuse Specialists at all Care Centers
Kids Peace Child Placing Agency
Brevard Interfaith Coalition
2009 to Present______________________________________
Parenting With Love and Limits
Project Success
Brevard C.A.R.E.S. becomes independent organization
Academy of Competent Youth Work Certification
Therapeutic Visitation
Hiring of two IL Youth Advocates
Suboxone Treatment Program
Mindshare Technology
Children’s Home Society Intensive Healthy Start
United Way of Brevard Partners in Parenting Program
L to R: Bunny Finney, Jim Kallinger, Chief Child Advocate-Office of the Governor,
and Dr. Robert Cross
I am of the opinion that my life belongs to
the community, and as long as I live it is my
privilege to do for it whatever I can.”
George Bernard Shaw
our children, our families, our communities | 19
BFP Partners and Providers
Brevard Family Partnership recognizes and thanks the many organizations and individuals
who provide programs and services to the children and families we serve.
211 Brevard
Child Protection Team
Specialists, LLC
Parents With Love & Limits
Academy of Educational
Child Welfare League of America
Girls and Boys Town of Central Florida
PREVENT! of Brevard
Children’s Advocacy Center
Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
Psychological Affiliates
Children’s Bureau Express
Guardian Ad Litems
Riverside Counseling Services
Children’s Home Society
Hidden Potentials
Robert Cross, Ph. D.
Circles of Care
Hogreve and Hogreve, LC
Ronald Seifer, Ph.D.
Clarity Works!
Home At Last Adoption Agency
Royal Priesthood 1 Group Home
Coastal Behavioral Therapy
Intervention Services, Inc.
Safe Kids Worldwide
Community Credit Union
Jeffrey Williamson, Ph.D.
Scott Kaplan, Psy.D.
Connected by 25
Jennings Applied Behavior
& Cognitive Center
Silver Springs Manor
Adult & Child Counseling
& Psychiatric Center
Alternate Family Care
Barbara Paulillo, Psy.D.
Behavior Services of Brevard
Birkmire Behavioral Health
Brevard Behavioral Consultants
Brevard County Country
Acres Children’s Home
Brevard Outpatient Alternative
Treatment (B.O.A.T.)
Brevard Psychology and
Learning Center
Catholic Charities of
Central Florida
Caribbean Connection
Center for Drug-Free Living
Center for Life Enhancement
Child Care Association
of Brevard County
Crosswinds Youth Services
David Greenblum, M.D., P.A.
Devereux Florida
Kids Peace
Life Paths of Florida
Sonya Taylor, LCSW
Space Coast Counseling Center
St. Augustine Youth Services
Linda Vanderbleek
Supportive Counseling
Links of Hope
Terri Williamson
Lisa M. Barton
The Haven for Children
Lunford Hollyfield
The Women’s Center
Michael Lake
United Way of Brevard
Monique Levermore, Ph.D.
Western Judicial Services
New Life Generations
William Eyring, Psy.D.
Florida Mentor
One Haven Home
William Riebsame, Ph.D.
Florida Psychological
Owens & Lake Counseling
Yellow Umbrella
Eckerd Family Youth Foundation
Eckerd Youth Alternatives
Education Solutions
Family Counseling Center
Florida Coalition for Children
Florida Department of
Children and Families
We work with two outstanding organizations for case management of the children entrusted to our care, Children’s
Home Society and Devereux Florida. We thank the many dedicated staff of our partner organizations who wake
each day with one goal: keep our most vulnerable children safe.
“Children’s Home Society feels very fortunate to be a provider and
partner in Brevard County’s System of Care, which recognizes the
strengths of our collective commitment to quality services and
support for children and families. I greatly appreciate Brevard Family
Partnership and their compassionate leadership in all of our efforts
to ensure safety for children and hope for our community’s families.”
theresa Miles, Executive director
Children’s Home society of Florida, Brevard division
“Since 2004, Devereux Florida has been honored to work
in partnership with Brevard Family Partnership to help
improve the lives of the children and the families we serve.
The leadership of BFP, working in collaboration with the
community and the provider network, has put into practice many innovative changes
in the child welfare system of care and the improved outcomes to families are a result of
these efforts. We forward to continuing to be a member of the BFP family.”
Carol deLoach, CpM, MA, MBA
Assistant Executive director - Child welfare operations devereux
20 | BreVard faMily parTnerShip
We Would LIke To Thank
the many businesses, organizations and individuals that have donated goods and services or
provided financial support to help us serve our children and families. We couldn’t do it without you!
A Day Away Kayak Tours
Crab Trap
Jason & Shelley White
Regions Bank
Abaco Jack’s
Cracker Barrel Restaurant
Jason’s Deli
Rich Williams
Ace of Hearts Ranch
Johnsonville Brats
Riverside Bank
Adopt A Bear
D. Payne
Judge Kelly McKibben
Rodos Grill
Alan & Jodi Abramowitz
D. Valdez,
Juice & Java
S.R. Chontas Construction
Delaware North Companies Parks
& Resorts
Julia Irvin
Sam’s Club
King Center for the Performing Arts
Delectable Delites
Sandra Canicatti
Kingdom ProVision Services
Dennis and Raynee Thomas
Sandra McCarron
Laurie Pattillo
Dixie Crossroads
Sandra Owens, LMT
Leigh Holt
Dominos Pizza
Shagg Catri
Lenkar Cruises & Tours
Doug Baker
Shane`s Rib Shack
Leo Roselip
Dr. & Mrs. Bortner
Slow ‘n Low Barbecue
Linda Marshall
DRS S&TS – Optronics Division
South Trend Realty
Long Dogger’s Restaurant
Duran Golf Club
Lowe’s Home Improvement
Space Coast Advertising
Eckerd Youth Foundation
M. Workman
Space Gateway Support
Eckerd Family Foundation –
Connected by 25 Grant
Magalis Gonzalez
Squid Lips Overwater Grill
Main Street Pub
Mattress Mark
Steak & Shake Restaurant
Meg O’ Malley’s
Stephanie Strodtman
Meguiar’s, Inc.
Studio 3 Framing
Andretti Thrill Park
Anonymous Donors
Aquarina Golf Club
Bankers Bar and Grill
Barbara Lacko
Barking Gecko Grill
Barnes and Noble
Belk Department Store
Bob Evans Farms
Bob O’Connell’s Rental Centre
Bone Fish Willy’s
Breakfast at Lillie’s
Brevard Coca Cola
Brevard County Manatees
Eddie Hernandez
Brevard Cultural Alliance
El Leoncito Mexican &
Cuban Cuisine
Brian Clovis
Essentials Spa
Mercedes Homes
Suntree Country Club
Felicia Thomas
Michael & Melinda Knott
Suntree United Methodist Church
Fiesta Azteca
Michelle Henderson
Surfin’ Turtle Restaurant
First Baptist Church
Mike & Susan Gattuso
First Presbyterian Church
Mohammad Sarmadi
MOMS Club of Rockledge/Viera FL NW
The Avenue Viera
Florida Discount Music
Moonlight Quilters
The Cove Restaurant
Florida Seafood Bar & Grill
Mr. J’s Ice Cream
The Fisher Family
Catholic Charities
Florida Today
Mrs. Mango and Company
The Mango Tree Restaurant
CBY25 Initiative Inc.
Frank Hunt
Mustards last stand
The Pajama Program
Celestine Fisher
Gemini Elementary School
Nancy Higgs
Tijuana Flats
Chaparral Mexican Grill
GMR Marketing
Nathan & Walys Odell
TooJays Gourmet Deli
Good 2 Groove Studios
New York Pizza and Deli
Toys for Children
Child Welfare League of America
Panera Bread
Toys R Us
Christina & Claude Johnson
Havertys Furniture
Party Time Equipment Rental
Two Men and A Truck
Healthy Start
Patrick Air force Base
Uno’s Pizzeria
Helen Voltz
Paul’s Smokehouse
VFW Post 8191
Peter Foley
Vitamin World
Planet Smoothie
Weston Coating Group, Inc.
Premier Theaters L.L.C.
William Ryder
Immaculate Conception Church
RCB Bank
Wine Styles
Indian River Soap
R. Brown
World Beat Café
Indyne, Inc.
Red Rooster Cafe
Yianni’s Deli
James Moore & Co., CPA
Reggae Party
YTB Travel
Brian Mark Photographic Studio
Brown and Brown of Florida, Inc.
C. Johnson
Calabria’s Restaurant
Carabba`s Italian Grill
Carl Samples, Jr.-AMSOIL Dealer
Carlos Del Campo
Church at Viera
Clear Channel Radio Brevard
Cliff Strozier
Clifton Chandler
Coastal Café
Coconuts on the Beach
Colette Heid
Community Foundation
of Brevard
Conch Key Grill & Tiki Bar
Hilton Melbourne Rialto Place
His Place Ministries
Holiday Inn Cocoa Beach
Oceanfront Resort
There are many ways that you can support our mission and the children and families we serve. For
more information, please visit www.BrevardFP.org and click on our Make a Difference” page. Your
kindness and generosity helps many in our community.
our children, our families, our communities | 21
FinAnCiAL REpoRt
Dear Community Members:
It is my privilege to present to you the financial reports for the fiscal years ending June 30, 2008 and June
30, 2009. In the following pages you will find our Independent Auditor’s Report, the Statement of Financial
Position, Statement of Activities, as well as the Statement of Cash Flow for both fiscal years.
As you may recall from the 2007 Annual Report, over the past two fiscal years Brevard Family Partnership
has been fortunate to operate under a Title IV-E Foster Care waiver from the U.S. Department of Health and
Human Services Administration. I am pleased to report that this funding flexibility has allowed child abuse
prevention and intensive in-home services to increase substantially. For example, the Community Prevention
Initiative funding expenditures for the fiscal year ending of June 30, 2009 increased 33% from the fiscal year
ending June 30, 2008. This flexibility of funding has resulted in increasing the safety of children while protecting the integrity of the family unit in our community.
The past two fiscal years have also seen the implementation of what is commonly referred to as the “risk
assessment standards” mandated by the American Institute of Certified Public Accounts. In summary, these
new auditing standards are to make audits of financial statements more effective by linking an in-depth understanding of the company and its environment, including its internal control, to the identification of risks
of material misstatement in the financial statements and what the organization is doing to mitigate them.
Again, Brevard Family Partnership has embraced regulatory change effectively and no material weaknesses
were identified.
Please know that as a publically funded, private, non-profit organization we continue to hold ourselves to
the highest standards of accountability. We look forward to continued opportunities to maximize efficiencies
whereby more quality services will be available for the children and families of Brevard County.
Chad S. Carnell
Chief Financial Officer
22 | BreVard faMily parTnerShip
FinAnCiAL REpoRt
indEpEndEnt AUditoR’s LEttER
To the Board of Directors,
Community Based Care of Brevard, Inc.:
We have audited the accompanying statement of financial position of Community Based Care of Brevard,
Inc. (a nonprofit organization) as of June 30, 2009 and 2008, and the related statements of activities, functional
expenses and cash flows for the years then ended. These financial statements are the responsibility of the
Organization’s management. Our responsibility is to express an opinion on these financial statements based
on our audits.
We conducted our audits in accordance with auditing standards generally accepted in the United States of
America and the standards applicable to financial audits contained in Government Auditing Standards, issued
by the Comptroller General of the United States. Those standards require that we plan and perform the audits
to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the financial statements are free of material misstatement. An
audit includes examining, on a test basis, evidence supporting the amounts and disclosures in the financial
statements. An audit also includes assessing the accounting principles used and significant estimates made
by management, as well as evaluating the overall financial statement presentation. We believe that our audits
provide a reasonable basis for our opinion.
In our opinion, the financial statements referred to above present fairly, in all material respects, the financial
position of Community Based Care of Brevard, Inc. as of June 30, 2009 and 2008, and the changes in its net
assets and its cash flows for the years then ended in conformity with accounting principles generally accepted
in the United States of America.
In accordance with Government Auditing Standards, we have also issued our report dated December 11, 2009,
on our consideration of Community Based Care of Brevard, Inc.’s internal control over financial reporting
and our tests of its compliance with certain provisions of laws, regulations, contracts and grant agreements
and other matters. The purpose of that report is to describe the scope of our testing of internal control over
financial reporting and compliance and the results of that testing, and not to provide an opinion on the internal
control over financial reporting or on compliance. That report is an integral part of an audit performed
in accordance with Government Auditing Standards and important for assessing the results of our audits.
Our audits were performed for the purpose of forming an opinion on the basic financial statements of
Community Based Care of Brevard, Inc. taken as a whole. The accompanying schedule of expenditures of federal
awards and state financial assistance on pages 13-14 is presented for purposes of additional analysis as required
by U.S. Office of Management and Budget Circular A-133, Audits of States, Local Governments and Non-Profit
Organizations, and Section 215.97, Florida Statutes, Florida Single Audit Act, and is not a required part of the
basic financial statements. Such information has been subjected to the auditing procedures applied in the audit
of the basic financial statements and, in our opinion, is fairly stated, in all material respects, in relation to the
basic financial statements taken as a whole.
Gainesville, Florida, December 11, 2009
Our Children, Our faMilieS, Our COMMuniTieS | 23
FinAnCiAL REpoRt
08.09 stAtEMEnts oF FinAnCiAL position
Cash and Cash Equivalents
Grants and Contracts Receivable
Prepaid Expenses and Other Current Assets
Total Current Assets
Accounts Payable
Accrued Expenses
Deferred Revenue
Total Current Liabilities
nEt AssEts
Operating Income
Invested in Capital Assets
Total Unrestricted
Temporarily Restricted
Total Net Assets
24 | BreVard faMily parTnerShip
FinAnCiAL REpoRt
stAtEMEnts oF ACtiVitiEs
Government Grants
Donated Goods and Services
Interest and Dividends
Gain From Investment in Limited Partnership
Special Events
Less: Cost of Direct Benefits
Net Revenues from Special Events
Net Assets Released from Restrictions
Total Support and Revenue
Program Services
Management and General
Total Expenses
Increase (decrease) in Net Assets
Net Assets, Beginning of Year
Net Assets, End of Year
Government Grants
Donated Goods and Services
Interest and Dividends
Gain From Investment in Limited Partnership
Special Events
Less: Cost of Direct Benefits
Net Revenues from Special Events
Net Assets Released from Restrictions
Total Support and Revenue
$ 21,150,118
Program Services
Management and General
Total Expenses
Increase (decrease) in Net Assets
Net Assets, Beginning of Year
Net Assets, End of Year
$ 21,159,401
Our Children, Our faMilieS, Our COMMuniTieS | 25
FinAnCiAL REpoRt
stAtEMEnts oF CAsH FLow
Net Increase in Net Assets
Adjustments to Reconcile Net Increase in Net Assets
to Net Cash Provided by Operating Activities:
Loss on Disposal of Fixed Assets
(Gain) Loss on Investment in Limited Partnership
Increase in Deferred Revenue
Decrease in Grants and Contracts Receivable
Increase in Prepaid Expenses and Other Current Assets
Decrease in Deposits
Increase (decrease) in Accounts Payable
Decrease in Accrued Expenses
$ 484,500
$ 126,232
Purchases of Property and Equipment
Payments on Loans from Participating Members
Restricted cash and cash equivalents
Total cash and cash equivalents
Net Cash Provided by Operating Activities
Cash and cash equivalents
26 | BreVard faMily parTnerShip
FinAnCiAL REpoRt
distRiBUtion oF FUndinG And pRoGRAM EXpEnsEs
FY 08 Distribution of Funding
Direct Program Expenses
Indirect Lead Agency: Management & General Expenses (Accounting, IT,
Human Resources, Public Relations, Senior Management)
Direct Program: Management & General Expenses
Fundraising Expenses
FY 09 Distribution of Funding
Direct Program Expenses
Indirect Lead Agency: Management & General Expenses (Accounting, IT,
Human Resources, Public Relations, Senior Management)
Fundraising Expenses
Adoption Services
In-Home & Family Support Services
High Risk Newborn
Independent Living
Case Management
Out-of-Home Care
Community Prevention Initiative
Diagnostic & Evaluation
Foster/Adoptive Parent Training
FY 09 Distribution of Direct
Program Expenses - 92.5%
Adoption Services
In-Home & Family Support Services
Case Management
Independent Living
Community Prevention Initiative
Out of Home Care
Diagnostic & Evaluation
FY 08 Distribution of Direct
Program Expenses - 73.7%
Foster Home Management
1.3% 3.7%
Foster Home Management
Our Children, Our faMilieS, Our COMMuniTieS | 27
When it comes to
family, Brevard
Brevard Family Partnership’s innovative approach to child abuse
prevention is Brevard C.A.R.E.S. This unique organization now
serves children and families throughout Brevard at our new location
on US 1, in Rockledge.
Family-Centered, Strength-Based and Community-Driven
Our unique “Wraparound” approach to child abuse prevention
provides Family Team Conferencing and a full-array of natural
supports and services that empower families to take ownership in
reaching their goals of safety and stability, within their home and
If you or someone you know is experiencing a stressor in their lives
that could lead to child abuse, please call us. We can help!
or Toll-Free 888-CARES-09 (888-227-3709)
in pARtnERsHip witH
5/6/10 2:57:38 PM
5/6/10 2:57:38 PM
Join us for our upcoming community events and
help us help Brevard’s most vulnerable children
5th Annual Walk for Love —
Celebrate Child Adoptions
and children who have found
their “forever home”
The Avenue Viera
Saturday, November 20, 2010
Annual Holiday Gift Drive —
Donate Gifts for our children
and teens in foster care
Visit www.BrevardFP.org
for Drop Off locations
November – December 2010
For more information about upcoming community events,
programs and services, visit www.BrevardFP.org
A COA Accredited Agency
760 North Drive, Ste. E
Melbourne, FL 32934
321.752.4650 n www.brevardfp.org
Sponsored by Brevard Family Partnership and the State of Florida, Department of Children and Families

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