Introducing Envirosealed Windows from Vytex the industry`s most


Introducing Envirosealed Windows from Vytex the industry`s most
Introducing Envirosealed Windows from Vytex
the industry’s most environmentally conscious window!
Now more than ever, homeowners want to know how they
can improve the environment by improving their homes.
Vytex’s Envirosealed™ energy-efficient “green” windows set
the industry standard in helping to lower energy bills while
ensuring a greener future for the planet. How? The secret is in
Envirosealed’s Dura Platform warm edge spacer technology,
which dramatically reduces heat conductivity. That means less
condensation, improved insulation, greater energy savings,
and significantly reduced CO2 emissions.
Envirosealed Windows offer your customers:
Improved comfort.
Envirosealed Windows utilize encapsulated air chambers
to achieve superior thermal performance, keeping homes
warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
Guaranteed lower energy bills.
Envirosealed Windows can potentially save homeowners
more than $200 each year in energy costs.
Reduced environmental impact.
Eco-conscious consumers will appreciate Envirosealed Windows’
ability to improve the environment indoors and out by reducing
greenhouse gas emissions.
Vytex makes every effort to be an environmentally conscious company. In keeping with
Universal Recycling
that philosophy, this informational
sheet was
printed on recycled paper using soy-based inks.
Universal Recycling Symbol
(Used as a generic symbol for recycling
or to indicate that material is recyclable)
Recycling Symbol for Type-1 Plastics
(polyethylene terephthalate)
Recycling Symbol for Type-2 Plastics
(high density polyethylene)
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