Fiat 124 Spider Big Brake Conversion


Fiat 124 Spider Big Brake Conversion
Fiat 124 Spider Big Brake Conversion
Kit Contents
2 calipers w/brackets
2 braided steel hoses
2 banjo bolts w/copper washers
2 rotors
2 caliper adapters
2 line brackets
1 set disc pads
2 5/16 bolts w/ lock nuts
Installation Instructions
1. Raise the car on stands, remove the front wheels.
2. Remove the rubber brake hose where it connects to the hard line on the inner fenderwell. Cap the line
with a rubber cap to prevent fluid loss. Remove the retaining clip from the end of the hard line at the
frame bracket. Pull the line back from the bracket. The end of the hard line must be bent up and towards
the rear of the car at a 45 degree angle. Be careful not to kink the line! The line should end up with a
gentle curve facing upwards. Use the new mounting bracket to secure the line. The new bracket will bolt
onto the existing line bracket where the line used to attach. Do not tighten the hose to the line yet, leave
it loose enough to rotate.
3. Remove the calipers, mounting brackets, rotors and front hubs.
4. Remove the tie rod end from the steering arm
5. Remove the 4 bolts holding the brake bracket (#21) to the spindle.
6. Remove the dust shield, this will not be re-used on the new system
7. Install the new adapter to the spindle (#23), using the original short bolts. Do not tighten the nuts at this
8. Install the lower adapter to caliper bracket bolt. Reinstall the steering arm using the original long bolts.
Do not tighten the 4 bolts yet.
9. Place the rotor over the hub, place the caliper bracket over the rotor and fit the assembly onto the
spindle. Thread the lower mounting bolt into the caliper bracket.
10. Now tighten the 4 bolts holding the adapter to the spindle. There is enough room between the spindle
and rotor to hold the bolt heads if needed.
11. Mount the rotor to the hub with the locating studs.
12. Insert the upper adapter to caliper bracket bolt. Once both bracket bolts are inserted those bolts can be
13. Install the disc pads, mount the caliper onto the bracket.
14. Attach the hose to the caliper with the banjo bolt and copper washers on each side of the hose fitting.
15. Attach the hose to the hard line. Hold the line clamp against the hard line just before the new bend
you’ve created.
16. Rotate the hose in the bracket to make sure the hose is not twisted. Install the hose retainer
17. Tighten the hose to the line connection at this time
18. Reattach the tie rod end to the steering arm.
19. Turn the wheels from lock to lock, making sure the flexible hose doesn’t contact any suspension parts or
the inside of the tires
20. Bleed the hydraulic system until all air is removed from the system.
21. Make sure the pedal feels firm and all air is bled before driving the car!