A574 Ford Bracket


A574 Ford Bracket
A574 Ford Bracket
The A574 Bracket fits on a variety of Ford vehicles and always aaches the same way. When the dash has
been removed there will be two forward facing 10mm bolts (circled in red) made accessible. Un&ghten the
bolts about 3/8” and slide the sloed ends of the bracket arms between the bolts and the steering column,
then &ghten the bolts back to OEM standards. Be sure that the bolts are &ght and the bracket is secure before moving on to aaching the support rod.
There are four loca&ons you can aach the clamping block using the threaded holes. This is to give you some
freedom for custom fi2ngs and which holes you use will change depending on the vehicle you are working
on. Be sure to use the right holes for le3 side controls and the le3 holes for right sided controls.