How to: change your microfilter


How to: change your microfilter
How to: change your microflter
A very easy one this, which I think applies to any model, although this was
on my 130i.
Lift your bonnet. The flter is housed in this casing here:
The cover is secured by six bolts, shown, which I undid with an imperial
5/16 A/F spanner.
Once the bolts are removed, the whole console lifts out:
Tip it upside down and this is what you see:
To remove the flter, unfasten the three clips:
And the flter will slide out easily:
Next, you need to get your new flter ready. The genuine part shown cost
me £37 from a dealer:
Carefully place the new flter in place - there are a couple of fns on the
back edge which need to slide in frst and then you just click the clips
Then, replace the whole thing, seating the two sleeves frst of all, redo the
bolts and you're done. Total time taken about 10 minutes max.
If you need to reset your service indicator, see the how to here: