Saturday, October 18th Practice Juniors 3:30


Saturday, October 18th Practice Juniors 3:30
Vol 5: 2014 Season
Saturday, October 18th
Juniors 3:30
Seniors 4:30
Note: Next Level has been moved to Oct. 25th
Andy’s Slap Shot...
Frankenfest 2014 was a huge success! I’m sure Bruce was looking down at us smiling at how far the program
has come.
The success of any organization lies in its membership. I’m truly blessed to run an organization with great
support from its members. Frankenfest would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication
from Pam Saunders! Additionally, I would like to thank the following team leaders for their outstanding contribution to this years tourney. Starting with the tricky tray, Dianna Ciemiecki, Angie Donnelly and Diana Cicchino, thank you for your creativity, style and of course the profit you made. Including the 50/50 we made
approximately $3,000. Great job ladies! To the hospitality duo of Andrea Piccirillo and Patti Racamato, great
job as always. Your selection of food was right on and I think all the teams were welcomed properly. Next
year we need pop corn and hot dogs! To our photographers Frank and Karen, you put in two full days photographing all the players at the tournament and even photographed the gala. Karen, thanks for keeping Frank
and Francine in line. It’s a big job! To our head coach Steve Ritter and the rest of the senior and junior coaching staff. Thank you for putting in the hours to ensure that all the players were at the right games and the
refs and score board watchers were where they had to be. Great job, guys! Special thanks to the families
who helped out during the tournament , Giger, Kientz, Bryan, Donovan, Mitchell, Thampoe, Trampota, Lu
and our mascot Stanley aka Dave Ritter!
2014 marked the first year of our costume gala at the Essex House! I can’t tell you how happy I was that
night. We received such great feedback from visiting teams and our parents. The gala would not have been
possible without the hard work and creativity of Pam Saunders and Kathy Kientz. Both ladies put their heart
and sole into planning the evening and hit a home run. Be on the look out for some great pictures from the
party on our website and on Facebook. We already booked next years party!
If you were in rink 2 Saturday afternoon you got to hear some professional play by play by Marco Cicchino.
Marco is a master of the game and will give Doc Emrick a run for his money in a few years.
I was running around so much this weekend that I didn’t get a chance to watch many games so I will not give
you the usual tourney update. I did want to give a shout out to Colleen Bryan for her hard nose play and for
scoring the first goal of her career. Cheers to you Colleen.! Additionally, congratulations to all the players
who participated from the Dare Devils to the 10 visiting teams! You all did a tremendous job!
Make sure you sign up for the 3 tournaments we have schedule for November 22 & 23 in Buffalo, November
29th in Westchester and January 17 & 18 in Albany. The sign up sheets will be at the rink on Saturday! If
you’re going to Buffalo, you need to sign up with USAH as this is an ASHA and USAH sponsored event. The fee
is $50. The team will reimburse you. Additional details including hotel information can be found in the newsletter!
The first round of the new jerseys have arrived and look great. Thanks to Kelly Milazzo the Jersey Girl/Chick
for running the jersey order again this year. The second order should arrive in a few weeks.
Don’t forget to let us know if you want to come to group night at The Rock on November 1st . See the newsletter for more details.
The dates for Next Level Training have been changed to October 25th and November 8th. Please mark your
calendars. I’ll be away from practice this week visiting Andrew for his school homecoming! See everyone on
the 25th!
Frankenfest !
Frankenfest Is Huge Success!
to all those who volunteered and attended.
October 18, 2014
Regular Practice
October 25, 2014
Next Level 12:00
Regular Practice
November 1, 2014
Regular Practice
November 8, 2014
Next Level 12:00
Regular Practice
November 15, 2014
Regular Practice
November 22-23
Buffalo Tournament
7:00 pm
Devils vs. Blue Jackets
Saturday, November 1st
Prudential Center, Newark
Ticket Prices:
Player and One Chaperone—Free
All other tickets $30 ($45 ticket value)
Please reserve your ticket by contacting Pam Saunders
[email protected]
We need 65 attendees to have our group picture taken
on center ice so invite your friends and family!
Tournament Hotel Information:
Buffalo—November 22-23
Hampton Inn and Suites
220 Delaware Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14202
(Rooms held till 10/21)
Albany—January 17 and 18
Albany Marriott
189 Wolf Road
Albany, NY 12205
Phone: 518-458-8444
We will be selling the
SaveAround Coupon Books
starting at the first practice
Please support this fundraiser
by taking a few books home to sell to your
family and friends.