Simon Pure News October


Simon Pure News October
Issue #5
August/September 2008
SHOW REPORT: by Chuck Terbot
The Trillium Chapter had their 23rd Horst Wendland Beer Can and Breweriana Show
recently. So, I packed up the family in the car, crossed over the border with adequate Identification of course, and wandered down the westerly avenue of October 18th to the Hardball Café.
A beautiful Saturday morning.
What I like about this show is the following: From my house, the ride is an hour and a
half., the show starts at 10am, so I don’t have to prop toothpicks under my eyes to navigate the
QEW along Lake Ontario., the show is a great social event, and the Hardball offers good food
and beer. The show also has a rather nice group of raffles, and the Trillium Chapter. Last year
I won a 5L Harley Davidson can. This year I took home a nice soft sided Labatt cooler that was
stuffed with all kinds of breweriana. My daughter Michelle also won a raffle, and immediately
went into a trade with another collector. Bud for Molson. I did not win the Moosehead Cone,
but came home with some great Canadian cans for my collection. Several cans were final upgrades, others were new to my collection with some being a little rough, but tough. Michelle
brought home about a hundred crowns for her cap collection along with one animal can for the
shelf. And as always, it was great catching up with our fellow Trillium members.
I also came across a 1972 Team Canada hockey puck with a toothless Gilbert Perrault,
pictured on it. Michelle scored a plastic Stanley Cup Trophy with the Sabres Logo on it. We
place these articles on top of the T.V. to bring luck for the Sabres to do something even the legendary coach Scottie Bowman couldn't do in the old
Memorial Auditorium…..bring the NHL championship
home to Buffalo. The Aud, however, won’t be around
much longer. Its coming down under the guise of ur11/10 Chuck Terbot
ban renewal.
2429 Lake Mead Road
The Aud in Buffalo is a remnant of President
Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Works Project Act of the
mid-1930s to help get America out of the Great Depression by creating projects which put people back in
the labor force. The arena opened in October 1940, and
with the building came a new hockey team when Lou
Jacobs moved his AHL Syracuse team to Buffalo.
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Wheatfield, NY 14304
Mike Sandretto
119 Bywater Dr.
Getzville, NY 14068
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Issue #3
Page 2
Turkey Trade
The Simon Pure Chapter of the Brewery Collectibles
Club of America
Annual Fall Breweriana Show & Sale
at the
Eldredge Club
17 Broad Street
Tonawanda, New York 14150
Saturday November 8th, 2008
9am till 2pm
Tables $ 5.00
Set up at 8 am
Frozen turkey and a case of beer raffle
Take the 290 to the Delaware exit
head north to Broad street.
turn left at Burger King
the Eldredge club is the second building on the left.
for more info call Jeff Murbach 716-713-7236 or
E-mail [email protected]
Issue #5
Issue #3
Page 3
This, out of the book, Rushing the Growler, by Stephen R. Powell. It notes the
story behind how the Phoenix Brewery in Buffalo, got its name. This book is a
good read if you are into Buffalo brewery history.
Ulrich’s Tavern
Issue #5
Issue #3
Page 4
Another piece of info. Out of “Rushing the Growler” This on on
Weyand Brewing. It did not survive past prohibition. Note the
Phoenix Bird in the background.
Phoenix Brewery
Issue #3
Page 5
Show Report, continued from page one:
This minor league hockey team was at the time called the Bison’s.
During the next three decades some of hockey's best-known names -- coaches
Eddie Shore, Fred Shero and Billy Reay -- led the Bisons. There is also a who's who
list of players who played at "The Aud," including Toe Blake (old time hockey, eh?),
Doug Harvey, Tom Johnson, Dickie Moore, Jacques Plante and Brad Park as minor
leaguers. There is also a strange logo that pre-dates today's sophisticated marketing
techniques. The old Bisons logo was a soda bottle cap with Buffalo scripted in the middle. The Bisons' owners, the Pastor Brothers, owned the Pepsi-Cola bottling plant in
Buffalo. The AHL approved the logo. Anybody have this cap?
The minor league era came to an end in 1970 when the NHL's expansion Sabres took to the ice in a renovated arena with a much larger capacity. Buffalo officials
literally raised the roof for the new NHL franchise. The Aud was unique. No air conditioning, the foghorn sound affect after a goal and it was the last NHL arena to not
have a regulation-sized ice surface. The seating arrangement put the fans just about
on the ice, and this along with the “French Connection”, electrified the atmosphere at
game time. Who could forget the Fog Game against the Flyer’s? Due to unusual
heat in Buffalo in May 1975, portions of the game were played in heavy fog. Players, officials, and the
puck were invisible to many spectators. During a face-off and through the fog, Sabres center Jim Lorentz spotted a bat flying across the rink, raised his stick, and killed it. Many superstitious Buffalo fans
considered this to be an "Evil Omen," pertaining to the result of the series (and other playoff losses). It
was the only time that any player killed an animal during an NHL game. Perhaps the curse will be
lifted when the Aud is finally laid to rest.
Issue #3
Above: The first drawing of the Trillium
Raffle. Michelle Terbot and Ralph Nunnaro.
Page 6
Above: Ken and Sandy Kubik wait to
hear one of their raffle numbers called.
To the left, Trillium member Dave Wilson looks on.
To the left: Some cans that came home
to Chuck’s shelf, along with some Sabres
memorabilia .
Below: From a recent trip to the Ellicottville Brew Pub near Dunkirk, these
neons were noted. Note on the right the
Koch’s on tap neon and just below a sign
for local pole vaulter, Jenn Stuczynski,
2008 silver medalist at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China. Jenn also holds
the American womens’s record at 16’
1.75”. Way to go Jenn.
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Issue #5
Chapter Show Sponsored by Queen City Chapter Nov 30, 2008 Blue Ash, OH 9am-1pm Held at:
Raffles Blue Ash Banquet Hall contact: Debbie Dowers #27305 513-851-8986
Winterfest '09
3415 N. Linden Road
Sponsored by Mid-Michigan Chapter Jan 17, 2009 Flint, MI 8am - 2pm Held at: Dom Polski Hall contact: John Fatura #27479 248-486-1579
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