Beautiful skin is Healthy skin - Association Of Holistic Skin Care


Beautiful skin is Healthy skin - Association Of Holistic Skin Care
Beautiful Skin is a Result of Internal Health
Elina Fedotova,
Aesthetician, Cosmetic Chemist
Keeley Lore,
Aesthetician, C.N.H.P., N.R.T.
Workshop Agenda
● Beautiful and Healthy Skin
● Nourishing, Organic, Safe and Effective Skin Care
Products and Ingredients
● Traditional Holistic Skin Care Methods
● Individualized Skin Care Protocols
● Internal Barriers to Improving Skin Health
● Case Study-Approaching Healthy Skin Holistically
● Nutritional Response Testing Demonstration
Beautiful skin is Healthy skin
Healthy skin is the result of inner health plus
natural corrective skin care treatments and
Every day our skin encounters free radicals
in many different forms: environmental
pollutants, ultraviolet rays, poor diet,
emotional stress, etc.
Oxidative stress and inflammation are the
major causes of skin discoloration and aging.
Optimal for assimilation by the skin
• Products that use organic ingredients from whole
plants and other natural sources are more
effective, because the ratio of vitamins and
nutrients are optimal for assimilation by the skin
• Vitamins require an array of specific enzymes and
micronutrients that need to work in harmony to
produce their intended biological effects
Organic skin care
formulations can be compared
to cooking!
You can chose between simple or
sophisticated recipes
Given 2 recipes for organic vegetable
soup, one can call for only potatoes and
onions, while another includes more
than 20 different vegetables
Both soups could be made up of
certified organic vegetables, but would
you still receive the same amount of
nutrition from each soup?
Traditional Holistic Methods
With a history of over 2000 years,
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
revolves around the premise that the
human body is a small universe with a
set of complete and interconnected
Chinese Herb Classification
- Cooling & Warming
- Drying & Moisturizing
- Relaxing & Energizing
● Ayurveda originated in ancient India over
5,000 years ago
● In Sanskrit, the ancient language of India,
Ayurveda means the “science of life and
● From an Ayurvedic perspective, health is a
balance between three basic energies that
make up a person’s constitution: vata, pitta,
and kapha
● Together these energetic forces make up each
person’s “Tridosha,” which governs all
biological, physiological and psychological
functions of the mind and body
● Like many other healing traditions,
Ayurveda addresses skin problems with the
detoxification of the body
Russian Holistic Traditions
Many Russian medical schools offer herbal classes.
As a holistic skin care practitioner from Russia, I
believe in non-invasive skin care methods and
corrective, anti-aging treatments.
Traditional Russian facials include: herbal steaming,
compresses steeped in aromatic organic herbal
infusions, deep cleansing and extractions, along with
freshly prepared herbal and mineral scrubs and
Individualized Skin Care Protocols
● Herbal Steaming
● Compresses steeped in aromatic organic herbal
● Deep skin cleansing and extractions
● Freshly prepared herbal and mineral scrubs and
● Proper nutrition
● Emotional balance
● Lifestyle choices
The Greek physician Hippocrates (460 - 377 BC),
often referred to as the "Father of Modern Medicine,"
was an herbalist
One of his famous statements is "Let your food be
your medicine, and your medicine be your food"
I deeply believe that organic skin care products can
deliver dramatic and long lasting results
What we put on our faces should be as safe and
pure as the food we eat. It should be like a fresh meal
for your face!
Skin Nourishing Vegetables
● Vegetables like spinach and kale contain
lutein, an antioxidant that helps hydrate
the skin
● Yellow and orange root vegetables,
including carrots, sweet potatoes,
pumpkins, and squash are great sources
of beta-carotene
● Broccoli, cranberries and apples contain
quercetin, another powerful antioxidant and
anti-inflammatory agent
Cleansing Herbs
● Burdock Root
● Dandelion Root
● Ginger Root
● Marshmallow Root
● Milk Thistle
● Red Clover Flowers
● Yellow Dock Root among many
Weeds for Health and Beauty
Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale),
which we usually try to clear from our
yards, can help correct skin problems
The roots and leaves of the dandelion
are extremely nutritious and are a
valuable source of minerals (especially
potassium), as well as vitamins A, B, C
and D
Sap or milk from dandelion stems has
been used traditionally around the
world to lighten pigment spots and
eliminate warts
Burdock (Arctium lappa), another
famous weed, can be combined with
dandelion tea to create a powerful
cleansing and healing tonic
Burdock is a favorite among herbalists
to treat acne
In Japan, burdock root is called gobo
and is eaten as a vegetable
Burdock root is rich in fiber,
potassium, calcium and amino acids
Sea Buckthorn Oil
Sea buckthorn oil is exceptionally rich
in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins,
carotene, flavonoids, phytosterols,
serotonin, amino acids and trace
Traditionally the medicinal value of
sea buckthorn oil lies in its ability to
help regenerate and rejuvenate sun
damaged, irritated, dry and itchy skin
Aronia Berry (Aronia Prunifolia)
● It has an Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity
(ORAC)* score of 15,280 umol TE/100 grams, and
has a higher concentration of antioxidants than
blueberries, grapes, acai, elderberries, and other
fruits (Kansas State University Extension)
● The ORAC test is currently the standardized method
used by the USDA for measuring the antioxidant
content of different foods and supplements
● Thanks to its high procyanidin content, along
with other antioxidants, drinking aronia berry
juice before going to the beach may increase
your skin’s resistance to ultra violet rays, like
tomatoes with olive oil, or red wine
● As a result this might slightly extend your safe
time in the sun, but please remember, drinking
aronia berry juice does not eliminate the need
for a good topical sun screen
● Because of their antibacterial properties
aronia extracts are a good remedy for acneprone skin
● Due to their high polyphenolic content,
aronia berries are thought to be good for
your eyes, and are recommended for pilots
and drivers
● Formulators will enjoy using the extract of
aronia berries because their antibacterial
properties make it easier to naturally
preserve organic skin care products
Internal Barriers (Stressors) to A Healthy Complexion
● Immune Challenges (Bacterium, Viruses, Parasites,
Fungi, Autoimmune Conditions)
● Food Sensitivities
● Metal and/or Chemical Toxicity
● Scarring
● Trapped Emotions
● Structural Barriers
● Blocked Chi – Vital Force Energy Flow
Case Study-Approaching Healthy Skin
Meet Ashley:
● Ashley came to Elina Organics in Fall 2014
● Received Monthly Organic Skin Care Treatments
● Started Customized Home Skin Care Regimen
● Given evidence of systemic issues, referred for
Nutritional Response Testing in February, 2015
● Evidence of Parasitic Infection, Yeast Overgrowth and
Food Sensitivities (gluten, wheat, dairy and sugar)
Nutritional Response Testing
● Non-invasive system of evaluating the body for
underlying stress and ill health
● Utilizes muscle testing techniques to analyze
the body’s reflexes and responses to stressors
● Provides a clinically designed whole food
supplementation program with dietary and
healthy lifestyle choices that assist the body in
healing itself
Facial acupressure
using meridian channels
on the face can indicate
internal systemic
Facial acupressure
can assist with opening
drainage pathways that
allow the body to rid
itself of toxins by
encouraging the flow of
chi (vital energy force)
throughout the body.
Applying pressure with
your fingertips on these
facial acupressure
points until a pulse can
be felt is a way to
detoxify congestion
related to blocked chi
flow in the body systems.
Ashley’s Treatment Protocol
√ elimination of foods that tested sensitive
√ Whole food supplementation to address parasitic infection, digestion, and
√ Monthly Topical Professional Facial Treatments
√ Intense Pulse Light Therapy to address facial scarring
√ Healthy Daily Home Skin Care Hygiene and Regimen
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