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Retailer Pricing - Gate Keeper Games
Dear FLGS,
Greetings, my name is John Wrot!, the owner and chief developer of Gate Keeper Games, a gaming company
that is dedicated to building family-like community through awesome games that are fun for their target age group,
yet safe to play with the whole family. Today, through the hands of a dedicated backer, I'd like to present to you:
The King's Armory is a very well reviewed cooperative play tower defense board game for 1-7+ players, that
truly captures the game play of online tower defense games, with a laundry list of unique features.
A short list of our favorite unique features include:
• endless replay value
• adjustable play time & difficulty level
• players can drop in or out mid game
• any number of players, solo or cooperative (1-7+)
• an effective teaching tool for kids
• a partnership with Level 99 Games
For all the details, and to see our reviews by Rahdo, Undead Viking, and Geek Dad, please view:
• our website at:
• our Kickstarter site at:
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Only available until November 27th 2013.
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With the core game's MSRP of US$70+, and the number of bonus items, including the Kickstarter
Exclusives, the bonus Hero, and the limited edition "Special Aid" card, you can easily charge £$63-$75 or more for
each of these games. We promise you'll be glad that you got your hands on these special copies of the game while
they’re still available, as this version of the game will not be available through traditional distribution.
Thank you for your time and interest in our product, as well as the opportunity to partner with you to bring
the premier tower defense themed board game to your anxious customers.
John Wrot!
[email protected]
*Customs and VAT included.