The University of Iowa Department of Orthodontics “Advancing



The University of Iowa Department of Orthodontics “Advancing
The University of Iowa Department of Orthodontics
“Advancing Orthodontics, One Smile at a Time”
Hello everyone,
We exist to educate the next generation of orthodontists. Yes, we are heavily involved in research and scholarship, but we exist to educate future orthodontists with a special emphasis on their clinical education. In this
newsletter it is my privilege to highlight an especially important aspect of their clinical education, preparation
for and certification by the American Board of Orthodontics. Since 2009 the University of Iowa Department
of Orthodontics has emphasized preparing our doctors to successfully complete the ABO Initial Ceritification
Examination (ICE). Using records made from patients they treated during their residency, I am delighted to
report that 100% of newly graduated Iowa doctors who accepted the challenge to participate in ICE successfully passed ICE. Further, 87% of our residents (26 out of 30 residents) elected to participate (I will never give
up encouraging the last four to do the same). A heartfelt thanks to Drs. Steve Marshall and Clay Parks for
spearheading this effort. You are the best ! You have put Iowa at the top. I am so thrilled by this phenomenal effort that I wish to personally thank those residents who have completed ICE and have listed them on
the next page of the newsletter along with all of our other alumni who have passed their boards. A job well
done, everyone !
from The DIPLOMATE Volume 39 / Number 2
University of Iowa Wins The 2015 Resident
Case Display Program at the AAO Annual Session
Out of over 180 resident
cases presented at the
AAO Annual Session
in San Francisco by all
orthodontic programs
from across North
America, Iowa was
selected as having the top
case presented. Last year,
we came in second place.
Iowa is on a roll !!
Drs. Kyungsup Shin, Patrick Brady, Justin Hughes, Christopher Wermerson, David Jones
(clinical assistant professor), Jed Arbon, Terry Schmitt, Christopher Hartman, Taylor Varner.
Pictured separately Jessica Fuller (top right) and Julie Wees (bottom right). Patient was treated
by Dr. Tyler Prestwich (and also Dr. Laura Bonner, Dr. David Jones attending orthodontist).
Initial ABO Certification Examination
Laura Bonner,
Jordan Poss,
Alison Ray
Sarah Clark, Kristin Clark,
David Defay, Benjamin Hoelscher,
Nicholas Smith
Albert Eng, Trent Nestman,
Suzanne Stock, S. Niles Woodall
Nathan Johnson, Eric Shell,
Karl Swenson, Kaci Vela
Tanner Clark, Russell Guymon,
Andre Jham, Michelle McManus,
Maura Vroman
Daniel Gabriel,
Marlene Ostby
Matthew Caspersen,
Matthew Croco, Cory Edwards,
Andrew McDaniel, Erin Sloss
Christopher Carlson
Richard Hesby
Erik Curtis
Mark Yanosky
William Beam, Tod Curtis,
Ronald Kolodziej
Kurt Bowers, John Di Giovanni,
Bradford Edgren, Michael Frazier
We are so
very proud of
all our alumni who
have achieved ABO
certification. You are
Gregory Jorgensen,
Curtis Menard
John Ordahl,
Timothy Trulove
Mark Stieg,
Robert Ziaja
Paul Burkey, Bradley Hoppens,
Alan Montgomery,
Randy Wright
John Dorsch, Carney Loucks,
Richard Perkins,
Carlin Wiemers
Louis Goldberg (‘38), Carl Bruggeman (‘34),
Lowell Oldham (‘34), Patrick Dunn (‘32),
C.S. Foster (‘31)
Kevin Austin
Kimberly Batterson
Kirk Davies, Stephanie Combs,
Clayton Parks, Jason Schmit
The Initial Certification
Examination (ICE) of the
ABO was initiated in 2009.
Laura Fogle,
Residents may become ABO
Paul Helpard
certified through ICE by presenting
patients they have successfully
treated during their residency.
Participation in ICE is voluntary.
David Cummins,
We are very proud to announce
John Kharouf
that, of the 30 residents who were
eligible to participate in ICE,
Rodney Hillam
27 participated (87%) –
Gary Chu, Sally Ghrist,
Steven Harrison
Kenneth Eberle, Arturo GarciaFernandez, Mark McAlister,
Thomas Melcher, Kim Wass
James Butz, Brian Jesperson, J. Peter Kierl
Joseph Jamison (‘79), Michael Nonnenmann (‘76),
Donald Sierk (‘76), James Slack (‘75), Larry Oesterle (‘74),
Dennis Kommer (‘74), H. Warren Youngquist (‘74),
Thomas Francis (‘73), Patrick Brady (‘71), Garland Hershey (‘71),
David Schrody (‘71), Samir Bishara (‘70)
William Bowker (‘59), Sidney Mann (‘57),
Connell Medley (‘57), Richard Oldfather (‘57),
Morris Leventhal (‘56), Robert Nelson (‘51)
Jennifer Buren,
Nicole Eberle,
Allyn Thames
Todd Fischer,
David Gehring,
Bradley Pearson
Eve Bilbo, Chloe Meier,
Tyler Prestwich, Cole Weaver
Mary Paula Zaytoun-Steele
Ronald Hanneman (‘68), William DeKock (‘67),
Gerald Eganhouse (‘65), Lawrence Engman (‘62),
Norman Giles (‘62), Eldon Bills (‘61),
Thomas Aspel (‘60), Donald Carlsen (‘60)
Ernest Hixon (‘49), Gerald Larson (‘49), H. Brown Otopalik (‘49),
Joseph Bauer (‘48), Robert DeButts (‘48), David Diggs (‘48),
William Olin (‘48), Robert Moyers (‘47), Herbert Mueller (‘40)
B.F. Dewel (‘26)
aL um N i
Taylor(17) is to my immediate left then Traci and Blake
(14). According to Traci’s Fitbit, we walked 8.9 miles, had
over 20,000 steps, and burned a little over 2300 calories.
Nonetheless, we had a “magical” day.
Dr. Mike Freeseman
It hardly seems like it’s been 20 years ago since I graduated from
the U of I Orthodontic program and moved my wife and three
kids to Sioux City, IA. Jacque and I will be celebrating 34 years of
wedded bliss this August. (“Bliss” is my word, not hers. She may
have chosen a different noun!). Our three kids have grown up a
little since then.
Jeremy (JJ) will be graduating from UNC Orthodontic program
next spring and moving back home to join Rick Wagner, Tim
Kuntz, and myself in our practice...I’ve got some high angle open
bites that I’ve been saving for him.
Jessica is a dentist in Rochester, Minn. and is thinking about
pursuing wire bending as well.
Mark Yanosky (Class of 2001) continues to enjoy his private
practice in Birmingham, Alabama along with his part time
teaching activities in the orthodontic department at the
University of Alabama. Pictured are his kids- Jackson (13),
John Michael (10) and Margaret (6). When not working, they
enjoy their time at the beach and playing
Twin sister, Jenna, is an account rep. for Union Pacific RR out of
Ankeny, IA and blessed us with our first grandchild this summer
(Juliana Joi Matthey). Jeremy has dubbed Jacque and I “Gigi” and
“G-Diddy”. I hope my title doesn’t stick!
Our family fondly looks back on our time in Iowa City. I am
forever grateful to the Iowa Orthodontic program, the staff, and
my classmates for an enjoyable and life changing experience.
If you’re ever in the Sioux City area, please come see us,
Jim (Grabouski), Jacque, JJ, Jenna, Jessica....Juliana
(Alumni news continued)
Dr. Matthew Croco
and family
Here are pictures of me fishing on the Henry’s Fork. Fly
Fishing is my favorite pastime. In light of the recent
dentist shooting a lion I feel it is important to let others
know, in full disclosure, that these fish were released
unharmed! LOL
Dr. Brad Edgren
Croco, Caspersen, Sloss, McDaniel, Edwards
Tim, Jackie, Courtney,
Sophia & family pet Holli
My dream job before starting dental school was to be an
Orthodontist (thanks Tom Stark and William Iversen)! The
Iowa Orthodontic Department made that dream come true.
I’ve been living the dream every day since 1993. Thanks
faculty and staff of the University of Iowa Ortho department!
Tim Kuntz
Dr. Garland Hershey, center rear, and family at the beach

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