Lights out means lost productivity, lost sales, and unhappy customers
Are you prepared for more power outages, more often?
The modern power landscape is changing. Demand
for energy is growing faster than supply. The
electricity grid is old and it is unstable due to the
volatility of solar. Climate change means more
frequent storms. The power you need to run your
business is likely to become more increasingly
unreliable and power failures are more frequent. Are you prepared?
Power Failures: The True cost
Your business could lose thousands of dollars
in a power outage:
• Lost data can require hundreds of man-hours to recreate
• Reduced operational efficiency without computers and phones
• Your highly paid professionals are unable to work
• No EFTPOS machines and no computers mean no sales
• Unhappy customers will look elsewhere for service and support
The Cost of Power Disturbances to Industrial
& Digital Economy Companies, June 2001
Continue Business with B.O.B
Continue Business with B.O.B
Lose power. Keep Business.
What makes B.O.B so great?
B.O.B is a fully automatic emergency power storage system. B.O.B. keeps your
critical business appliances working even when the power fails. The perfect size to
provide power to critical appliances1 for small to medium businesses, Baintech’s
Black Out Buster fires up in just 15 milliseconds, taking over so quickly that you’ll
barely realise there’s been a power failure. And, more importantly, neither will
your customers.
B.O.B is fully automatic; it detects power failures and switches to off grid power
in the blink of an eye. Fast, quiet, reliable, and affordable, B.O.B makes less
noise than a generator, is more dependable than solar, and easier on your
finances than the UPS equivalent. B.O.B is so seamless you don’t need to worry
about flipping a switch - the changeover happens automatically.
1 Excluding appliances which contain perishable materials
How it works
Connect critical
appliances to B.O.B
Power fails
15 millisecond transfer time - no down time or data loss
Inverter/charger - converts DC to AC power
Status indicator - shows whether B.O.B is using AC or DC power
Mains power
charges B.O.B’s
B.O.B transforms DC to AC power
Load and state of charge meters - shows how much power is left
RCD protected - safety switch to keep your appliances safe
Ten power points - plug in a variety of appliances
B.O.B stores
power in the
B.O.B Supplies
power for six to
12+ hours2
Additional battery storage - more power for your requirments
Two-year warranty4 - gives you confidence
Optional cable covers available - no messy cords & OHS compliant
2 Depends on the number of appliances and drawings of appliances
4 Warranty covers B.O.B unit only. All other components’ warranty as specified by the manufacturer.
Who is it for?
Small Businesses
Professional Services
Small Retail Shops*
Medical Surgeries*
Veterinary Practices*
Cafes and takeaways*
* Excluding appliances which contain perishable materials
Fast and seamless No down time Continuity Protection
Versatile Discreet
Automatic transition
and minimal data loss
Safety for sensitive
electrical equipment
Reliable power for
six to 12+ hours*
Suitable for a range
of businesses
5 Depends on the number of appliances and drawings of appliances
Critical appliances continue
even in a blackout
No noisy or smelly
Maintenance Plans
To make sure that your B.O.B is kept in tip top condition you need to make sure your batteries are
properly maintained. Speak to your authorised B.O.B supplier about hassle free maintenance plans.
Financing options
B.O.B can be financed from Gogetta for as little as $81 a week!
After the rental period you can buy B.O.B outright for a token
amount and you receive a 75% net rental rebate. Businesses can
also claim back 100% of the rental payments on tax.
From $81
a week!
Trust Bainbridge Technologies
Bainbridge Technologies is the Australian total power systems expert. Our solutions are backed by a
minimum two-year warranty and our after sales support will ensure your complete satisfaction.
Bainbridge Technologies stands for:
Innovation – Specialist DC power back-up systems, on and off grid
Expertise – 25 years of DC to AC power systems experience
Reliability – The brands you trust
Safety – No shorts, no fires
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