FUNtastic Guide - Kings Dominion



FUNtastic Guide - Kings Dominion
Get closer than ever.
To dinos and your kids.
Only 5 with park admission.
Planet Snoopy Family
FUNtastic Guide
Special thanks to Smart Beginnings Greater Richmond for their
guidance on this booklet. Kings Dominion and United Way
of Greater Richmond & Petersburg wants you to know that
all children need a nurturing family, quality health care, good
nutrition and appropriate recreation in order to thrive. Thriving
children will be ready to succeed in school and in life.
© Peanuts Worldwide LLC,
Cedar Fair Entertainment Company® © 2013 Cedar Fair, L.P. 10M/KD13-110
Follow this guide to discover
Learning is Fun at Planet Snoopy.
A parent’s guide for making the most
during your visit to Planet Snoopy!
Dear Parents,
We want you and your family to have fun and to know
that learning is fun. Inside this guide, you’ll find ways
to interact with your children and numerous teachable
moments all while having fun at Kings Dominion. You’ll
also find other important information about our bigger,
better Planet Snoopy.
At Kings Dominion, reading, math, science and social skill
lessons are always present… even in Planet Snoopy.
The early years are critical for brain development —
where the foundation for learning is set. Activities that
provide a supportive environment and rich experiences can
have a positive effect on brain structure with long-term
positive impacts.
Children learn through play, everyday. So enjoy your day
at Planet Snoopy learning and having fun.
Pat Jones
Vice President & General Manager
You are your child’s first and
most important teacher
Space Relation
Things look different from different heights on Snoopy’s
Rocket Express. They look smaller when you’re up high.
Talk to your child about how small the people appear below.
What else looks smaller?
Science is in action on Lucy’s Tugboat. Gravity pulls you
down. Going up you feel like you’re as light as a feather…
going down you feel heavy.
Ride Connection
Ride Connection
Lucy’s Tugboat
Snoopy’s Rocket Express
Great Pumpkin Coaster
Flying Ace
Woodstock Express
Play encourages
your child’s
imagination and
brain power
Learning is fun
Spinning is fun and makes your whole body lean to the
side. The centrifugal force on Woodstock Whirlybirds
pushes riders in different directions. Compare this ride with
spinning something else at home.
Ride Connection
Woodstock Whirlybirds
Linus Launcher
Flying Ace
Charlie Brown’s Wind Up
Flying Ace Balloon Race
Snoopy vs. Red Baron
Snoopy’s Space Buggies
Motion and Reaction
Lucy’s Crabbie Cabbies bump and dodge each other. For
every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Ask
your child what happens when they get bumped. Talk about
what would happen if they weren't wearing a seat belt.
Ride Connection
Lucy’s Crabbie Cabbie
Every day
has teachable
Learning begins
at birth
Map Reading and
Problem Solving
Look for map installed in Planet Snoopy especially made for
your child to touch. Let them use their finger to find a path
and figure out how to get from one ride to the next. Map
reading helps your child learn problem solving. Let them lead
the way to your next fun adventure. It’ll help your child build
curiosity and gain confidence. Use words
like “left”, “right”, “over”, “beside”
and “going through”.
Play enriches your
child’s learning
Gross Motor Skills
Physical activity exercises a child's body and mind.
Snoopy’s Moon Bounce will get your child jumping,
climbing, laughing and having fun with other children. Have
your child tell you how their body was moving. Put their hand
over their heart and ask them if they can feel their heartbeat.
Ride Connection
Snoopy’s Moon Bounce
Play has benefits
that extend
beyond fun
Please visit our Height Measuring Stations located on International Street.
Your child will be given a color-coded wristband, signifying which rides your child can enjoy at Kings Dominion.
Height Ranges and Colors
Ride Rating
Planet Snoopy Ride Name
Boo Blasters on Boo Hill
Charlie Brown’s Wind Up
Flying Ace Balloon Race
Great Pumpkin Coaster
Joe Cool’s Driving School
Flying Ace
Linus Launcher
Lucy’s Crabbie Cabbie
Lucy’s Tugboat
PEANUTS™ Road Rally
PEANUTS™ Turnpike
Snoopy vs. Red Baron
Snoopy’s Junction
Snoopy’s Moon Bounce
Snoopy’s Rocket Express
Snoopy’s Space Buggies
Woodstock Express
Woodstock Whirlybirds
*No hand-held infants. Must be accompanied by a responsible person. Responsible Person – must be at least 16 years old;
meet the criteria to experience the attraction; and demonstrate appropriate observed behavior
*Rides subject to close due to weather conditions
Low Thrill Rides
*PEANUTS ™ Turnpike opens at noon
Mild Thrill Rides
*Snoopy’s Moon Bounce closes at dusk
Intermediate Thrill Rides
High Thrill Rides
Patterns and Rhymes
Joe Cool’s Driving School has cars that are lined
up in a row and some even form a pattern. Can you find
any patterns today? Playing with letters and sounds can
be fun and helps children get ready to read. Name
something that rhymes with the colors of the cars at
Joe Cool’s Driving School.
Social and Coping
While you’re waiting for your turn in line or anticipating the
start of the next fun show, help your child learn patience.
Hold hands, give your child a hug, a smile or a pat on the
back… paying attention to children helps them feel special
and safe. Let your child hear the words you want him or her
to use in each situation.
Ride Connection
Joe Cool’s Driving School
Peanuts™ Playhouse
Peanuts Road Rally
Peanuts™ Turnpike
Peanuts™ Showplace
PEANUTS™ Meet and Greets
Early experiences shape
a child’s brain
Learning happens
every day
Observation and Prediction
Spending quality time with your child includes talking to
them while having fun. Making observations and predictions
about what they are experiencing helps their brain make
connections. Snoopy’s Junction is an opportunity for
some of these conversation starters:
• If the line is long, does it mean that not as many can
ride at one time or just that more people are riding?
• If you could change one ride, how would
you do that and why?
• What shapes do you see on the rides?
• What is the difference between the
number of girls and boys at this ride?
Planet Snoopy Features
Planet Snoopy Family Care Center
Whether you are looking to cool off in some
AC, need to grab food or put the little ones down for a
quick nap, the Planet Snoopy Family Care Center has it all.
The newly expanded 1,100 square foot facility is located near
Snoopy’s Rocket Express in Planet Snoopy. The Family Care
Center also features a room for parents to feed their children
and a microwave to warm up your child’s bottle.
Market Place
Grab some fresh, healthy food for
your entire family! Located near
Charlie Brown’s Wind Up, guests can choose from healthy
fruits, cheese, vegetables, salads, baked potato chips and
healthy drink options, like juice and Coca-Cola Zero™.
Allergy, Gluten-Free Food Options
Gluten-Free food options are available at the
Market Place. Please visit other food locations throughout
the park for specific Gluten-Free menu items. There are
additional food options for guests with other allergies.
Please see any restaurant manager for further assistance.
Parent Swap
Everyone gets to experience all the rides! One
parent gets to ride, while the other parent waits in line with
the child that is not riding. Then, you swap so everyone gets
to ride. Please visit Guest Services at the front gate or the
Family Care Center in Planet Snoopy for more information.
KidTrack is a free program that helps families
quickly reunite with their loved ones in the park if you
ever get separated from one another. You can register for
KidTrack at Guest Services at the front gate, First Aid next
to the Eiffel Tower or at the Family Care Center in Planet
Snoopy. Your child will receive a wristband with your cell
phone number. If you become separated from your child,
please find a park security officer, or any park employee,
for assistance in locating your child.
First Aid
Located near the Eiffel Tower on International
Street and next to Sun & Surf Supplies in WaterWorks. First
Aid is staffed by certified Emergency Medical Technicians at
all times. You can also visit the Family Care Center or ask any
park employee to contact security for further assistance.
Flying Ace
Snoopy’s Lucy’s Crabbie
Charile brown’s
Wind up
Flying Ace
Balloon Race
Road Rally
vs Red
Tug Boat
Snoopy’s Moon
joe Cool’s
Driving School
Live Entertainment
Charlie Brown’s All-Stars
Got Country
Schroeder’s Sing-Along
Street Beats
PEANUTS™ Rockin’ Party
Snoopy’s Starlight Spectacular
Karaoke Superstars
On Broadway
Pop Fusion
All Wheel Sports
March 29th – October 27th
Located at the PEANUTS™ Playhouse in Planet Snoopy
March 29th – October 27th
Located at the PEANUTS™ Playhouse in Planet Snoopy
March 29th – October 27th
Located at the International Street Grande Bandstand
March 29th – September 2nd
Located at the Grove Stage near WindSeeker
March 29th – September 2nd
Located at the International Street Grande Bandstand
Don’t forget to grab a live show schedule
for specific show times.
March 29th – September 2nd
Located at the Grove Stage near WindSeeker
April 27th – September 1st Located at the International Street Grande Bandstand
April 27th – September 1st – 10PM closes
Located on Center Street from the Eiffel Tower to the Carrousel
June 15th – August 18th
Located at the Kings Dominion Theatre in Old Virginia
June 22nd – August 18th
Located at the PEANUTS™ Showplace in Planet Snoopy
*Show schedule subject to change without notice

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