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wfwp malaysia - WFWP-Asia
(An affiliate of Women’s Federation for World Peace International - a non-profit,
non-government, international organization in General Consultative Status of
ECOSOC and in association with UN)
Empowering women with knowledge, skills and supportive
community to discover their unique value and bring lasting peace.
General Information
WFWP Malaysia is an association registered under section 7 of the Societies Act, 1966
on 24 April, 1996. It is actively involved in social and public services. WFWP is a registered non-political, non-religious and non-profit making organisation. WFWP is also an
affiliate Malaysian Chapter of the Women’s Federation for World Peace (International)
Mission of WFWP
The family is recognized as the basic unit of society where one inculcates core values of life.
True family value is the vanguard against all social ills. In view of this the WFWP mission is
to promote true family values through educational lectures, social services and publication.
About WFWP Malaysia
1. Founder’s Visits
The WFWP Malaysian chapter was inaugurated in conjunction with the visit by the founder, Dr. Hak Ja Han
Moon in 1993.
2. Nation-Wide Conferences
Promoting True Family Values
On the family front, WFWP provides an exceptional
opportunity to understand family issues and discuss all
possible solutions during the conference tour around
Malaysia. A series of thirty-six (36) nation-wide conferences promoting True Family values were organised. Our former Patron, Allahyarham YBhg Datuk
Paduka Dr Saleha Hj Mohd Ali has been a continuous
3. Educational Programmes
WFWP has been actively involved in the presentation
of AIDS lectures since 1994. AIDS lectures have been
conducted in various institutions like high schools, colleges, associations, companies and the WFWP centre.
Lectures were also given to social and religious leaders, academicians and government officials. The lecture
takes a second look at AIDS, family and the principles
of relationship. The main objective of the AIDS lecture
is to promote abstinence before marriage and marital
fidelity in order to strengthen the family institution.
Lectures are conducted in Bahasa Melayu, English
& Chinese in various schools and colleges. Pure Love
Pledge forms were introduced to the students to affirm
their commitment towards abstinence & marital fidelity.
4. Participation in
International Conferences
WFWP members often participate in International
Conferences organised by Women’s Federation for
World Peace International.
5. Orphanage Visitation
This program involves visiting under-privileged children’s homes either to teach them a certain skill, have
fellowship with them or simply to present gifts. Origami
classes are conducted in several orphanage; Pure Life
Society, Rumah Ozanam, Rumah Bakti and Ractar.
6. Crime Prevention
WFWP actively involves itself in communities to
promote crime prevention.
7. Community Service
Project to promote ‘semangat kejiranan’-‘caring neighbourhood’ is carried out on an occasional basis. This
involves co-operation between members and the community. Primary purpose of the project is to encourage
interaction between neighbours in line with our government’s vision of promoting caring neighbourhood.
Multi-racial community service - ‘Gotong-royong’ are
regularly organised by its team of volunteers.
No.12, Jalan Utara, Seksyen 52, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 03-7955 0353 | Fax: 03-7960 1642

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