PDF of Quantum Quartz brochure


PDF of Quantum Quartz brochure
Quantum Quartz is committed to and prides
itself on being eco -friendly as well as sustainable.
Quantum Quartz certifications include:
Ultra White
Alpine White
Luna White
♥ ■
New Diamond White ♥
Galaxy White
♦ ■
Pearly Shores
♥ Standard
♥ ■
♦ ■
Coral Reef
♦ Deluxe
White Swirl
Royal Base
♣ Designer
Riverstone ♥
Ash Grey
Graphite Matte
Cloudy Bay
Coco ♦
Colours available in 30mm thickness
Carbon Matte ♦
Crystal Black
Galaxy Black
N atu ral Q uar tz Ra ng e
Statuario Quartz
Michelangelo Quartz
Pietra Serena Quartz
Gris Fuma Quartz
Ardesia Quartz
N atu ral Quar tz Ra ng e
Calacutta Primo Quartz
Carrara Quartz
Bianco Venato Quartz
Venatino Statuario Quartz
Crema Quartz
S l a bs
Slab Size
Ed g e Pro f i l e s
3040 x 1440 mm
Please find below a list of possible
edging details available – other custom
profiles are available – Quantum Quartz
recommends a minimum radius of 3- 4mm
on edge detail for optimal performance.
Slab Thickness 20 mm & 30 mm ■
Pro d uc t Fe a t u re s
High Scratch & Chip Resistance
High Abrasion Resistance
High Resistance to Staining
High Flexural Strength
High Resistance to Acid
S l a b I d e n t i f ic a t io n
Every Quantum Quartz slab is stamped
on the underside to certify authenticity.
20 mm Arris Polished
40 mm Arris Polished
20 mm Pencil Round
40 mm Pencil Round
20 mm Bevel
40 mm Bevel
180° Bullnose
Double 180° Bullnose
Mitred Apron
Double Half Bullnose
40 mm
The Ultimate in Stone
Tec h n o l o g y
Q u a n t u m Q ua r t z C re a m
C l e a ns e r
Quantum Quartz is manufactured using
the patented Breton process which
is renowned worldwide and contains
more than 93% natural quartz, 7%
combined bonding agent, special
additives and pigments, making it an
extremely hard wearing, practical and
highly versatile surface.
Keep your Quantum
Quartz benchtop
looking like new
with Quantum Quartz
Cream Cleanser.
Available online at
Quantum Quartz is the ideal low
maintenance, hygienic choice for benchtops,
splashbacks, vanities and more.
Quantum Quartz looks great and
with its sleek lines and finishes you
can be assured many years of lasting
beauty and style that you would expect
and appreciate of such a highly
reputable product.
Quantum Quartz surfaces are of the
highest quality and offer a 10 Year
Limited Warranty.
Please visit our website for Care & Maintenance
and 10 Year Limited Warranty information
Note: Quantum Quartz is a natural based surface.
It may contain variation in colour due to raw
materials.Particles used in the products may
sometimes produce minor irregularities such as
blotches and coloured particles. It is recommended
for the customer to view the whole slab.
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Photos courtesy of (front cover BIANCO VENATO QUARTZ) Horton & Co Design; Jane Kelly Photography. (left page WHITE SWIRL)
Rhys Jones Interior Architecture; Sue Stubbs Photography. (back cover ASH GREY) Cahill Building Group; Urban Angles Photography