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Minuet DAC - Deltec Precision Audio
something better
Minuet DAC
For over 20 years Deltec Precision Audio has been
committed to radical design, unparalleled engineering,
and precision manufacturing allowing us to push the
boundaries of the music listening experience. With the
advent of digital music, music lovers rely on digitalto-analogue converters to maximise their collections.
As digital music progresses, even the most discerning
music connoisseur will find their playlists stranded on
their home computers, filtered through the inferior
built-in DACs or cut off from the home sound system
Enter Deltec’s Minuet DAC, the perfect component
for anyone looking to get something better out of
their digital audio.
something better
There’s no more need to be torn between the
convenience of digital audio and the organic
beauty of emotive sound. With the Minuet
DAC you can finally bridge the gap between
your digital music library and your home sound
system, maximising the best of both worlds with
a degree of clarity that even casual listeners will
appreciate. The Minuet DAC will widen your
sound stage, smooth and improve you audio
quality and deliver a fuller, more transparent
listening experience, making your good music
sound great.
Deltec’s engineers pride themselves on reaching
new standards of excellence in their products,
and the Minuet DAC is no exception. Designed
and built in Britain, its compact and robust
design, featuring the black satin anodised front
panel, gold-plated screws, and stylish aluminium
casing, make it an attractive addition to any
home system.
As well as boasting the ability to extract music
from both PCs and Macs, the Minuet DAC will
decode music and audio files from CD players,
digital and satellite televisions, and other digital
sources via its SPDIF coaxial & optical inputs.
The Minuet DAC comes with a quick setup
guide, plug top power supply with UK, EU and
USA adaptors, and a comprehensive warranty.
For premium results upgrade the power supply
to the Minuet PSU or try the Minuet Mains Filter.
Now re-discover why you fell in love with
music using the Minuet DAC from the trusted
excellence of Deltec, your perfect choice.
And since it’s ideally priced, there’s no need to
substitute affordability for world-class quality.
At Deltec, we take your music as seriously as
you do. Discover something better with us.
USB: 16-24 bit, 44-192KHz
Coaxial phono SPDIF: 16-24 bit, 44-192KHz
Optical Toslink SPDIF: 16-24 bit, 44-96KHz
Output: Left & Right - line level
General: Dimensions: 110 x 59 x 168mm (WxHxD)
Weight: 500g (nett)
Deltec Precision Audio • Swindon • England • UK
Telephone: +44(0)1793 238 085 • Email: [email protected] • Web: www.deltecprecisionaudio.com
Deltec Precision Audio reserves the right to change any specifications without notice.