January Newsletter


January Newsletter
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Welcome Back! z
We are so excited to get back into the swing of things! It’s great to be
What fun we had at
the holidays!
Many thanks to all
our family and friends for
making our holiday
performances a time of great
dancing and celebration.
A very big THANK YOU to everyone
who helped make our fundraising
efforts a great success!! They have
offered a great service to Studio
back and we’ve recently returned from Atlantic City where our
dancers made us very proud showcasing at The Pulse! Pictures are
available on the web and FB.
1% for Humanity - In recognition of our 10th Anniversary and of the joy
and blessings we’ve received during this time, The Studio is humbled to
to join 1% for Humanity. You all give so much of your time and talents as
we work to serve those in our community and we are grateful. We
appreciate all you do and want to be doing our part as well. Thank you!
Ronald McDonald House - Speaking of service, we are confirmed to
serve a meal at the RMcD House on Sunday, Feb 2nd. We will know
more concerning time specifics shortly. We need to plan to feed 50
people. We may cook onsite or prepare and bring. We may only have
eight [8] adults onsite and if we bring kids [any under 18] the ratio
should be 1 to every 3 adults. Anyone who might like to serve in this
capacity is welcome. Please let Ms. Vicki know of your interest by 1/23
so we can plan. Thank you!
Performance for Seniors - Thank you to all who performed for the Senior
Community in Camp Hill on Sunday, 1/12. It was a wonderful
experience and the residents truly enjoyed the performance!
Recital: It’s time to be thinking about June! The recital will be introduced
shortly and we can’t wait! Choreography will be starting this month and
costumes are ordered.! **Please double check that your calendar is
Calendars: It’s a great time to get
your Studio calendars! These custom marked for June 13th & June 14th.** Class assignments for the show
will be posted this month.
calendars feature many Studio
dancers and are pre-printed with our
schedule! Half of all proceeds will be Disney Meeting! - Families of dancers interested in traveling to Disney
donated to The Studio’s scholarship World to perform in their Christmas parade, please join us Wednesday,
1/22 in the waiting room at 7:05pm for a 30 minute meeting. All dancers
are welcome to travel with us. Dancers must be currently enrolled in a
Performing Group to perform in Disney. We expect the trip to be the first
weekend in December.
Alice in Wonderland: Please mark your calendars for rehearsals [Ballet
Company Members] and all of our family and friends for the performance.
It’s not to be missed - May 10th. There is a meeting this Wednesday,
1/15 at 7:00 in the waiting area for more information.
Performing Groups: Just to have all of the information in one place. We are taking off Jan & Feb, resuming
rehearsals in March. We have a performance at Kinkora on 3/9 at 3pm. On Friday, 4/25 we are taking
these groups to a Talent Explosion competition at the Radisson in Camp Hill. [That is a picture / audition /
Alice rehearsal weekend so please make a note it will be busy!] Also, we will be performing at
Fredricksen Library to celebrate National Dance Week on Tues, 4/29 at 7pm. I realize this is during the
week and late-ish. All of the slots were week nights and at 7pm. Our show will be no more than 30 minutes
as I understand it and will start with our younger dancers so they can get out of there quickly! Our final
show for the performing groups will be part of the ballet on May 10th! That’s it for the year. :)
Competition Teams: To review your schedule as well, recall we have a competition the weekend of
1/31-2/2, 2/28 - 3/1, and 4/25. The first two are in Lancaster and the third is in Camp Hill. They will also be
a part of the show joining the ballet on May 10th!
Nutcracker DVDs: These are now available at the desk. Some folks pre-ordered. If we need more please
let Ms. Vicki know.
Other Items of Note:
Calendars: It’s a great time to get your Studio calendars!
These custom calendars feature many Studio dancers and
are pre-printed with our schedule! Half of all proceeds will be
donated to The Studio’s scholarship fund.
Holiday Pictures: Holiday pictures are available online:
• http://rudrow.smugmug.com/ [select Dance, Dance 2013]
password - thestudio
• http://longshots.smugmug.com/The-Studio [you'll see a Nutcracker gallery and a Polar Express
password is msjdance
Housekeeping: Just a note on housekeeping - Please do your best to leave
common areas [including the play area] neater than you found them. There
are many of us and no one wants to add to the burden of another.
Thank you!
Gertrude Hawk Fundraiser: Just a note this is coming in March
• Begins Monday, 3/3
• Orders and payments due, 3/20 [Remember one check to The Studio]
• Candy will be picked up the week of 4/7