DEC 13th - Just For Kix


DEC 13th - Just For Kix
DEC 13
St. Cloud
Winter Show
Sauk Rapids High
School Gymnasium
11:00am – 2:00pm – 5:00pm
*See the show line up to know which show your child is in.
Please use the presale ticket order form that went out with the Nov/Dec newsletter. If you are planning to order please have all forms turned in to the studio desk with your payment enclosed by Saturday, December 5th. Tickets will be available to pick up at the studio desk the week of the show. PRESALE
5yrs and under
Orders for the Winter Show Shirts can
be made online at:
Click on the custom wear tab once you
are in your account.
T-Shirt cost: $12.00
WEEK OF NOVEMBER 30TH-­‐DECEMBER 3RD: IN-­‐CLASS DRESS REHEARSAL Please wear all of your costume pieces to class. This includes: tights, shoes, hair accessories and costume pieces so that we can be aware of who is still in need of their costume and you can be aware of any last minute purchases that need to be made! WINTER SHOW REHEARSAL - Sauk Rapids HS Gym
Capture the big SATURDAY, DECEMBER 12th
Dress Rehearsal Schedule
12:00-12:45 – Senior Kix
12:45-1:45 – Finale Practice – All dancers Kindergarten & up
1:45-2:45 - Jazz Production - All jazz classes 2nd grade-12th grade
2:45-3:15 – Junior Kix Combo
3:15-3:45 – Mini Combo
Got Tights?
Check for tights, shoes, barrettes,
earrings, etc.
Dancers are encouraged to lie out all
show items and get them organized at
least 1 week before the show to avoid
last minute panic.
day with a professional DVD of your dancer’s show. Filming and DVD’s are produced by Jimmy-­‐o-­‐
graphy. See the enclosed order form for more details! TIP (for dancers in multiple dances in the show)
Put all costume pieces in a large laundry basket to bring to the show.
Have an order or performance, with your dances highlighted, hung in your space
of the meeting area.
In your meeting location, lay out each costume in neat folded piles in order of
the dances of the show.
In between shows, reorganize your costumes so that you are ready for the next!
Preschool (Teeny’s & Pre Petites): Meet in the commons area
past the concession stand
K-12th Grade & Young Adult class: Auxiliary Gym (Find your class
Twinklers, Starlites, Showstoppers, Starmakers, & Rising Stars:
Girls Locker Room
Wee Combo, Mini Combo, Junior Combo & Shooting Stars: Boys
Locker Room
**Boys are not allowed in the meeting locations due to dancers having to
change. Male dancers will wait for their class in the back hallway near the
dancer’s entrance
**Be sure to label EVERTYTHING! All costume pieces and clothing items
dancers wear to the show should be labeled with their name and what class
they are in
Note: There will be NO food or drinks allowed in the staging areas, thank you!
Preschool-3rd grade – ½ up and curly (with the
exception of Twinklers & Wee Kix Combo)
4th grade and older + Twinklers & Wee Kix Combo
– High bun with barrettes on either side of bun. No
All hair accessories will be worn on the right side
With a large number of families arriving at the same time,
parking can get crazy. All dancers and spectators will enter
through Door 6 on the West side of the high school.
Remember to have your pre-sale tickets available to give to
the door monitors. Pre-Sale ticket holders, DO NOT wait in the
admission lines, go directly to the doors. Tickets are $9.00 for
adults and $6.00 for students on the day of the show.
We will have a full crowd, but there will be enough seats for
everyone. Our routines are choreographed to be viewed from
above, so every seat in the gym is a good one. We ask that the
floor seats are reserved for parents of our Teeny Kix (3-4yr
olds) and families that have a member unable to climb in the
Once the show has begun, please refrain from moving while a
team is performing. If you must leave your seat, please do so
in-between numbers.
Applause is welcome. When you see something you like while
the team is performing, let them know. A dance performance
is an interactive experience.
Our last number will be the finale’ which encompasses all
classes K-12th. Our staff will lead the preschool dancers back
Be organized. Using a clear tub/bin allows you to find items easier.
Label everything!!!! (Especially shoes.)
Have all needed supplies. (Gel, bobby pins, clips, binders, hair net, bun
form, safety pins, make up, hair spray)
Have a plan for how child will change without help. Practice it at
home. Dancers 3rd grade and younger who are in multiple dances
should have a large Ziploc bag, labeled with their child’s name, that
has the contents of their 2nd costume. This will help staff/volunteers
help them quickly if need be.
There will be 2 changing tents in the back gym for dancers with only
1-2 dances to change. Have a friend ready to help you as you run off
the floor.
Come with make up and hair done.
Items frequently forgotten: extra tights, safety pins, hair accessories
Speed is important, dancers should not hold up the show!
to the commons area to be picked up. Our staff will lead K-3rd
graders back to the Auxiliary gym to be picked up. Dancers 4th
grade and up may remain in the gym to be greeted by their
Our Teeny Kix I, II, & IV Special Session dancers may be picked
up at Intermission in the Commons area. Teeny Kix III dancers
may sit with their parents for the first part of the show and be
brought down to the commons at intermission to meet their
We will be clearing the gym after each show. If you are
attending multiple shows, please make sure to exit the gym
and re-enter with the next shows ticket. Thank you for your
K – 12 grade dancers arrive:
K – 12 grade dancers arrive:
K – 12th grade dancers arrive:
Preschool dancers arrive:
Preschool dancers arrive:
Preschool dancers arrive:
Dance Floor Cleared:
Dance Floor Cleared:
Dance Floor Cleared:
Doors Open:
Doors Open:
Doors Open:
Take Your Seats:
Take Your Seats:
Take Your Seats:
Approx. End Time:
Approx. End Time:
Approx. End Time:
Jazz Production – 2nd-­‐12th grade Jazz Classes Jazz Production – 2
-­‐12th grade Jazz Classes Jazz Production – 2nd-­‐12th grade Jazz Classes Tuesday Wee Petites – I Believe in Christmas Pleasantview Wee Petites – Snow Biz (Brittney) Wed Wee Petites – Candy Cnae Lane (Kally/Maddy) Monday Middle Kix – Emergency (Kally/Kayela) (Victoria/Kally) Tuesday Mini Kix – All Star (Kally/Maddy) Starmaker Jazz – Bravado (Brittney/Kayela) Wed Mini Kix – All Star (Victoria/Kally) Twinkler Lyrical – The First Noel (Hanna/Kayela) Monday Wee Petites – Candy Cane Lane Junior Kix Combo – All I Want for Christmas Starlite Jazz – Masquerade (Brittney/Jenna G) (Brittney/Jenna G/Brady) (Kally/Jenna K) MH Wee Petites – Snow Biz (Victoria/Jenna Rising Stars/Shooting Stars Lyrical – God Rest Ye Wed Pre Petites #1 – Jingle Bell Rock (Jenna K/Brady) Merry Gentleman (Hanna) K/Kaylee) Rising Stars Kick -­‐ Puppets (Brittney) Showstopper Jazz – In the Air (Brittney/Jenna G) Young Adults – Let’s Rock (Victoria/Kally) Mother/Daughter #1 (younger) Mother/Daughter #1 (younger) Advanced Hip Hop – Make It Shake Teeny Kix IV (Tues AM) – Elf on the Shelf Shooting Stars Kick – Mr. Grinch (Kally/Ali) (Jaunica/Kayela) (Victoria) Teeny Kix II (Thurs 4:15) – Elf on the Shelf Wee Kix Combo – Sleigh Ride (Kally/Kayela) Starlite Kick – Candyshop (Victoria/Jenna K) (Brittney/Stephanie) Shooting Stars Kick – Mr. Grinch (Kally/Kayela) 5 MINUTE INTERMISSION Showstopper/Starmaker Lyrical – O Holy Night Starmakers Jazz – Bravado (Brittney/Kayela) Senior Kix – Jing a Ling Reindeer (Brittney/Kally) (Brittney) Mother/Daughter #1 (younger) Tap II – Bad Blood (Jaunica) 5 MINUTE INTERMISSION Teeny Kix I (Wed) – It’s A Lovely Day for Twinkler Jazz – Girl Party (Brittney/Jenna G) Senior Kix – Jing a Ling Reindeer (Brittney/Kally) Snowmen (Jenna K/Kaylee) Tuesday Firecrackers – Cheetah-­‐licious Christmas Tap II – Bad Blood (Jaunica) Tap III – Deck the Rooftop (Brittney) (Kally/Maddy) Tap I – Can’t Help Myself (Brittney/Stephanie) 5 MINUTE INTERMISSION Mother/Daughter #2 (Older) Tap III – Deck the Rooftop (Brittney) Senior Kix – Jing a Ling Reindeer (Brittney/Kally) Lyrical I – You Can Be Anything (Hanna/Kayela) Pleasantview Wee Kix – La Crème de la Crème Mini Kix Combo – I Want to be a Rockette (Jenna MH Mini Kix -­‐ Skillz (Victoria/Jenna K) (Brittney) K/Ali) Young Adults – Let’s Rock (Victoria/Kally) Mini Hip Hop – Bo$$ (Jaunica/Kayela) Wed Firecrackers – Splish Splash (Victoria/Kally) Tuesday Wee Kix – White Christmas Rising Stars Kick – Puppets (Brittney) Junior Hip Hop – Toy Soldier (Brittney/Arista) (Kally/Maddy) Monday Wee Kix – Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy Wed Pre Petites #2 – A, You’re Adorable (Jenna Starlite Lyrical – Little Drummer Boy (Brittney/Jenna G/Brady) K/Kaylee) (Hanna/Kayela) Mother/Daughter #2 (Older) Mother/Daughter #2 (Older) Twinkler Kick – Tarzan & Jane (Victoria/Jenna K) Pleasantview Mini Kix -­‐ Skillz (Brittney) Wed Wee Kix – White Christmas (Victoria/Kally) Starmaker/Showstopper Kick – Beach Babes Young Adults – Let’s Rock (Victoria/Kally) Thursday Wee Petites – I Believe in Christmas (Victoria/Jenna G) Teeny Kix III (Thurs 5:00) – It’s a Lovely Day for (Kally/Jenna K) Tuesday Pre Petites – Jingle Bell Rock Snowmen (Brittney/Stephanie) Lyrical II – Latch (Hanna/Kayela) (Kally/Maddy) Starmaker/Showstopper Kick – Beach Babes Starmakers/Showstopper Kick – Beach Babes Finale – All dancers Kindergarten and up (Victoria/Jenna K) (Victoria/Jenna K) Finale – all dancers Kindergarten and up Wed Pre Petites #3 – Are My Ears on Straight (Jenna K/Kaylee) Finale – all dancers Kindergarten and up 5 Minutes before the shows are to begin; we will play “A Marshmallow World.” All dancers should be in their staging areas for the show to begin at that time and spectators take their seats.