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Happily Ever After
by Akiva Fox
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Oscar Wilde’s
An Ideal
directed by Keith Baxter
Oscar Wilde’s wickedly witty yet touching
comedy revolves around blackmail, political
corruption and public and private honor in late
19th-century England, where “an ideal husband”
must be above reproach in both spheres. Sir
Robert Chiltern is a well-regarded politician
happily married to a loving wife. His status as an
ideal husband is threatened when evidence of
a past indiscretion appears. Sir Robert turns to
his friend Lord Goring, who takes matters into
his own hands. An Ideal Husband is directed
by Keith Baxter (The Imaginary Invalid, Mrs.
Warren’s Profession), whose production of The
Rivals was proclaimed “irrepressibly funny!”
(Chicago Tribune).
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Photo of Gregory Wooddell
by Scott Suchman.
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Ever After
Consider this story: a British king and his daughter have a bitter falling-
out over a matter of love. She leaves his court, only to return with an invading
foreign army. They reconcile tearfully.
Now consider this story: a brave man secretly marries the daughter of a
powerful benefactor. Shortly after the marriage, a devious Italian uses
circumstantial evidence to convince the man that his wife has been unfaithful
to him. Enraged, the man decides she must die.
Everyone who has seen or read William Shakespeare’s tragedies King Lear
and Othello knows how these stories end: Cordelia is hanged, and her father
Lear dies of grief and exhaustion moments later; Othello strangles his wife
Desdemona, and then stabs himself.
But imagine if the reprieve arrived in time, and Cordelia and Lear survived
to rule in peace? Imagine if Iago’s lies came to light in time, and Othello and
Desdemona lived on to repair their love? No need to imagine, for Shakespeare
wrote these miraculous endings into his 1610 play Cymbeline. King Cymbeline
and his daughter Imogen fall out over her elopement with the commoner
Posthumus; later, the scheming Iachimo persuades Posthumus of Imogen’s
infidelity. Posthumus orders his servant to kill Imogen, but she survives both
that attempt and a bloody battle between Britain and Rome. With the help of
the god Jupiter, Imogen reconciles with Cymbeline and Posthumus.
Perhaps because of its similarities to these earlier tragedies, Cymbeline first
appeared in the 1623 edition of Shakespeare’s complete works under the
category of “tragedy.” However, its combination of tragic elements with comic
and historical materials (not to mention that happy ending) makes it almost
unclassifiable. It appeared at the very end of Shakespeare’s nearly 20-year
career in playwriting, grouped with three similar plays: Pericles, The Winter’s Tale
and The Tempest. These plays all begin tragically, with tales of families destroyed
by ego, suspicion or outside enemies. After long separations and dangerous
journeys, the families are unexpectedly reunited. Some magical or divine force
has a hand in healing these broken pieces into a whole.
In Shakespeare’s time, these hybrid plays belonged to a newly-popular genre
known as tragicomedy. In 1608, the playwright John Fletcher attempted a
definition: “it [lacks] deaths, which is
enough to make it no tragedy, yet brings
some near it, which is enough to make it
no comedy.” By the 19th century, critics
were calling Shakespeare’s late plays
“romances,” a term which celebrated
their unexpected twists. “The interest is
not historical, or dependent upon fidelity
of portraiture, or the natural connection
of events,” said the poet Samuel Taylor
Coleridge in 1811, “but is a birth of the
Surely, though, Cymbeline and its kin
were not the first of Shakespeare’s
plays to feature near-death experiences
or fantastical plots. His comedies A
Midsummer Night’s Dream, As You Like It
and Twelfth Night, for example, all begin
with families torn apart and end with
reunion. It is not simply the mixing of
tragic and comic elements, therefore,
that makes these plays so unique.
Inigo Jones's design for Jupiter descending on
an eagle, in Aurelian Townshend's masque Tempe
Restored (1632).
Perhaps what sets Cymbeline and the others apart from the plays that came
before is the moment when miraculous intervention turns the path of certain
destruction towards the hope of regeneration. In this, they share much with
fairy tales, which take their young heroes and heroines through unimaginable
perils to the reward of a happy ending. These tales seem designed to teach
us from a young age that life will be hard and unfair, but that enduring that
hardship will have been worth it in the end. They offer not realism, but rather
consolation. When Cymbeline’s protagonists linger at their lowest extreme, a god
appears to comfort them. “Whom best I love, I cross,” says Jupiter, “to make
my gift, the more delayed, delighted.” The delightful gift of reunion would not
be possible without the difficult delay of all that came before.
In the real world, stories that begin like King Lear and Othello usually end up as
those plays do. The limbs lopped off of the social and family trees rarely grow
back. But after years of facing down the bleak alleys of tragedy, Shakespeare
chose to end his career with hopeful magic. The divine transformation and
rebirth that end his last plays may be implausible, but they also seem right. We
want our stories to end like Cymbeline. The Ethiopian Story, a third-century Greek
tale that inspired the play, concludes by acknowledging the work of forces
“whose will it was that this should fall out wonderfully, as in a comedy. Surely
they made very contrary things agree, and joined sorrow and mirth, tears and
laughter together, and turned fearful and terrible things into a joyful banquet
in the end.” In the presence of joy, divisions between “tragedy,” “comedy” and
“history” disappear.
Akiva Fox, Literary Associate
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Season Schedule
King Lear
Saturday, February 12, 2011 at 2:00 and 8:00 p.m.
The Donmar Warehouse presents Shakespeare’s
classic, starring British luminary Derek Jacobi,
winner of Tony, Emmy and Helen Hayes awards
and founding member of the National Theatre.
Photo of King Lear by Johan Persson.
Monday, March 21, 2011 at 7:30 p.m.
Danny Boyle’s production of a play by Nick Dear,
based on the novel by Mary Shelley.
The Cherry Orchard
Monday, July 11, 2011 at 7:30 p.m.
A play by Anton Chekhov, directed by NT Associate
Director Howard Davies, whose recent productions
of Russian plays have earned huge critical acclaim.
*dates subject to change
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The orphaned Posthumus Leonatus was raised by King Cymbeline of Britain. Cymbeline’s
two sons, Guiderius and Arviragus, disappeared when they were babies, but his daughter
Imogen remained. Imogen secretly married Posthumus, and Cymbeline’s anger at his
daughter’s marrying a commoner led him to banish Posthumus. Departing for Rome,
Posthumus takes a ring from Imogen and leaves her a bracelet as a memento. In Rome, a
gentleman named Iachimo hears Posthumus boasting of Imogen’s virtue and bets that he
can make her cheat on her husband. Posthumus bets Imogen’s ring that Iachimo will
not succeed.
Back in Britain, the Queen (Cymbeline’s second wife) asks Doctor Cornelius to prepare a
poison for her. Suspecting her bad intentions, he gives her a potion that will produce only
the appearance of death. The Queen gives the mixture to Pisanio, Posthumus’ loyal servant
who has sworn to look after Imogen, and tells him that it is a powerful medicine.
After arriving in Britain and testing Imogen’s fidelity to Posthumus, Iachimo asks if she will
keep a trunk of treasure in her bedroom that night for safekeeping. Iachimo hides in the
trunk, and sneaks out in the middle of the night to record details of Imogen’s room and to
remove the bracelet from her arm. The next morning, Imogen rejects the advances of the
Queen’s son Cloten, infuriating him. Iachimo returns to Rome, where he describes Imogen’s
bedroom and shows Posthumus the bracelet. Heartbroken at his wife’s apparent infidelity,
Posthumus writes to Pisanio to command him to kill Imogen.
Under the influence of the Queen, Cymbeline refuses to pay the tribute to the Roman
emperor, and the ambassador Caius Lucius warns that war must follow. Cymbeline’s former
general Belarius lives in a cave in Wales along with his sons Polydore and Cadwal—really
Cymbeline’s kidnapped sons Guiderius and Arviragus. After luring Imogen to Wales, Pisanio
reveals Posthumus’ suspicions to her and proposes that they fake her death. Pisanio advises
her to dress as a boy and to join up with Caius Lucius; he sends her off with the Queen’s
potion in case of illness. Cloten interrogates Pisanio about Imogen’s whereabouts, and
leaves determined to kill Posthumus and rape Imogen, all while wearing Posthumus’ clothes.
Meanwhile, Imogen wanders into the cave of Belarius looking for food; when the three men
return home, they receive her kindly. But upon feeling ill, she takes some of the Queen’s
potion and falls into a death-like sleep. Cloten arrives and threatens Guiderius, who cuts
his head off. The men mourn Imogen, and place Cloten’s body next to hers. After they
leave, she awakes, and becomes inconsolable upon finding what appears to be Posthumus’
headless body. Just then, Caius Lucius’ army marches by, and Imogen joins up with them.
Posthumus, stricken with remorse upon receiving word that Imogen is dead, arrives in
Britain with the Romans but disguises himself as a British peasant to fight against Rome.
In the battle, Posthumus defeats Iachimo, and then joins Belarius, Guiderius and Arviragus
to lead Britain to victory. After they help to defeat Caius Lucius, Posthumus allows himself
to be arrested as a Roman sympathizer and imprisoned. As he sleeps in prison, the god
Jupiter appears in a vision and promises to save him. Just as he is about to be executed,
a summons arrives from Cymbeline. Doctor Cornelius tells Cymbeline that the Queen has
died, but only after confessing her plots against Cymbeline and Imogen. After everyone
assembles at court, Iachimo confesses his crime against Posthumus and Imogen, causing
Posthumus to reveal his identity and lament his mistake. Imogen’s identity is then
uncovered, and the two are reunited. Guiderius confesses that he killed Cloten, and in order
to save him from execution, Belarius reveals that his sons are really Cymbeline’s. After all
these reunions, Cymbeline offers to make peace with Rome.
Cymbeline is supported in part by
an Access to Artistic Excellence Grant
from the National Endowment for the Arts.
About the Playwright
William Shakespeare
No man’s life has been the subject of more speculation
than William Shakespeare’s. While Shakespearean scholars
have dedicated their lives to the search for evidence, the
truth is that no one really knows what the truth is. Scholars
agree that a William Shakespeare was baptized at Stratfordupon-Avon on April 26, 1564. Tradition holds that he was
born three days earlier, on April 23—the same date on
which, 52 years later, he was recorded to have died. On
November 27, 1582, a marriage license was granted to
18-year-old William and 26-year-old Anne Hathaway. A
daughter, Susanna, was born to the couple six months later.
We know that twins, Hamnet and Judith, were born soon
after and were baptized. What we do not know is how the young Shakespeare came to
travel to London and how he first came to the stage. Whatever the truth may be, it is clear
that in the years between 1582 and 1592 someone calling himself William Shakespeare
became involved in the London theatre scene and was a principal actor with one of several
repertory companies.
By 1592 Shakespeare had become prominent enough as a playwright to engender
professional jealousy. A rival playwright, Robert Greene, wrote snidely of an “upstart crow,
beautified with our feathers, that with his tiger’s heart wrapped in a player’s hide supposes
he is as well able to bombast out a blank verse as the best of you, and being an absolute
Johannes-factotum is in his own conceit the only Shakescene in a country.” In the years
between 1591 and 1593, the theatres of London were temporarily shut down due to an
outbreak of plague; Shakespeare turned his considerable talents to sonnet writing and
acquired a patron, the young Lord Southampton, to whom two of his poems, Venus and
Adonis and The Rape of Lucrece, are dedicated.
In 1594 Shakespeare was listed as a stockholder in the Lord Chamberlain’s Men; he was a
member of this company for the rest of his career, which lasted until approximately 1611.
When James I came to the throne in 1603, he issued a royal license to Shakespeare and
his fellow players, inviting them to call themselves The King’s Men. The King’s Men leased
the Blackfriar’s Theatre in London in 1608. This theatre, which had artificial lighting and
was probably heated, served as their winter playhouse. The famous Globe Theatre was their
summer performance space.
In the years since Shakespeare’s death, he had fallen to the depths of obscurity only to be
resurrected as the greatest writer of English literature and drama. In the 1800s, his plays
were so popular that many refused to believe that an actor from Stratford had written
them. To this day some believe that Sir Francis Bacon was the real author of the plays;
others argue that Edward DeVere, the Earl of Oxford, was the man. Still others contend
that Sir Walter Raleigh or Christopher Marlowe penned the lines attributed to Shakespeare.
Whether the plays were written by Shakespeare the man or Shakespeare the myth, it is
clear that no other playwright has made such a significant and lasting contribution to the
English language.
Media Partners:
Posthumus and Imogen by John Faed, 1865.
Artistic Director Michael Kahn
Managing Director Chris Jennings
By William Shakespeare
January 18–March 6, 2011
Lansburgh Theatre
Rebecca Bayla Taichman
Scenic Designer
Riccardo Hernandez
Costume Designer
Miranda Hoffman
Lighting Designer
Christopher Akerlind
Composer/Sound Designer
Andre Pluess
Zoe Scofield
Fight Director
Rick Sordelet
Voice and Text Coach
Ellen O'Brien
Specialty Object Designer (Book)
Janie Geiser
Telsey + Company
Resident Casting Director
Daniel Rehbehn
Assistant Director
Jenny Lord
Literary Associate
Akiva Fox
Stage Manager
Jennifer Rae Moore*
Assistant Stage Manager
Elizabeth Clewley*
Cymbeline is supported in part by an Access to Artistic Excellence
Grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.
Media Partners: WJLA and TBD
*Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers.
(in order of speaking)
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Storyteller ....................................................................................................................Dee Pelletier*
Girl .........................................................................................................................Zoe Wynn Briscoe
Queen ....................................................................................................Franchelle Stewart Dorn*
Posthumus Leonatus ....................................................................................................Mark Bedard*
Imogen .......................................................................................................................Gretchen Hall*
Cymbeline ......................................................................................................Ted van Griethuysen*
Pisanio ...................................................................................................................William Youmans*
Cloten’s Lord ....................................................................................................................Tom Story*
Cloten .................................................................................................................................Leo Marks*
Helen .............................................................................................................................Jenn Walker*
Iachimo ..............................................................................................................Adrian LaTourelle*
Philario ........................................................................................................................Todd Scofield*
Caius Lucius ................................................................................................................Andrew Long*
Morgan (Belarius) ...................................................................................................Michael Rudko*
Polydore (Guiderius) .................................................................................................Justin Badger*
Cadwal (Arviragus) ........................................................................................................Alex Morf*
Lords, Soldiers, Attendants ....................................................................................Katie Atkinson,
Brian Clowdus+, Adam Ewer+, Benjamin Horen, Kevin Stevens+,
Tom Story*, James Whalen*, Hannah Wolfe+
Katie Atkinson (Storyteller), Justin Badger* (Iachimo), Sara Brunow (Helen/Ensemble),
Brian Clowdus+ (Cloten’s Lord/Ensemble), Adam Ewer+ (Polydore),
Arielle Gottlieb (Girl), Bill Largess* (Morgan/Cymbeline),
Alex Morf* (Posthumus Leonatus), Todd Scofield* (Pisanio), Kevin Stevens+ (Cadwal),
Tom Story* (Cloten), Matt Volner (Ensemble), Jenn Walker* (Queen),
James Whalen* (Caius Lucius/Philario), Hannah Wolfe+ (Imogen)
Valet Parking
Production Assistant: Teresa Wood
Fight Captain: James Whalen* Dance Captain: Justin Badger*
701 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20004
The Shakespeare Theatre Company operates under an agreement between the League of Resident Theatres and Actors’ Equity
Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States, and employs members of the Society of Stage
Directors and Choreographers and United Scenic Artists. The Company is also a constituent of Theatre Communications Group
(TCG), the national organization for not-for-profit professional theatre, and is a member of the American Arts Alliance, the League
of Washington Theatres, the D.C. Chamber of Commerce, the United Arts Organization, Cultural Tourism DC and the Washington
Convention and Tourism Corporation.
Copyright laws prohibit the use of cameras and recording equipment in the theatre.
* Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers.
Acting Fellow of the Shakespeare Theatre Company.
Adam Ewer
Cast Biographies
Katie Atkinson
STC: Rosalie in Lady
Windermere’s Fan. REGIONAL:
Shakespeare and Company:
Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, Puck
in A Midsummer Night’s Dream,
Richard of Gloucester in Henry VI
Chronicles; Constellation Theatre Company: Nila/
Maricha in The Ramayana, Raymonde in A Flea
in Her Ear, Ensemble in Crazyface, Dr. Lorencova
in Temptation, Shen Te in The Good Woman of
Setzuan, Scheherezade in The Arabian Nights;
Washington Shakespeare Company: Elise in The
Miser; Rorschach Theatre: Lady M in Living Dead in
Denmark, Rosa Malek in A Bright Room Called Day;
Forum Theatre: Antigone in Antigone, Josie in The
Skriker. TRAINING: Syracuse University: BFA
in Acting.
Justin Badger*
Polydore (Guiderius)
NEW YORK: Broadway: Tribe
and Berger understudy in
Hair (dir. Diane Paulus); OffBroadway: Claudius in Welcome
Home, Hamlet!; Redman #2 in
Conni’s Avant Garde Restaurant.
REGIONAL: Macduff in Macbeth, Oliver/Amiens
in As You Like It, Laertes in Hamlet. TELEVISION:
30 Rock. TRAINING: Columbia University: MFA in
Acting; UCSB: BFA in Acting.
Mark Bedard*
Posthumus Leonatus
REGIONAL: Oregon Shakespeare
Festival: Georg Nowack in She
Loves Me, Launcelot Gobbo
in The Merchant of Venice,
Truffaldino in Servant of Two
Masters, Antipholus of Ephesus
in The Comedy of Errors, Kewpie in Paradise Lost,
1st Fairy in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Biondello
in The Taming of the Shrew, Balthasar in Much
Ado About Nothing, Ensemble in On the Razzle;
International City Theater Long Beach: Ghost of
Christmas Present in A Circus Christmas Carol.
TRAINING: University of California Irvine.
Zoe Wynn Briscoe
REGIONAL: Kennedy Center: The
American Ballet Theatre, The
Joffrey Ballet. OTHER: protégé of
Linda Townsend Management.
Brian Clowdus
STC: 2010-2011 Acting Fellow.
NATIONAL TOUR: The Best Little
Whorehouse in Texas. REGIONAL:
Emcee in Cabaret, John in John
& Jen, Miss Texas in Atlanta
Premiere of Pageant, Sir Walter
Raleigh in The Lost Colony, Frank N Furter in The
Rocky Horror Show. OTHER: University of South
Carolina: Macbeth in Macbeth, Polixenes in The
Winter's Tale, Oscar Wilde in Gross Indecency,
Shahryar in The Arabian Nights, Roy in Cosi, Tartuffe
in Tartuffe; Founder and Artistic Director of Serenbe
Playhouse in Atlanta. TRAINING: Amherst College:
BA in Theatre/Dance, Magna Cum Laude; University
of South Carolina: MFA in Acting.
Franchelle Stewart
STC: Affiliated Artist, Zabina in
Tamburlaine, Baroness in Edward
II, The Gypsy in Camino Real,
Goddess in The Tempest, Emilia
in Othello, Kari in Peer Gynt,
Mistress Quickly in The Merry Wives of Windsor,
Christine in Mourning Becomes Electra, Mistress
Quickly in Henry IV, Parts 1 & 2, Lady Sneerwell in
The School for Scandal, Duchess of York in Richard
II, Emmy in The Doctor’s Dilemma, Cassandra in
Troilus and Cressida, Gertrude in Hamlet, Adriana
in The Comedy of Errors, Yvette in Mother Courage,
Elizabeth in Richard III, Emilia in Othello, Maria in
Twelfth Night, Elizabeth I in Mary Stuart, Mistress
Page in The Merry Wives of Windsor, Cleopatra
in Antony and Cleopatra, Lucy Lockit in The
Beggar’s Opera, Audrey in As You Like It, Widow
Capilet in All’s Well That Ends Well, Lady Macbeth
in Macbeth, Lady Capulet in Romeo and Juliet,
Paulina in The Winter’s Tale, Jaquenetta in Love’s
Labors Lost. REGIONAL: Arena Stage; The American
Conservatory Theater; Yale Repertory Theater; Long
Wharf Theatre; George Street Playhouse; Great
Lakes Theater Company; Cleveland Playhouse;
Arizona State Theatre; Chautauqua Theatre; Guthrie
Theater; The State Theatre; ZACH Theatre. FILM: Die
Hard With a Vengeance, Chances Are, Raise the
Titanic. TELEVISION: Law & Order, the International
public television mini-series, Timeline. AWARDS:
three Helen Hayes Awards, seven nominations
for Helen Hayes Awards, Austin Critics’ Circle
Award for Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and Mrs.
Warren’s Profession. INSTRUCTOR: University of
Texas at Austin: Head of the acting program in the
Department of Theatre and Dance. TRAINING: Yale
School of Drama: MFA.
STC: 2010-2011 Acting Fellow.
NEW YORK: Michael Chekhov
Theatre: Dr. Vector in Operation
Sidewinder, C.B. in Dog Sees God;
Triangle Theatre: Trofimov in The
Cherry Orchard; Gallery Players:
King of France in King Lear; TheaterSmarts: Don
John and Margaret in Much Ado About Nothing;
NYU: Walker/Ned in Three Days of Rain. REGIONAL:
Charlotte Shakespeare Festival: Cassio in Othello
(Metrolina Award nomination), Antipholus of
Syracuse in The Comedy of Errors (Metrolina Award
nomination); Allentown Shakespeare in the Park:
Orlando in As You Like It; King Philip Academy:
Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing. FILM: That
Midnight Rodeo, The Choice, The Lovely Leave.
OTHER: Voiceover for 2010 King Philip Marching
Band show. INSTRUCTOR: Silkie O-Ishi. TRAINING:
New York University: BA in English and
American Literature.
Gretchen Hall*
NEW YORK: Off-Broadway: Lincoln
Center Theater: Saturn Returns.
REGIONAL: Hartford Stage: Brand
New Festival–The Sprott Cycle;
Baltimore Center Stage: Maria
in Let There Be Love (American
Premiere), Gwendolyn in The Importance of Being
Earnest; Shakespeare on the Sound: Helena in
A Midsummer Night's Dream, Courtesan in The
Comedy of Errors; Hangar Theater: Pegeen in The
Playboy of the Western World. INTERNATIONAL:
The Continuum Company, Florence, Italy: Pericles.
TELEVISION: Gossip Girl, Law & Order, Lipstick
Jungle. TRAINING: New York University: MFA
Graduate Acting Program; Fordham University: BA
in Acting.
Benjamin Horen
STC: As You Like It (understudy).
REGIONAL: MetroStage: Ben in
The Stephen Schwartz Project,
Johnny Domingo in Cool Papa's
Party; Studio Theatre 2nd Stage:
Ensemble in Jerry Springer: the
Opera. FILM: Lover in music video "Lover" by Tom
Goss. TRAINING: Bowling Green State University: BA
in Music.
Adrian LaTourelle*
NEW YORK: The Kirk Theater:
Texarkana Waltz; New York
Fringe Festival: Sherlock Holmes;
Synapse Productions: Bloody
Poetry; Target Margin Theater:
Dido, Queen of Carthage; Dixon
Place: The Propaganda Plays. REGIONAL: The
Antaeus Company: King Lear; Mark Taper Forum:
The School of Night; The Old Globe: Bell, Book,
and Candle; San Jose Repertory Theatre: Enchanted
April; Virginia Stage Company: Private Lives;
The Empty Space Theater: 1984, Kiss of Blood,
Arden of Faversham; Dallas Theatre Center: The
Misanthrope, Thom Pain (Based on Nothing), Big
Love, An Experiment with an Air Pump, The Seagull,
Inexpressible Island; Triad Stage: The Mystery of
Irma Vep; Yale Repertory Theatre: Measure for
Measure, The Inspector General. FILM: Little Crumb,
Trust Me, The Temp. TELEVISION: House, NCIS:LA,
Criminal Minds, Sons of Anarchy, Without A Trace,
Boston Legal, Numbers, Guiding Light. OTHER:
Member of the Antaeus Company of actors in Los
Angeles. TRAINING: Yale School of Drama: MFA;
Sanford Meisner.
Andrew Long*
Caius Lucius
STC: Affiliated Artist, Jaques in
As You Like It, Albany in King
Lear (2009), Fainall in The Way
of the World, Mark Antony in
Julius Caesar and Antony and
Cleopatra, Bill Walker in Major
Barbara, Cosroe in Tamburlaine, Mortimer in
Edward II, Clarence in Richard III, Lord Windermere
in Lady Windermere’s Fan, Macduff in Macbeth,
de Guiche in Cyrano, Pistol in Henry IV, Part 2,
Hotspur in Henry IV, Part 1, Claudius in Hamlet,
Bosola in The Duchess of Malfi (Helen Hayes Award
nomination), Posa in Don Carlos, Bolingbroke in
Richard II, Coriolanus in Coriolanus, Oberon in A
Midsummer Night’s Dream, Edmund in King Lear
(1999) and others. NEW YORK: Off-Broadway:
Summer Play Festival: Ben Jonson in Swansong.
REGIONAL: Signature Theatre: I Am My Own
Wife, Fox on the Fairway, Higgins in My Fair Lady,
Saving Aimee; Guthrie Theater: M. Butterfly, Gross
Indecency; Denver Center for the Performing
Arts: Richard III in Richard III; Repertory Theatre
of St. Louis: Enrico IV in Enrico IV, Amadeus,
Copenhagen, Metamorphoses; Studio Theatre:
Ralph in Frozen (Helen Hayes Award); Arena Stage;
Olney Theatre; Chautauqua Theater Company;
Round House Theatre; Theatre J; Folger Theatre;
Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park; Shakespeare
Theatre of New Jersey; Illinois Shakespeare Festival;
Alabama Shakespeare Festival; Oregon Shakespeare
Festival and others. OTHER: 2010 Lunt-Fontanne
Leo Marks*
NEW YORK: Elevator Repair
Service: Cab Legs, Language
Instruction, Spine Check, McGurk;
Playwrights Horizons: Somewhere
In The Pacific. REGIONAL: South
Coast Repertory: George in the
World Premiere of Julia Cho’s The Language
Archive (dir. Mark Brokaw), Bill Walker in Major
Barbara; Pittsburgh Irish and Classical Theatre:
Harold Pinter’s Betrayal, The Hothouse, Celebration;
Theater 150: Hamlet in Hamlet; The Intiman
Theatre: Jack Burden in All The King’s Men (dir.
Pam MacKinnon); The Geffen Playhouse: Joan
Rivers: A Life In Progress; Pasadena Playhouse:
Defiance; The Old Globe: Lincolnesque (World
Premiere); Ahmanson Theatre: Dead End (dir.
Nicholas Martin); The Kirk Douglas Theatre: Chuck
Mee’s A Perfect Wedding (World Premiere, dir.
Gordon Davidson); Actors Theater of Louisville: The
Comedy of Errors (dir. Jon Jory), Huck Finn in The
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. INTERNATIONAL:
Elevator Repair Service; Holland, Belgium, Slovenia,
Austria, Germany, Switzerland: Cab Legs; Moscow:
Lawrence Sacharow’s The Road Home. TELEVISION:
The New Adventures of Old Christine, Prison Break,
K-Ville, Law & Order: SVU, Law & Order, Six Feet
Under, NYPD Blue, The Practice, Frasier, Gilmore
Girls, Homicide. AWARDS: OBIE Award for Acting
Ensemble in Tale of 2 Cities: An American Joyride
on Multiple Tracks; LA Weekly Nomination for Best
Leading Actor in Betrayal; LA Weekly Nomination
for Best Supporting Actor in The Cherry Orchard;
Ticketholder Award for Best Supporting Actor in
Defiance; StageSceneLA, Outstanding Performance
by a Lead Actor, Comedy-Drama in The Language
Archive. OTHER: Founding Member of Elevator
Repair Service. TRAINING: Yale.
Alex Morf*
Cadwal (Arviragus)
STC: The Alchemist. NEW YORK:
Red Bull Theater: Women Beware
Women; FringeNYC: Viva Los
Bastarditos (Audience Favorite
Award). REGIONAL: American
Conservatory Theater:
The Rainmaker, The Government Inspector, A
Christmas Carol; Shakespeare Theater of New
Jersey: Truffaldino in The Servant of Two Masters;
California Shakespeare Theater: Romeo in Romeo
and Juliet, Viola and Sebastian in Twelfth Night,
Pericles; Chautauqua Theater Company: Much
Ado About Nothing, Twelfth Night, The Just, The
Cherry Orchard; The Children's Theater Company of
Minneapolis: Hansel and Gretel, The Monkey King;
Frank Theater: Cradle Will Rock, Sicilian Nights.
College: BA; American Conservatory Theater: MFA.
Dee Pelletier*
STC: Gertrude in Hamlet, Thea
in Hedda Gabler (with Judith
Light). NEW YORK: Broadway:
Imperial and Music Box Theatres:
Barbara, Ivy and Karen understudy
in August: Osage County
(replacement Ivy for 3 1/2 months) (dir. Anna
Shapiro); Off-Broadway: Barrow Street Theatre: R.C.
in Bug; Roundabout Theatre Company: Standby
for Karen Allen and Margaret Colin in Speaking
in Tongues; H.E.R.E.: Self Defense; New York City
Opera: Standby for Ellen Lauren in The Seven
Deadly Sins (dir. Anne Bogart); Lincoln
Center Institute: The Broken Jug (dir. Liviu Ciulei).
REGIONAL: Delaware Theatre Company: Esther in
The Price; The Kitchen Theatre and Vermont Stage
Company: The Syringa Tree; Quantum Theatre:
Speaking in Tongues; Vermont Stage Company:
Blanche Dubois in A Streetcar Named Desire;
Yale Repertory Theatre and Crossroads Theater
Company: Gerta in Crumbs from the Table of Joy;
City Theatre and Theater at Monmouth: Liz Morden
in Our Country's Good. TELEVISION: Criminal
Intent, Third Watch, Law & Order, All My Children.
TRAINING: Trinity Repertory Conservatory.
Michael Rudko*
Morgan (Belarius)
STC: Twelfth Night, Hedda Gabler,
Lorenzaccio, The Tempest.
NEW YORK: Broadway: Mary
Stuart, The Best Man, Timon
of Athens, Serious Money; OffBroadway: The Public Theater:
King Lear (with Kevin Kline); Titus Andronicus (dir.
Julie Taymor); As You Like It (dir. Mark Rylance).
REGIONAL: American Repertory Theater: Paradise
Lost; McCarter Theatre Center, Yale Repertory
Theatre: Tartuffe; Arena Stage: Proof; Folger Theatre:
The Tempest; Mark Taper Forum: iWitness; The Old
Globe: Faith Healer; Wilma Theater: Night & Day,
Macbeth; Center Stage: King Lear, Woman in Black,
The Investigation; Shakespeare Santa Cruz: King
Lear, As You Like It; California Shakespeare Theater:
Measure for Measure; Dallas Theater Center:
A Christmas Carol. INTERNATIONAL: Donmar
Warehouse: True West (with Mark Rylance);
Globe Theatre: Antony & Cleopatra, Julius Caesar;
Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus: We Are Not These
Hands. TRAINING: Yale University; Juilliard.
Todd Scofield*
STC: Captain/Priest in Twelfth
Night (2010 Free For All and
mainstage), Le Beau in As You
Like It, Biondello in The Taming
of the Shrew (2009 Free For
All and mainstage), Mr. Birbeck
in Design for Living, Waitwell in The Way of the
World, Gros-Rene in The Imaginary Invalid, Parker
in Lady Windermere’s Fan, Chief Justice’s Servant/
Bullcalf/First Beadle in Henry IV, Part 2, Sir Michael/
Vintner in Henry IV, Part 1; Academy for Classical
Acting: Francisco in The White Devil, Charles in As
You Like It. REGIONAL: Kennedy Center: Mister
Roberts; Folger Theatre: Henry VIII, Hamlet, Caliban
in The Tempest, Measure for Measure, King Lear;
Theater J: Bal Masque (World Premiere, by Richard
Greenberg); Round House Theatre: Tabletop;
PlayMakers Repertory, Charlotte Repertory, North
Carolina Shakespeare Festival: Mercutio, Dromio,
Don Armado, Guildenstern, Speed, Solyony in Three
Sisters; Barter Theatre; Manbites Dog Theater;
Burning Coal Theatre Company; Temple Theatre.
FILM: Morning. TELEVISION: The Wire (recurring
role, seasons 3 and 5). TRAINING: Academy for
Classical Acting.
Kevin Stevens
STC: 2010-2011 Acting Fellow.
REGIONAL: Griffin Theatre: Staff
Sgt. Aaron White in Letters
Home; The Mime Company:
Featured in An Evening of Mime;
Bailiwick Repertory Company:
Paolo in Chiaroscuro; Williamstown Theatre Festival
(Workshop): Prentiss in Peter Pan and the Star
Catchers, Willie in Dark Shadows. TELEVISION:
Gangland. TRAINING: Northwestern University: BA
in Theatre, Certificate in Creative Writing for
the Media.
Tom Story*
Cloten’s Lord/Ensemble
STC: Affiliated Artist, Sir Andrew
Aguecheek in Twelfth Night (2010
Free For All and mainstage, Helen
Hayes nomination), Aumerle in
Richard II, Dauphin in Henry V,
Otto Sylvus in Design for Living,
Major Barbara, The Rivals, Twelfth Night (1995
Free For All), Measure for Measure. NEW YORK: OffBroadway: York Theater: The Singing; Town Hall:
Fresh Faces; Mint Theater Company: Rutherford
and Son; Chekhov Now Festival: Hello Meatman;
Project 400: Measure for Measure. REGIONAL:
Ford’s Theatre: Sabrina Fair, A Christmas Carol;
McCarter Theatre Center and Yale Repertory
Theatre: Tartuffe; Berkshire Theater Festival: The
Book Club Play, The Glass Menagerie, Amadeus,
Secret Lives of the Sexists (Berkshire Eagle Award),
The Heidi Chronicles (Berkshire Eagle Award), The
Misanthrope, Moby Dick–Rehearsed, Camelot,
Life’s a Dream; McCarter Theatre Center: Twelfth
Night, Loot; Great Lakes Theatre Festival and
Seattle Repertory: Romeo and Juliet; Kansas City
Repertory: Gross Indecency; Northern Stage: The
Lion in Winter; Provincetown Repertory Theater:
A Girl Called Dusty; Studio Theatre: Legends!,
The Invention of Love (Helen Hayes nomination),
Prometheus, The York Realist, Ivanov, A Number
(Helen Hayes nomination), The Pillowman; Folger
Theatre: The School for Scandal, Henry IV, Part
1; Eugene O’Neill Theater Center: The Book Club
Play, The Crowd You’re in With. FILM: Tribeca
Film Festival: Piece of Cake, Shiner. AWARD: Fox
Foundation Fellowship. TRAINING: Duke University;
The Juilliard School.
Ted van Griethuysen*
STC: Affiliated Artist, King of
France in All’s Well That Ends
Well, Mr. Praed in Mrs. Warren’s
Profession, Duke of York in
Richard II, Chorus/Erpingham
in Henry V, Adam/Sir Oliver
Mar-Text in As You Like It, Malvolio in Twelfth
Night (STC mainstage and McCarter Theatre),
Friar Lawrence in Romeo and Juliet, Lepidus/A
Cobbler in Julius Caesar, Lepidus/A Rural Fellow
in Antony and Cleopatra, Andrew Undershaft
in Major Barbara (Helen Hayes Award); Ghost/
First Player/Gravedigger in Hamlet; Holofernes in
Love’s Labor’s Lost (mainstage and RSC); Darius
in The Persians; Falstaff in Henry IV; Manders in
Ghosts; Morose in The Silent Woman; Philip II in
Don Carlos; Apemantus in Timon of Athens (Helen
Hayes Award); Menenius Agrippa in Coriolanus;
Lear in King Lear; Prospero in The Tempest. NEW
YORK: Broadway: Romulus, Inadmissible Evidence
(Drama Desk Award), Galileo. Off-Broadway: New
York Shakespeare Festival; Roundabout Theatre; La
Mama E.T.C. REGIONAL: Olney Theatre: The Heiress;
Folger Theatre: The Clandestine Marriage; Studio
Theatre: The Life of Galileo (Helen Hayes Award),
The Steward of Chistendom (Helen Hayes Award),
Rock ‘N’ Roll, Moonlight; Long Wharf Theatre;
Hartford Stage; Williamstown Theatre Festival.
INTERNATIONAL: Battersea Arts Center, London:
title role in The Life of Galileo; Arcola Theatre,
London: Broadway from the Shadows; Trafalgar
Studios, London: Mr. Paradise in Lovely and Misfit.
INSTRUCTOR: Aesthetic Realism of Eli Siegel;
Columbia University, Mount Vernon College.
Jenn Walker*
REGIONAL: Asolo Repertory
Theatre: Charlotte Lucas in
Pride and Prejudice, Lupe in
Expecting Isabel, Ensemble in
The Plexiglass Slipper, Teresa
Salieri in Amadeus, Thaisa
in Pericles, Mrs. Prentice in What the Butler
Saw, Hecuba in The Greeks. INTERNATIONAL:
International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival: Mortimer
in edWARd2. TRAINING: Florida State University/
Asolo Conservatory: MFA; Adelphi University: BFA.
James Whalen*
NEW YORK: Off-Off Broadway:
St. Mark’s Theatre: Phil in
Hurlyburly; American Theatre
of Actors Chernuchin Theatre:
Burton in Burn This. REGIONAL:
Actors Theatre of Louisville:
Dracula in Dracula; Olney Theatre Center: Charlie
in Da; Theatre for the First Amendment: Clay
Bayliss in Two-Bit Taj Mahal (World Premiere);
Everyman Theatre: Jerry in Betrayal, Gary Gauger
in The Exonerated, Babbybobby in The Cripple of
Inishmaan. FILM: Streamline Filmworks: Bobby in
Money Matters. TRAINING: The Catholic University
of America: MFA.
Hannah Wolfe
STC: 2010-2011 Acting Fellow.
Theatre for Children: The Paper
Bag Players. REGIONAL: Illinois
Shakespeare Festival: Much Ado
About Nothing, Love's Labor’s
Lost, Henry V; Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey:
ShakespeareLIVE! tour of A Midsummer Night's
Dream, Macbeth. INTERNATIONAL: Endurance
Theatre at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. FILM:
Manifesto Productions: Attack of the Killer Zombie
Babes, BrooklynWeGoHard; RIPFest Film Festival:
Big Break. OTHER: New York and San Francisco
Fringe Festivals: adapted and performed original
dance and performance art piece, HER KIND:
The Life & Poetry of Anne Sexton (Best Solo
Performance, Planet Connections Festivity, NY).
William Youmans*
NEW YORK: Broadway: Wicked,
The Farnsworth Invention, The
Pirate Queen, The Little Foxes
(with Elizabeth Taylor), Titanic,
Baz Luhrmann's La Bohème,
Big River, Finian's Rainbow; OffBroadway: Road Show, Coraline, Brundibar/Giraffe,
Henry V, The Widow Claire, Weird Romance; The
Public Theatre: Flux. REGIONAL: The Kennedy
Center: Shout Up A Morning. FILM: Mrs. Soffel,
Compromising Positions, Nadine, Fresh Horses,
A League of Their Own, The Little Match Girl,
Separate But Equal. TELEVISION: NYPD Blue,
Law & Order.
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of producing a full season of the theatre you love at STC.
Pictured: Madhavi Mudgal and Alarmel valli, the Manganiyar seduction, Zakir hussain, Naseeruddin shah
An unprecedented celebration of
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International Programming at the Kennedy Center is made possible through the generosity of the Kennedy Center International Committee on the Arts.
Direction and Design Biographies
Rebecca Bayla Taichman
STC: Affiliated Artist, Twelfth Night, The Taming
of the Shrew. NEW YORK: Off-Broadway: John
Jay College/Gotham Opera/Music Theater Group:
world premiere of opera Dark Sisters (music by
Nico Muhly, libretto by Stephen Karam); Classic
Stage Company: Sarah Ruhl’s Orlando; Second
Stage: The Scene by Theresa Rebeck (starring Tony
Shalhoub and Patricia Heaton); The Ohio Theater:
Menopausal Gentleman (Special Citation Obie
Award). REGIONAL: McCarter Theater: Twelfth
Night; upcoming world premiere musical Sleeping
Beauty Wakes (book by Rachel Sheinkin, music
and lyrics by GrooveLily); Oregon Shakespeare
Festival: She Loves Me; American Conservatory
Theater: At Home at The Zoo by Edward Albee;
Woolly Mammoth: Dead Man's Cell Phone by
Sarah Ruhl (world premiere), The Velvet Sky by
Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (world premiere), The
Clean House by Sarah Ruhl (2006 Helen Hayes
Award for Outstanding Resident Play); Yale
Repertory: The Evildoers by David Adjmi (world
premiere), Iphigeneia at Aulis by Euripides;
Huntington Theatre Company: Mauritius by
Theresa Rebeck (world premiere); The Humana
Festival: The Scene by Theresa Rebeck (world
premiere); RoundHouse Theatre: The Diary of
Anne Frank adapted by Wendy Kesselman (winner
of three Helen Hayes Awards), A Body of Water by
Lee Blessing; The Prince Music Theater: The Green
Violin by Elise Thoron with music by Frank London
(2003 Barrymore Award for Outstanding Direction
of a Musical); The Market Theater: Swimming in
March by Kate Robin; The Theater Offensive: The
People vs. The God of Vengeance. INSTRUCTOR:
The O'Neill National Theater Institute, MIT,
Yale University and the University of Maryland.
Grant Recipient with Woolly Mammoth, Drama
League Directing Fellowship, Yale School of
Drama graduate.
Riccardo Hernandez
Scenic Designer
STC: Twelfth Night, Henry VI (dir. Michael Kahn),
Much Ado about Nothing. NEW YORK: Broadway:
Tony Kushner’s Caroline, or Change (also at Royal
National Theater, 2007 Olivier and 2006 Evening
Standard Awards for Best Musical), Topdog/
Underdog (also at Royal Court, 2002 Pulitzer
Award for Best Play), Elaine Stritch: At Liberty
(also at Old Vic), Bring in ‘da Noise, Bring in ‘da
Funk, The Tempest (dir. George C. Wolfe), Parade
(dir. Hal Prince, Tony Award and Drama Desk
nominations), Bells Are Ringing. RECENT: includes
San Francisco Opera: Appomattox (dir. Robert
Woodruff, comp. Philip Glass, lib. by Christopher
Hampton); English National Opera/Young Vic: The
Lost Highway (dir. Diane Paulus); Chicago Opera:
Don Giovanni (dir. Diane Paulus); New York:
Over 20 productions at New York Shakespeare
Festival/Public Theater: Mother Courage starring
Meryl Streep (dir. George C. Wolfe), Stuff Happens
(dir. Dan Sullivan), One Flea Spare (dir. Ron
Daniels), Blade to the Heat, Radiant Baby (Drama
Desk nomination), The America Play; BAM,
Lincoln Center, Cherry Lane, NYTW, MTC and
others. REGIONAL: American Repertory Theater
(collaborations with Janos Szasz, Arthur Nauzyciel,
Gadi Roll, Robert Brustein, Ron Daniels); Guthrie
Theatre: Oedipus, Edgardo Mine, Merchant of
Venice; Goodman Theatre; Mark Taper Forum;
Center Stage; Arena Stage; New Group: Mouth
to Mouth by Kevin Elyot (dir. Mark Brokaw);
Classic Stage Company: The Oresteia (dir. Brian
Kulick), Centre Dramatique National/Orleans:
Ingmar Bergman’s Autumn Sonata (dir. Arthur
Nauzyciel); American Repertory Theater: The
Seagull (dir. Janos Szasz); Guthrie Theater: Two
Gentlemen of Verona (dir. Joe Dowling). OPERA:
Lyric Opera of Chicago; Chicago Opera; New York
City Opera: Haroun (dir. Mark Lamos), Houston
Grand Opera; Santa Fe Opera; Los Angeles Opera.
INTERNATIONAL: Det Norske Teatret, Oslo, Akasaka
ACT Theater, Tokyo and Hong Kong. TRAINING:
Yale School of Drama.
Miranda Hoffman
Costume Designer
STC: Twelfth Night, The Taming of the Shrew.
NEW YORK: Broadway: Longacre Theatre: Well,
upcoming Broadway revival of Godspell. OffBroadway: Lincoln Center Theatre: Stunning;
Theater for a New Audience: Othello; Manhattan
Theatre Club: Beauty of the Father; Public Theater:
Satellites, Well; Playwrights Horizons: Essential
Self Defense, Spatter Pattern, She Stoops to
Comedy; New York Theatre Workshop: Oedipus
at Palm Springs; Signature Theatre: Landscape of
the Body; Second Stage: The Last Letter; Juilliard:
The Odyssey; Ivona, Princess of Burgundia;
Target Margin Theater: The Marriage of Figaro.
REGIONAL: Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Alliance
Theatre, Alley Theatre, American Repertory
Theatre, The Court Theatre, Papermill Playhouse,
Huntington Theatre, Yale Repertory Theatre,
Portland Center Stage, Hartford Stage, among
others. OPERA: Glimmerglass Opera Festival:
Portrait de Manon, La Voix Humaine; Gran
Teatre del Liceu, Barcelona: Portrait de Manon;
Manhattan School of Music: Mirandolina, Lord
Byron's Love Letter, The Village Singer, Penelope.
AWARDS: Helen Hayes nominee for Twelfth Night.
TRAINING: Yale School of Drama.
Christopher Akerlind
Lighting Designer
STC: Twelfth Night, Julius Caesar (1993), The
Silent Woman. BROADWAY: Superior Donuts, Top
Girls, 110° in the Shade (Tony Award nomination),
Talk Radio, Shining City, Awake and Sing (Tony
Award nomination), Well, Rabbit Hole, A Touch
of the Poet, In My Life, The Light in the Piazza
(Tony Award, Drama Desk Award, Outer Critics
Circle Award), Reckless, The Tale of the Allergist’s
Wife, Seven Guitars (Tony Award nomination),
The Piano Lesson. REGIONAL: Long Wharf Theatre:
Train Driver; Goodman Theatre: Rock ‘n’ Roll; Los
Angeles Opera: Tamerlano; San Francisco Opera:
Die Entfuhrung Aus Dem Serail. INTERNATIONAL:
Wexford Festival Opera, Ireland: Virginia, The
Golden Ticket, Hubicka; Foret Nationale, Brussels:
Kdo!; Edinburgh and Hong Kong Festivals: Orpheus
X; Athens/Epidaurus Festival: Kafeneion. AWARDS:
Tony, Drama Desk and Outer Critics Awards for
The Light in the Piazza; Obie Award for Sustained
Excellence; Michael Merritt Award for Design and
Collaboration, among many others.
Andre Pluess
Composer/Sound Designer
STC: Argonautika, Pericles. NEW YORK:
Broadway: Metamorphoses, I Am My Own Wife, 33
Variations. Off-Broadway: Lincoln Center Theater:
The Clean House. REGIONAL: Arena Stage: Legacy
of Light; Goodman Theatre: Ghostwritten; Center
Theatre Group: Palomino; Seattle Repertory
Theatre: Equivocation; Oregon Shakespeare
Festival: The Merchant of Venice, Cat on a Hot
Tin Roof; American Conservatory Theatre: Marcus;
California Shakespeare Festival: MacBeth, Much
Ado About Nothing. FILM: score for The Business
of Being Born. AWARDS: multiple Joseph Jefferson
Awards/Citations, L.A. Ovation Award, Barrymore
Award, Drama Critics Circle Award, Drama Desk/
Lortel nominations for composition and sound
design. OTHER: Lookingglass Theatre Company;
About Face Theatre; California Shakespeare
Festival: Artistic Associate; Victory Gardens Theater:
Resident Designer. INSTRUCTOR: Northwestern
University: Sound Design.
Zoe Scofield
REGIONAL: On the Boards NW New Works Festival:
I am nothing without you (collaboration with
video/visual artist Juniper Shuey); collaborations
with Juniper Shuey: there aint no easy way out,
The devil you know is better then the devil you
don’t, sin, Old girl (with musician Holcombe
Waller), A Crack In Everything (in creation). zoe |
juniper: commissioned dance, video installations
and photography: On the Boards, Jacob’s Pillow/
Inside Out, Bumbershoot, SCUBA 2007, Ten
Tiny Dances, Bates Dance Festival, PICA’s TBA
Festival, Wesleyan University, Spectrum Dance
Theater, Dance Theater Workshop, ICA Museum/
CRASHArts, Frye Art Museum, Yerba Buena Center,
Abrons Art Center, The Myrna Loy Center; repertory
commissions: Spectrum Dance Theater, Frye Art
Museum, Southern Lights Dance Company.
INTERNATIONAL: Budapest: Trafo House of
Contemporary Art; New Zealand: The Body
Festival. AWARDS: Alpert Award nominee (2009);
Wesleyan University: Mariam MaClone Emerging
Choreographer Award (2008); Artist Trust’s
GAP Grant and Artist Fellowship Award (2008);
Seattle Magazines Spotlight Award (2008); The
Strangers Genius Award short list (2007); NEFA’s
National Dance Project Production Grant: A
Crack in Everything (2010), the devil you know
(2008); National Performance Network Creation
and Residency Grants; Mid-Atlantic Arts and the
Trust for Mutual Understanding. OTHER: Scofield
and Shuey's video and photography work has
been shown at the Howard House, SOFA Gallery,
Soil Gallery and Tacoma Art Museum Biannual
and in their self published book, White Teeth.
RESIDENCIES: Stella Adler Acting Studio: MAD
AIR artist in residence (December and January
2010/2011); Bates Dance Festival; The Trafo
House of Contemporary Art; Budapest: Florian
Theater; New Zealand: The Body Festival and
the SOFA Gallery/Arts Center (2009); Seattle:
Open Flight Studio; Jacob’s Pillow: choreographic
development and collaborative research (2010).
TRAINING: Boston Conservatory; Boston: Walnut
Hill School for the Performing Arts: ballet and
modern scholarship student. Scofield is currently a
fellow at The MacDowell Colony.
Rick Sordelet
Fight Director
STC: Twelfth Night, Richard II, Henry V, Antony and
Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, Tamburlaine, Edward
II, The Taming of the Shrew, Titus Andronicus,
Henry IV, Part 1 and Part 2, Hamlet (Free For All),
Henry VI, Parts 1, 2 and 3, Peer Gynt, As You Like
It, Othello. NEW YORK: Broadway: 50 Broadway
shows including The Lion King, The Scottsboro
Boys, That Championship Season, also the
National Tours of Beauty and the Beast, Spring
Awakening, Les Misérables. INTERNATIONAL: 52
First Class productions worldwide: Tarzan, Aida,
The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Ben Hur
Live. OPERA: The Metropolitan Opera, The Royal
Opera House, La Scalla in Milan: Cyrano (starring
Placido Domingo); The Metropolitan Opera: Don
Carlo (directed by Nicholas Hytner); San Francisco
Opera: Heart of the Soldier. FILM: The Game
Plan (starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson),
Dan in Real Life (starring Steve Carell and Juliet
Binoche). TELEVISION: Stunt Coordinator for
Guiding Light for 12 years. AWARDS: Edith Oliver
Award for Sustained Excellence from the Lucille
Lortel Foundation. OTHER: Board member for the
Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey. INSTRUCTOR:
Yale School of Drama, The New School for Drama;
The Neighbor Playhouse.
Telsey + Company
STC: Candide, Henry V, Richard II, The Dog in
the Manger. NEW YORK: Broadway/Tours: Sister
Act, Catch Me If You Can, Priscilla Queen of the
Desert, SPIDER-MAN Turn Off The Dark, Women
on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, Million
Dollar Quartet, The Addams Family, Memphis,
Rock of Ages, Wicked, Next to Normal, 9 to 5, In
the Heights, South Pacific, Peepshow in Vegas. OffBroadway: Atlantic, MCC, Signature. FILM: Margin
Call, Howl, Sex and the City 1 & 2, Jonah Hex,
Main Street, Love and Other Impossible Pursuits,
I Love You Phillip Morris, Rachel Getting Married,
Dan in Real Life, Then She Found Me, Across
the Universe, Ira & Abby, Rent, Pieces of April,
Camp, The Grey Zone, Finding Forrester, The Bone
Collector. TELEVISION: Ugly Betty (pilot), Whoopi,
HBO’s Undefeated, commercials.
Telsey + Company:
Bernie Telsey CSA, Will Cantler CSA, David Vaccari CSA,
Bethany Knox CSA, Craig Burns CSA,
Tiffany Little Canfield CSA, Rachel Hoffman CSA,
Justin Huff CSA, Patrick Goodwin CSA, Abbie Brady-Dalton,
David Morris, Cesar A. Rocha
theatre company
Elizabeth Clewley*
Assistant Stage Manager
STC: Twelfth Night (Free For All), The Liar (ASM),
Richard II, The Alchemist, The Taming of the
Shrew (FFA), King Lear, Ion, Twelfth Night, Romeo
& Juliet, 2008 Harman Center for the Arts Annual
Gala (Production Assistant); Julius Caesar, Antony
& Cleopatra, Argonautika, The Taming of the
Shrew, On the Eve of Friday Morning (SM Intern);
REGIONAL: Theater of the American South: Driving
Miss Daisy (Stage Manager); Cape Fear Regional
Theatre: Thoroughly Modern Millie, Rodgers and
Hammerstein’s Cinderella, Tuesdays With Morrie
(Stage Manager); INTERNATIONAL: International
Festival Arts and Ideas (Stage Manager);
International VSA Festival (Stage Manager);
TRAINING: East Carolina University: BFA in
Stage Management.
Windows on Cymbeline
Sunday, January 23, 2011 5 p.m.
The Forum in Sidney Harman Hall,
610 F Street NW
Engage in a lively discussion with local
scholars and members of the artistic staff.
Ellen O’Brien
Voice and Text Coach
See For the Shakespeare Theatre Company
(page 40).
Discussion on Cymbeline
Daniel Rehbehn
Resident Casting Director
Jenny Lord
Assistant Director
Akiva Fox
Literary Associate
Classics in Context on
Saturday, February 26, 2011 5 p.m.
The Forum in Sidney Harman Hall,
610 F Street NW
Jennifer Rae Moore*
Stage Manager
Members of the acting company discuss
the play immediately following the
performance on the stage with Literary
Associate Akiva Fox.
Washingtonian Magazine
See For the Shakespeare Theatre Company
(page 40).
NEW YORK: Broadway: Lincoln Center Theater:
Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown
(Belasco Theatre), The Coast of Utopia (Vivian
Beaumont Theater). Off-Broadway: Vineyard
Theatre: The Metal Children; Minetta Lane Theatre:
Garden of Earthly Delights; Lincoln Center Theater:
Bernarda Alba, Belle Epoque; Theatre for a New
Audience: Souls of Naples, The Last Letter, The
General from America; Manhattan Theatre Club:
Sarah, Sarah; Signature Theatre: The Harlequin
Studies, The Regard Evening; Vineyard Theatre:
Eight Days (Backwards); New York Theatre
Workshop: Vienna: Lusthaus, Everything that
Rises Must Converge, Nocturne; John Houseman
Theater: Lobby Hero; Drama Department: Book of
Liz; Manhattan Theatre Club/Minetta Lane Theatre:
Fuddy Meers; Century Center Theater/Vineyard
Theater: How I Learned to Drive; New York Stage
And Film: A Safe Harbor for Elizabeth Bishop, Left,
Largo. REGIONAL: The American Repertory Theater:
Stone Cold Dead Serious and Nocturne; The
Chautauqua Theater Company: 6 seasons.
Wednesday, January 26, 2011
Lansburgh Theatre, 450 7th Street NW
See For the Shakespeare Theatre Company
(page 40).
See For the Shakespeare Theatre Company
(page 41).
The tables are turned and the audience
engages in dialogue with noted
community members in a roundtable
• Odor free
• Gentle hand finishing
• Mild environmentally safe process
DC * MD * VA
8402 Connecticut Avenue
Chevy Chase, MD
(301) 652-3377
For more information
about these events visit
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Shakespeare Theatre Company
In his 24th season with the Shakespeare Theatre
Company, Artistic Director Michael Kahn, together with
the Company’s artists, staff and Board of Trustees,
continues to fulfill the Company’s ambition to become
the country’s leading force in the presentation and
preservation of classic theatre. The Shakespeare
Theatre Company enjoys national and international
renown as “the nation’s foremost Shakespeare
company” (The Wall Street Journal) producing “a
repertory of classics that no New York theatre of
similar size and scale can match” (The New York
Times). The Company’s noted company of classical
actors regularly includes such distinguished guest
artists as Jane Alexander, Elizabeth Ashley, Avery
Brooks, Kathleen Chalfant, Keith Hamilton Cobb, Keir
Dullea, Jonathan Hadary, Harry Hamlin, Hal Holbrook,
Tom Hulce, Stacy Keach, Sabrina LeBeauf, Jean
LeClerc, Judith Light, Victor Love, Marsha Mason, Kelly
McGillis, Patrick Page, Jean Stapleton, Patrick Stewart,
Richard Thomas, Joan van Ark, Geraint Wyn Davies and
Karen Ziemba.
The 2010-2011 season features three plays by
Shakespeare: All’s Well That Ends Well, Cymbeline and
The Merchant of Venice. In addition, STC is producing
the glittering musical Candide, Harold Pinter’s Old
Times and Oscar Wilde’s An Ideal Husband. This fall
we also enjoy the tremendous versatility of Sidney
Harman Hall, which plays host to a variety of art forms.
VelocityDC—our second annual showcase for dance
–returned in October, along with the second season
of NT Live, a series of performances broadcast in HD
from London’s National Theatre. Live performances
include The Great Game: Afghanistan, one of the most
exciting works of theatre to come out of London in
recent years, and Black Watch.
Shakespeare Theatre Company Free For All
Started in 1991 to engage new and diverse audiences,
the Free For All has presented free Shakespeare to
approximately 575,000 area residents. Its contribution
to the community has been recognized with both The
Washington Post Distinguished Service Award and the
Public Humanities Award from the Humanities Council
of Washington, D.C. The move to Sidney Harman
Hall increased the Metro-accessibility of the event,
prevents weather-related cancellations and allows the
Shakespeare Theatre Company to maintain the artistic
integrity of Free For All productions thanks to the
state-of-the-art capabilities of Sidney Harman Hall. The
change in venues also allows the Company to host a
variety of family-friendly events to coincide with Free
For All performances. For additional information on the
change, please visit
Consistent with the Shakespeare Theatre Company’s
central mission—to be the leading force in producing
and preserving the highest quality classic theatre—
the Education Department is positioned as both a
local and national resource. We strive to deepen the
understanding of, appreciation of and connection
to classic theatre in diverse learners of all ages
through accessible programs that celebrate multiple
perspectives. The education programs of STC challenge
all learners to explore the ideas, emotions and
principles contained in classic texts and to discover the
correlations between classic theatre and our modern
perceptions. We seek to fulfill this mission through
strengthening our collaborations with schools and
other organizations locally and nationally, engaging
in scholarly dialogue with community and audience
members and increasing our use of technology. Text
Alive!, a curriculum enrichment program, works with
public school teachers in D.C., Virginia and Maryland
to make Shakespeare and his works accessible
to young audiences. ShakesPEERS, a community
outreach initiative, provides a nurturing environment
during non-school hours for young people from the
D.C. public schools to explore their creative voices
through a foundation of collaboration, craftsmanship,
citizenship and community. With its broad range
of programs—including Classics in the Classroom,
Students for Shakespeare, Windows, Master Acting
Classes, Professional Internships, SHAKESPEARIENCE,
Re:ACT and Theatre History Initiative—the Company’s
Education Department is an innovative and creative
community resource.
Board ofTitle
Michael R. Klein, Chairman
Robert E. Falb, Vice Chairman
Pauline Schneider, Secretary
John Hill, Treasurer
Michael Kahn, Artistic Director
Ken Adelman
James B. Adler
Nicholas W. Allard
Ashley Allen
Stephen E. Allis
Anita M. Antenucci
Kathy Bailey
Jeffrey D. Bauman
Landon Butler
Ralph P. Davidson
Dr. Mark Epstein
Steven B. Epstein
James A. Feldman
Andrew C. Florance
Miles Gilburne
Michael Glosserman
Kingdon Gould III
Dr. Sidney Harman
John R. Hauge
Stephen A. Hopkins
Lawrence A. Hough
W. Mike House
Jeffrey M. Kaplan
Scott Kaufmann
Abbe D. Lowell
Kathleen Matthews
Eleanor Merrill
Howard P. Milstein
Melissa A. Moss
Dr. Harris Pastides
Walter Pincus
Stephen M. Ryan
Lady Sheinwald
Chris Simmons
George P. Stamas
Suzanne S. Youngkin
Chris Jennings, Managing
Emeritus Trustees
R. Robert Linowes*, Founding
Heidi L. Berry*
David A. Brody*
Melvin S. Cohen
James F. Fitzpatrick
Lady Manning
William F. McSweeny
V. Sue Molina
Eden Rafshoon
Emily Malino Scheuer*
Mrs. Louis Sullivan
Daniel W. Toohey
Sarah Valente
Lady Wright
* Deceased
Academy for Classical Acting
Designed for working actors, midstream in their
careers, the Academy for Classical Acting is a one-year
immersion program with an exceptional number of
contact hours between students and professional
faculty. Under the guidance of Michael Kahn and
with an MFA degree accredited through The George
Washington University, the ACA teaches actors how
to integrate the emotional, physical and imaginative
life of a role with the technical skills needed to
express to the fullest Shakespeare’s dramatic texts
as well as many other classical playwrights. During
11 months of intensive study, ACA training includes
voice, speech, acting, text, mask, Alexander Technique,
movement, clown and stage combat. Since 2001, ACA
has graduated more than 100 actors who are now
performing on stages in New York, Washington, D.C.
and across the country.
Annual Support
Donors make a difference. Ticket revenue and other
earned income account for just over 60 percent of
the Company’s $17 million operating budget. It is only
with the ongoing generous support of more than 300
corporations, foundations and public agencies—along
with more than 3,000 individuals—that the Company
can fulfill its mission as the nation’s leading force in
producing and preserving classical theatre.
Individual Support
Those Who Are Making the Financial Difference
More than 3,000 individuals, families, businesses, foundations and government agencies contribute to the
Annual Fund. Their generosity provides 36 percent of our operating budget.
The Board of Trustees, artists and staff gratefully acknowledge the special relationship the Shakespeare
Theatre Company donor has with the Company. Because of our donors’ commitment to the beauty
of our language and the common good of our community, magic happens on our stage. They make
possible what is cherished by our 180,000 audience members.
The following list acknowledges gifts received between September 19, 2009, and November 19, 2010.
$100,000 and above
Michael R. Klein* and
Joan I. Fabry
$50,000 to $99,999
Anita M. Antenucci*
Steven* and Deborah Epstein
and Epstein Becker & Green, P.C.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Falb*
James A. Feldman* and
Natalie Wexler
Nina Zolt and Miles Gilburne*
Kristin and Kingdon Gould*
George P. Stamas*
Suzanne* and Glenn Youngkin
$25,000 to $49,999
Anne and Ronald Abramson
Nick* and Marla Allard
Stephen E. Allis*
Adrienne Arsht
Peter A. Bieger
Mr. and Mrs. Landon Butler*
Dr. Mark Epstein* and
Amoretta Hoeber
In honor of Ruth Bader Ginsburg
John* and Meg Hauge
Jeffrey M. Kaplan*
Margot Kelly
Lt. Col. and Mrs. William K.
Abbe David Lowell* and
Molly A. Meegan
Jacqueline B. Mars
Kristine Morris
Melissa Moss*
Robert and Susan Pence
Vicki and Roger Sant
Fredda Sparks and
Kent Montavon
Tom and Cathie Woteki
$15,000 to $24,999
Anonymous (2)
Esthy and Jim Adler*
Max N. Berry
Giuseppe and Mercedes Cecchi
Arthur and Shirley Fergenson
David and Jean Grier
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A.
Maxine Isaacs and
James A. Johnson
Kathleen Matthews*
Eleanor Merrill*
Ann K. Morales
Toni A. Ritzenberg
Pauline A. Schneider*
$10,000 to $14,999
Anonymous (3)
Lisa Blue Baron
Barry and Laura Clapsaddle
Miss Chelsea Clinton
Ralph* P. Davidson and
Lou Hill Davidson
Fred and Starr Ezra
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rosenthal
Stephen* and Lisa Ryan
Judi Seiden
Doug and Gabriela Smith
Laurie and Robert Wexler
Gerry Widdicombe
Lynn and Jonathan Yarowsky
E and B Family Trust
$5,000 to $9,999
Anonymous (5)
Linna Barnes and Chris Mixter
Kyle and Alan Bell
Barbara Bennett
Carol and Gary Berman
Mr. and Mrs. Donald T. Bliss
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart
Marshall Bloch
Gilbert and Madeleine Bloom
Dr. Paul and Mrs. Rose Carter
Berthe Chagoury
Shawn J. Chen
The Honorable Joan Churchill
and Mr. Anthony Churchill
Lt. Col. and Mrs. Robert Downes
Gibson and Cheryl Dunn
Miguel and Patricia Estrada
Ambassador and Mrs.
Richard Fairbanks
Candy and Gregory Fazakerley
Scott and Lauren Gilbert
Marilyn and
Michael Glosserman*
Janet W. Solinger and
Jacob K. Goldhaber
Alice and John Goodman
The Greczmiel Family
Nancy and William Harding
Catherine Held
Mike* and Gina House
Doug James
Elaine Economides Joost
Helen Kenney
Judy and Peter Kovler/Kovler
Family Foundation
Richard H. Levi
Mrs. R. Robert Linowes
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McLarty, III
James and Wanda Pedas
Theodore and Lea Pedas
Willam Pugh and Lisa Orange
Gerri and Murray Rottenberg
Steve and Diane Rudis
Sharon and Ron Salluzzo
The Honorable Robert E. Sharkey
and Dr. Phoebe Sharkey
Robert H. and Clarice Smith
William Stein and
Victoria Griffiths
George and Elizabeth Stevens
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Velasquez
Ralph C. Voltmer, Jr. and
Tracy A. Davis
Roderick and Alexia Von Lipsey
Alan and Irene Wurtzel
$2,500 to $4,999
Anonymous (5)
Andrew C. Adair
Mark Tushnet and
Elizabeth Alexander
Carol and Bob Almassy
Julie, Vince, June and
Tina Auletta
Merribel S. Ayres
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Ballentine
Mr. and Mrs. William O. Bank
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Birdsall
Mr. and Mrs. Jere Broh-Kahn
Mr. and Mrs. I.T. Burden, III
Dawn and James Causey
Ellen MacNeille Charles
Joan Choppin
Linda and John Cogdill
Mary Cole
Kenneth W. Crow
Louis Delair, Jr.
Terrence M. Deneen
Beverly Dietz
Craig Dunkerley and
Patricia Haigh
Irwin and Ginny Edlavitch
Ms. Catherine B. Elwell
Raymond S. Eresman and
Diana E. Garcia
Marta and James Evans
Bob, Kathy and Lauren Fabia
Barbara and Ralph Ferrara
Jere Ford
Trygve and Norman Freed
Tim and Susan Gibson
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Gideon
Richard and Mary Gollhofer
Tam and Ed Gotchef
Mr. and Mrs. Woolf P. Gross
Robert and Margaret Hazen
Kevin T. Hennessy
Dr. and Mrs. John Hillen
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Holtzman
Michael J. Hunseder and
Leslie A. Shubert
Candace and Hadrian Katz
Scott Kaufmann*
Marla R. Kaye
Mr. Jerry Knoll
Dr. Richard M. Krause
David A. Lamdin
Dr. Mark Lewellyn
Marjorie and John Lewis
Freddi Lipstein and Scott Berg
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Luse
The Honorable and
Mrs. Frederic V. Malek
Heidi and Bill Maloni
Susan Mareck
Dr. and Mrs. James E. Martin
Linda Matthews
Mary McCue
Cathy and Scot McCulloch
Benjamin Miller
Mr. A. Fenner Milton
Hazel C. Moore
Janice and Tom Munsterman
Madeline C. Nelson
Lawrence and Melanie Nussdorf
L. Erick Ohlsson
Theodore B. Olson and
Lady Booth Olson
Robert and Martha Osborne
Mr. and Mrs. David Osnos
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm E. Peabody
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Pfeiffer
Ann and Walter Pincus*
Lutz Alexander Prager
Robert Purks
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Rafshoon
The Honorable Molly Raiser
Molly and Joe Reynolds
Carlyn Ring
Steve and Diane Rothman
Mrs. Stanley J. Sarnoff
Richard Scott
Victor Shargai
Linda and Stanley Sher
Mark Sucher and Jane Lyons
Gabriela Anaya and Bruce Tanzer
Al and Nadia Taran
Kathy Truex
Christine Varney and
Tom Graham
Frieda and Peter Wallison
Patricia Ann Arnold and
William Wardlaw
Weinreich Family
Andrea and Stephen Weiswasser
Carolyn L. Wheeler
Dr. Marjorie Williams
Chris and Carol Yoder
Barbara Zicari and
Jay Kloosterboer
Judy and Leo Zickler
$1,500 to $2,499
Anonymous (4)
Miriam and Robert Adelstein
Gisela and Thomas Ahern
Robert N. Alfandre
In honor of Martha-Ann Alito
Douglas and Jane Alspach
Mr. and Mrs. William Alsup
Decker Anstrom and
Sherry Hiemstra
Joanne and Henry Asbill
Mr. and Mrs. Morton Bender
Richard and Donna Ben-Veniste
Kenneth Berman
Dr. and Mrs. Hans Black
Cathleen Blanton
Martha Blaxall and Joe Dickey
Katherine Boone
Roger N. Branstiter
Howard M. Brown
Claudyne Y. Brown
Linda Elyse Bryce
Elizabeth Buchbinder
Julie Burton and Roger Hickey
Jodi and Alan Capps
Rita Cavanagh and Gerald Kafka
Audrey Chang and
Michael Vernick
The Honorable Michael and
Meryl Chertoff
Ms. Antonia B. Ianniello and
Mr. George Chuzi
Richard Cleva
Stephanie Cohen
Linda and Charles Cole
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Collins
Mr. Edward Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery L. Copeland
Catherine Cotter
Julia and Francis Creighton
William C. and Sandra Davis
Norman and Debi Dreyfuss
Robert and Louisa Duemling
Fynnette Eaton and
James E. Miller
Emily and Michael Eig
Helaine G. Elderkin
John Estes and Veronica Angulo
Gerald P. Farano and
Monica J. Palko
Eve and David Farber
Rob and Anne Faris
F. Joseph Feely III
Col. and Mrs. Charles Feldmayer
Joseph and Jeri Fellerman
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Fern
Susan Duncan and Leo Fisher
Julian W. Fore
Barbara A. Foss
Rhona Wolfe Friedman and
Donald J. Friedman
Charles and Amy Gardner
Dr. Laura J. George
Burton Gerber
Joanne Glisson
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Goldfarb
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Gray
Nina and Neil Gurvitch
Kenneth G. Hance
Valorie Harrison
Sue Henry and Carter Phillips
Jean and Stephen Hersh
William L. Hopkins
James and Marissa Huttinger
Lawrence and Georgeanne John
John Edward Johnson
Stephanie Kanwit
Irene Katz
In Memory of Kathleen M. Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Kendall
Frank Kendall and Beth Halpern
Michael and Elisa Kirby
Rebecca J. Klemm
Donald and Yvonne Klenk
Dana and Ray Koch
Michael Koenig
Claude and Elizabeth Koprowski
Sanjiv Kumar and
Mansoora Rashid
Ms. Marcel Lafollette
William Lands and
Norberta Schoene
Aimee and Robert Lehrman
Leonard Street and
Deinard Foundation
Nancy and David Lesser
David Lloyd
James Loots and
Barbara Dougherty
Patricia Magno
Stanley and Rosemary Marcuss
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory May
Lily St. John McKee
Dorothy and Bill McSweeny
Brian Meighan
Gwen Mellor
Drs. Rolf and Lee Anna Mielzarek
Dr. Jeanne-Marie Miller
Mr. Steven Miller
Mark and Donnamarie Mills
Nancy and Herbert Milstein
Dee Dodson Morris
James and Zoe Moshovitis
Rita Mullin
Jane F. Murray
Amy Nathan and
Howard Fineman
Dahlia Neiss
Louisa and Bill Newlin
Mrs. Jean Oliver
Ivanna and Alberto
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald W. Padwe
Karen Pancost
Barbara A. Patocka and
Everett Mattlin
Toni and Ronald Paul
Penelope Payne
Gary and Trudy Peterson
Mr. Sydney Polakoff
Mr. and Mrs. James Portnoy
Lloyd and Claudia Randolph
Robert and Nan Ratner
Theresa A. Rinehart
Thomas and Victoria Rollins
Peter Rosenstein
Dr. James Roth
Kristine A. Roth
Mr. and Mrs. Miles Rubin
Hattie Ruttenberg and
John Molot
Suzonne Sage
Steven and Beverly Schacht
Holly Joyner and Bill Scherman
Karl and Manuela Schmidt
Lee Goodwin and
Linda Schwartzstein
Ed and Andy Smith
David Smith and Ilene Weinreich
Graylin Smith
Jean Simons and Steven Solow
Judith Starr and Tom Bradley
Louisa and Daniel Tarullo
Anne Marie Tighe
Tracy Toth
Mr. Clifton Hyde Tucker, Jr.
Kathryn Washburn and
William Niskanen
Sally and Richard Watts
Mr. Peter Q. Weeks - ElderCaring
Leslie Wheelock
Margaret Susan Wiley
Mr. Richard Willard
Mr. Alan F. Wohlstetter
Dr. and Mrs. Dov Zakheim
$1,000 to $1,499
Anonymous (6)
Fakhry Abelnour
Dr. and Mrs. Perry B. Alers
Dean Amel
Ms. Bonnie Angelo
Celia and Keith Arnaud
Mrs. Albert H. Barclay
Kate and David Bell
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Berman
Elaine and Richard Binder
David and Elaine Bledsoe
Kim Bollen
Jill and Jay Brannam
Ann Breiter
Brett Brenner
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Breyer, Jr.
Mrs. David A. Brody
Dana E. Brown
Donald Caldwell
Thomas Calhoun
Teresa Phelps Carr and
Edward Carr
William and Sarah Cavitt
Jennifer Cetta
Betty Shepard and John Chester
Mr. Louis Cohen
JoEllen and Michael Collins
John Cooper
Peggy Cooper Cafritz
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Daniels
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Darnell
Donn and Sharon Davis
Susan and Dorsey Dunn
Donna Z. Eden
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A.
Marietta Ethier
Michael Evans
Kurt Fischer
Anne and Burton Fishman
Sandra and James Fitzpatrick
Sean Patrick Foohey
Barbara Formoso
Brenda and David Friend
Ross Garber
Marcia Garwood-Pitha
Nicole and Harry Geller
Mr. and Mrs. Terry M. Gernstein
Beth and Wayne Gibbens
Douglas Gill
Daniel and Rhoda Glickman
Jinny and Michael Goldstein
Donald H. Goodyear, Jr.
Corbin and Pam Gwaltney
Scott R. Hahn
Albert Halprin
John W. Hill*
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Howard
Elizabeth Janthey
Michael Kades
The Honorable Gladys Kessler
Prudence Kline and Paul Kimmel
Benjamin B. Klubes
Mary Hughes Knox and
Ann K. Breiter
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Kornheiser
Barry Kropf
Gerald Krovatin
Karen Leider
Edward K. Lenkin
Andrew J. Levander and
Carol Loewenson
Mrs. Sandra Levenbook
Stuart and Judy Liss
James J. Lombardi
Shirley Loo
Alyssa and Nick Lovegrove
Lucinda Low and Daniel Magraw
Donald and Julianna Mahley
Cecily Mango and
Harry Wilkinson
Pamela J. Marple and
David Johnston
Aileen M. May
Bill Cross and Dr. David McCall
The Honorable Mary V. Mochary
Mark N. Molloy
Firth Morris
Patricia Sherman and
Terry Murphy
Michael Nannes and
Nancy Everett
Ralph and Gwen Nash
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence O'Connor
Peter and Emma O'Rourke
Cheryl Owen
Paige Franklin and David Pancost
Mr. and Mrs. P. David Pappert
Theda Parrish
Gail Kern Paster
Rachel Pearson
Paul L. Perito Esq.
Victoria Phipps
Paulette Pidcock
Cyrus B. Radfar
Wendy and John Daniel Reaves
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Reed
Lee P. Reno
Arnold and Naomi Revzin
Bill Wears and Ted Richards
Jennifer and Scott Romanoff
Mrs. Robert Rosenfeld
Loretta Rosenthal
Marilyn and Manny Rouvelas
Diana F. Rubin and Carol Dyer
David Schertler
Sarah and William Schiffbauer
Scott and Evelyn Schreiber
Ann Schwartz and David Silver
Meredith and Susan Senter
H. and H. Shapiro
Joel E. Simkins
Patti and Jerry Sowalsky
Lawranne Stewart and
Mark Kantor
Jeffrey and Ellyn Stone
Margaret M. Sydnor
K. Lynn Trundle
Marilyn and Stefan Tucker
Carole and John Varela
John H. Vogel
Judith Walter and Irvin Nathan
Susan C. Waltman
Thomas and Molly Ware
Ms. Judith Weintraub
Michael Wheeler
Christine Windheuser
Laurel Wingate
$500 to $999
Anonymous (11)
George and Polla Abed
Dianne and Ernest Abruzzo
Mr. Jack A. Adams
James and Marjorie Akins
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Alexander
Stewart Aly
Richard Amick
June Hajjar and Jerry Andersen
Katy and John Anderson
Kirsten Anderson and Jeff Harris
Richard and Rosemarie Andreano
Ms. Jerrilyn Andrews and
Mr. Donald Hesse
Cherrill Alfou Anson
M. C. Antoun
Richard Cooper and Judith Areen
Bernard Aronson
Katharine Austin Barnes
Mary Anne and Charlie Bacas
Leonard Bachman
Carol A. Ball
Galen and Carolyn Barbour
Mr. Michael Barrett and
Ms. Danielle Beauchamp
Joan Barron and Paul Lang
Ed and Nancy Barsa
Charles D. Bartlett
Linda A. Baumann
Brian Bayliss and Athena Caul
John P. Beal
Graham Beard
Stacey Becker and
Kenneth Brown
Leonard H. Becker
Judge James A. Belson
Brent J. Bennett
Sue E. Berryman
Claire and Tom Bettag
Linda Bilheimer
Dr. Donna Blake and
Mr. Bruce Eckstein
John W. Blouch
Bruce Blum
James Blum
Rick and Burma Bochner
Ms. Marla Boren and
Mr. Paul Boren
Michael A. Boyd
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Bremner
Thomas C. Brennan
Christopher Brown
Jeff and Wendy Brueggeman
Marian Bruno
Jan Burchard
Bill Burck
Maurice and Ruth Burg
Ann Cardoni
Ann Castiglione-Cataldo
Elaine Church
Thomas and Robin Clarke
Matthew and Sharon Coffey
Timothy H. Cole
William and Sara Coleman
Marcy and Ryan Compton
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Cormack
Rex Cowdry and
Donna Patterson
Alan T. Crane
Stephen and Maygene Daniels
Jack Davies and Kay Kendall
Scott Davis
Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Davis
Matthew and Mike Daze
Ms. Jeanne De Sa
Anthony and Nancy Decrappeo
Messrs. B Society for the Arts
Carol Dickenson
Kim Dismuke
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Dolstra
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Downey
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Draper
Max Duckworth
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Jean Dudek
Richard Dudley
Claudia H. Dulmage
Joy Dunkerley
Stanley Edinger and
Vitalina Zakharova
Jim and Anne Edwards
Elizabeth and Randolph Elliott
Larry E. Evans
Nancy Fax and Chris Richardson
Gail W. Feagles
Julie Feinsilver
Douglas J. Feith
Naomi and Gary Felsenfeld
Edward Finn
In memory of Gina Fiori
Louise A. Fishbein
Christine Fisher and
Oscar Goldfarb
Anne and Al Fishman
Barry and Marie Fleishman
Antonia Fondaras
Hugh and Rune Foster
Lt. Col. Michael and
Rev. Donna Foughty
Monroe H. Freedman
Dr. Helene C. Freeman
Wendy Frieman and
David Johnson
Jean Fruci
Aaron and Susan Fuller
Ms. Elizabeth Galvin
Dr. Arlyn Garcia-Perez
Carl Read Gerber
Andrew Giaccia
Jody Katz and Jeffrey Gibbs
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Gold
Ellen L. Goldstein
Rex and Joan Gordon
Mr. John Graves
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Greeley
Allan Greenberg and
Judith Seligson
Bettina Gregory
Thomas A. Gribble and
Irene Heisig
Susan and David Gries
Walter and Janet Grissett
Judy and Sheldon Grosberg
Robert Groshon
Margaret Grotte
Will Guthrie and Ellen Epstein
Frona Hall
Audrey Hallett
Kathryn Halpern
Shirley E. Hanigan
James Hatt
Andrea L. Heithoff
Margaret Rodenberg and
Bert Helfinstein
Marian Wells Hemmer
Lonnie Henley and Sara Hanks
Richard and Yuki Henninger
Jane and David Heppel
Amanda and Lawrence Hobart
Cheryl Hodge
Stanley and Vicki Hodziewich
Laura Hoffman and David Colin
David Hofstad
William F. Holmes
Myra Holsinger
Donna Holverson
Jay and Cheryl Hoofnagle
Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Hoskins
Lois Howlin
Mark C. Huey
Mr. Richard Huffman
Dale Rubenstein and
Loring Ingraham
Carol Ireland
Mark Irion
Melissa and Mark Isakowitz
Jerry Jacobson and
Patricia Minard
Victoria Jaycox
Treazure Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon E. Jordan
Kathleen Karr
Jody Katz and Jeffrey Gibbs
Preston and Lois Kavanagh
Dr. Ashok Kaveeshwar
Father Francis G. Kazista
William Keery
Joel and Mary Keiler
Laurie and Tom Kelly
Joe and Joanne Kelly
Lauretta Kendrick
Jeffrey L. Kessler
Sally and Joseph Keyes
Melinda Kimble
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Kinsey
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Kistler
Jack and Jacquie Kneipple
Eric Koenig and Amy Schwartz
Ray Kogut
Polly Kraft
Sara and Stephen Kraskin
Howard Krauss
Philip Buchan and June Krell
Mr. and Mrs. William Kristol
Karen E. Krueger
Anne and John Lamond
Roger Langsdorf
Stephen Lans
Robert L. Larke
Edward L. Laskin
John W. Layman
Stephen H. Leppla and
Ulrike Lichti
Michael and Bianca Levy
Elizabeth Lewis and
Thomas Saunders
James and Marilyn Lynch
Noreen Lynch
Valerie Lyons
Amanda Machen
Hardee Mahoney and
Juan Vegega
David and Claire Maklan
Mildred Margolies
John and Liza Marshall
Patrick Martyn
Michael S. Maurer and
Rachel L. Sher
Robert McAllister
Cynthia and Richard McConnell
The McGwin/Bent Family
Ms. Brenda McKelvin
Belinda and Jon McKenzie
Paddy McLaughlin
Marge and Jim McMann
Susan C. McNabb and
Brent Hillman
Virginia Mears
David Mercer
Patricia and Keith Meyer
Lisa Mezzetti
Mr. Bruce Miller
Ms. Susan Milligan and
Mr. Philip V. McGuire
James E. Minton
Marian Mlay
Gregory Mocek
Andy and Janice Molchon
Jane Molloy
Thomas J. Mooney
Kate L. Moore
Edwin Moot
The Honorable and
Mrs. Daniel W. Moylan
David Mugmon
Donald J. Myers
Stephanie Naidoff
Elizabeth Neblett
Elizabeth and John Newhouse
D.W. Newman
Kenneth and Marilyn Nickels
Mrs. William A. Nitze
Beth Nolan
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Pantano, Jr.
Gary Parker
Marilyn and Jay Phillips
Sheldon Pratt
Drs. Dena and Jerome Puskin
Norman Qualtrogh
Elise Rabekoff
Johnny Railey
Alice Rand
Laurie Soriano and Steve Rehaut
Steven R. Reich and
Yuliya P. Kuklina
Peter S. Reichertz
Sheldon and Barbara Repp
William Ritchie
Gail A. Robinson
Philip and Peggy Rodokanakis
Jack Rose
Vicki Rosenberg
Shirley and Eugene Rosenfeld
Paul and Katy Rosenzweig
Donald and Lynn Rothberg
Burton Rothleder
Peggy and Bud Rubin
Jeffrey Russel
Margaret L. Ryan
Andrew L. Sandler
James and Madeleine Schaller
John and Eileen Schlichting
Dr. and Mrs. Frank F. Schuster
Richard and Rochelle Schwab
Matteson and Kathleen Scott
Elizabeth and Carl Seastrum
Eva and Rex Settle
Mr. and Mrs. R. Keith Severin
Phil Sharp
Jerilyn Ray Shelley
Judy Simmons Shenefield and
John H. Shenefield
Mr. and Mrs. J. Sherman
Frank Short
Donald Simonds
Norman and Ellen Sinel
Ben M. and Elizabeth C. Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Delbert D. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. William Spellbring
Dr. William and Vivienne R. Stark
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Steele
Edward Steinhouse
Robert and Virginia Stern
Russ Stevenson and
Margaret R. Axtell
Dr. Tina H. Straley
Richard and Judith Sugarman
Brian Sullam
Maureen Sullivan
Linda Griggs and
William Swedish
Marsha E. Swiss and
Ronald M. Costell
Mrs. Richard Sziede
Sheila Taube
Sarah Temple
Derek Thomas
Dale Thompson
Peter Threadgill
Professor Philip Tirpak
David Tone
Michael Tubbs
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Tucker
Drs. Stephen and Susan Ungar
Allen Unsworth
Judith and Stephen Urbanczyk
Arina van Breda
Tessa van der Willigen and
Jonathan Walters
Elinor Vaughter
Steve Verna
Richard H. Wade
Frederick and Grayce
Dan Watkiss
Mary Lou Weathers
Frank and Denie Weil
Reid H. Weingarten
Jack and Ruth Ellen Wennersten
Dr. Edward Whitman
Diane Wilshere
Dr. and Mrs. James D. Wilson
Mollie and James Wise
Marty Woelfle
Frederick Wolff and
Catherine Chura
Edi and Convers Wyeth
Patricia Yee
$250 to $499
Anonymous (25)
Mr. and Mrs. Elias Aburdene and
Annette Aburdene
Donald Adams and Ellen Maland
Vickie and David Adamson
Joan Affleck-Smith
Kathy Pomroy and Boris Allan
Hon. and Mrs. Frank Almaguer
Marie Anderson
Susan Armbruster
Jean W. Arnold
Jack Gold and Lauren Asplen
John Ausink
Kevin and Sheila Avruch
Roberta Babbitt
James H. Babcock
Dr. Sheryl D. Baldwin
Mr. Joel Balsham
Jonathan H. Barber
Ms. Amy Barden
Margaret and Gordon Bare
R. Joseph Barton
Dolores Battle
Julianne Beall
Rosemary Beavers
Dan and Kerry Beck
Nan Beckley
Jane C. Bergner
Paul H. Bickart
Mary C. Blake
Mary Josie and Bruce Blanchard
Virginia M. Bland
John Blandford
Robert Bleimann and May Chin
Jane and Gary Blemaster
Abby L. Block
Patricia Bloomfield
Donald J. Bobby
Andrew and Kaye Boesel
Constance Bohon, M.D.
Mary Bonwich
Thomas Booth
John Borkowski
Bennett Boskey
Jennifer Boulanger and
Bruce D. Schillo
Cindy and Dennis Brack
Drs. James and Jean Braden
Dr. Ronald Brady
Dr. and Mrs. Stuart H. Brager
William Brewer and
Collot Guerard
Chris and Jim Bridgeman
Adrianne B. Brooks
Floyd & Carolyn Broussard
Rene Bryce-Laporte
Harold Bucholtz
The Buckley/Palmore Family
Christine P. Bump
Dorothy Bunevich
Harold and Louise Burghart
Michael L. Burke and
Carl W. Smith
Col. and Mrs. Lance J. Burton
Susan and Dixon Butler
Andrea and Perry Camnmack
Margaret Capron
Patrick and Katharine Carney
Bill and Lori Carney
Marilyn Ann Carter
Wallace W. Chandler
Chris Poppe and Teresa Channon
Janet Chapin
Cynthia and Kenneth Chase
Edward Chmielowski
Lily L. Chu and
Gerald W. Weaver II
John Clark and Ana Steele Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. David Clemens
Janet Cline-Moody
Donald Cobean
Cockley and Associates
Peter and Cynthia Cohen
Debra and Edward Cohen
Mary Combs
Barbara Conklin
Anna Connolly
Susan E. Connors
William Conrad
Rachel Conway
John Corrado
Owen Costello and Erlin Webb
Patricia Cowperthwaite
Stephen T. Cramolini
Marcia P. Crandall
Katheryn L. Cranford
Marguerite Cullman
Jeffrey P. Cunard
Julia Cuniberti
Ambassador and
Mrs. Jaime Daremblum
Charles and Gail Davenport
Allen and Louisa
Warren Davidson
Lehi and Michaele Davis
Mr. Timothy E. Deal
Ms. Donna Dean
Michael Deane
Charles and Connie Delaplane
Mary des Jardins
Caroline M. Devine
Anne and John Dickerson
Chauncey and Barbara Dodds
David and Kenna Dorsen
Mr. Frederick Douglas
Deborah and Bruce Downey
Dr. Damien and Elizabeth Doyle
Alan and Susan Dranitzke
Rebecca Duncan
Dutch and Brenda Dunham
Mrs. Karen-Sue Dunn
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Dye
Sayre Ellen Dykes
Karen Dziadosz-Evans
Stephen and Magda Eccles
Bryan Edgington
Jim and Jane Edmondson
Stuart Edwards
Sandra and Fred Edwards
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Eig
Roberta Ellington
William P. Erdmann
Connie Ericson
Maria Estefania
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Evans, Jr.
Elizabeth H. Farquhar
Anne K. Farrell
Jane and James Feather
Dorothy E. Fickenscher
The Honorable Julie Finley
Henry Folgate
Rev. and Mrs. Frederick Foltz
Kathleen M. Fones
Richard L. Forstall
Ms. V. Lee Fortna
Joan Fowler
Claire Frankel
Karen Franklin
Molly M. Frantz
Pamela Frazier
Samuel R. Freeman
Felice Friedman
James Froid
Pati and Mike Froyo-McCarty
David Furth and
Martha Finnemore
Mary B. Fuson
Leroy Fykes
Robert Gallagher
Mary Alice Garber
Margaret and David Gardner
Nancy Garruba and
Chris Horning
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gary
Randall Bevins and Monica Gaw
Virginia Giroux
Scott Glabman
Lewrene Glaser
Vera Glocklin
Kimberly Godwin
Mrs. Sue Golan
David M. Goldberg
Mrs. Lawrence Goldmuntz
Alisa M. Goldstein and Lee Blank
David Goldston
David Goodwyn
Daniel I. Gordon and
Paul M. Cadario
Mr. and Mrs. Morton Goren
James Gorham Oglesby
David Gossett
France Graage
Jane Grayson and Robert Warren
Wanser R. Green
Thomas C. Green
Eldon and Emily Greenberg
Jeffrey N. Greenblatt
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Gregory
Joseph F. Grikis
Bruce and Georgia Sue Guenther
Thomas Gustafson
Daniel Gustafson
Anne Gwaltney
Mr. Clifford Hackett
Dr. Boyd Hagy
Jack E. Hairston Jr.
Dorothy Haldeman
Karen Halle
Alan and Bonnie Hammerschlag
Marilyn Hardy
John R. Harpold
Barbara Harr
Dr. Miriam Harrington
Jeanie and Tex Harris
Donald Harrison
Peter D. and Florence R. Hart
Sally Harwood Hardy
Frank and Lisa Hatheway
Karen Hawkins
Kevin and Anne Heanue
Terry and Jenny Heiland-Luedtke
Charles W. Heise
Connie Heitmeyer
J. Thomas Marchitto and
Shawn C. Helm
Margaret Hennessey
Peter Henry
Robert J. Herbert
Louis Hering
Ann Kappler and Mark Herlihy
Richard Hermann
Jim and Gail Hilmer
Francis Holland
Kent and Lorraine Hollen
Charlotte Hollister
Paul and Carol Honigberg
Silvia M. Hoop and
Alfred Kammer
Charles Horn and
Jane Luxton Horn
Ms. Carolyn Hoskinson
Russell Mikel and Alison Hurst
Susan C. Immelt
Susan and Paul Irwin
Eric R. Jablow
Alexine Clement Jackson
Kurt Jaeger
Rachel R. Jaffe
Mr. Steven Janssen
George and Ayah Johnson
Linda Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Jack D. Jones
Barbara and Bob Jones
James Jones
Samuel Jones, Esq.
Peter Kadzik and Amy Weiss
Maryanne Kane
Mark Kearney
Jerry L. Kearns and Leland Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Keatley
Thomas Keenan, Dr. Joel Shapiro
and Elizabeth Lane Shapiro
Kristi Keller
John and Lucy Kelley
Ms. Barbara Kelly
Brian Kennedy
Ruth Kent
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Andrea Kerr
Don and Alison Kerr
Robert Kimmins
Mr. Charles Kimpel
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. King
Lt. Col. Jo Kinkaid USAF (Ret)
Michael and Carolyn Kirby
Madeleine Yaw Kirk and
Roger Kirk
Judy and Walter Kirkland
Frank D. Kistler
Stephen Kitchen
Tom and Kathy Knox
John and Patricia Koskinen
Mary Kotz
J. Robert Kramer, II
Dennis and Lori Kruse
Ann Landry Lombardi
Larry and Helen Lane
Felix J. Lapinski
Nina Latterell
Jean and Jules Lauderdale
Mary Lauer
L. L. Lawson
Jennifer Lazio
Diana M. Lee
Gerald Lefcourt
Tracy and Lyla Leigh
Grif and Linda Lesher
Lois Levin
Shirley J. and William S. Levine
Herman D. Levy
Marion and Larry Lewin
Joann Lewinsohn
Carol A. Lewis
Erik Lichtenberg and
Carol Mermey
Richard Lindahl
Kahiko Linker
George Linnemeier
Martha and Roger Lippitt
Dr. Frances Litrenta
Richard Little
Marcia Litwack
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Livingston
Joan and Paul Loizeaux
Ann Van Soest and JM Lopez
Ken and Joan Lorber
Joan Lorr
Major Stephen Lott
Warner and Lois Love
Ms. Janice L. Lower and
Mr. Paul R. Berger
Roye Lowry
Howard Lykins
Dr. Robert Magill, Jr.
John D. Mahon
Stephen Malone
Christopher Man
Robert and Ida May Mantel
Daniel Margolis
Dr. and Mrs. Alexander S. Mark
Ms. Estelle Marlor
Rita and Paul Marth
Stephanie Martin
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Martin
Mr. and Mrs. James W. McBride
Kathleen J. McCabe
Catherine McClave
Dan McCormack
William A. McDaniel, Jr.
Joseph McFadden
Jill E. McGovern and
Steven Muller
Elizabeth McGrath
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher McLeod
David and Sarah McMeans
John and Barbara McNally
Kelsay Meek
Nancy Meiners
Alison Meiss
Anabel Proffitt and C.F. Melchert
Ms. Marjory Melnick
Brenda Metzger
Starke Meyer
Mr. William B. Milam
Kathy Ann Milholland
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Miller
Iris and Lawrence Miller
Nicole and Stephen Minnick
Margaret Minton
Bobbe and Herb Mintz
Daniel G. Mintz and
Ellen Elow-Mintz
Dr. Ruth Mitchell
Ryland and Mary L. Mitchell
Charles Monet
Ms. Elizabeth A. Montagne
Dr. T. Lindsay Moore
Whitney Moore and Jacy Daiutolo
Fred and Judie Mopsik
Thomas Morgan
Dr. and Mrs. Russell D. Morris
Charles A. Morse
Ms. Barbara Mowat
Ms. Carole Mumford
Elisabeth Murawski
David Murdock and
Marybeth McMahon
Martin G. Murray
Viola S. Musher
Barbara Francis and
Robert Musser
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W.
Mustain Jr.
Carl Nash
Andrea Nash
Linda S. Neighborgall
Jo-Ann Neuhaus
Gary Norek
Russ and Ellen Notar
Mr. James Olander
Edward Oldfield
Warren S. Oliveri
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest T. Oskin
Ilga Pakalns
Thomas and Yates Palmer
Kenneth Parr
Andrew Parr
Ms. Anne Parten
In Honor of Michael Patten
Philomena Paul
Thomas Pauls and Eleanor Pelta
Laurence Pearl and
Anne Womeldorf
Ms. Doris Penico
Robert C. Perkins, Jr.
Ms. Julia G. Perlman
Mark Perry
Igor Petrovski
John R. Petty
Julie Phillips
Linda Sue Phillips
Marilyn Pifer
Thea B. Pinskey
Ms. Diane Polinger
Martha Powell
David Pozorski and
Anna Romanski
Allie, Ben, Julie and Bruce Press
Lynn Purple
David Quick
Alfred S. Raider
Clea Rameh
David and Leah Rampy
Jennifer and Harry Rand
Garrett Rasmussen
Marcia Reecer
John and Sue Renaud
Dr. and Mrs. Owen Rennert
Jeri Rhodes
Richard J. Ricard, Jr.
Margaret Rice and William Sette
Pearl and Cecil Richardson
John and Cathy Richter
David and Sandy Robinson
Jill and Rick Robinson
Robert Robinson
Kenneth M. Robison
The Honorable John T. Rooney
Robert L. Rosenberg
Debbie Rosenberg
Erica and Douglas Rosenthal
Ms. Laura Roulet-Hernandez
N. J. Chesser and J. M. Rowe
Dr. Sandra Ruscetti
Pamela Russ and
Nancy Stutsman
Barbara Ryland
Elvis Presley
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Salter
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Sanborn
Pat Sandall
Mary Sanders
Kimberly Sandridge
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B.
Saunders, Jr.
Ms. Tess Scannell
Linda B. Schakel
Marianne Scharpf
Allan Schechter
Bob and Patricia Schieffer
Drs. Nancy and Joel Schiffman
William Schilling
Jennifer Schlener
Christy Schmidt and Tony and
Peter Bayne
Steven and Rhonda Schonberg
Geane and Richard Schubert
Katie Schubert
Gretchen A. Schuster
Joyce and Richard Schwartz
The Honorable Carol Schwartz
Christine Scott
Dr. Don G. Scroggin and
Ms. Julie L. Williams
Jeffrey Senter and
Michele Wendell-Senter
John and Victoria Shackford
Miss Jennifer L. Burke
Patrick Shannon and Gita Maitra
Guy Shannon
Catherine Sheppard
Deborah Sherrill
Judith L. Shulman
Joan B. Siegel
Dr. and Mrs. James A. Simon
Greg Simon and Margo Reid
Patricia L. Sims, Esq. and
David M. Sims, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Robert Slusser
Clark Smith
William Smith
Nick and Robbie Snow
Susan Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Warren S
Sockwell Jr.
Lt. Gen. and Mrs. Ed Soyster
Richard Spear and Athena Tacha
Randall Speck and
Samantha Nolan
Maria Sperry
Jacky Spindler
Mark Srere and Jane Jerkins
Cecile and James Srodes
Mr. and Mrs. William Stansbery
Ray Clark and Rhonda Starkey
Michael and Helene Stein
Drs. Joan and Edward Stemmler
Betsy and Ralph Stephens
Mrs. Janet Stoehr
Dorothy and Donald Stone
Scot Stone
George W. G. Stoner
Melissa Hodgman and
Peter Strzok
Todd and Leslie Stubbendieck
Dr. and Mrs. Louis Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sweeney
Ann and Trevor Swett
Mr. McKim Symington
Paul and Claudia Taskier
Miller and Virginia Taylor
Cynthia Terrell
John A. Terry
Carol Thayer
Patricia Theiss
Alice Thomas
Steve and Alison Thompson
T. Scott Thompson
Mary G. Trainor
Dr. Robert E. Trattner
Maryellen Trautman and
Darrell Lemke
Marie B. Travesky
Robert Trout and Janet Studley
Silvia B. Trumbower
Hans and Mimi Tuch
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Tuck
Ed Turner
Patricia Tyson
Dr. Kazuko Uchimura
Stewart Umphrey
Rod and Marilyn Uveges
Dr. Joan F. van Nostrand
Michael Venn
David Vespa
Mr. William J. Von Alt II
William James Wagner, Esq.
Ann Walker
Linda Walsh
Cheryl Walton
In memory of Marjorie Hecht
Stephen and Mollie Watts
Laura and Jonathan Waxman
Kristein L.K. Weaver
David Webber and
Joelle Faucher
Thomas and Elizabeth Wehr
Dr. and Mrs. Allan Weingold
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Weinstein
Dr Arthur Weinstein and
Ellen Spin
Ronald Weinstock
Sidney Weintraub
Thomas E. Wellems
Daniel Wellington
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Wells
William West, Jr.
Mr. John Whall
Donald White and
Betty Good-White
Mr. Tappan Wilder
Virginia and Wayne Williams
Ms. Linda A. Winslow
C. Lawrence Wiser
George E. Wishon
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Wolfe
Sid and Dollie Wolverton
Kathryn Wood
Jeannette Woodland
Lee Woods
Suzanne Woolsey
Janet Wright
Mr. Thomas T. Wright
Roberta and Henry Wulf
Irving and Carol Yoskowitz
Mohamed and Sally Zakariya
Dr. and Mrs. Berton Zbar
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Zeugner
Deborah Ziska
Members of the Society of
1616, the Theatre’s Planned
Giving Society
Sheryl Baldwin
Linda Elyse Bryce
Lorraine E. Chickering
Anne Coventry
Bob Davis and Henry Schalizki
Donald Flanders
Peter and Linda Parke Gallagher
Robert and Margaret Hazen
Helen Henderson
F. Lynn Holec
William L. Hopkins
Michael Kahn
Lt. Col. and Mrs. William K.
Dr. Richard M. Krause
Joe Lamantia
Freddi Lipstein and Scott Berg
Shirley Loo
Marian Mlay
Judith E. Moore
Susana and Roberto Morassi
Georgia Park
Jennie Rose
Gerri and Murray Rottenberg
Mrs. Stanley J. Sarnoff
Elizabeth A. Taylor
Anne and Daniel Toohey
Roland Weiss and
Helen Alexander
Supporters of the Fund for
Emerging Classical Artists
Anonymous (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Jere Broh-Kahn
Craig Dunkerley and
Patricia Haigh
Faction of Fools
Theatre Company
Arthur and Shirley Fergenson
In Memory of Kathleen M. Kelly
Jacqueline B. Mars
Dr. Marjorie Williams
Permanent support through
the establishment of
endowment funds
Helen Harris Spalding
and Herman Bernard Meyer
Shakespeare Memorial Fund,
to “cultivate public taste
for Shakespearean drama
and literature.”
Gizella Moskovitz Fund
* Denotes a Trustee of the
Shakespeare Theatre
Every effort has been made to
ensure that this list is accurate.
If your name is misspelled or
omitted, please accept our
apologies and inform the
Development Department
at 202.547.3230 ext. 2323
or email [email protected]
Shakespeare Theatre
Company Ambassadors
The Shakespeare Theatre
Company Ambassadors are
generous donors to the
theatre who help to develop
and enhance our patrons’
relationship with the theatre.
Through attendance at events
and participation in other
cultivation opportunities,
Ambassadors are an integral
part of the theatre’s efforts
to broaden our reach and
ultimately attain our artistic
and funding goals. To join the
Ambassadors, please contact
Emily Lynn at 202.547.3230
ext. 2325.
As of November 2010
Diane Rothman, Chair
Linda Bryce
Mary Cole
Kevin Hennessy
David Lamdin
What’s in your lunch today?
Free performances and events on Wednesdays at noon in
The Forum in Sidney Harman Hall (610 F Street NW).
January 26
Cam Magee and
Beverly Cosham
February 2
March 2
WPAS Roster Artist
Kari Paludan
February 9
March 9
Brooke Evers
Harlie Sponaugle
José Andrés and
Rob Wilder, the
partners behind
thank the Shakespeare
Theatre Company
for being a great
neighbor and partner
for seventeen years.
is my
February 16
Shobha Subramanian
Please visit or call 202.547.1122 for up-to-date information.
Note: Performers and performances subject to change. Seating is on a first-come basis.
Reservations not required.
34 // // // //
Corporate Support
Foundation and Government Support
Donor Appreciation
The Shakespeare Theatre Company extends its profound gratitude to the members of the business
community who support the Company’s work. Through their support, corporations ensure the
Shakespeare Theatre Company’s ability to present world-class productions, introduce non-traditional
audiences to classical works and provide innovative education programs that serve thousands of students
in the Washington-metropolitan area, especially those in at-risk communities.
For more information about how to receive special benefits, including tickets to Opening Nights, special
events and discounts for employees, please call the Development Department at 202.547.3230 ext. 2329.
The following list acknowledges gifts received between September 19, 2009, and November 19, 2010.
$100,000 and above
$25,000 to $49,999
Turner & Goss, LLP
$5,000 to $9,999
Altria Group
Bank of America
FedEx Corporation
Hogan Lovells US LLP
Humana Inc.
The International Union of
Bricklayers and Allied
McDermott Will & Emery
Mortgage Insurance
Companies of America
Nissan North America, Inc.
Venable LLP
The Washington Post
AT&T Services
Baron & Budd Law Firm of
Dallas, Texas
Capital Group Companies
Charitable Foundation
Eagle Bank
The Endeavor Group*
The Financial Services
Forest City Washington
H&R Block
Kraft Foods Global
Marriott International, Inc.
Promontory Financial
Group, LLC
Public Strategies Washington
Troutman Sanders LLP
Vornado/Charles E. Smith LP
$10,000 to $14,999
BGR Foundation
Cointreau Noir Corporation
Fleishman Hillard
Gould Property Group
Lennar Urban
M Squared Strategies
Miller & Long Company, Inc.
Verizon Foundation
Vulcan Materials
Company Foundation
J.M. Zell Partners, LTD.
$2,500 to $4,999
Mark G. Anderson Consultants,
Arent Fox PLLC
Caroline C. Willis Book
ESPY Energy Solutions
Jones Lang LaSalle
K&L Gates
Oracle America
Promontory Financial Group,
T-Mobile USA
In Kind
American Airlines
Asia Nine
Bacardi USA, Inc.
Linda Elyse Bryce
The Caucus Room
Cedar Restaurant
Co Co. Sala
Constellation Brands Inc.
District Chophouse & Brewery
Ella's Wood Fired Pizza
Arthur and Shirley Fergenson
Gordon Biersch Brewery
Knightsbridge, Inc.
Legal Times
MAC Cosmetics
Morrison Clark
Old Town Shoe and Luggage
Parkway Custom Drycleaning
Poppy Scotland
Poste Moderne Brasserie
Red Velvet Cupcakery
Roll Call Group
Scots 4 Tots
Tangy Sweet
The Hill
Think Food Group
Washington Life Magazine
Washingtonian Magazine
Matching Gifts
Association of American
Medical Colleges
Bank of America
Matching Gifts
Capital Group Companies
Charitable Foundation
Computer Associates
International, Inc.
ExxonMobil Foundation
Fannie Mae Foundation
Freddie Mac Foundation
GEICO Philanthropic
IBM Corporation
International Monetary Fund
J.M. Zell Partners, LTD.
Macy’s Inc.
McGraw Hill, Inc.
T.RowePrice Foundation, Inc.
Verizon Foundation
Official 2010-2011 Sponsor of:
The following list acknowledges gifts received between September 19, 2009, and November 19, 2010.
$100,000 and above
HRH Foundation
Robert P. and Arlene R. Kogod Family
National Capital Arts and Cultural
Affairs Program/U.S. Commission
on Fine Arts
$50,000 to $99,999
The Morris & Gwendolyn Cafritz
D.C. Children & Youth Investment
Trust, Corp.
D.C. Commission on the Arts &
Erkiletian Family Foundation
Philip L. Graham Fund
The Abby and Howard Milstein*
National Endowment for the Arts
The Shubert Foundation
$50,000 to $99,999
$15,000 to $24,999
The Shakespeare Theatre Company is deeply appreciative of the generous support provided by the
following government agencies, private and corporate foundations for the Company’s productions
and programs.
Costume and Garment Care
Bank of America is the official bank of the Harman Center for the Arts.
$25,000 to $49,999
Beech Street Foundation*
$15,000 to $24,999
The Theodore H. Barth Foundation
The Dallas Morse Coors Foundation
for the Performing Arts
The Max and Victoria Dreyfus
The Jacob and Charlotte Lehrman
$10,000 to $14,999
Educational Foundation of America
Helen Clay Frick Foundation
The Harman Family Foundation
The Mark and Carol Hyman Fund
$5,000 to $9,999
The Morningstar Foundation
The Prince Charitable Trusts
$2,500 to $4,999
British Council
Ryna and Melvin Cohen Family
The Charles Delmar Foundation
The Dimick Foundation
The Lee & Juliet Folger Fund
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Samuel M. Levy Family Foundation
The Mardi Gras Fund
$250 to $2,499
William D. Blair Charitable Foundation
Capitol Hill Community Foundation
Faction of Fools Theatre Company
Henry J. Fox Charitable Fund
Gary and Rosalyn Jonas Fund
Ludwig Family Foundation
Mars Foundation
Nottingham Family Fund
Posner-Wallace Foundation
The John and Marcia Price Family
Eugene & Alice Schreiber
Philanthropic Fund
University of South Carolina
The John P. and Anne Welsh McNulty
Explore. Engage. Expand.
“The Shakespeare Theatre Company is proud to offer students the
opportunity to study with working professionals. Our theatre is committed
to providing a dynamic approach to acting the classics, affording actors the
opportunity to explore and develop the tools needed to perform texts by
Shakespeare and other playwrights of the classic repertory.”
Michael Kahn, Artistic Director
camp Shakespeare
Spend the summer with Shakespeare!
for Adults, Teens and Young People
Spring session begins April 2!
Visit or
email [email protected]
Ready to embark on the next stage of your career?
“Be not afraid of greatness”
Internships + Fellowships
Live, learn and work with the nation’s
premier classical theatre
“I began at STC in 2007 on a directing fellowship and within
three years was promoted to being the Associate Director of
the company. I’m living proof that STC’s internship and
fellowship program gives young artists the tools they need to
get ahead in this industry.“
Alan Paul, Associate Director
and 2007-2008 Directing Fellow
Application deadline April 1.
For more information, visit
or email [email protected]
Bottom photo of 2008-2009 Acting Fellow Stacey Cabaj by Scott Suchman.
For the Shakespeare Theatre Company
Michael Kahn
Artistic Director
STC: All's Well That Ends
Well, The Liar, Richard II, The
Alchemist, Design for Living, The
Way of the World, Antony and
Cleopatra (2008), Tamburlaine,
Hamlet (2007), Richard III
(2007), The Beaux’ Stratagem, Love’s Labor’s Lost,
Othello, Lorenzaccio, Macbeth (2004), Cyrano,
Five by Tenn (at the Kennedy Center), The Silent
Woman, The Winter’s Tale (2002), The Duchess
of Malfi, The Oedipus Plays, Hedda Gabler, Don
Carlos, Timon of Athens, Camino Real, Coriolanus,
King Lear (1999), The Merchant of Venice, King
John, A Woman of No Importance, Sweet Bird
of Youth, Peer Gynt, Mourning Becomes Electra,
Henry VI, Volpone, Henry V, Henry IV, The Doctor’s
Dilemma, Richard II, Much Ado about Nothing
(also at McCarter Theatre), Mother Courage and
Her Children, Hamlet, Measure for Measure, King
Lear (1991), Richard III (1990), The Merry Wives
of Windsor, Twelfth Night, As You Like It, Antony
and Cleopatra (1988), Macbeth (1988), All’s
Well That Ends Well, The Winter’s Tale (1987),
Romeo and Juliet. NEW YORK: Broadway: Show
Boat (Tony nomination), Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,
Whodunnit, Night of the Tribades, Death of Bessie
Smith, Here’s Where I Belong, Othello, Henry V;
Off-Broadway: Manhattan Theatre Club: Five By
Tenn, Sleep Deprivation Chamber; Funnyhouse of
a Negro, The Rimers of Eldritch, Three by Thornton
Wilder, A Month in the Country, Hedda Gabler,
The Señorita from Tacna, Ten by Tennessee;
New York Shakespeare Festival: Measure for
Measure (Saturday Review Award). Artistic Director:
The Acting Company, 1978–1988. TEACHING:
Richard Rodgers Director of Juilliard Drama
Division July 1992–May 2006, faculty member
1967–; Shakespeare Theatre Company Academy
for Classical Acting at the George Washington
University. Previously: New York University; Circle
in the Square Theatre School; Princeton University;
British American Drama Academy; founder of
Chautauqua Theatre Conservatory. REGIONAL:
Arena Stage: A Touch of the Poet; Signature
Theatre: Otabenga; Guthrie Theater: The Duchess
of Malfi; American Repertory Theatre: ‘Tis Pity She’s
a Whore; American Shakespeare Theatre: Artistic
Director for 10 years, more than 20 productions;
McCarter Theatre: Artistic Director for five seasons,
including Beyond the Horizon, filmed for PBS;
Chautauqua Theatre: Artistic Director, including
The Glass Menagerie with Tom Hulce; Goodman
Theatre: Old Times (MacArthur Award), The Tooth
of Crime (Jefferson nomination); Ford’s Theatre:
Eleanor. OPERA: Vanessa for the New York City
Opera (2007); Lysistrata or The Nude Goddess for
Houston Grand Opera and New York City Opera;
Vanessa for Washington Opera and Dallas Opera;
Show Boat for Houston Grand Opera; Carmen for
Houston and Washington Operas; Carousel for
Miami Opera; Julius Caesar for San Francisco Spring
Opera. INTERNATIONAL: Love’s Labor’s Lost at the
Royal Shakespeare Company’s Complete Works
Festival; The Oedipus Plays at the Athens Festival;
Five by Tenn for The Acting Company’s tour of
Eastern Europe; Show Boat for the National Cultural
Center Opera House in Cairo; The White Devil
for the Adelaide Festival. BOARD MEMBERSHIPS:
Theatre Communications Group; New York State
Council on the Arts; D.C. Commission on the Arts
and Humanities; National Endowment for the Arts;
Opera America’s 80s and Beyond. AWARDS: Seven
Helen Hayes Awards for Outstanding Director;
2010 WAPAVA Richard Bauer Award; 2007 Mayor’s
Arts Award Special Recognition for Shakespeare
in Washington; 2007 Stephen and Christine
Schwarzman Award for Excellence in Theatre;
2007 Sir John Gielgud Award for Excellence in the
Dramatic Arts; 2005 Person of the Year from the
National Theatre Conference; 2004 Shakespeare
Society Medal; 2002 William Shakespeare
Award for Classical Theatre; 2002 Distinguished
Washingtonian Award from The University Club;
2002 GLAAD Capitol Award; 1997 Mayor’s Arts
Award for Excellence in an Artistic Discipline; 1996
Opera Music Theater International’s Bravo Award;
1990 First Annual Shakespeare’s Globe Award;
1989 Washingtonian Magazine Washingtonian
of the Year; 1989 Washington Post Award for
Distinguished Community Service; 1988 John
University of South Carolina; Kean College; The
Juilliard School; The American University.
Chris Jennings
Managing Director
STC: Joined the Company as
General Manager in 2004.
Manager: Trinity Repertory
Company (1999–2004),
Theatre for a New Audience
(1997–1999); Associate Managing Director: Yale
Repertory Theatre; Assistant to the Executive
Producer: Manhattan Theater Club; Founder/
Producing Director: Texas Young Playwrights
Festival; Manager: Dougherty Arts Center.
MEMBERSHIPS: Currently serves on the Board of
the DC Downtown BID, THEARC and the Penn
Quarter Neighborhood Association, and is a
member of the League of Resident Theatres (served
on AEA and SSDC Negotiating Committees), Theatre
Communications Group; has served as a panelist
for the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities
AWARDS: Arts Administration Fellowship: National
Endowment for the Arts. TRAINING: University
of Miami: BFA in Theatre/Music; Yale School of
Drama: MFA in Theatre Management.
Alan Paul
Associate Director
STC: Director: Twelfth Night (Free For All),
ReDiscovery Series readings of The Bourgeois
Gentleman, Britannicus, Sir Patient Fancy, The
Gamester, The Dispute, The Demi-Monde, Inherit
the Wind (reading with the National Academy of
Sciences); Assistant Director: The Liar, As You Like
It, The Alchemist, The Taming of the Shrew (Free
For All), Design for Living, The Dog in the Manger,
Twelfth Night, The Way of the World, Antony and
Cleopatra; Directorial Assistant: Argonautika,
Tamburlaine, Edward II. DIRECTING: Signature
Theatre: I Am My Own Wife; Source Festival: The
Downtown Daylight Project, X-Ray Vision at the
Motel 9; REGIONAL: Richard II, Six Degrees of
Separation, Ah, Wilderness!, To Die For. ASSISTANT
DIRECTING: Arena Stage: Cabaret (dir. Molly Smith),
33 Variations Workshop (dir. Moisés Kaufman);
Woolly Mammoth: Dead Man’s Cell Phone (dir.
Rebecca Bayla Taichman). TRAINING: Northwestern
University: BS in Theatre.
Deborah Vandergrift
Director of Production
REGIONAL: Fourth season at STC, Production
Manager at Hartford Stage for six seasons; Stage
Manager for more than 30 shows at Hartford Stage
working with directors including Mark Lamos,
Michael Wilson, Michael Langham, JoAnne Akalaitis,
Richard Foreman and Anne Bogart; Stage Manager
for La Jolla Playhouse, Georgia Shakespeare Festival,
New Jersey Shakespeare Festival, Phoenix Theatre
and other theatres. INTERNATIONAL: Pearls for
Pigs international tour (dir. Richard Foreman),
International Production Associates. OTHER: Project
Manager: Arts Festival Atlanta, International Festival
of Arts and Ideas; Stage Manager for 1996 Olympic
Games, Glimmerglass Opera, New York City Opera.
TRAINING: Oberlin College: BA in English and
Theatre; UC San Diego: MFA in Stage Management.
Beware Women, The White Devil, As You Like It,
Twelfth Night, The Winter’s Tale, The Duchess of
Malfi. REGIONAL: Charlotte Repertory Company,
Aurora/Magic Theaters; People’s Light and Theatre
Company; Shakespeare Santa Cruz; North Carolina
Shakespeare Festival. PUBLICATIONS: Articles in
The Voice and Speech Review, Shakespeare in the
Twentieth Century, Shakespearean Illuminations,
Shakespeare Survey, Shakespeare Quarterly,
Shakespeare and the Arts. Associate Editor for
Heightened Text, Verse and Scansion, The Voice
and Speech Review. TEACHING: Academy for
Classical Acting; University of California, Santa Cruz;
Guilford College; Kirkland College.
STC: Director: ReDiscovery Series reading of
Madness in Valencia; Assistant Director: Candide,
All’s Well That Ends Well, Mrs. Warren’s Profession.
As director: NEW YORK: NYMF: Going Down
Swingin’, Don Imbroglio; Manhattan Opera Theatre:
The Filthy Habit. REGIONAL: Dallas Theater Center:
A Christmas Carol; New Century Theatre: Beeluther-hatchee; 42nd Street Moon: By Jupiter;
Berkeley Opera: The Girl of the Golden West,
The Marriage of Figaro, Così fan tutte, Beatrice
& Benedick; Pocket Opera: Eugene Onegin, The
Grand Duchess of Gerolstein, The Daughter of
the Regiment. EDUCATIONAL: NYU/Stella Adler
Conservatory: The Cherry Orchard, Angels in
America: Perestroika; San Francisco State University:
Street Scene. Staged readings: TheatreWorks,
Musical Mondays. OTHER: Assistant to directors
at Geva Theatre Center, Encores!, Mint Theatre
Company, California Shakespeare Theater, MusicTheatre Group. TRAINING: Yale University: BA
in Humanities.
Literary Associate
DRAMATURG: STC: Candide, All’s Well That Ends
Well, Mrs. Warren’s Profession, The Liar, Henry V,
Richard II, As You Like It, The Alchemist, King Lear,
Design for Living, Ion, The Dog in the Manger,
Twelfth Night, The Way of the World, Romeo
and Juliet, The Imaginary Invalid, Antony and
Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, Major Barbara, Edward
II, Tamburlaine, The Taming of the Shrew, Hamlet,
Titus Andronicus, Richard III, The Beaux’ Stratagem,
An Enemy of the People, Love’s Labor’s Lost,
The Persians, Don Juan, The Comedy of Errors.
REGIONAL: American Repertory Theatre/Theatre de
la Jeune Lune: Amerika (dir. Dominique Serrand).
Theatre: A Midsummer Night’s Dream (dir. Martha
Clarke). TRANSLATOR: Slapped (Andreyev), Fear
and Misery in the Third Reich (Brecht). DIRECTOR:
Washington Shakespeare Company: The Miser;
Firebelly Productions: Twelfth Night; Madcap
Players: Howard. INSTRUCTOR: Harvard University.
TRAINING: University of Pennsylvania: BA; American
Repertory Theatre; Institute for Advanced Theatre
Training at Harvard University/Moscow Art Theatre
School: MFA.
Daniel Rehbehn
STC: All’s Well That Ends Well, Twelfth Night
(Free For All), Mrs. Warren’s Profession, The Liar,
Henry V, Richard II, The Alchemist, King Lear, Ion,
The Dog in the Manger, Twelfth Night, Romeo
and Juliet, The Imaginary Invalid, Antony and
Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, Tamburlaine, Edward II,
Hamlet, Titus Andronicus, Richard III (2007), The
Beaux’ Stratagem, Love’s Labor’s Lost (mainstage
and RSC), Don Juan, The Comedy of Errors, Lady
Windermere’s Fan, The Tempest, Pericles, Macbeth,
Henry IV, Part 1 and Part 2, A Midsummer Night’s
Dream, The Rivals, Ghosts, Richard III (2003), The
Winter’s Tale, The Two Gentlemen of Verona, The
Little Foxes, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, The Oedipus
Plays, Timon of Athens, Richard II, Don Carlos,
The Malcontent, Pericles, The Revenger’s Tragedy,
’Tis Pity She’s a Whore, Much Ado about Nothing,
The Cardinal, The Maid’s Tragedy, The Merry
Wives of Windsor, Love’s Labor’s Lost, Women
STC: Cymbeline, Candide. REGIONAL: The Studio
Theatre: Assistant Production Management and
Casting for several productions including American
Buffalo, reasons to be pretty, In the Red and Brown
Water, Adding Machine: A Musical, Grey Gardens,
Rock ‘n’ Roll, Blackbird, Shining City, The History
Boys, Jerry Springer: The Opera. Centerstage:
Production Management Intern, 2006-2007 Season.
TRAINING: Towson University: BS in Theatre Design.
Resident Assistant Director
Akiva Fox
Ellen O’Brien
Head of Voice and Text
Jenny Lord
Resident Casting Director
Affiliated Artists
This Affiliated Artists program renews Shakespeare Theatre Company’s commitment to the actors
who have been the cornerstone of the theatre’s work for years, while also formally acknowledging
the theatre’s relationship with other artists whose work has contributed immeasurably to the
excellence of STC’s productions.
The theatre is incredibly grateful to these Affiliated Artists and looks forward to continuing to
produce the finest classical theatre in America with them.
Affiliated Artists
Keith Baxter
Avery Brooks
Helen Carey
Veanne Cox
Aubrey Deeker
Colleen Delany
Franchelle Stewart Dorn
Adam Green
Edward Gero
Philip Goodwin
Jane Greenwood
Michael Hayden
Tana Hicken
Simon Higlett
Christopher Innvar
Stacy Keach
Floyd King
Andrew Long
Ethan McSweeny
Jennifer Moeller
David Muse
James Noone
Patrick Page
Robert Perdziola
Nancy Robinette
David Sabin
Miriam Silverman
Walt Spangler
Tom Story
Rebecca Bayla Taichman
Ted van Griethuysen
Adam Wernick
Affiliated Artists Involved with Cymbeline
Rebecca Bayla
Stewart Dorn
Ted van
Andrew Long
Tom Story
“An evening of high farce before the high court”
Legal Times
Monday, April 11, 2011
Tickets on sale Friday, February 11, 2011
For more information on the Mock Trial or to join the Shakespeare Theatre
Company Bard Association, please email
[email protected]
Pre Theatre Menu
3 course $35.10
Special Thanks
A special thank you to the following 2010–2011 season subscribers who also donate their
time as volunteers:
Linda Anderson
Priscilla Ball
Linda Elyse Bryce
Ann Cardoni
Ann Christy
Margo Cunniffe
Gregory Dobbins
Mrs. James Donahue
Azura Hassan
Kevin T. Hennessy
Ms. Charlene C. Hsu
Valerie Jo Kaplan
Janet S. Kennelly
Dana and Ray Koch
David A. Lamdin
L. L. Lanam
Mrs. Catherine Lincoln
Freddi Lipstein
Dina MacWilliam
Nancy Mitchell McCabe
Mary McCue
Mary Beth Ryan
Richard and
Rochelle Schwab
Ms. Elizabeth Schweinsberg
Gladys Sharnoff-Temkin
Catherine Sheppard
Ms. Ellen Shreve
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Stern
Sheridan Strickland and
Michael Thomas
K. Lynn Trundle
Carole and John Varela
Ms. Barbara L. Walker
Ms. Alison Westfall
Thank you to Chris Cashbaugh, Maya Erdelyi, Will Hill, Meejin Hong, SOG Specialty Knives and Dani Tull.
Michael Kahn
Chris Jennings
Executive Assistant to
Artistic Director and Managing Director ARTISTIC
Associate Director
Resident Assistant Director
Head of Voice and Text
Literary Associate
Resident Casting Director
Artistic Fellow
Director of Administration
Ray Bracken
Alan Paul
Jenny Lord
Ellen O’Brien
Akiva Fox
Daniel Rehbehn
Justin Schneider
James Roemer
Associate Director of Administration
Anne S. Kohn
Human Resources Manager
Kimberley Mauldin
Human Resources Coordinator
Charlie Owen
Accounting Manager
Mary Margaret Finneran
Accounting Assistant
Marco Dimuzio
Company Manager
Eric C. Bailey
Theatre Management Intern
Matt Land
Company Management Intern
Stephanie Holmes
Ursula David
Director of Operations
Timothy Fowler
Theatre Building Engineer
Jerry Sampson
Maintenance Technician
Al Sanders
Trent Holland
Operations/IT Assistant
Melissa Adler
Harman Porters
Dennis Fuller, Jorge Ramirez,
Rosa Umanzor
Lansburgh Porters
Mirna Guzman, Agustin Hernandez
Director of
Information Technology
Database Administrator
Systems Administrator
The Academy for
Classical Acting Director Gary Logan
Academy Program Coordinator
Julia Strachan
Director of Education
Artistic Director
Managing Director
Theatre Services Manager
Carol Krueger
Assistant House Managers
Melissa Adler, Tim Bailey,
Julia Curry, Taryn Friend, Addie Gayoso, Jocelyn Henjum,
Dora Hoyt, Joe Lamantia, Andrea Lemieux,
Meaghan McFadden, Lauren Parks, Ronee Penoi,
Ali Peterson, Bach Polakowski, Marie Riley,
Joseph Thomas, Jennifer Untalan, Kelsey Williamson
Retail Manager
Christopher Levy
Assistant Retail Manager
Sue Fraser
Harman Reception
Shaun Russell
Communications Manager
Diane Metzger
Lindsay Mady
Senior Graphic Designer
Ricardo Alvarez
Associate Graphic Designer
Nicole Geldart
Graphic Design Intern
Raphael Davison
Web Coordinator
Brien Patterson
Kevin Allen, Scott Suchman
Brian McCloskey
Brian Graham
John Griffiths
Chief Development Officer
Associate Director of Development
Associate Director of Special Events
Development Operations Manager
Director of Corporate Giving
Corporate Giving Manager
Director of Individual Giving
Membership Manager
Major Gifts Coordinator
Director of Foundation and
Government Relations
Grant Writer and Event Coordinator
Development Intern
Ed Zakreski
Amy Gardner
Joanne Coutts
Meridith Nimke
Mandy D. Prather
Noreen Major
Karri Brady
Chris Nitti
Emily Lynn
Connie L. Perez
Meghan Metzger
Mark Lunsford
Director of Marketing
and Communications
Darby Lunceford
Marketing Manager
Peggy Kearns
Marketing and Communications Intern
Lauren McGrath
Ticket Services Manager
Austin Auclair
Assistant Ticket Services Manager
Becca Gurganious
Group Sales & Cultural Tourism Manager
Tia Pickeral
Subscriptions Services Manager
Zachary Ford
Sales Supervisor
Christopher Arnold
Sales Associates
Zindzi Ali, Holly Cobb, John Dellaporta,
Heather Hart, Michel Higgs, Megan Heithaus,
Christopher Hunt, Joe Isenberg, KC Johnson,
Stephanie Junkin, Jessica Kaplan, Angela Kolesnikova,
Andre McBride, Katherine McCann, Izetta Mobley,
Kristin Nam, Alex Perez, Sarah Polaski, Carmelitta Riley,
Marie Riley, Crystal Stewart, Trey Thomas,
Nkem Wellington, Michael Wharton
Call Center Director
Monte Hostetler
Teleservices Associates
Tilla Bradley, Andrew Davis,
Blaine Elliott, Rebecca Gavrila, Stephanie Green,
Cheryl Kempler, Afifa Klouj, Daniel Lyons,
Joanna Morgan, Cynthia Perdue, Amy Sloane,
Kirk Sobell, Pat Sonaty, Tamra Testerman, Luke Tudball
Samantha K. Wyer
School Programs Manager
Vanessa Buono
Training Programs Manager
Dat Ngo
Community Access Programs Manager
Marcy Spiro
Education Coordinator Tamsin Green
Resident Teaching Artist
Jim Gagne
Education Intern
Emily Townsend
Affiliated Teaching Artists
Elizabeth Alman,
Wyckham Avery, Michael John Boynton, Dan Crane,
George Grant, Rachel Grossman, Rachael Holmes,
Paul Hope, Michelle Jackson, Casey Kaleba, Floyd King,
Jackie Lawton, Andrew Long, Mitch Mattson,
Adrienne Nelson, Elaine Qualter, Paul Reisman,
Lorraine Ressegger, Tonya Beckman Ross, Oran Sandel,
Joel Santner, Erin Sloan, Brent Stansell,
Esther Williamson, Matt Wilson
Director of Production
Associate Director of Production
Assistant Production Manager
Production Assistant
Stage Management Interns Bookings Manager
Bookings Coordinator
Bookings Assistant
Deborah Vandergrift
Genevieve Cooper
Tim Kaufmann
Hannah O'Neil
Arielle Goldstein,
Richard Vollmer
Jared C. Neff
Tim Bailey
Julia Curry
Costume Shop Director
Wendy Stark Prey
Costume Shop Floor Manager
Randi Fowler Kudner
Costume Crafts Manager
Katie Stack
Resident Design Assistant
Lynda Myers
Denise Aitchison, Randall Exton,
Sally Kessler, Tessa Lew, Jacqui Pomeranski
First Hands
Billie Jo Fisher,
Sandra Thomas, B. Daniel Weger
Michele Ordway, Liz Polley, Jennifer Rankin,
Donna Sachs, Lauren Sims
Crafts Artisan
Joshua Kelley
KC/ACTF Costume Design Intern
Laura Benedict
Costume Intern
Lela O'Bryant
Costume Apprentice
C. Layton Kuchinski
Costume Crafts and
Stage Props Intern
Danielle Hurley
Overhire Draper
Catherine Hennessy
Overhire First Hand
Matthew Nunn
Overhire Stitchers
Tiffany Freeman,
Lynne DeLong Goodwin, Belinda Haaland,
Sandy Smoker-Duraes, Amy Vander Staay
Crafts Overhire Katherine Waterworth
Technical Director
Mark Prey
Assistant Technical Directors
Michael Bagley,
Kelly Dunnavant
Scene Shop Foreman
Greg Schmidt
Scene and Paints Buyer
Kati Torgerson
Leanne Bock, Tyler Hoyt,
Kurt Van Nostrand, Joshua Wellnitz
Charge Scenic Artist
Scenic Artist
Scenic Painter
Scenic Art Intern Prop Shop Director
Associate Props Director
Lead Props Artisan
Props Artisan
Props Painter/Sculptor
Hand Props Artisan
Soft Goods Artisan
Costume Crafts and
Stage Props Intern
Knives and Daggers
Sally Glass
Jose Ortiz
Karla Ramsey
Nathan Stanaland
Chester Hardison
Eric Reynolds
Chris Young
Tobias Harding
Eric Hammesfahr
Kimberley Cruce
Rebecca Williams
Danielle Hurley
SOG Specialty Knives and Tools
Master Electrician
Assistant Master Electrician
Harman Electrician
Lansburgh Electrician Electrician Assistant to the Lighting Designer
Audio Supervisor
Assistant Audio Engineer
Harman Live Mix Engineer
Audio/Video Engineer
Lansburgh Board Operator
Sean R. McCarthy
Lily Bradford
Brian Flory
Lauren A. Hill
Jacob Moriarty-Stone
Andrew Scharwath
Martin Desjardins
Jason Tratta
Jessica Murphy
Geoff Moore
Andrew Smith
Stage Operations Supervisor
Louie Baxter
Assistant Stage Operations Supervisor
Bradley Cooper
Stage Carpenters
Katherine Lucibella, Emily Steger
Run Crew
Mick Coughlin, Nick Custer
Overhire Run Crew Jeremiah Mullane, Michael Murphy
Wardrobe Supervisor
Katherine Share
Wardrobe Staff
Jessica Cole Jackson, Monica Sylvia
Wigs and Make-Up
Jaime Bagley
Overhire Wardrobe
Jennifer Allevato
Academy for Classical Acting
Now Accepting Applications
for the ACA Class of 2012
Apply to the ACA
If you are interested in applying to the ACA,
would like more information or have questions
about the application process and/or the
program in general, visit the ACA website
at or
call us at 202.994.2819. You can also find
more information and become a fan of
the ACA on Facebook at
Ellen O’Brien instructs a voice class.
The Shakespeare Theatre Company in the
nation's capital, in conjunction with The George
Washington University, offers a Master of Fine
Arts degree to develop actors for the classical
theatre. Under the guidance of Michael Kahn,
Artistic Director of the Shakespeare Theatre
Company and one of the country's most
respected acting teachers, the Shakespeare
Theatre Company Academy for Classical Acting
at The George Washington University (ACA)
trains up to 16 students each year. The ACA's
one-year intensive graduate program focuses
on the specific craft of acting Shakespeare and
other classical texts.
Training includes acting, voice and speech—in
particular the challenges of speaking verse—
movement, mask, the Alexander Technique,
text, combat, as well as dramatic literature
and theatre history. Students perform in their
own ACA productions. By training under the
auspices of "the nation's foremost Shakespeare
company" (The Wall Street Journal) and one
of the nation's finest academic institutions,
ACA students receive a unique opportunity
to learn and interact with members of the
Shakespeare Theatre Company's accomplished
classical acting company, as well as nationally
and internationally recognized guest instructors
and distinguished faculty from The George
Washington University. An alternative to
traditional MFA acting programs, the ACA helps
professional actors who want to strengthen
their skills in this specific discipline.
Once you have submitted your online
application form and fee, you will need:
• Current resume & headshot
• Two letters of recommendation
(one professional and one academic)
Copies of:
• Completed and signed application form
• Statement of Purpose/Essay
• Transcript (official or student)
• For the audition, please prepare two
classical, contrasting monologues (from
Shakespeare and in verse) that are 2-3
minutes each in length. Callbacks are held
on the same day as your audition. If you are
called back, you should have 1-2 additional
classical monologues prepared as well as a
contemporary piece. Those present at the
ACA auditions may include Michael Kahn,
Artistic Director of the Shakespeare Theatre
Company; Gary Logan, ACA Director; and
Ellen O'Brien, ACA Voice and Text Instructor.
February 5, 2011—Chicago
February 12, 2011—San Francisco
February 19, 2011—New York
February 26, 2011—Washington, D.C.
Become an ACA Scholarship Donor today!
Your support ensures a future of high-caliber, American classical actors. Call 202.608.6352 to learn how
you can make a gift in support of an ACA student.
Audience Services
Lansburgh Theatre
450 7th Street NW
Sidney Harman Hall
610 F Street NW
Ticket sales and subscriber exchanges:
Tickets: 202.547.1122
Toll-free: 877.487.8849
Group sales: 202.547.1122, option 6
TTY (hearing impaired): 202.638.3863
Box office fax: 202.608.6350
Bookings: 202.547.3230 ext. 2206
Box Office Hours:
When there is an evening performance:
Monday: 10 a.m.–6 p.m.
Tuesday–Saturday: 10 a.m.–6:30 p.m.
Sunday: Noon–6:30 p.m.
(Box Office window open until curtain time)
When there is no evening performance:
Monday–Saturday: 10 a.m.–6 p.m.
Sunday: Noon–6 p.m.
Concessions and Gift Shops:
Food and beverages are available one hour before each
performance. Pre-order before curtain for immediate
pick-up at intermission. Lansburgh Theatre and Sidney
Harman Hall gift shops are open before curtain, at
intermission and for a short time after each performance.
Group Sales Tickets
Our theatres are accessible to persons with
disabilities. Please request special seating at time
of ticket purchase and arrive 30 minutes before
curtain for priority seating.
terpreted performance of Cymbeline:
Tuesday, February 15, at 7:30 p.m.
Audio-described performance of Cymbeline:
Saturday, February 26, at 2 p.m.
An audio-enhancement system is available for all
performances. Both headset receivers and neck
loops (to use with hearing aids outfitted with a
“T” switch) are available at the coat check on a
first-come basis.
Program notes in Braille and large print are
available at the coat check.
The use of cameras and recording equipment in the
theatre is strictly prohibited. As a courtesy, turn off pagers,
telephones, watch alarms and all other electronic devices
during the performance.
Audience members may be reached during a performance
by calling house management at 202.547.3230 ext. 2517.
Specify seat location.
Make it a night to
remember for your
group and become
a part of the magic
of bringing theatre
to life! From large student
groups to small book clubs, corporate parties or
even your family and friends, we are here to help
make your theatre outing a rewarding one.
Contact Tia Pickeral,
Group Sales and Cultural Tourism Manager,
at 202.547.3230 ext. 2317 or
[email protected]
Groups of 10 or more receive a savings of at
least 20% on tickets!
 
Latecomers will be seated at management’s discretion.
For more information, go to
Follow us online!
As proud
of the Shakespeare
Theatre Company,
Gordon Biersch
gladly honors
You're just one click away
Daily Command Performances.
900 F Street NW · Washington, DC 20004 · (202)783.5454
Reservations online at
 
 
   
   
   
 
 
 
 
 
 
Photo by Ken Wyner.
Ensure the future of
classical theatre in America.
“My experience at The Academy for Classical
Acting was nothing short of transformational.
Since graduation a little over a year ago, I have
been offered three professional contracts with
solid regional theatre companies, including the
Shakespeare Theatre Company itself.”
Brit Herring, Class of 2009
The Emerging Classical Artists Fund
Your tax-deductible gift to the Emerging Classical Artists Fund provides
scholarship support to talented students in the Academy for Classical
Acting (ACA), the Shakespeare Theatre Company's one-year intensive MFA
program at The George Washington University.
Under the guidance of STC Artistic Director Michael Kahn, the ACA
trains actors to master the complexities of Shakespeare and other
classical playwrights. Your generosity will make an enormous impact
now, and on stages here and across the nation for years to come.
To make a gift in support of an ACA student,
please contact Karri Brady at the Shakespeare Theatre
Company at 202.608.6352 or Shelly Deavy of
The George Washington University at 202.994.9909.
Photo above: Morgan Duke in Women Beware Women.
Right: Brit Herring and Madison Dunaway in Pericles.

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