aluminium - Outside Concepts


aluminium - Outside Concepts
Beams, Posts and
Brackets are here!
7 reasons you should choose
aluminium for your next outside project
When you’re next scoping an outside project for a client – such
as a carport, verandah, pergola or patio – consider choosing
aluminium instead of steel or timber for your structural material.
Aluminium beams, posts and brackets are now readily available
and make an attractive alternative to the more traditional choices
of steel and timber. Plus, there are significant benefits in choosing
aluminium. Here are 7 reasons why aluminium is a great choice:
1. Aluminium is strong. Most commercial jetliners are built from
the material.
2. Aluminium is light, easy to cut and a great product to work
3. Aluminium isn’t as expensive as you may imagine. In fact,
with the price of steel increasing over the past few years,
aluminium can be cheaper to use than steel!
4. Aluminium posts, beams and brackets are more attractive
than their steel counterparts.
5. Aluminium lasts significantly longer than timber. It’s also
highly resistant to weathering, even in areas where corrosion
is a serious issue for steel.
6. Aluminium is maintenance free and comes in a wide range of
7. Aluminium is already an admired choice in many homes and
businesses, with aluminium windows and even doors now
more popular than ever.
Engineering charts
Engineering span charts are
available on the AluBeam
• Beams are available in three
• 100mm X 44mm
• 150mm X 44mm
• 200 X 44mm
• Posts come in one size,
90mm X 90mm
• You can purchase all types
of brackets for all types of
Why aluminium?
Easy to work with
Cost effective
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Wide range
More information
AluBeam ( carries
a range of aluminium beams, posts and
For more information on AluBeam or the
advantages of using aluminium for your
next outside project, contact AluBeam by
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9/07/2012 12:01:30 PM
AluBeam brackets are available in all
standard solutions.
Example span chart
Aluminium is a great product to use in the Bayside areas of Melbourne because of the
proximity of the ocean as it requires no extra protective measures like other materials.
Rick M - Builder Melbourne VIC
Aluminium is always perfectly straight unlike timber and is extremely light and easy
to handle.
Bob G – Builder Reynella SA
Great product to work with.
Alastair K – Builder Perth WA
Fantastic choice of colours and the AluBeam has style.
Vanessa O – Perth WA
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9/07/2012 12:01:31 PM