Kauhale Newsletter - Ka Honua Momona, Intl.


Kauhale Newsletter - Ka Honua Momona, Intl.
“‘A‘ohe hana nui ke alu ‘ia. No task is too big when done together by all”
(‘Olelo No ‘eau, #142)
Kauhale Project
JULY 25, 2011
A Dream Come
Hana Students Collaborate with
Molokai Youth to Build
Sustainable Project
Kaunakakai, Molokai (July 21, 2011)—Students
of Ma Ka Hana Ka ‘Ike (MKH), the Hana School
Building Program, took their show on the road last
week, traveling to Moloka‘i to help nonprofit Ka
Honua Momona (KHM) build their Kauhale project,
which includes a learning center/office, restrooms and
traditional hale at their fishponds restoration site.
MKH executive director Rick Rutiz and 15 Hana
youth arrived on Moloka‘i by boat on Sunday, July 10,
with their tool belts and solar truck, ready to work.
Hana youth were joined by 25 Moloka‘i youth with
interest in community service and construction. The Hana
youth, led by Russell Stoner, James Freudenberg-Pu, and
Lyman Diego, acted as mentors to the other student
In just 7 days, they constructed a 772-square-foot office
and a 140-square-foot solar bathhouse and restroom
facilities, and began work on the traditional hale at
Ali‘i Fishpond.
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Raising Buildings,
Building Youth
40 Youth
7 Days
3 Buildings
1 Unforgettable Experience
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The Moloka‘i ‘ohana, led by Uncle Timmy
Leong, Uncle Mervin Dudoit, Kauwila Hanchett,
and Travis Ritte included numerous local
carpenters and masons who generously gave their
time to share their mana‘o with our kids.
Making an Impact on
our Community
For the 8 years KHM has been in existence
restoring two 15th-century fishponds, they’ve lacked
appropriate facilities for their programs. KHM began
planning its Kauhale several years ago. With a 35year lease on their site from the Department of
Hawaiian Home Lands and grants from the Bill
Healy Foundation, the Atherton Family Foundation,
and the Hau‘oli Mau Loa Foundation, Ka Honua
Momona was finally able to move ahead with their
building project. The construction of these facilities
will provide KHM with the spaces needed to
continue and grow its service to the Molokai
In keeping with its mission “to be a model of
sustainability mauka a makai,” KHM chose to build
as green as possible, using a Deltec home package
that features energy-efficient design and sustainably
harvested lumber, as well as applying green building
design and purchasing green building whenever
What makes this project
100% Soar Construction
Energy-Efficient Design
Natural Lighting
Passive Cooling
Composting Toilets
Greywater Recycling System
Water Efficient - Saves over
60,000 gallons of water annually
ü Solar Hot Water and PV
ü Sustainable Building Materials
ü Low or No VOCs
ü 45% Carbon Footprint
ü Youth-Led Construction
Molokai Hospitality
Due to the heat, youth worked 7am-11:30am each day, then
went holoholo to swim, dive, and surf; returning to work 3pm7:30pm, before being invited to someone’s home or a lu‘au to
eat food caught locally for the group, such as crab and deer
The Moloka‘i ‘ohana took care of the Maui team with
tremendous aloha, and the more they showed their
appreciation, the harder Hana youth worked—working well
into the pa‘ina on the last night, making sure the roof was up
and the building’s structure was solid.
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Our Traditional Hale
In Their Own Words
Twenty youth from the Moloka‘i Youth
Center (MYC) were also involved in the Kauhale
Project—they tackled the daunting task of gathering
heavy ironwood logs for the traditional hale,
debarking and soaking the logs prior to
construction. MYC youth gained community
service experience, hands-on learning, and pride.
The youth from the Molokai Youth Center will
continue to work with KHM in constructing our 400
square feet traditional hale. Justin Avelino is
leading the hale project under the direction of
cultural expert Uncle Francis Sinenci of Hana,
“If we had one program like this on
Moloka‘i, it would be a benefit for all the
Moloka‘i youth. I like the camaraderie of it—
choke hands come help. (Kian Phillips,
“It's good to take pride in your work because
there’s other people that appreciate all the
things you’re doing. (Kalani Tolentino,
“Makes me feel proud I building something
for people, doing something with my life.
(Hoe Cosma, Hana)”
“I’ve never seen this level of confidence, skill,
passion, and work ethic in this age level
before.” Kauwila Hanchett, Executive Director,
Ka Honua Momona
“The aloha our kids experienced on Moloka‘i
was amazing. It inspired them to work harder,
to give more,” Rick Rutiz, Executive Director,
Ma Ka Hana Ka ‘Ike.
MKH’s Solar Workshop On Wheels
Hana youth remove plywood coverings from the six solar
panels atop their solar truck that powered the construction
site with green power. MKH youth were also able to ship
over all of their tools in the solar truck. Young Brothers
donated shipping of the solar truck.
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vMailing Address: PO Box 482188 Kaunakakai, HI 96748v10 Mohala Street, Suite 202, Kaunakakai, HI 96748 vPhone:(808) 553-8353
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A Dynamic Collaboration
By bringing Ma Ka Hana Ka ‘Ike to another island, youth leaders on Moloka‘i were able to
experience hands-on how a building program like this works, while Hana youth experienced the
remarkable aloha of a community welcoming them with open arms.
Ma Ka Hana Ka ‘Ike is now in its 12th year as a
hands-on construction skills training program for atrisk youth in Hana, Maui. Their mission is to provide
youth with a way to learn that makes sense to them,
that builds their self-esteem and shows them they
have the power to change their future. They can be
reached at www.hanabuild.org
Mahalo Nui Loa!
To the many hands and hearts
that made this project possible…
Mahalo to our youth builders – your skill, confidence and hard work turned our vision into reality!
MA KA HANA KA ‘IKE: (HANA) James Freudenberg-Pu, Russell Stoner, Lyman Diego, Kalani Tolentino, Kieven Nakamura, Likeke
Carvalho, Mikyla Thomas, Steven Cosma, Kili Koma Momoa, Aukai Lopez, Makena Keiley, Jessie Silva-Olivera, John Kahalehoe (the
third), Isaiah Pu-Akima, (MOLOKAI) Kian Phillips, Kainalu Purdy, Kaio Kalawe, Kapono Acasio, Kevin Dudoit (Led by Rick Rutiz).
MOLOKAI YOUTH CENTER: Carlos Xbarbo, Nilu Aki, Preston Kaho'okano, Kamanu Kaho'okano, Namaka Puaa, Mana Mokiao,
Vicky Mokiao, Star Dudoit, Tyler Santiago, Pulama Paleka, Kalawai'a Paleka, Apelila Tongonan (Led by Travis Ritte and Alii
Mahalo to the professionals who freely shared of their time and talent when we most needed it.
Uncle Timmy Leong, Junior Kalawe, Eugene Spencer & Nelson Rapanot.
Mahalo to our funders – your generous support made this project possible.
Bill Healy Foundation (Diane Hall, Marc Cramer), Atherton Family Foundation (Pamela Funai), Hauoli Mau Loa Foundation (Janis
Reichmann and Brant Chillingworth).
Mahalo to the many businesses and organizations that contributed to this project.
Deltec Homes Inc. (Mark Morales, Kerry Watkins, Kevin Adams, David Hall, & Joe Schlenk), Young Brothers (Kealoha Hoe, Leonora,
Kauvei, Nikki & Ipo), Panacea (John Hanchett, Susan and Chip Scarlett), Reuse Hawaii, Queen Liliuokalani Children’s Center (Kekama
Helm and Barbara Kalipi), Go!Mokulele (Gail Glushenko), Chris and the team at Honsador, Atlas Building Supply (Roxanne),
HonuBoard (Ellaine and Gailen), Linda Taylor Engineering (Rod and Linda Taylor), Architectural Drafting (Luigi Manera, Rob
Stephenson), ProDraft (Robert Robinson), Makoa Trucking (Chris), Mike’s Catering (Michelle and ‘Ohana), Molokai Visitor’s
Association, Alpha Electric (George).
Mahalo to the following individuals and departments for their help in navigating the permitting process.
The Land Management Division and the Planning Division of the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, Nancy McPherson and the
Molokai Planning Commission, Anthony Fukuoka, Kalola Kaulili of the Maui County Permitting Department, and Daryll Aea of the
Department of Transportation – Highways Division.
Mahalo to our Community Members –Kalawe ‘Ohana, Sui Walker and Cookie Ritte, Patricia and Chris Hammond, Scarlett and
Kailana Ritte-Camara and ‘Ohana, Mike and Carla Hanchett, Bill Domingo, Ron Davis and Uncle Mac Poepoe, Jerzy Kokurewicz.
vMailing Address: PO Box 482188 Kaunakakai, HI 96748v10 Mohala Street, Suite 202, Kaunakakai, HI 96748 vPhone:(808) 553-8353
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