23 November 2011 Dear Parents/Caregivers What a truly special


23 November 2011 Dear Parents/Caregivers What a truly special
23 November 2011
Dear Parents/Caregivers
What a truly special week we had last week. 8 classes away on Education Outside the Classroom activities. The value
of these experiences are immense and to see students tackling activities with such enthusiasm and getting outside their
comfort zones was amazing. The feedback from tutors at the camps was most complimentary towards our students. At
MERC for example they could not get over the exceptional behaviour and the way our students took to the water and
all gave every activity a go! My thanks to our Teachers for the countless hours that go into organizing these events. To
the parents who stay overnight at camps (many giving up valuable work leave time) and to those who help in so many
ways for example with transport, my thanks. Our students are very fortunate to be surrounded by such a generous
community. See attached photo montages of MERC.
Special congratulations to our GOLD Care Award winners: Traynor Buckton, Celia Forsberg, Meredith Cree,
Matthew Skepper, Tomas Matteucci, Lauren Pomfrett, Emily Robinson, Jacob Plaziuk, Sara Buxton, Kiki
Shalley, Jay Donaldson, Gabrielle Kennington, Charlotte Raffaelli, Odette Sullivan-Yates, Charlotte Harvey,
Amy Tunnicliffe, Francesca Miles, Summer Allen, Taryn Wishart, Rose Bronlund, Rina Paraone, Dayna
Heape, Renee Cummings.
Congratulations to our CARE Silver winners for the last fortnight: Conna McKenzie, Jessica Smith, Iva Punou,
Phoebe James, Lauren Batley, Mackenzie Mill, Jake Hyland, Louie Leatherland, Joshua Cocking, Clay
Woodward, Jack Batley, Makaela Constable, Phoebe Kennington, Mitchell Riley, Kayla Mair, Stacey Paterson,
Joshua Mulvaney, Sam Bonar, Jessica Davison, Bradley Povey, Luke Richardson, Kaleb Carr.
Congratulations also to our CARE Bronze winners for the last fortnight: Jonelle Little, Jak Sione (2nd), Kaia
Morehu (2nd), Iva Punou, Carlos Olsen, Lauren Batley, Blake Pybus, Hikawera Puriri, Waimana Wynyard,
Kurtis Macdonald, Pearl Everard, Hannah Spragg (2nd) Fletcher Constable, Taryn Parrott (2nd), Ruby
Johnston, Jordan Aitchison.
November 24
November 25
November 28 – 30
November 30
December 1
December 2
December 6
December 7
December 8
December 12
December 14
December 15
Board of Trustees Meeting @ 7.00pm
Athletics for Rooms 6 to 14
Maths Basic Facts testing
Golf Tournament
Rooms 1 to 4 Sports Afternoon
School Support Group Meeting @ 7.00pm
Kaipara Schools Athletics
Rooms 1 to 4 to Zoo
Traffic Wardens to Fun Day at Waiwera
Next Newsletter
Full School Assembly
Wind Up Night
Reports sent home
School Finishes @ 2.30pm
Xmas Shopping Night
Please remind your child that they have to wait until
the bus has pulled well away before they cross the road
if they have to. Parents can help immensely by not
waiting on the opposite side to the stop.
Wind Up Night
On Thursday December 8th we will hold our Wind Up
Night. At this evening we farewell our Year 8 students,
issue class awards and recognise exceptional efforts
over the year including the results of our CARE
program and the CARE Cup. The evening starts at
7.00pm and we hope all families can attend.
Pool Keys
These will be available for sale to families of the
school for use of the pool over summer. They cost
$100.00 with a $20.00 refund once the key is returned
at the end of summer. Parents must purchase these
from the School Office as there is an agreement form
to be completed. Students will not be given these
forms or keys to take home. Keys will be on sale from
Monday 14th November but the pool is not open for
swimming until today. Keys will not be available for
sale after Wednesday December 14th.
Group Day
Congratulations to the following who achieved well at
Group Day:
Leading & Handling – Junior
Narbey Shield – Billie Stroobant 2nd.
Rearing, Grooming & Childs Effort – Junior
Hunter Cup – Billie Stroobant 2nd.
Light Breed Dairy Type – Senior
Mrs ME Keane Memorial Cup Libby Berrington-Hume 1st.
Champion Light Breed Dairy Type
Ellett Cup - Libby Berrington-Hume 1st.
Heavy Breed Dairy Type – Intermediate
Jake Cameron 3rd.
Beef Type – Junior
Billie Stroobant 1st.
South Kaipara Schools Group Day Cup
Billie Stroobant 2nd.
High Jump – Junior
Annaliese Harvey 2nd.
Leading & Personal Control – Junior
Annaliese Harvey 4th.
Leading & Personal Control – Intermediate
Rose Dominick 1st.
Champion Leading & Personal Control
Sherrard Cup - Rose Dominick
Wool – Intermediate
Charlotte Harvey 3rd.
Rearing & Grooming – Junior
Navana McLachlan 4th.
Leading & Personal Control – Junior
Jessica Cameron 2nd.
Navana McLachlan 4th.
Call & Most Obvious Pet – Junior
Navana McLachlan 2nd.
Jessica Cameron 3rd.
High Jump – Junior
Navana McLachlan 2nd.
Jessica Cameron 4th.
Best 3 matched Goats from one School
Kaukapakapa School 2nd.
Touch Rugby
Congratulations to the following who have been
selected to represent Kaipara Junior Touch at the
upcoming North Harbour Touch Intermodule
Tournament on November 27th.
Year 1&2 mixed - Kurtis Macdonald, Logan
Year 3&4 mixed - Jackson Transue, Jordan Treadwell,
Hayden Jones, Sarah Davison, Kiki Shalley, Aria
Year 5&6 Boys - Sam Waterworth, Blake Richardson,
Ethan Macdonald
Year 7&8 Boys Elite - Jacob Wood
Year 7&8 Boys Development - Caleb Macdonald,
Connor Marshall, Jamie Beale
Year 7&8 Mixed - Jessica Davison, Assaf RothmanBerman. And also congratulations to the following
students who have been selected to represent North
Harbour in their age group at touch:
Rena Paraone (U13 Mixed Elite team)
Jacob Wood (U13 Boys Development, team), Assaf
Rothman Berman (U13 Boys Development team). In
Assaf and Jacob’s grade there were over 80 boys
trialling from throughout the North Harbour area with
only 35 being selected. All three will spend their
summer holidays training 3 times a week and will be
representing their province at 2 major tournaments
Golf – Wednesday, 30th November
We can still take late entries for both teams and
individuals. Entry forms can be found on the school
website www.kaukapakapa.school.nz If you’d like
further information, please phone Tracy on 420-4581.
The organising committee are also on the lookout for
fantastic prizes, so if you are able to help with
donation items or services, please phone Sandy on
Helensville Christmas Parade – Saturday, 3rd
The School Support Group has entered a float in the
Christmas Parade. If you would like your child to be
involved, please fill in the form and return to school by
next Wednesday.
Xmas Shopping Night – Thursday, 15th December
Our annual Xmas Shopping Night in the Kaukapakapa
Hall will be the place to be for all your last minute
Christmas gifts. If you are interested in booking a
table, please phone Margo on 420-5101. Tickets will
be available from Monday, 28th November at the
school office or from Anna’s Hair Studio. Tickets are
$5 per person (including complimentary drink), but
buy early and you get 2 for the price of 1!
Next Meeting: Thursday, 1st December
If you’d like to be involved in fundraising for our
School, if you’d just like to see what is going on, or if
you have some great ideas, please think about
attending the next School Support Group meeting.
This will be at 7pm, Thursday, 1st December. For
further information, please phone Sandy Marshall on
Yours sincerely
A D Westrupp
4Front School of Guitar – Enrolling now
for 2012 Limited places available for Year
3-Year 8 pupils at Kaukapakapa school for
Guitar lessons during school time. For more
info Ph: Rob Galley 021 707952 or email
[email protected]

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