8 March 2016 - Knighton Normal School


8 March 2016 - Knighton Normal School
Newsletter 5 8 March 2016
Placings in the Thompson Cup were:
Dolly Vaa
Samira Esfahani
Erika Piper
Kia ora /Greetings
Do you want to make a difference in a
child’s life?
Child, Youth and Family are currently
looking for people in this area who can
offer safe, caring, stable homes for young
people in need of short term care, time out
over weekends and/or holidays, or a home
for life.
Their team will support you to understand
and manage the challenges of fostering a
young person, and will be there with you
to celebrate the successes.
You may be surprised; you could be just
the right person to offer your care to a
young person who needs you!
If you are interested in finding out more,
or know someone who may be interested,
or if you think you might be able to help in
some other way then they would love to
hear from you!
Please call Johnson Taoho, Care Services
Manager, on 07 957 4740 or email
[email protected]
Senior Swimming Sports
Senior School Swimming Sports were held at
the Hamilton Boys High School Pool last
Wednesday. The venue was excellent and
we had a great day.
We have two competition cups. The Ostler
Cup is presented to the fastest Year 6 child
over 50 metres and the Thompson Cup for
fastest Year 5 child over 25 metres. It was
lovely to have Joy Thompson (a past parent
who donated the cup to Knighton many years
ago) attend the awards ceremony and
present her cup.
Placings in the the Ostler Cup were:
Zoe Ovenden
Jethro Franke- Bowell
Rongo Purua
Congratulations to these children and to all
the children who participated. Also, well done
to all the amazing senior children who trialled
for these events in their lunch breaks, a true
sign of commitment, persistence and
confidence - kids who show us the Knighton
Way. It was a great day.
Certificates for all competitive swimming
placings will be awarded at the next senior
school assembly following camp.
Thanks to Mrs Cooper and the teachers for
organizing the day.
The Inter School Swimming Sports will be
held at Hillcrest Normal on Friday March 18.
Notices have gone home to those children
Children’s Absences
Community Notices
It is school policy that we are to be notified by
9a.m. daily if a child is going to be absent
from school. Please ring the answer phone
856 5393 and leave a message, or text us
on 027 352 2089, or through the School
App. Please tell us the child’s name, room
number and why they will be absent. As this
is a safety issue and in the interests of your
cooperation. ALL unexplained absences will be
followed up.
For the free School App; on an iPhone or
Android device, go to: http://onelink.to/mnfdrq
or search Knighton Normal School at the App
Store or Play Store.
• Knighton Football Club. If you missed the
muster on Sunday but would like your child
to be involved this season contact Stephen
Hine Ph: 856 2100.
• Claudelands Rovers Soccer offer ‘Casual
Kicks’ to all children from 7-13 years old
wanting to have a fun kick around before the
soccer season starts. Every Monday from
5-6.30pm at Flynn Park. Contact Brian
Halford, Mob: 027 705 1836.
• Claudelands Rovers Junior Muster is on
Sunday 13 March, 9.30-11.30am at the
clubrooms at Galloway Park. New players,
boys and girls, as well as current players
are welcome. Each child needs to bring
boots, shinpads and a drink bottle. Online
registration are open and can be found at
• Varsity Taiohi Junior Rugby Weigh-in day
at The Don (Gate 3b University of Waikato
on Silverdale Rd) Sunday 13th March from
3:00 – 4:30pm. New Players – a copy of
Birth Certificate or Passport is required to
confirm age. Coaches & managers also
required. Phone Brett on 021 238 7303 or
Kylie on 021 11 22 171 for more details or
• Waikato
Exhibition takes you beyond the looking
glass and into the crazy back-to-front,
upside-down world of reflections and
light. This exhibition allows you to explore
some of their amazing properties and many
uses in fun and exciting ways. Take up the
challenge to build your own periscope, peer
through a giant kaleidoscope and have fun
learning together. Runs 6
February - 8 May. Free
Ruben the Road Safety Bear
Ruben is visiting the junior school assembly
this Friday 11th March. If you think your child
may be scared or you have any other
concerns please speak to your child’s teacher
before then.
Junior Safe Walking Continues
Just a reminder our juniors will be learning
about safety whilst walking in our community.
This will involve some trips around the local
streets during the school day. Please be
aware these littlies will be out and about and
stay alert.
Lost Property
We always have a large amount of lost
property at school. This is collected and put
on racks outside Mrs Cowie’s office. It may
pay to check this when you are in school.
Named items can normally be returned.
Cultural Parade
Confirming that the date of our Cultural
Parade has been changed to Thursday 7
April at 9.10am.
Jeff Freeman