Install Guide: Apexcone HID Conversion Kit • HID Kit: Apexcone


Install Guide: Apexcone HID Conversion Kit • HID Kit: Apexcone
Install Guide: Apexcone HID Conversion Kit
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HID Kit: Apexcone 4500k H7 Conversion Kit
Difficulty Level: 2 out of 5
Install Time: ~2hrs
Tools Needed:
Ratchit w/8mm + 10mm sockets
Phillips head screwdriver or Power Drill
Zip Ties + snips/cutters
Heatshrink wrap (can substitute with electrical tape...keep it clean!)
Sheet metal screws to mount the ballast
blanket or tarp
Panel Popper or flat head screwdriver
A lot of people seem to have struggled with the retention clips and other issues by
not removing the bumper. It's VERY easy and saves you a big ass headache. I
highly recommend it. BUT IT'S OPTIONAL. Plus you have plenty of room to work
with and keep all the wire looms clean and tied up.
1. Remove front bumper. Start by removing the 2 large head phillips screws that attach to
the grille. Then remove the plastic phillips head screw clips. Then move down to under the
front lip, there are multiple 8mm/phillips head screws along the front underside edge. There
2 plastic phillips head screw clips in each fender well, as well as a phillips screw on the top
edge of the fender, where the bumper and fender meet.
NOTE: The foglight wire harnesses are clipped onto the bumper. To remove the bumper the
plastic clips must be removed. Gotta be carefull not to put too much stress on them or the
could pull out and break. Use a panel popper or flat head screwdriver to remove the clips
and then unplug the fog bulbs.
2. Once the bumper is removed, you now have access to the headlight bolts.
NOTE: You do not have to remove this screw.
Take note of the bolt types, the bolt on the left with the thicker base, is used up top on the
rad support, the thick base helps it align.
3. Remove Headlight. There will be 3 plugs to remove from the headlight before romoving it
from the car. Each bulb has it's own plug.
The extra wires you see are from the DDEs. So i took this opportunity to clean up that
wiring too. Star Wars blanket opitional
4. Remove Dust cap from headlamp.
5. Unhook retainer spring clip and remove the stock H7 bulb.
6. Now hit the bench and start prepping the wire harnesses. Open your box and here's what
you'll find.
7. Start by removing the power cable from the rubber grommet. Not sure why it even came
that way :headscratch: ...maybe universal for other H7 applications. This gave me the
perfect solution to my DDE wires
8. Locate the stock low beam 3 pin plug. (There is only one projector per side) Only 2 of the
pins are used tho. Insert the red HID power wire into the pin that matches the stock colored
wire. Insert the black HID power wire to the pin that matches the stock black wire.
NOTE: I did not leave the wires like this, it's just for the pic. I later used some heatshrink
wrap and then a rubber cover to further protect them.
Option 1: Another alternative is to find a set of male H7 connectors. Then cut the male pins
off and solder the ballast power wires to the new H7 plug and then just plug it into the stock
female plug.
Option 2: While this is how the kit is meant to be installed, adding a relay and harness is
not a bad idea. I planned to make a complete harness for both the HIDs and DDEs, but was
also going to try to retrofit new projectors and go to D2S bulbs...Whenever i decide, i'll
update this guide with how i made my harness.
9. Fitting the Dust cap to the bulb and pressure fitting the rubber grommet. In order for the
plug on the DDE wires to fit, i had to slit the rubber grommet between the 2 empty holes.
(the HID bulb is still in the protective case)
10. Time to mount the ballast. Here is where i chose to mount mine. I glued spacers to the
rear of the ballast mounts, as the body metal was not flat. Then secruely screwed it to the
body metal.
The Apexcone kit comes with the proper spacers to install the H7 HID bulb. (the HID bulb is
still in the protective case)
11. Connect the ballast power wires and zip tie the looms to clean it up.
12. With the provided spacer, insert the HID bulb into the projector and clip into place with
the stock spring clip.
It was here that i pulled the DDE plug and wires through the rubber grommet. Turned out
nice and clean
13. With the new HID bulb in place, install the headlight. Plug in all the plugs prior to
setting the headlamp in all the way.
The rectangle black box is the DDE transformer. It's 3M Velcro taped to the headlight
14. Moving to the otherside, i chose a slightly different spot for the ballast. After removing
the stock airbox lower chamber, i had alot more room to work with. I positioned it in a way
so i would not have to use the spacers and the wires would still have sufficent slack.
NOTE: I removed the OEM lower airbox chamber as i have an SRI, so the ballast placement
may not work for those still using the OEM airbox. Although mounting it like i did for the
passenger side will work fine.
15. After repeating the steps to remove the headlight and install the HID bulb and re-install
the headlight....i also added the Xtec HIDmatch H11 foglight bulbs. Since one of my current
Yellow bulbs burnt out.
This shot was taken inside the car...the tint makes it look halogen...
Fogs only
slightly out of focus, but the angle and the color of the sky are too cool not to post
Now, just wait for nightfall and enjoy your new HID lights!!!
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