Converting old Quickie P200 Motors for new Electronics



Converting old Quickie P200 Motors for new Electronics
Converting old Quickie P200
Motors for new Electronics
Why do it?
A lot of really old chairs still have great motors
New controller can be more powerful
Save money on new motors
Because you can
First step
• Take the motors out
of the chair
• Take the round end
plate off, using a
small allen wrench
on the four screws:
Second step
• Snip the white
wire as close as
possible to the
• Strip the end of
the white wire
Step Three
• Gently bend the
third leg of the
switch away from
the metal housing.
Step Four
• Solder a 2 inch long piece
of wire to the third leg
• Make sure to get some
good heat shrink tube to
cover the exposed metal.
Step Five
• Connect the third leg
wire to the white wire
• Use heat shrink tube
to cover everything
• Tuck the wires as
• Close the motor,
you’re done with this!
What did you just do?
• Normally the switch is “off” when the motor
lever is engaged.
• The controller can’t tell if the switch is in
“drive mode” or if the wire is broken, so new
controllers don’t look for a switch to be “on”
when the motor is disengaged.
• The brake-release coil now goes through the
switch, so when the lever is engaged, the
brake can be energized.
• Take apart the motor plug with a screwdriver,
sliding the plastic box down the wires to
expose the back side of the pins
• Clip all the wires close to the plug, clip the
cable ties, and take the plug off the wires
Last step
• The red and black wires go to the red
(positive) and black (negative) of your new
• The white and black go to the brake
connectors of your new controller plug
• To use the hand-wheel switches normally, wire
them in series with the brake circuit.

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