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Diocesan News - Roman Catholic Diocese of Kamloops
Vol 41, No. 3 - October 2015
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“Everything has a story”
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Most Reverend Bishop David Monroe
Photo Credit: Gabriella Valachy
Water system built by the volunteers from Kamloops this summer. Their
motto was “Everything has a story. Change the story, change the world.”
The same motto is painted on each of the water storage tanks built this
summer – one in English and one in Swahili.
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Photo Credit: Gabriella Valachy
Windmill made for the village of Msanga by the team of volunteers from Kamloops.
This summer, a group of students and chaperones travelled to work in the mission field in Tanzania with the Missionaries of the Precious Blood. This was the
eighth group from the Kamloops Diocese to spend the summer in the mission
territory. The main project while they were there was the completion of a water
project for the village of Msanga. This year’s chaperones were Mark Backmeyer,
Nancy Backmeyer and Domenica Spina. The students were Taylor Matias, Matthias
MacLeod, Daniel Faliszewski, Allie Bittante, Patricia Pryor, Gabby Valachy, Rachel
DiMambro and Sarah Schwarz. The technology now available (and better data plans
for cell phones) allowed this group to stay connected with their family and friends
throughout the mission trip.
As the trip came to an end, Rachel DiMambro, had the following thoughts to
“The trip was absolutely incredible and completely life changing. We’ve learned
so much, tried new things and met new people. There are no words to explain how
great it really was. I’d like to take this time on behalf of the mission group to thank
everyone for their support. From the donations, to attending our fundraising events,
and especially for giving us kind words of encouragement through this entire thing.
We could not have done this without you. Thanks to you, we have raised the money
to change the life of an entire village.
I hope everyone has a chance to travel at some point, and experience something
as amazing as this was for us. It is wonderful that we got to share our experiences
with you while being in Africa (through Facebook and Tumblr). We are excited to
see the experiences of the next group going as well. (If you have the chance to go,
seriously take it!)
So, this is the end. Thank you everyone once again.
Until next time,
CPPS Mission Group 2015
Article by Rachel Dimambro
Diocesan News Catholic Diocese of Kamloops - October 2015
Notice and Coming Events
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Year of the Consecrated Life Day of
Learning and Reflection
There will be a special diocesan event
held at OLPH on Saturday November
14th from 10 am – 3 pm. Come and
learn about the consecrated life from
those within the diocese who are living
the consecrated life. It is important to
register at the chancery, as lunch is provided and we need to know how many
people are coming. Mass will be celebrated at 11:45 am with Bishop Monroe as
the main celebrant. This promises to be
an interesting, informative and enjoyable day so please plan to attend. Call
250-376-3351 to register!
Average Joe Men’s Retreat Fall 2015
Immaculate Heart of Mary Shrine and
Retreat Center Cache Creek, B.C.
November 13-15, 2015 Mass, Talks,
Confession, Adoration, Good Company,
Good Food and Shooting. Trap shoot at
local shooting range on Saturday afternoon/evening.
For more information or contact
Ray Duggan at 250-457-1106 or email
[email protected]
Jubilee Year of Mercy
Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy 8
December 2015 to 20 November 2016.
Watch the December issue to learn what
the Diocese of Kamloops will be doing
at the local level to celebrate this great
“The secret of happiness is to live
moment by moment and to thank
God for what He is sending us
every day in His goodness.”
St. Gianna Beretta Molla
Secular Carmelites
Do you want to grow in a deeper
awareness of God’s presence? Do you
feel drawn to a more contemplative life?
Are you interested in following in the
footsteps of St. Teresa of Avila, St. John
of the Cross and St. Therese of Lisieux?
Perhaps you are being called to a voca-
tion in the Secular Order of Discalced
Carmelites. This is a lay Carmelite
Community of men and women, single,
married or widowed, whose lives are
dedicated to prayer. For more information, please contact
Linda at [email protected]
Secular Franciscans
A vocation for men and women,
married or single, who follow Jesus in
the footsteps of St. Francis of Assisi. If
you are interested in Franciscan spirituality and would like information on the
Secular Franciscan vocation,
please contact Mary 250-573-4441
Catholic Club on TRU Campus
The club’s purpose statement is “We
are a group who believe in the Lord Jesus
Christ and the truths of the Catholic
faith. We believe in enriching ourselves
and sharing with others.” To connect
with the club on Facebook like the
Kamloops Catholic Connection page.
Palliative Care
Visit www.lifegivinglove.com/colf/ –
the website for a National Campaign for
Palliative Care and Home Care: Against
Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide.
Diocesan Prayer Cards
The Diocese of Kamloops Marian
League offers prayer cards for you to
enroll your friends and family. They will
be enrolled perpetually and remembered
in all Masses and prayers offered at the
Diocesan Shrine of the Immaculate
Heart of Mary in Cache Creek for all
members of the League, living and deceased. Cards for yourself or your parish
are available at the Chancery in
Kamloops (250-376-3351) and at the
Shrine (250-457-9930). All offerings
benefit the Shrine.
Diocesan News Catholic Diocese of Kamloops - October 2015
The Bishop’s Journal
May 28 – Thursday
and I visited two of the parishioners
who were not able to come for Mass.
Sunday night I was out to the airport
to meet Father J. Ronald Knott who has
come to the Diocese to direct the annual
retreat for the priests.
Monsignor Desmond, Gary Cooper
and I drove to Immaculate Heart of Mary
Shrine, Cache Creek to see the condition
of the Shrine area after the rain storm.
The shrine itself did very well – some water came in through the lower window
areas on the north side of the shrine.
The shrine property on the west where
the gulley is along Stage Road has been
expanded up to the edge of the road,
taking out the curb and our chain-link
June 15 to 19 – Monday to Friday
Father Knott used the directives of
the Church to encourage us to live our
priestly life. This being our week for the
Priests’ Retreat, it was a time of reflection on the messages of Father Knott
helping us to enrich our priestly lives.
May 30 & 31 – Saturday and Sunday
Seven young people received the
Sacrament of Confirmation at Sacred
Heart Parish in Williams Lake at the
Saturday evening Mass and after the
Mass the other parishioners for the dinner celebration downstairs.
After an early morning drive from
Williams Lake to Quesnel on Sunday
morning, thirteen young people were
confirmed at Saint Ann’s Church at the
11:00am Mass. Once again those confirmed joined other parishioners in the
parish hall for a mid-day lunch.
On the way home I had the opportunity to make a quick stop and visit with
Father Vernantius at Saint Jude’s Parish,
100 Mile House.
June 2 – Tuesday
Saint Ann’s Academy provided a full
evening celebrating the visual, musical
and culinary arts.
Before the meal we visually enjoyed
the art and craft skills of the students
– especially enjoying the mimicking of
the work of great artists – like “Whistler’s
Mother” seated in her black gown on a
motorcycle rather than on a chair with a
foot stool!
In the last hours of the evening we
enjoyed the various individuals, choirs,
ensembles and musicians who entertained with a great variety of music.
June 6 & 7 – Saturday and Sunday
With the summer weather here it is
good to begin the season going to the
lakes. Saturday evening Masses were
celebrated at Our Lady of Fatima parish, Sicamous and Saint Joseph parish,
Salmon Arm.
On Sunday I celebrated Mass at Saint
George’s parish, Barriere and Saint James
parish, Clearwater, then made a quick
trip back to the Cathedral to be present
June 20 – Saturday
for Benediction after the Holy Eucharist
Procession of more than a hundred
parishioners along Third Street to the
railway tracks and back to the cathedral.
June 10 – Wednesday
After a morning drive to Sacred Heart
Parish, Williams Lake and a short visit
to some of the students at Sacred Heart
School, I went with Father Derrick
Cameron out to Sacred Heart Parish,
Anaham for the confirmation of five
young people. It was very impressive
to see the number of people from the
reserve area who came for the special
occasion, more than one hundred. After
the Mass there was the blessing of the
fourteen new stain glass windows and
then a special banquet in the seniors’
June 11 & 12 – Thursday and Friday
On Thursday afternoon Father Derrick
and I drove up to Prince George to be
present for the Mass at Sacred Heart
Cathedral and the opening of the B.C.
and Yukon Provincial CWL Convention.
On Friday we attended the morning
meeting of the Convention and then
drove back to Williams Lake and then I
continued back to Kamloops.
It is always interesting to hear how
involved the CWL members are in the
various areas of society and communities.
June 13 & 14 – Saturday and Sunday
My visit to Saint John the Baptist
Parish, Lillooet began on Saturday at
5:00pm at a parish supper with several
of the parishioners and on Sunday after
the 9:00am Mass Father Bob Haggarty
Diocesan News Catholic Diocese of Kamloops - October 2015
As is the custom, this day is kept in a
special way dedicated to the Immaculate
Heart of Mary with a Mass at 11:00am
followed by a luncheon and then a drive
home – but his year I went west rather
than east in order celebrate the 5:00pm
Mass at Our Lady of the Mountains
at Whistler with the Sacrament of
June 21 – Sunday
The Sunday Masses were celebrated at
Our Lady of the Mountains at 9:00am,
then at 11:00 at Saint Christopher’s
at Mount Currie at 11:00 and at Saint
Francis of Assisi in Pemberton at 12:30.
June 25 – Thursday
The priests of the area – Cache Creek
and Kamloops - were invited and honoured at a special celebration at Saint
Mary’s, Skeetchestn. We began in the
church with prayer and singing and
went to the children’s centre for lunch.
June 27 & 28 – Saturday and Sunday
I visited Father Vernantius at Saint
Jude’s, 100 Mile House and celebrated the Saturday evening Mass at the
seniors’ centre at Lac LaHache and the
Sunday Masses at Saint Jude’s and Holy
Family, Bridge Lake.
June 29 – Monday
In the morning I drove to Vancouver
and celebrated the 5:00 pm Mass at
Saint Patrick’s Church with Archbishop
Michael Miller and some of the priests of
Vancouver in honour of Father Vincent
Hawkswell who will be retiring. A special dinner followed the celebration of
the Mass.
July 4 – Saturday
With the sunshine and the summer
holidays it was time to begin having the
4:00pm summer afternoon Mass at Saint
David’s Anglican Church at Celista.
There were 40 people present for the
Mass and afterwards I was invited to one
of the campsites for Sunday dinner.
July 5 – Sunday
This morning Mass was celebrated at
St. Gerard’s - Ashcroft, Immaculate Heart
of Mary – Cache Creek and St. Peter’s –
Clinton. It is interesting to reflect on
the part these three places had at the
time of the gold rush, as they became
important centers of commerce as many
prospectors and settlers followed the
Thompson River to the east.
Mass at St. Joseph’s, Kamloops Reserve
and on 9th I celebrated the 8:30am Mass
at the Cathedral.
August 14 to 16 – Friday to Sunday
This was the time for the annual
Fountain Lake Pilgrimage – it was a
little cooler than usual! There were
also several surprises this year – the
two new Brothers of the Servants of the
Risen Christ (Immaculate Heart of Mary
Shrine). Brother Ferdinand and Brother
Dominic made their first Fountain Lake
Pilgrimage and a number of people
from Anahim Lake and Kluskus Reserves
drove long distances to be present.
July 12 – Sunday
At the celebration of the Mass at the
Cathedral today I had the opportunity
to baptize two children.
July 16 – Thursday
For the feast day of Saint Edmund
I was invited to go to Saint Edmund’s
Parish in North Vancouver to be the
main celebrant at the evening feast day
Mass and was able at the reception afterwards to meet many of the parishioners
who were at the parish when I was the
pastor in the 1970’s.
July 19 – Sunday
After celebrating the 8:30 and 10:30
Masses at Our Lady of Perpetual Help I
drove to the Carmel of Saint Joseph to
celebrate the Mass with the Carmelite
Sisters and many of the friends of the
July 25 & 26 – Saturday and Sunday
I went early to the Shuswap area to
drive along the Shuswap Lake as far as
St. Ives before saying Mass for the people and summer visitors at St. David’s
Chapel at Celista.
covers 120,000 square kilometres (46,332.26 square miles) in south central British Columbia.
August 2 & 9 – Sunday
On Sunday August 2nd I celebrated
From Jane Cameron, Sacred Heart School
On June 11th Bishop Monroe popped in to see us at Sacred Heart Catholic School.
The children were spellbound watching the Bishop sign the words Good Morning
and Good Night!
Diocesan News Catholic Diocese of Kamloops - October 2015
features and in His mystery, Christ known
through his manifold presence in the
Church and in the world, and confessed
in the meaning of history and the light of
life’s journey.”(NMI-15)
Pope Francis On the Sunday of Divine Mercy, April 11th,
2015, Pope Francis in the Bull of Indiction
announced the Extraordinary Jubilee
of Mercy which is to begin on December
8th – the Solemnity of the Immaculate
The Bishop’s
At the close of the Great Jubilee of
the year 2000 Pope Saint John Paul II
wrote the Apostolic Letter ‘The New
Millennium’ (Nuovo Millennio Ineunte)*.
In his Bull of Indiction of the Jubilee he
expressed the hope that the bimillennial
celebration of the mystery of the
Incarnation would be lived as “one
unceasing hymn of praise to the Trinity”
and also “as a journey of reconciliation
and a sign of true hope for all who look
to Christ and to his Church.”
(*A Papal Bull is an official document
issued by the Pope or by his offices. The
name is derived from the lead seal (bulla)
traditionally affixed to such a document.)
In his Apostolic Letter Saint John Paul
II stated, “Two thousand years have
gone by, but sinners in need of mercy
– and who is not? – still experience the
consolation of that ‘today’ of salvation
which on the Cross opened the gates of
the Kingdom of God to the repentant
thief: ‘Truly, I say to you, today you
will be with me in Paradise’ (Lk
The saint said of the great legacy of
mercy, “I would not hesitate to describe
it as the contemplation of the face of
Christ: Christ considered in his historical
As Saint John Paul II invited us in 2000
to contemplate the face of Jesus, Pope
Francis calls on us now “to contemplate
the mystery of mercy” – “Jesus is the face
of the Father’s mercy” (1).
The Holy Father then contemplates the
mystery of mercy Mercy: the word reveals the very mystery
of the Most Holy Trinity.
Mercy: the ultimate and supreme act by
which God comes to meet us.
Mercy: the fundamental law that dwells
in the heart of every person who looks
sincerely into the eyes of his brothers and
sisters on the path of life.
Mercy: the bridge that connects God and
man, opening our hearts to the hope of
being loved despite our sinfulness
Mercy: the word reveals the very
mystery of the Most Holy Trinity.
Pope Francis begins by showing how the
psalms present the grandeur of God’s
merciful action. God forgives, heals,
redeems, loves, feeds, executes justice and
crowns with steadfast love - Ps 103:3-4;
Ps 147:3,6; Ps 147:3,6; and in Ps 136, the
Great Hallel, affirms the mercy of God
through the events of the Old Testament
with the words, “For His mercy endures
At the last supper before leaving for the
Mount of Olives Jesus sang this psalm of
mercy placing Himself and His paschal
sacrifice in the light of His mercy.
“With our eyes fixed on Jesus and His
merciful gaze, we experience the love of
the Most Holy Trinity”(8).
Mercy: The ultimate and supreme act
by which God comes to meet us.
“The mission Jesus received from the
Father was that of revealing the mystery of
divine love in its fullness(8).”
God is love and this love has been made
visible and tangible in Jesus’ entire life,
His person is love and nothing in Him
is devoid of compassion. In the Gospels
Diocesan News Catholic Diocese of Kamloops - October 2015
Jesus shows and teaches the message
of mercy in His words and actions and
gives the message that “mercy is the very
foundation of the Church’s life” (10)
and “the time has come for the Church
to take up the joyful call to mercy once
Mercy: the fundamental law that
dwells in the heart of every person
who looks sincerely into the eyes
of is brothers and sisters.
We are called to be merciful like the
Father. We see how God loves us in His
mercy when we call upon Him to come
to our assistance He shows us when we
call upon Him in our weakness.
In the Holy Year we are to open our eyes
to see the misery of others, hear their cry
and reach out reflecting on the corporal
and spiritual works of mercy:
1. To feed the hungry
2. To give drink to the thirsty
3. To cloth the naked
4. To harbor the harbourless
5. To ransom the captive
6. To visit the sick
7. To bury the dead
1. To admonish the sinner
2. To instruct the ignorant
3. To counsel the doubtful
4. To comfort the sorrowful
5. To bear wrongs patiently
6. To forgive all injuries
7. To pray for the living and the dead.
Jesus tells us that we will be asked if we
have helped others (Mt. 25:31-45).
Mercy: the bridge that connects
God and man opening our hearts
to the hope of being loved despite
our sinfulness
During this Jubilee Year the season
of Lent is to be seen as a special time,
accompanied by Isaiah to experience
and celebrate God’s mercy in a more
intense way through prayer, fasting,
works of charity and by placing the
Sacrament of Reconciliation as a means
of experiencing God’s mercy and peace.
Priests have received the gift of the Holy
Spirit for the forgiveness of sins and in
joy, as faithful servants of God’s mercy,
are to welcome the repentant sinner who
has come home.
Cont. pg 7
The Bishop’s
Message Cont...
At the end of his letter Pope Francis
draws our attention to the Mother of
“Chosen to be the Mother of the Son
of God, Mary, from the outset, was
prepared by the love of God to be the
Ark of the Covenant between God and
man. She treasured divine mercy in
her heart in perfect harmony with her
Son Jesus.”(24)
“Her life is authentic and credible
only when she becomes a convincing
herald of mercy. She knows that her
primary task, especially at a moment
full of great hopes and signs of contradiction, is to introduce everyone to
the great mystery of God’s mercy by
contemplating the face of Christ.”(25)
Ray and I enjoyed listening to several speakers at the World Meeting of Families,
including two cardinals. We heard about virtue, the importance of kneeling for
family renewal, care of our common home, the importance of family and how we
learn to relate and interact in the world by growing up in families. It sticks out how
the various speakers keep referring to the book of Genesis and how man and woman
are created in the image and likeness of God, and how God is a family. Simple,
fundamental, truth. Watch next issue of the Diocesan News for stories of the World
Meeting of Families from Ray & Nancy Hadden and Bil & Doreen Gowans. These
couples represented the Diocese of Kamloops.
Submitted by Nancy Hadden.
“All the good works in the world
are not equal to the Holy Sacrifice
of the Mass because they are the
works of men; but the Mass is
the work of God. Martyrdom is
nothing in comparison for it is but
the sacrifice of man to God; but
the Mass is the sacrifice of God
for man.” St. Jean Marie Vianney
Diocesan News Catholic Diocese of Kamloops - October 2015
68th Annual BC & Yukon Catholic Women’s League
Provincial Convention
Photo and Article: Laura Esposito
The 68th Annual Convention of the
BC & Yukon Council of the Catholic
Women’s League of Canada (CWL) was
held at the Coast Inn of the North,
Prince George B.C. from June 11 to
13, 2013. One hundred seventy-eight
members and guests attended and
were welcomed by the Prince George
Diocesan CWL Council. The Most
Revered Stephen Jensen, Bishop of
Prince George, celebrated Opening
Mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral. Also
in attendance was Most Revered David
Monroe, Bishop of Kamloops. Mass was
followed with a reception hosted by the
Knights of Columbus from Sacred Heart
A variety of guest speakers were
part of the agenda, Friday, June 12th,
2015. National CWL President, Barbara
Dowding and Sister Irene Baker, CSI,
spoke on the national theme, One Heart,
One Voice, One Mission linking it to
the provincial theme, Joyfully Serving
the Lord. Encouragement was given to
spend time in prayer and with scripture
using daily Mass readings. A starting
point for reflections could be asking
questions such as, “What is the text
saying to me?” or “What in my life is in
need of change?” Encouragement was
also given to read Pope Francis’ “Joy of
the Gospel”. Barb Dowding challenged
members to continue to emphasize the
spiritual component of the League and
make CWL meetings more exciting and
relevant to younger members.
Sergio Petrucci, representing
Development and Peace, and Doreen
Gowans, Past President of the BC &
Yukon CWL Council and CWL National
Chairperson of Community Life, shared
the work of Development & Peace.
Everyone was reminded of the program to donate 1% of funds raised by
CWL councils to D & P. Doreen told
Diocesan News Catholic Diocese of Kamloops - October 2015
of one council which held a successful
fundraiser asking members to contribute $1.00 for every pair of shoes they
owned to help with Development and
Peace. Maureen Fadum, President of
Domestic Abuse Services, Our Lady
of Good Counsel Society, shared the
society’s work with women in the Lower
Mainland and the BC interior. Donna
Flood, Executive Director of the Prince
George Hospice Society, shared her work
with the society and the need for palliative care to help people die “gracefully,
not fearfully.”
Five resolutions were presented
and approved: 2015.01, Invoke the
Notwithstanding Clause; 2015.02,
Enduring Power of Attorney on Spouses;
2015.03, New Registration Process for
Organ and Tissue Donation; 2015.04,
Increased Access to Children and Youth
Mental Health Services; 2015.05, Income
Tax Credit for Clients of Registered Clinical
Counsellors. These resolutions will
be forwarded to the national council
for consideration at the 2015 annual
national CWL convention to be held in
Vancouver August 16 to 19, 2015.
The liturgical celebration held on
Friday, June 12th was officiated by
Reverend Edwin Kulling, Provincial
Spiritual Advisor. A collection was taken
for Development and Peace and the
names of the deceased CWL members
were read. A casual dinner followed
at Sacred Heart School gym served by
teachers and students of the school.
Participants were entertained by the
children’s choir and the Forever Young
Saturday morning, Dr. Moira
McQueen, Executive Director of the
Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute,
captivated the audience with her charisma and knowledge. She stated that the
dignity of the human person is funda-
mental to our Catholic faith founded in
the Scripture, especially as each of us is a
member of the body of Christ. A human
life is defined as life from conception to
natural death, therefore the dying process should be supported not the right to
end life. “We are to help with the dying,
not help to die.” There is medication
available to help the suffering and it is
important to ensure that an advance
directive and enduring power of attorney clearly states the wishes of an individual. Dr. McQueen’s book, Bioethics
Matters, explains our Catholic teaching
on today’s stem cell research, reproductive technologies and euthanasia. She
supports BC & Yukon CWL Resolution
2015.01 Invoke the Notwithstanding
Clause, especially since examples from
other countries have proven that no law
is strong enough to end abuses. Each
member was encouraged to write letters
on this issue to their MP and other
members of government.
An invitation was extended by Father
Vince James OMI and Rose Prince’s nieces, to attend the Rose Prince Pilgrimage
at Le Jac, close to Fraser Lake, B.C., July
3 – 5, 2015. Father Vince spoke of when
he first started working in Fraser Lake in
1994 and the early days of the pilgrimage when 30 people would attend the
weekend. Now more than 1000 people
come for the weekend. Information
for the pilgrimage can be found at
The closing Eucharistic celebration
was held at Sacred Heart Cathedral and
included the reaffirmation of officers
and chairpersons. The convention banquet followed. Greetings were extended
by the Mayor of Prince George, Lyn Hall
and a presentation
was made by National President, Barbara
Dowding. The CWL Molly Boucher
Bursary was presented to the winner,
Marianna Gagliano, by BC & Yukon
CWL Provincial Education & Health
Chairperson, Agnes Geiger
A very successful, informative, spiritual and fun-filled convention was
enjoyed by the 178 members and guests
in attendance. An invitation was given
to attend the 2015 National Convention
in Vancouver and the 2016 provincial
convention in Coquitlam.
Photo Credit: Dianne Nadeau
Photo Credit: Dianne Nadeau
Diocesan News Catholic Diocese of Kamloops - October 2015
Directions on
Aboriginal Ministry
On August 17 – 20, 2015, Directions
in aboriginal Ministry was held at
Rosemary Heights Retreat Centre, Surrey,
BC. There were three main speakers,
during the three days conference who
presented topics on decolonization
and connection with truth and reconciliation. Some bishops from different
dioceses were also present during the
conference. Kamloops Diocese sent 5
representatives namely, Fr. Wladyslaw
Heart Garden
On May 30, 2015, the Diocesan First Nations ministry joined to create a “Heart
Garden” that marked the official closing Truth and Reconciliation Commission
through in the invitation of the KAIROS -Canada. Some First Nations women,
children, Members of the SFO, members of the CWL in Kamloops joined hands in
making the Heart Garden. This portrayed the symbols of the First Nations: The sacred colours red, white, yellow and black, the four directions, and traditional plants
like cedar, sacred tobacco, and sage, sweet grass and lily of the valley. The Garden is
located at the front of the Franciscan sisters’ convent.
Karciarz, John and Liz Corrigan, Jean
Stenhouse and Sr. Maria, SFIC.
Its aim is to raise awareness of
the effect and consequences of the
“Eurocentrism” that were implemented
(IRS) during the era early colonization
not only in North America but worldwide among the aboriginal peoples. It is
also to help the churches and parishes
to move from sympathy and caring to
concrete activities that will promote and
inculturate aboriginal culture in the life
of the church.
Diocesan News Catholic Diocese of Kamloops - October 2015
Wednesday June 10,2015
Confirmation & blessing of the windows
Today we’ve had 5 confirmed, 4 girls
& 1 boy, Maryjane Char, Lateisha Harry,
Santanna Isnardy, Taneesha Dick &
Austin Char.
The stained glass windows for our
local church in Anaham was all fundraised for, along with the fence around
the church. Much appreciated to all
who have contributed to all our events
volunteered by myself (Alana Bobby)
& family along with the 2 that have
got confirmed Austin Char & Maryjane
Char, these 2 have been volunteering
right along with me from day one,
Thank You Austin & Mj. It all started
when the Sisters of Christ the King have
left our community, was a sad time for
our community to see them leave. Sister
Eva has left me in charge with the little
collection box at my work place for the
church windows & over 2 months it
reached over $200.00 & talked with my
mother & a few other people & decided
to purchase some Bingo cards with this,
as the funds were not quite enough, my
mother Melanie Bobby & I decided we
will pay for the rest of the cost. With
having fundraiser events once a month
for over 9 months, we have managed
to pay for 7 windows & topped another window, that another family have
been fundraising for, as we’ve made
more than enough for the windows,
we decided to do a bunch of door prizes
to recognize all that have contributed to our events. $8450.00 went to
Bos Glassworks out of Williams Lake.
Thanks to John & Norma Bos for the
lovely windows. We’ve had another
family that have contributed a window
for our church, Jon, Anna Collins &
family! This family has been joining
our Sunday Masses on a weekly basis,
we are very blessed to have these kind
of generous people out there, much
Thanks to this family for purchasing 1
window, this family will be leaving us
soon, but their presence will always be
here, just seeing their window in the
entrance will bring memories back to
how generous this family was, much
blessings to this family as they journey on. Also our community band
Tl’etinqox Government Office has
been a huge part of this with money
on stained glass windows & the fence
on the outside & getting all the food,
cooks & cake for our Confirmation &
Celebration dinner for our windows.
Much appreciated, without any of
you none of this would have gotten
accomplished, with the windows &
fence. Tl’etinqox Trading post purchased 2 dream catchers made by a
local resident Denise Gilpin. That the
2 were given to Collins family & John
& Norma Bos of Bos Glassworks. Again
Thanks to all for getting this accomplished.
“I am not my own; I have given
myself to Jesus. He must be my
only love.” St. Kateri Tekakwitha
Thank you so much!
Alana Bobby & Volunteers Maryjane
& Austin Char!
Diocesan News Catholic Diocese of Kamloops - October 2015
‘Carmelite Corner ‘
As summer draws to a close the Sisters have been busy preparing many jars of their delicious homemade jam. They
have plenty to sell and Mother Ann has asked that we put out an invitation to ALL parishes to consider setting up a
small area in their church vestibules or hall to sell the jam. Please remember to acquire permission from your parish
priest and contact the monastery directly to make arrangements for pick up and price details. The sale proceeds from
the jam and other articles are very important to the financial needs of the Sisters. Thank you for your consideration
and generosity with this request.
The annual celebration of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
celebrated July 19th at the monastery, was a great
success. Although the weather was hot – the Mass
with Bishop Monroe, followed by a delicious lunch was
enjoyed by all. Thank you to all that donated the great
food and helped serve and clean up!
Another important event is the ‘Centenary Mass’ for
the end of the year of St. Teresa of Avila, it will be
celebrated at the monastery at 3 p.m., on October 11th.
The celebrant will be Father Provincial of the Secular
Carmelites. There will be a video of the Virtual Choir
made up of Carmelite nuns and friars from all around
the world.
St. Joseph’s Parish in Salmon Arm will be hosting their
annual fundraiser for the Carmelite Sisters. Sunday
December 5th, after Sunday Mass, there will be a silent
auction – with many excellent items for gifts and needs,
as well as a special breakfast. Please watch for details and consider having your own parish fundraiser for the needs of
the Sisters.
Next August 2016 is a special time – as we look forward to celebrating the 25th anniversary of the day the Sisters
arrived here in 1991.
Please remember to spread the word that the Sisters of the Carmel of St. Joseph are always ready to welcome new
postulants to their order. After completing an application form and an interview, if applicable, the order allows for a
‘live-in’ time to help discern if the Lord is truly calling them to this vocation. Please be sure information regarding the
Carmelites is available at your parish, you never know who the Lord is calling, and please pray for an increase to this
most important and needed ministry. There is plenty of room at the monastery!
You can also help support the Sisters by joining the Carmel of St. Joseph Guild - active members $25, honorary
members $75. Contact president, John Scott at [email protected], or Vice- president T. Sinclair at [email protected]
shaw.ca about joining us or use the Guild’s mailing address below. Remember the spiritual benefits received from the
Sisters prayers are ‘priceless’.
The Carmelite Nuns of Armstrong are deeply concerned about the
problems and the difficulties of the people of God in the surrounding
area and around the world. Everyone is invited to phone, write, email
or visit the Monastery to request prayers for special intentions. Website
www.carmelspall.org or mail to
Carmel of St. Joseph Monastery, 4815 Salmon River Road,
Armstrong, B.C. V0E 1B4 1-250-546-8801
God Bless all you do,
Mrs. Terry Mae Sinclair
Carmel of St. Joseph Guild
Bag 9000, suite 186, 190B TCH N E
Salmon Arm, B.C. V1E 1S3
Diocesan News Catholic Diocese of Kamloops - October 2015
Spiritual Classics
A series of articles by Rev. Dale Normandeau
Pastor of St. James Parish in Vernon
Jean Vanier has achieved a great
deal of good on behalf of the mentally
challenged around the world, and many
honours have been justifiably granted
him for his advocacy, including this
year’s Templeton Prize, a prize given to
those whose life’s work have affirmed
spiritual values. This latest prize seems
fitting, for Jean Vanier’s achievements
are only the fruit of his philosophy and
spirituality. That philosophy and spirituality has been eloquently described
in the 30 books he has written and in
the talks he has presented over the past
50 years. He believes that the mentally
challenged are among those who are
God’s little ones, those despised by the
Cont. pg 14
Jean Vanier’s
achievements are
only the fruit of
his philosophy and
world but close to God’s heart. Jean
therefore calls them his teachers and,
through their tutelage, has discerned
profound spiritual truths regarding the
mystery of God and his love, and the
means to peace in our troubled world.
The book Eruption to Hope consists
of talks and poems that were originally
presented to various groups in the late
1960’s. It is one of his more philosophical works and describes the raison d’etre
that underlies his life’s work.
The opening chapter of Eruption to
Hope, “The Evolution of the Family and
the Modern Crisis” addresses the changes family life has experienced in light
of cultural and technological changes.
The traditional family of the past had a
strong pater familias directing a large extended family living in close proximity
to one another and bonded by common
tribal or ethnic values and preconceptions. In modern times, this has evolved
into a nuclear family consisting exclusively of two parents (or a single parent) and children. One now lives some
distance from extended family members
and the old certainties that united the
larger family unit are swept aside. While
this change is not all together bad—a
number of out-dated attitudes, biases
and prejudices needed to be dismissed—
it has left the modern family with new
uncertainties and no absolutes, with the
resultant anxiety that follows. This leads
one to set oneself and his or her wants
and desires as the measure of all that is
right and good. The result is a cynical
rejection of all authority and a despairing surrender to hedonism, materialism
and relativism.
The key to relieving this present crisis,
according to Jean Vanier, is not a nostalgic return to the past, but to give oneself
as a loving gift to others, which he describes as communion. Married couples are
called to cultivate this communion with
each other. This communion is then extended to their children, and then “their
moments of intimacy should open them
to those neighbours who are rejected or
abandoned—the depressed, the aged and
the handicapped” (ibid, 15-16).
This communion would inaugurate
I came to the little village of Trosly-Breuil
in France in 1964. There I met men who
had been wounded in their minds and in
their psyches…I felt called to open up a
small house for other men like them…
and so it was that the adventure of l’Arche
began.” (Vanier, Jean. Eruption to Hope
(Toronto, Canada: Griffin House, 1972),
Preface). The preceding words describe
the conclusion of a long discernment.
Jean Vanier, a former naval officer and
philosophy teacher, wished to live a
more spiritual life. This pursuit led him
to a village in North-Central France.
Through his friendship with a Catholic
priest, Jean established a house with
two mentally handicapped men who
had been previously institutionalized.
This would lead to the establishment
of l’Arche (The Ark), an organization
dedicated to creating households for
and with the mentally disabled. About
150 l’Arche communities have since
been established around the world, with
about 5000 people directly engaged in
its work.
Jean Vanier’s Eruption to Hope
Preventative Maintenance Program
• Heating
• Air Conditioning
• Refrigeration
• Appliance Install & Repair
(250) 554-8733
We Sell the Best and Service the Rest
Mexican Fast Food
Full Mexican Food Menu
on the North Shore in Kamloops
Lansdowne Village – Downtown
450 Lansdowne Street
Ask for our family discount on Sundays
Diocesan News Catholic Diocese of Kamloops - October 2015
Spiritual Classics Cont...
a new extended family, bonded not by
a common pool of shared ethnic and
tribal values so much, but by love. This
sets contemporary community living,
for which all people crave, on a stronger foundation than that found in old
family structures.
In the chapter entitled “The Place
of the Mentally Handicapped in the
Modern World”, Jean Vanier explores
past and contemporary attitudes
towards the mentally handicapped.
While some cultures considered the
mentally disabled as being mystically
‘touched’ by God, as found among the
tradition of the “holy fools” in Russian
history and culture, the general population remained alienated by those odd
qualities found in these peoples. Today
that sense of isolation continues, but the
mentally challenged are now perceived
as truncated people, not measuring up
to the standards of ‘normal’ people.
Strange fascination with the mentally
handicapped in the past has now been
replaced by fear and contempt.
While Jean Vanier acknowledges the
difficulty mentally disabled people have
with contemporary standards of independent living and intellectual achieve-
ment, he also points out where their
values exceed those of ‘normal’ people.
While the mentally challenged are
just as prone to self-centred and sinful
behavior as anyone else, Jean admires
their unqualified acceptance of others
and their setting of relationships and
community building as being superior to
those goals that champion materialism
and self-determination. Taking these
insights gleamed from living in community with the mentally handicapped,
Jean Vanier believed these same insights
could bear abundant fruit if applied
to our domestic, national and international problems. The dangerous state of
world affairs could be alleviated if we
valued the cultivation of relationships
and community building with the same
fervour as found among the mentally
challenged. He therefore calls them his
teachers in this regard.
In the chapter “Strength Lies in
Weakness”, Jean Vanier expounds on
this Gospel irony. He himself was no
stranger to society’s movers and shakers.
His father, Georges Vanier, was the 19th
Governor General of Canada, which
put Jean in contact with influential
people both in Canada and beyond. As
midshipman of the HMS Vanguard, he
accompanied the Royal Family during
their Royal Tour of South
Africa in 1947. His family
ties and connections put
him in close proximity
with the rich and powerful.
He found the truth
of weakness in strength
through living with the
mentally challenged. He
found that their strength
was manifested in their
simple authenticity and
integrity. The powerful
are forced to compromise
integrity, in case it expose
the gulf between their true
selves and their pretensions. The mentally challenged, however, have no
such pretensions. “They”,
as Jean Vanier wrote, “are
not made for power and
glory. They seem to be
made for communion and
friendship. And because
of this the Kingdom of
Heaven is theirs” (ibid,
48). They are powerful
because they affirm the
values of the Kingdom
instead of a pale appeal to
accolades, titles and status
Diocesan News Catholic Diocese of Kamloops - October 2015
symbols. They also do not waste energy
protecting a status they do not possess.
Jean Vanier has been criticized for
being an unrealistic idealist, a criticism
that he himself acknowledges as having
at least some truth behind it. If he is an
idealist, however, it is an idealism rooted
in the truth of Gospel values, and an
element of irony can be found in those
values. We need to be reminded that
not only can the spark of the divine be
found among the marginalized of our
world, but sometimes that spark shines
more brightly among them than among
the respectable and influential. They are,
as Jean Vanier and the Psalmist observed, the stone rejected by the builders
that became the cornerstone.
If you wish to learn more about l’Arche
in Canada, the website address for this
organization is www.lache.ca
Thank you Chuck and
Frances Bishop
“Hanging from a chandelier is a
bit too hazardous and disruptive for
Diocesan News photographers, but giving your readers a sense of being part of
what’s going on is the essence of a good
news photograph.” - Cartoon and caption from Tips and Tricks for Newsletter
Photographers by Chuck Bishop for
The Diocesan News, 1997
“To believe in Jesus is to accept
what he says, even when it runs
contrary to what others are saying.
It means rejecting the lure of sin,
however attractive it may be, in
order to set out on the difficult
path of the Gospel virtues.”
St. John Paul II
KCC News
Kamloops Catholic Connection is an
outreach in the city of Kamloops for
young adults who go to university or are
working. There was a need in the city
to have a group and a place for young
adults to gather for fellowship and faith
enrichment. Under the direction of
Fr Andrew L’Heureux at Sacred Heart
Cathedral and a team of young adult
volunteers the KCC meets on a weekly
basis. The events always include food
since fellowship around the meal table
is intricate to building relationships.
After the shared meal there is a teaching
about our faith and small group discussion. It is of utmost importance to
the outreach to lead others to a deeply
personal relationship with Jesus. Other
activities have included a progressive
dinner and a road trip retreat. The
group is found on Facebook under
Kamloops Catholic Connection or email
[email protected]
com Please encourage young adults that
you know to check it out.
Words from our secondary patron, St. John Vianney:
“After God, we should have a great confidence in the Blessed Mother of Jesus,
who is so good.” – Sermon on Hope
October is the month of the Rosary – Intentions list for
October 2015 to October 2016
1 A great love for the Eucharist
2 Reverend Father Anthony Ackerman
3 Reverend Father Kenneth Anoruo
4 Reverend Father Patrick Anthony, SRC
5 Reverend Father Vincent Asomugha
6 Reverend Father Derrick Cameron
7 Reverend Monsignor Jerry Desmond
8 Reverend Father Malcolm DeWeese, Jr
9 Reverend Father Robert Haggarty, OMI
10 Reverend Father Wladyslaw Karciarz, OMI
11 Reverend Swann Kim
12 Reverend Father George LaGrange, OMI
13 Reverend Father Andrew L’Heureux
14 Most Reverend David J. Monroe
15 Reverend Father Peter Hoan Nguyen
16 Reverend Father Dale Normandeau
17 Reverend Father Boniface Ogbenna
18 Reverend Father Vernantius Ononiwu
19 Reverend Father Donal O’Reilly
20 Reverend Father Clinton Pendleton
21 Reverend Father Martin Peyton
22 Reverend Father Paul Simms
23 Reverend Father Fred Weisbeck
24 Deacon Eddie Lavoie
25 Deacon Paul Murphy
26 Religious Sisters and Religious Brothers
27 Seminarians
28 Our Catholic Schools – staff and students
29 The work of St. Vincent de Paul
30 The sick in hospitals and homes
31 Families
My sisters and brothers in Christ, when praying the
Rosary, besides your personal intentions,
please keep the following intentions:
First decade – for peace
Second decade – for our families
Third decade – for priests and deacons
Fourth decade – for religious
Fifth decade – for our seminarians
Prayer for the intentions of our Holy Father
Mary, Mother of God and our Mother, pray for us!
Ronald A. Tenisci, MBA, CA
Mario Piva, BComm, CA
Dennis Piva, BBA, CA
[email protected]
Diocesan News Catholic Diocese of Kamloops - October 2015
The Future of the Church Requires
More Active Participation of the Laity
Vatican City, 27 September 2015
(VIS) – “This morning I learned something about the history of this beautiful
Cathedral: the story behind its high
walls and windows”, said the Pope in his
homily. “I would like to think, though,
that the history of the Church in this
city and state is really a story not about
building walls, but about breaking them
down. It is a story about generation after
generation of committed Catholics going out to the peripheries, and building
communities of worship, education,
charity and service to the larger society.
… All of this is a great legacy which you
have received, and which you have been
called to enrich and pass on”.
“Most of you know the story of Saint
Katharine Drexel, one of the great saints
raised up by this local Church”, he
continued. “When she spoke to Pope
Leo XIII of the needs of the missions,
the Pope … asked her pointedly: ‘What
about you? What are you going to do?’.
Those words changed Katharine’s life,
because they reminded her that, in the
end, every Christian man and woman,
by virtue of baptism, has received a
mission. Each one of us has to respond,
as best we can, to the Lord’s call to build
up his Body, the Church”.
Those words were addressed to a “a
young woman with high ideals, and
they changed her life. They made her
think of the immense work that had
to be done, and to realize that she
was being called to do her part. How
many young people in our parishes
and schools have the same high ideals,
generosity of spirit, and love for Christ
and the Church! … To find ways of
sharing their enthusiasm and gifts with
our communities, above all in works of
mercy and concern for others?” asked
the Pope.
“One of the great challenges facing
the Church in this generation is to foster
in all the faithful a sense of personal
responsibility for the Church’s mission,
and to enable them to fulfil that responsibility as missionary disciples, as a leaven of the Gospel in our world. This will
require creativity in adapting to changed
situations, carrying forward the legacy
of the past not primarily by maintaining
our structures and institutions, which
have served us well, but above all by
Diocesan News Catholic Diocese of Kamloops - October 2015
being open to the possibilities which the
Spirit opens up to us and communicating the joy of the Gospel, daily and in
every season of our life”.
Francis remarked that “it is significant
that those words of the elderly Pope
were also addressed to a lay woman. We
know that the future of the Church in
a rapidly changing society will call, and
even now calls, for a much more active
engagement on the part of the laity. The
Church in the United States has always
devoted immense effort to the work of
catechesis and education. Our challenge
today is to build on those solid foundations and to foster a sense of collaboration and shared responsibility in
planning for the future of our parishes
and institutions. This does not mean relinquishing the spiritual authority with
which we have been entrusted; rather, it
means discerning and employing wisely
the manifold gifts which the Spirit pours
out upon the Church. In a particular
way, it means valuing the immense
contribution which women, lay and religious, have made and continue to make,
to the life of our communities”.
“During these days of the World
Meeting of Families, I would ask you
in a particular way to reflect on our ministry to families, to couples preparing for
marriage, and to our young people”, he
concluded. “I know how much is being
done in your local Churches to respond
to the needs of families and to support
them in their journey of faith. I ask you
to pray fervently for them, and for the
deliberations of the forthcoming Synod
on the Family”.
Names of participants in photo left to right: Doreen Gowans, OLPH, Linda Cameron, Sacred Heart Cathedral, Louise Fox,
Sacred Heart Merritt, Donna Cassidy, Sacred Heart Cathedral, Liz Thomas, Sacred Heart Merritt, Laurie and Paul Desaulniers, Holy
Family, Bishop David Monroe, Liz Corrigan, OL of the Mountains Pemberton, Sheila Hart, St. Jude’s, John Corrigan
In front: Peter Hart, Council Chair & Katrina Laquian, D&P Animator for BC/Yukon.
Missing from picture: Lawrence Beaton, St. Ann’s Academy, Rich McCleary, Holy Family, Debra Idzan, St. Joseph’s Salmon Arm,
Fr. Paul Simms, OLPH
Development & Peace Calls for Action
The Holy Father, Pope Francis has put out a call for environmental stewardship and care with his encyclical “Laudato Si’ “
(May 24, 2015) The message is a hard-hitting statement of the truth about our fragile planet and also a beautiful message about
God’s love and of hope for a better future.
In mid-September, the Canadian Catholic Organization of Development and Peace (CCODP) Diocesan Council met to learn
more about the pope’s message and how we can respond to the crisis of climate change. We share the pope’s concern that everyone in our global village is affected by climate change but it is the poor who are paying the biggest price. Honduras, Ethiopia
and Philippines are examples of nations who are especially vulnerable as they suffer typhoons, drought and environmental
Each year CCODP presents an area of study for Catholics in Canada on the issues of concern for the Global South. This
autumn all parishes are invited to grow in awareness of climate change and to effect changes in ourselves, our communities
and our country. We have the opportunity to raise our voices on this critical topic by signing a commitment card to the Prime
Another crucial aspect of CCODP is to supply emergency aid in areas of natural and man-made disasters. The Syrian civil war
has taken a quarter million lives and created 4 million refugees. Emergency funds collected will go toward humanitarian aid for
refugees and will be matched by the federal government until Dec. 31st.
For more information on how CCODP works with partners in the Global South, visit the websitewww.devp.org.
“We are not the sum of our weaknesses and failures; we are the sum of the Father’s love for us and our real
capacity to become the image of his Son.” St. John Paul II
Diocesan News Catholic Diocese of Kamloops - October 2015
Singing, Playing, Eating, Creating!
- Kathy Dahl (VBS Volunteer)
Vacation Bible School at St. Ann’s Academy from July 13-17, 2015. More than 80 registrants, youth and adults spent a week
together in “An Adventure in the Wilderness through the Sacraments.”
What a way to learn about the seven
sacraments! More than 40 youngsters,
aged 5 to 12, were totally involved
in “A Wilderness Adventure through
the Sacraments,” a week of Cat.Chat
Vacation Bible School (VBS.) Hosted
by Sacred Heart Cathedral at St. Ann’s
Academy from July 13-17, 2015, 29
families were involved with 18 youth
and 16 adult volunteers, who led the
Diocesan News Catholic Diocese of Kamloops - October 2015
youngsters through the Sacraments with
daily themed activities.
VBS included Opening and Closing
Ceremonies, which reinforced the
theme and virtue of the day with
demonstrations and skits. Monday’s
theme was Baptism with letters to
Godparents, Baptismal cupcakes, and
“Bap” and “Tism” presenting the skit.
The Sacrament of Eucharist on Tuesday
included Adoration in the school chapel,
Mass Picture Hunt for altar items and
singing “Hike of my Life.” Confirmation
was introduced on Wednesday, with
the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit, Wilderness
First Aid Kits and Trying to be Like Jesus.
Thursday and Friday each introduced
two sacraments: Reconciliation and
Anointing of the Sick, then Matrimony
and Holy Orders. All participants were
invited to go to confession on Friday,
when Father Andrew and Father Swann
Kim were present for the sacrament.
Bible Verses supported each day’s
theme and virtue. Virtues included over
the five days were courage, gratitude,
perseverance, self-control and hope.
Saints were celebrated: St. John the
Baptist, St. Martin de Porres, St. Kateri
Tekakwitha, St. Padre Pio, St. Gianna
Beretta Molla, St. John Vianney. Mass
completed each day at noon.
Bishop David Monroe celebrated the
opening Mass with Monsignor Desmond,
Father Weisbeck and Father L’Heureux
throughout the week. Father Andrew
was in attendance each day, starting
with basketball warm up, and assisting at
the different stations. The week culminated with Mass and pot luck lunch
where presentations and certificates
were presented. Many thanks to Sister
Analisa Baracena, who organized the
4th Annual Vacation Bible School and
Sister Maria Daran, who inspired the
artwork in the backdrop of St. John in
the Wilderness.
Plans are underway for two weeks of
full day combined Faith and sport camps
for July 2016! Keep an eye out for more
Music Station: Led by musicians and
group leaders, kids learn theme related
songs. (Front) Sean Smit, Joseph Rennie,
Monica Walsh, (back) Tatjana Savage,
Natalie Sancewiczn and Dave Bruno sing
with the Blue Jays Team(seated).
Till Lake Summer Youth Camp 2015
We had another successful youth camp this year. It was a beautiful week full
of faith and love of God, friendship, laughter and random acts of kindness
(even if they were trying to get points for their team). I hope all the campers
enjoyed themselves immensely.
Thanks to those who helped with the set up and cleanup of camp. Also
thank you to everyone who donated food and loaned us equipment. Special
thanks to Father Derrick, Father Andrew, Daniel Lee, Giselle Tremblay, Adele
Huculak, Melody and Savannah Sigsworth, Lisa O’Flynn, Donna Navratil,
Rose Kalin, Meagan Bechard, Annelisa Beharrell, Mark Bechard, Ray Hadden,
Dick Schut, Dominic Rosario, Christina Jung and to all the other young adults
who came out to help. Without the volunteers, the event would not have
been possible.
To all the campers, thank you for making my week enjoyable. You all have
beautiful hearts and spirits. Keep up those random acts of kindness, it will
fill your hearts with joy and bring joy to others. I hope to see you again next
year. God bless you all.
Sue Bechard
VBS friendships: Francesca Caramia and
Genna Bruno create at Craft Station
Generations work together at VBS:
Lancia Howe, the youngest participant,
at the Craft station with Pat Adams.
Diocesan News Catholic Diocese of Kamloops - October 2015
Faith in Action
Year-end Report for Faith in Action
Campaign 24: Sharing the Gift of our Faith
Faith in Action Campaign ended July 31, 2014.
The theme for Campaign 24 was: Sharing the
Gift of Faith– the first of the three theological
gifts of faith, hope and love. The people of the
Kamloops once again continued their ongoing
generosity to support the objectives of Faith in
Action. The following is a brief summary:
The total monies received for Faith in Action
Campaign 24 was $545, 180.04. The following
is a breakdown of this figure:
i) The diocesan goal for Faith in Action
Campaign 24 was $400, 000.00. The
diocese received $393, 805.01 – this
represents 98.45 % of the diocesan goal.
ii) 26 parishes raised monies over their goal.
iii)A total of $151, 375.04 raised over
assigned parish goals was returned to
parishes for local parish projects.
Thank you very much for another successful
Faith in Action Campaign!
Visitation to parishes:
In the spring of 2015, we began visitations
to the parishes in the diocese to review the
effectiveness of the direction and material used
in Faith in Action. The parish priest, office
personnel and members of the parish Finance
Committee were invited to attend. These visitations are still being completed. Those participating were given the opportunity to:
hear about the significance of Faith in
Action for the diocese.
review the results of Faith in Action from
Campaign 17-Campaign 24.
to comment on the effectiveness of the
materials used in Faith in Action
to discuss parish goals and provide input
concerning them. Those participating in
the visitations were encouraged to share
the information provided with the parish
The Roman Catholic Bishop of Kamloops
Faith in Action --- Campaign 24 Report
Parish Name
Cash due
to make
% of
to make
1 Sacred Heart, Merritt
2 St. Michael's, Logan Lake
3 Sacred Heart Cathedral, Kamloops
4 O. L. P. H., Kamloops
5 Holy Family, Kamloops
6 St John Vianney, Kamloops
7 Our Lady of Lourdes, Heffley Creek
8 St. George's, Barriere
9 St. James, Clearwater
11 G. S., Valemount / O. L. S., Blue River
21 St. Francis of Assisi, Pemberton
22 Our Lady of the Mountains, Whistler
23 St John the Baptist, Lillooet
25 St Gerard's, Ashcroft
26 Imm. Heart of Mary Shrine, Cache Creek
27 St Peter's, Clinton
28 St Jude's, 100 Mile House/ Lac La Hache
31 Sacred Heart, Williams Lake
32 Chilcotin
33 Shuswap
34 St Joseph's, Kamloops
35 St. Ann's, Quesnel
41 St Joseph's, Salmon Arm
42 Sacred Heart, Lumby
43 St Joseph's, Armstrong
44 St Ann's, Enderby
45 St John's, Falkland
47 St. James, Vernon
48 Our Lady of Fatima, Sicamous
49 Blessed Sacrament, Chase
50 St. Benedict / St. Theresa
51 Our Lady of the Valley, Coldstream
52 Our Lady of the Lake, Blind Bay
36 Mt Currie / D'Arcy
60 Roman Catholic Bishop of Kamloops
Once all the visitations are completed a complete report
will be prepared and presented to Bishop Monroe.
Faith in Action Campaign Twenty Five: Sharing the Gift of
our Hope
Campaign Twenty Five is now underway with the theme:
Sharing the Gift of our Hope – the second of the three theological gifts of faith, hope and love. Experience reminds us of the
importance of having concrete parish projects to be connected
to the parish goal. Experience has also demonstrated the wonderful generosity of the people of the diocese!
Fr. Fred Weisbeck,
Diocesan Coordinator
PM 40013998
The Diocesan News c/o 635A Tranquille Road, Kamloops, BC, V2B 3H5
1,510. 151,375.04

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