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A newsletter by Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre
Volume 1 | 2014
Prosperity 8 for Chinese New Year
As we age we lose volume from our face.
A newsletter by Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre
Volume 1 | 2013
This initial sign of ageing can be seen in
8 distinct areas. The 8 point approach by
Juvéderm® HA fillers can help you
identify these areas and enhance the
natural beauty of your features instantly!
- Dato’ Dr. Abdul Jalil Jidon
- Dr. Wong Chee Hin
- Dr. Karen Po
- Dr. Liow Tiong Sin
- Dr. Mohamad Nasir Zahari
12 - 13
- A/P Dr. Chin Sze Piaw
8 Point Lift Enhancement
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Chinese New Year
• Total facial rejuvenation
• Combat sagging skin
• Revolumize youthful curves
• To soften lines
• Smoother appearance
• Non-surgical face lift
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Frown lines between the eyebrows,
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Beverly Wilshire is an integrated beauty medical centre that sets the standards in Cosmetic Surgery,
Aesthetic Medicine (non-surgical and laser treatments) and Healthy Aging in the region. Licensed by the
Ministry of Health Malaysia, we offer an extensive menu of cosmetic procedures and aesthetic treatments
to enable you to attain your desired perfection – in beauty, health and wellness. With the expertise of a
team of highly skilled specialists, supported by the industry’s advanced technologies and world class
facilities, you can be assured of professional guidance and customized treatments towards the best desired
outcome. Whether you seek the ideal skin, face, body or wellbeing, you need look no further.
ion for your cust
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Backed by registered and board-certified plastic surgeons
Dr. Liow Tiong Sin
Consultant Aesthetic
Executive Director
MBBS (Malaya)
r at
in g
MBBS (Newcastle), MRCP (UK),
MD (UKM), M.Ch. (Gen), DIMP
A/P Dr. Chin Sze Piaw
Consultant Physician
& Cardiologist
c l as
Dato’ Dr. Abdul Jalil Jidon
Consultant Plastic,
& Cosmetic Surgeon
MBBS (Melb), FRCS (Edin), MS (UKM)
Dr. Karen Po
Consultant Aesthetic
MBChB (Otago),
Dip. Aesthetic Medicine (US)
Dr. Eileen Fong
Consultant Plastic,
& Cosmetic Surgeon
Dr. Wong Chee Hin
Consultant Aesthetic
Dr. Suzanna Abdul Malik
Consultant Anesthetist
& Critical Care
MBBS (Malaya), Dip. Derm (BKK),
Dip. Aesthetic Medicine (US)
MB ChB (Bristol),
Dr. Teh Jia Li
Consultant Aesthetic
Dr. Fazleenah Ajmul Hussain
Consultant Aesthetic
MBBS (IMU), Dip. Derm (BKK),
Dip. Aesthetic Medicine (US)
MBChB (Liverpool)
Dr. Nicholas Lim
Consultant Aesthetic
MBBS (Manipal), Dip. Derm (UK),
Dr. Mohamad Nasir Zahari
Consultant Plastic,
& Cosmetic Surgeon
Medical Director
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Our cosmetic and aesthetic procedures are administered professionally by licensed doctors.
oved medical equipment
* US F
ood & Drug Administrat
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KKLIU NO:1111/2012/B
Dato’ Dr. Abdul Jalil Jidon
Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgeon
MD (UKM), M.Ch. (Gen), DIMP
Q: I had a nose job done two years ago and I am not happy with the results. Is it
advisable to have further surgery on my nose to correct the imperfections of the
first one?
A: The nose job or rhinoplasty is one of the most complicated procedures in plastic
surgery. This is due to the fact that the result is highly subjective to the patient. It is
important that a patient seeking a nose job must clearly describe to the doctor the
shape of the nose that they expect to get. Sometimes it is advisable to seek opinions
from several plastic surgeons before embarking on the surgery. The surgery can be
repeated to achieve the result he/ she defires. However, it should be borne in mind
that with every additional surgery performed on the nose, the greater are the chances
of developing problems such as asymmetry, collapsed nostrils and saddle nose.
Q: My skin is incredibly, incredibly dry. It's actually kind of
Aegyo Sal
embarrassing, and I can't even cover with makeup due to the
peeling. I drink a ton of water and use moisturizer diligently. What
else can I do?
A: The most common cause of this dry skin is the lack of
A highly desired feature in Korea considered to make you more attractive
and youthful-looking - is called 'Aegyo
Sal', translated as 'eye smiles' or 'cute
skin', and involves accentuating the
fatty deposits beneath eyes rather than
drawing attention to the dark circles
caused by sleep deprivation.
Essentially, it is a bulge of fat
immediately under the lash line that
creates puffiness under the lower
eyelid. Different from eye bags, which
can make one appear tired and aged,
youthful lower eyelid fullness gives the
appearance of youthful, friendlier eyes
as it is associated with smiling.
A Tokyo salon revealed it charges
clients ¥25000 (RM828) to have live
snails glide over them. The slime is
said to be full of collagen, glycolic
acid, antibiotics and compounds
that regenerate skin cells. The
treatment involved allowing a special
breed of African snails to travel
around a customer's face. What are
your thoughts?
Made famous by reality star Kim
Kardashian, Vampire Facelift involves
injecting your own blood into the face
after separates the platelets into a
platelet-rich plasma (PRP) using a
centrifuge. This treatment will give a
younger, smoother looking skin by
stimulating collagen in your skin.
adequate hydration and moisture, which is a typical among many
Malaysians. Meso-hydration with hydration fillers is a great way as
it restores the hydrobalance of the skin by gently and naturally
hydrating the skin from within through the replenishment of
hyaluronic acid under the skin. This improves skin’s elasticity
while increasing the firmness of the skin. There is minimal
downtime with only slight redness following treatment.
Dr. Wong Chee Hin
Consultant Aesthetic Physician
MBBS (Malaya), Dip. Derm (BKK),
Dip. Aesthetic Medicine (US)
Dr. Karen Po
Consultant Aesthetic Physician
MBChB (Otago), Dip. Aesthetic Medicine (US)
Q: I have deep pitted acne scars all over my face. What is the best treatment to
regain a smooth complexion and how many sessions do I require?
A: Acne scars can be very stubborn and there is not just one treatment which is the
“best” option for every single person. There are several procedures which the
physician may use to treat acne scars and improve your overall complexion. Laser
resurfacing uses a laser beam to destroy the outer layers of the skin. As the skin heals,
it forms new skin which will be free of scars. There are some less intense lasers or
which can be used but they are also not as effective.
Pulsed light sources like radiofrequency. It will take a few treatments before the acne
scars are less noticeable.
Got a beauty woe? Write to us at [email protected]
Cosmetic Lasers
- Know your
Dr. Liow Tiong Sin
Consultant Aesthetic Physician
Executive Director
MBBS (Malaya)
Many of my patients are new to the concept of
cosmetic lasers, and are understandably
concerned about their use. They have heard so
much about the potential of lasers to damage and
permanently scar the skin, and often are swayed
by claims made in the media and advertising about
the ability of various creams or beauty treatments
to replace the effects of laser treatments. Here I
have listed the top 10 common myths about
cosmetic laser treatments.
Myth #3: After one treatment, you can tell if lasers will be
effective or suitable for you.
Fact: Every single person is different, and what works for 90%
of the population may not be right for the remaining 10%.
Depending on different factors such as your skin sensitivity, pain
tolerance, or even your lifestyle habits such as smoking,
excessive sun exposure or usage of certain drugs or skin care
products, you may respond differently to a laser treatment. That
is why it is important for you to trust your doctor, and allow him
to determine the course of your treatment and decide if you
need to change the settings from your previous procedure.
Myth #4: Having laser treatments causes the skin to thin out
and become weak.
Fact: Lasers do not cause the skin to become weak and thin, in
fact the controlled heating and wound action of a laser treatment
actually induces the natural skin reaction of collagen and elastin
formation to replace the damaged skin.
Even repeated usage of lasers will not cause
the skin to be damaged or weakened, provided
your doctor has a thorough understanding
of the limitations of the equipment he is
applying to your skin.
Myth #5: All laser equipment provide the same range of
Fact: Lasers are not a one size fits all, and most equipment is
highly specialized and calibrated for specific purposes. There are
two main types of lasers – namely ablative and non-ablative.
Ablative or cutting lasers work by physically destroying the top
layers of the skin, and are used in procedures such as mole
removal, laser resurfacing and scar revision.
Non-ablative lasers work by targeting specific depths or colors
while leaving the top layer of the skin unharmed.
Myth #1: Cosmetic lasers are a ‘new’
technology and still very much in the
developmental, experimental stage.
Myth #2: Lasers are unnecessary
Fact: The first dermal laser treatments
were conducted by a dermatologist
named Leon Goldman in 1962 for the
removal of tattoos. Since then, cosmetic
lasers have been successfully developed
for the treatment of scars, varicose veins,
hyper-pigmentation and much more.
Fact: Laser machines cannot be
marketed unless approved by the US FDA
(or European equivalent CE mark) which
sets stringent rules on claims that any
equipment may make. For example, most
hair removal lasers are not allowed to say
that they give permanent hair removal, but
only permanent hair reduction. This is
because occasionally hair does regrow in
an area after treatment, but it will be
greatly reduced in quantity and
appearance. Permanent hair removal is,
however, possible: I’ve had many patients
who have gone for years without hair
regrowth after a single course of
Laser treatments are developed through
sound scientific principles to produce
specific results while minimizing unwanted
side effects. In the case of tattoo removal,
the pigments in the tattoo ink are targeted,
and the specific wavelength is designed to
break up the pigments so they can be
eliminated by the body’s waste systems.
Provided a laser treatment is given within
the specified guidelines and with the
proper diagnosis of a trained expert, the
results and side effects are always
predictable and controllable.
because all their benefits can be achieved
with skin care products.
Skin care products on the other hand, are
rarely required to prove their claims, so
they can claim “better than Botox” or “as
effective as laser” without repercussions.
There are no creams or
serums that can remove
varicose veins, smooth out
severe acne scars, reduce the
appearance of birthmarks
such as Port Wine Stains or
help remove unwanted tattoos.
Different laser machines are also calibrated differently and may
have specific strengths, ie. The Fraxel Dual, is very good for acne
scar revision and skin rejuvenation, but differs from the Candela
V-Beam which targets hair and vein removal. Having a
professional who knows the in and outs of the equipment is
essential for effective and safe treatment.
Myth #6: Lasers are all the same.
Fact: A laser that is unreliable and poorly engineered will cause
serious damage, which is why you need to ensure the laser
equipment you are being treated with is safe.
Brand names like Louis Vuitton and Hermes are famous for their
high standards of quality and pursuit of perfection. When it comes
to lasers and other aesthetic procedures, brand names can also
help you determine a trustworthy procedure.
L'Oréal has been forced to pull ad as the
images not representative of the results the
product could achieve.
Major medical laser brands such as Fraxel, Lumenis, and Sciton
among others, are well-established brands that have invested in a
great deal of research and development on their medical
equipment. They have on-going clinical tests to make patient
experiences better. Even two machines which use the same kind
of laser energy can be calibrated differently so the company that
produces the machine must have thoroughly tested it to
understand its’ usage.
Myth #7: Once you start using lasers, your skin will rapidly
deteriorate once you stop.
Fact: A laser treatment simply changes the
conditions of your skin, and does not
produce a dependency.
An example of a treatment that does produce dependency is
moisturizing cream, where your skin is no longer stimulated to
produce its natural hydrating secretion since you are applying it
artificially. So you will notice that once you stop the skin will dry out
and feel uncomfortable.
This is not the case with laser treatments. For example, after an
extreme laser treatment such as a resurfacing procedure which
vaporizes skin cells to encourage cell renewal, your skin will heal
and become smoother, and more supple. You may need several
treatments to achieve your end goal, but certainly there is no need
to continually undergo treatments once you have solved the
problems you wish to address. Eventually on-going aging and
lifestyle factors will cause pigmentation, wrinkling or other
problems to recur, which is when further treatments may again be
Myth #8: Lasers can cause your face to change so you end up
looking unrecognizable and ‘plastic’.
Fact: A laser treatment cannot change the shape of your face or
your facial features because it treats only the topmost fraction of
your skin, not affecting your underlying muscles, fatty layers or
bone structure in any way. It is physically impossible for a laser
treatment to make you look like anything except yourself, it can
only transform and improve the appearance of your skin. Other
treatments such as Botox, fillers, radiofrequency skin tightening
such as Thermage are often combined with laser treatments
when a patient has needs that involve the muscles or fat
Myth #9: Having a laser treatment means all your facial
problems will be solved.
Fact: Most laser treatments address specific problems, such as
treating pigmentation problems or erasing a tattoo. Laser
resurfacing is one treatment that gives multiple benefits, and can
fade discoloration, improve skin texture and diminish facial lines
with one treatment, but deeper lines or different pigmentation
types, for example, may be a different problem that needs a
separate treatment. Discuss all your treatment goals with your
doctor to ensure you are satisfied with the results of your
Myth #10: A laser treatment shouldn’t be painful and if it
produces a severe reaction, it is a failure.
Fact: It is important to remember that a laser procedure is
designed to cause controlled damage to induce the skin to heal
and renew itself. A laser resurfacing procedure commonly
produces a bronzing effect, as if you have had a sun-burn, as the
skin injury causes old and pigmented cells to die off and be
replaced. Some swelling after the treatment may also be seen, and
this is particularly common in the case of CO2 laser treatments
which heat up the treated areas, inducing inflammation for
improved blood circulation and accelerated healing. However,
blistering or pus formation after a laser treatment is most certainly
not desired. Your doctor will determine if your post-laser reaction is
normal or if it needs attention, but bear in mind, a severe reaction
is not necessarily a bad thing.
Everything You
Need To Know
Under The Knife
A facelift is a surgical process that removes extra facial skin to make the face look
younger. It gives a youthful appearance and a younger looking skin which lasts
roughly around ten years. Scientifically known as rhytidectomy, a facelift surgery
succors to recover...
Visible signs of aging in the face and neck such as fat that has fallen
or displaced, loose skin and excess fatty deposits under the chin and
jaw, drooping in the mid-face.
Today there are numerous procedures available with outcomes that are
trustworthy and robust. The technique of face lifting involves notches in front and
behind the ear and also into the scalp. Subsequent to this, the skin is weakened to
several levels and the deeper layers of the skin are lifted. This way the extra skin is
removed or relocated. The effects of face lifting are tightening of soft tissues to
regain a youthful delineation of the face.
The healing process after this is gradual, so one should anticipate to
wait for a few weeks for a precise picture of your new look. Putting ice
packs recurrently, avoiding smoking, aspirin and anti-inflammatory
medications for the first few days after your surgery helps in reducing
the post-operative swelling. To circumvent bleeding, bending, straining
and lifting should be avoided for the first few weeks after the surgery. It
might take a few months for the swelling to completely settle and
incision scars to completely disappear.
Dr. Mohamad Nasir Zahari
Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgeon
Medical Director
MBBS (Melb), FRCS (Edin), MS (UKM)
Blepharoplasty (droopy eyelid & eyebags)
Upper and lower eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is the fifth most performed surgical
procedure in the U.S according to statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic
Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).
As we age, our skin will become thinner and less stretchy. Our muscles can weaken
and fat that cushions the eyeball moves forward through spaces in the muscle around
the eyes, causing ‘bag’. Sagging upper eyelids may result in a ‘hooded’ appearance
over the eyes. In severe cases of eyelid hooding, vision can be affected.
It is often our eyelids which show the signs of aging first which is why this can be the
first cosmetic treatment which a man or a woman might choose. Eyelid surgery can
help restore a more youthful appearance by tightening droopy or hooded eyelids,
restoring the smooth line of the eyelids, and removing or moving fatty pouches
beneath the eyes.
Blepharoplasty, however, cannot remove dark circles under the eyes caused by dark
pigmentation of the skin or by very thin, translucent skin. It does not smooth fine lines
and wrinkles around the eye or crow’s feet. It cannot lift sagging eyebrows either. Low
eyebrows can only be raised in a brow lift operation.
In your first appointment with a surgeon, you should clearly explain your
expectations of the surgery and how you would like to look afterwards.
Don’t choose the quickest and cheapest option. Assess your surgeon
carefully in relation to the number of eyelid procedures that he has
performed and his professional qualifications. Ensure that you and your
surgeon are on the same wavelength i.e you are looking at the same
problem. And do not arrange surgery within three months of an event
such as a wedding or class reunion. Eyelid surgery is the most
unforgiving of all facial cosmetic operations.
Rose Hip Seed Cleanser
• Removes all impurities,
including makeup
• Nourishes, soothes and
protects the skin
• Reveals a brighter, younger
and more radiant skin
CoQ10 Toner
• Powerful anti-oxidant benefits
• Soothes and moisturizes
skin, while restoring its
natural pH balance
• Enhances efficacy of other
treatment products
Multipeptide Serum
• Contains 6 most potent
• Smoothes deep lines and
• Visible improvement up to
50% within 28 days
100% Pure Hyaluronic
• Delivers superior hydration
• Reveals a brighten and
glowing complexion
• Activates skin renewal
Wildberry Extract
Sunblock Spray SPF 29
• Provides UVA/UVB sun
protection with non-chemical
• Non-greasy and fast absorption
• Prevents sign of premature
aging caused by environmental
• Safe and effective treatment to
correct pigmentation and
• Evens skin tone and brightens
• Excellent results after exfoliation
A/P Dr Chin Sze Piaw
Stem Cell
Consultant Physician & Cardiologist
MBBS (Newcastle), MRCP (UK), FNHAM (Mal)
You’re one of the
pioneers for stem cell.
What made you go into
this field?
As doctors we are constantly looking to
improve the treatment of our patients.
Unfortunately much of current practice
are able to only control the clinical
condition but could not cure the
disease. Illnesses such as heart
attacks, strokes, Parkinson’s, diabetes
and kidney failure are some examples
where the organ damage following an
acute injury could not be repaired and
the patient is left permanently impaired
or disabled. Stem cells offer an
opportunity to regenerate the specialize
tissues to repair the organ damage and
effect a lasting cure.
What is your most
memorable case for
stem cell?
My first case. The patient had been on
the heart transplant waiting list for 6
months and ended up on a ventilator.
We had three doctors implanting the
stem cells. I slept in the hotel opposite
the hospital and did not go home for 2
days. 2 weeks after the stem cell
treatment he was able to walk on his
own. 2 years on he sent me a picture of
himself up on the Greatwall of China
with a full head of black hair and rosy
cheeks looking a picture of health. 5
years later, we published our landmark
study of another 20 patients with
similarly severe heart failure. We
presented the results at an international
medical conference to wide acclaim as
it was one of the first clinical studies in
the world illustrating the recovery of the
heart following mesenchymal stem cell
Stem cell seems to be
incorporated in many
products and
treatments out in the
market. Do they work?
Probably not. Stem cells are alive and
need to be bathed in nutrient serum,
otherwise the cells will starve and die. It
is more likely that the stem cells being
incorporated are only extracts of it.
Stem cell extract still contain some
hormones and growth factors but you
will need a lot of it, so it is wise to check
the actual concentration of the stem
cell extracts given. On the other hand,
too much extract too often can lead to
dependence as our body’s own
production of the same hormones are
switched off.
Equally important is the type of stem
cell. Look for mesenchymal stem cell or
MSC as it has the longest track record,
most consistent clinical research and
results, has the widest applications and
has been shown to differentiate into
various specialized tissues and organs.
MSC can also interact with the cells in
the body to regulate the immune
system which can be useful in many
skin conditions and organ injuries.
There are many sources
of stem cell, which is
the safest and why?
The safest is obviously your own which
can be obtained from bone marrow, fat
liposuction or even umbilical cord if your
parents had the foresight to store it.
According to the Ministry of
Health guidelines published
in 2009, hematopoeitic
stem cells and umbilical
cord stem cell
transplantations are the
most established.
Conversely embryonic
stem cells are considered
experimental and any
therapies involving animal
stem cells or animal cells
are currently prohibited.
This is because embryonic stem cells
have been known to cause cancer while
there are insufficient research on the
safety and efficacy of animal cells.
Now instead of harvesting our own stem
cells from bone marrow or fat, we can
obtain the MSC from the umbilical cord
of the newborn which is the youngest
and have the highest rate of growth.
Umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells
or UC-MSC obtained from trusted
sources are free from infection,
environmental pollutants and UV
radiation and genetically stable. The
authorities has put in many safeguards
and regulations in place to govern stem
cell culture and preservation such as
GMP certification. So look for UC-MSC
from accreditated labs with GMP
certified facilities.
Who can benefit from
stem cell therapy?
Stem cells will benefit patients with
certain chronic conditions where there
are currently no satisfactory cures or
where the conventional treatments have
failed. This would include severe heart
failure, stroke, joint pains and sports
injuries, certain kidney and liver
conditions, diabetes, autoimmune
diseases such as psoriasis, SLE and
rheumatoid arthritis. Increasingly the
stem cells treatments are being
commenced earlier and earlier in the
progression of disease before there is
permanent organ damage. Now,
mesenchymal stem cells are also
popularly used as a form of wellness
supplements to elicit repair and
regeneration before clinical
manifestations. Patients in our clinic
who received treatments for wellness
have noticed better sleep at night and
better alertness in the daytime. As a
result of their increased daytime
activities, they also started to lose
weight and become healthy physically
and mentally. This could be due to
enhanced levels of DHEA, a precursor
sex hormone for both sexes and IGF-1
which is a growth factor that increases
muscle and nerves while burning fat.
The enhancement of these levels in our
patients following UC-MSC infusion
could stabilize the hormonal balance in
our body thereby allowing better rest at
night and greater metabolism in the day.
What is the biggest
myth associated with
stem cell therapy?
That all stem cells are the same.
Remember that stem cells are
promising only because they can
multiply many times and differentiate
into specialized tissue types. The same
stem cells are also rich in growth factors
and singalling molecules that allow the
body to be more responsive and
efficient in working together. After the
cells are harvested from the umbilical
cord, certain laboratories will squeeze
the extract from the cord or placenta.
These extracts still contain growth
factors but they are not cells so are
considered grade B. Then after even the
serum extract has been obtained, the
dried placenta is then pulverized to give
you powdered extract and made into
capsules. Such capsules might have
little or no growth factors at all.
Human newborn or adult mesenchymal
stem cells as these cells are currently
regarded as the true pluripotent cell free
of ethical concerns and also extensively
researched. The latest technology
allows scientists to culture the cells in
order to isolate the best proliferating
cells and remove the aging or damaged
cells that don’t grow so well.
What sets stem cell
therapy at Beverly
Wilshire apart from
other centres?
Beverly Wilshire has a dedicated team
of doctors and nurses specializing in
stem cell infusion. It has the ambience
of a five star hotel while also equipped
with the latest monitoring devices and
even comes with a high-dependancy
unit, so you can feel both assured of the
safety and comfort. Following treatment
you continue to be followed up at our
clinic to ensure the best long-term
outcome. Our doctors are experts in
stem cell treatment having researched
extensively into this topic for over a
decade. We continue to research and
publish our results to be the leader in
this novel medical field.
What advice would you
give for people who are
interested in getting
stem cell therapy?
Understand the type and source of
stem cells. Make sure you know what
you are getting: is it active stem cells,
extracts of the cells or powdered
capsules of the dried cells after both the
cells and extracts have been removed?
The dose matters and this needs to be
carefully worked out by the doctor after
fully understanding your condition and
requests. Finally do not be surprised if
your request for stem cell treatment is
turned down. This can happen when
the doctors feel that your condition
cannot be treated or request and
expectation cannot be met with stem
cells treatment.
Our client, Helen Andreski in Australian Women’s Weekly.
Procedure: Breast lift, arm
lift, body lift, tummy tuck &
9 years ago I was at my heaviest at 170kg.
After having a Lap-Band
surgery, I’m down to 88kg however it left me
with folds of
unsightly loose, hanging skin. I could not
stand to
see what I looked like under my clothing so I
still wore very big clothes.
I made an appointment with an Australian
plastic surgeon, who told me I would have to
undergo multiple procedures, including a
tummy tuck, breast reduction, body lift and
liposuction. He quoted me AUD$ 24,000
(RM77,235), just for the tummy tuck. I left the
consultation quite deflated as I will not be
able to afford to get everything I needed
The surgeon recommended me to consider
having my makeover done in Malaysia with
Dr Nasir. I did quite an extensive research on
Dr Nasir and the other doctors and each
time found myself taken aback by Dr Nasir’s
success stories and Beverly Wilshire Medical
Centre’s facilities. Dr Nasir had completed
some of his training here in Australia too,
which impressed me.
My quote for surgery, for everything I
wanted, was approximately AUD$26,000
(RM78,000), this included of 21 days stay in
a 5-star hotel in Kuala Lumpur and my
after 6 months
airfares. That’s the cost of just one
procedure in Australia!
I was impressed the moment I arrived at Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre. The
facilities were beyond my expectations. It’s pristine, the people on their staff are
very caring and moreover they spoke good English.
Dr Nasir and his staff were more professional than I had ever experienced. I
remember waking up and running my hand down where my awful stomach used
to be and it was gone.
I am the happiest I have ever been in my life and can only wonder why I
waited so long. So thank you Dr Nasir, and the staff at Beverly Wilshire Medical
Centre. You have all in your own way contributed to me finding myself and who I really am.
Many people have heard me say I have 20 years to catch up on. Well I am certainly doing that.
I am now doing push bike riding, motor bike riding, walking at 5am in the morning and playing
soccer with my boy. I just can't get enough!
Renee Thornton, Australia
Consultant Plastic
Surgeon: Dr Nasir
after 3 months
Procedure/Treatment: Breast Augmentation & lift,
tummy tuck & liposuction
Consultant Plastic Surgeon: Dr Nasir
After losing 60kg I had a lot of body areas I was disappointed with. After
considering Cosmetic surgery for a year, I took the plunge and booked into
Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre. They understood exactly what I wanted
and the results were better than expected. As an international patient the
service was outstanding. I would recommend BWMC to anyone.
Naomi Green, Australia
Procedure/Treatment: Rhinoplasty &
Chin Implants
Consultant Plastic Surgeon: Dr Nasir
Thanks to Dr Nasir and the team for the great
experience! Here’s the finished product! Sure I
could’ve smiled more but hey I’m bringing sexy back!
Toby, Australia
The Truth Is In Your Genes
Dr Nasir - Berita Harian | Dr Liow - CS&B | Dr Karen - Harpers | Dr Wong - Beauty Cosmedica | Dr Teh - Sin Chew
The Star
Nona TV3
Harpers Award
MWW Award
Pekan Baru / Riau Pos
Onco (34 cancers)
Cancer refers to the uncontrolled division and growth of
cells in the human body but those associated with the
breast, colon and lung are more common in Malaysia.
Test for: • Breast Cancer • Liver Cancer • Prostate
Cancer • Lung Cancer • Melanoma & more
Dtect Metabolic is especially relevant for high risk
individuals with a family history of metabolic diseases.
Test for: • Type 1 Diabetes • Type 2 Diabetes • Gout
• Metabolic Syndrome • Lactose Intolerance & more
Dr Karen - StarMetro
Dr Nasir - Berita Harian
Dr Nasir - Nanyang
Dtect Cardio is especially relevant for high risk individuals
with a family history of cardiovascular diseases (CVD).
Test for: • Stroke • Pulmonary Embolism • Deep Vein
Thrombosis • Hypertension • Obesity & more
Highly recommended for all babies aged 0 - 2 years.
Test for: • Abnormal QT Interval • Allergic or Early
Onset Asthma • Coeliac Disease • Crohn's Disease
& more
Dr Liow - Cleo
Tribun Pekanbaru
Understand your predisposition towards disorders that
affect your physical well-being.
Test for: • Psoriasis • Keloid Formation • Premature Skin
Aging • Osteoporosis • Hair Loss & more
Dr Karen - Harpers Bazaar
Dr Liow - CS&B
Mommy Baby
Dr Teh - Red Tomato
Highly recommended for children aged 3 and above.
Test for: • Asthma • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity
Disorder • Dyslexia • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
& more
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