Athens, Georgia: a quintessential college town known for its rich music scene. Behind the fame and glory of the stage, however, many musicians fall victim to emotional disorders such as depression and anxiety, leading, in the most severe cases, to suicide. Nuci’s Space, a local non­profit music resource center, works to prevent these tragic outcomes by administering therapy sessions and obstacle­free treatment to struggling clients. We are Team Nuci, and we are helping Nuci’s Space spread brand awareness and raise small­scale donations in the Athens community. The inspiration behind Nuci’s Space comes from the story of Nuci Phillips. Nuci was a budding musician at the University of Georgia struggling with many of the disorders that Nuci’s Space strives to prevent. He fought a long battle with depression, eventually committing suicide at the young age of 22. The mission of Team Nuci is to enable Nuci’s powerful story to be heard, increasing both awareness and patronage of the organization. Nuci’s Space is already generating meaningful change in the lives of musicians, but with the help of our web application, this scope of change will broaden to a new level. Team Nuci will implement the use of scroll triggers to interactively and immersively tell both Nuci’s story and the stories of the types of patients that the non­profit treats. We will also include ​
technology to facilitate the donation aspect of our web application, allowing the user to make small, recurring donations to the cause. We also foresee our application being transferable to other non­profits around the world. Team Nuci plans to impact and serve the music community, the Athens community, and, ultimately, the global community with our new media application. Visit our ​
to learn more about Team Nuci’s project!