Press Kit - Winter 2014-2015


Press Kit - Winter 2014-2015
Press Kit - Winter 2014-2015
From 6th december 2014 to 24th april 2015
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Winter wonderland
Another side
to the summits
Every day is
a celebration
A peak
of plenty
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COURCHEVEL • press kit winter 2014 - 2015
Courchevel is based in Les 3 Vallées, the
largest interlinked ski area in the world. A
stunning setting for skiing your heart out in a variety of landscapes:
perfectly groomed pistes, forests and high in the mountain…
Courchevel is suitable for all types of skiers
no matter their ability. Different areas provide
space to have fun skiing and are suitable for families and
expert skiers alike. Easy at the bottom, challenging at the top…
Courchevel is blanketed in snow throughout
winter. The altitude, north-facing pistes and large fleet
of snow machines create the perfect ski area from the start
of December to the end of April. This is a “skis on” resort
which means you get even more out of your skiing holiday.
Courchevel encourages a unique state of
mind. The piste service’s work is famous the world over. S3V
is committed to the most ambitious investment plan ever seen
on a ski area. Excellence is second nature for all those involved.
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COURCHEVEL • press kit winter 2014 - 2015
A 6-person detachable
chair lift in L’Aiguille du Fruit
With 578 machines covering 60% of the area,
Courchevel’s policy is very avant-garde. “We focus on
updating our fleet at the same time as expanding our
snow machine network,” says Thomas Thor-Jensen.
“The newest models use less water, less electricity
and less air.” 8 new-generation snow machines have
been installed on the new Park City piste at a cost
of 300,000 Euros. This state-of-the-art equipment
currently accounts for 55% of the fleet. Over the years,
the proportion will only increase.
A detachable chairlift
from Courchevel
Le Praz
S3V has replaced its four-person gondola
lift Forêt with a 6-person detachable
chairlift. This more comfortable and
faster new structure can transport
2,400 skiers per hour compared with
1,000 previously. “The Forêt chairlift
provides a better connection from
the village of Courchevel Le Praz
whilst highlighting the exceptional
ski area in the forest and all the levels
available in this area,” says Thomas
Thor-Jensen, Ski Area Director.
Last winter, S3V rolled out an
unprecedented investment plan:
140 million Euros including 70%
devoted to refurbishing ski lifts to
be injected by 2019 to modernise
the area and improve connections
between different parts of the valley.
Project cost: 9 million Euros.
online sales
Buying your pass on your
computer is great. Buying it
on your smartphone or tablet
is even better. S3V is always
on the lookout for the latest
innovations and has created
a “responsive design” online
shop meaning it is “capable
of working as easily on a
computer as anything else,”
says Jean-Pierre Lalanne, Sales
Director. The online shop
can be accessed from the
Courchevel app.
“Liberty ride” space
in Courchevel Moriond
The resort brings its stunning natural setting which is
heaven for ski enthusiasts to the masses. The “liberty ride”
area is a playground that has been specially designed for
freeriding and set up in the Courchevel Moriond area. It
is a place where you can practise away from the
slopes in total peace. This secure but ungroomed
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COURCHEVEL • press kit winter 2014 - 2015
snow machines
area is red piste level. It covers 1.3km with a 350m difference in altitude. In the freeriding vein, the resort also has
an Avalanch’ Camp for visitors to gain an understanding
of the mountain setting and skiing off-piste.
Project cost: 400,000 Euros.
This is the second headline this winter. A 6-person
detachable chair lift has replaced Les Gravelles and
L’Aiguille du Fruit chair lifts in the Creux area. This
structure sees S3V improving the connection
between Courchevel Moriond and Courchevel. It
transports 3,300 skiers/hour which is a higher capacity
than the two previous structures put together. It helps
to lessen the environmental impact on
11 pylons instead of
30. “We strive to protect the area in which we live and
the ski area with
work,” says Thomas Thor-Jensen. “That means having
installations which consume less energy and are less
restrictive on the land on which they stand.”
Project cost: 8 million Euros.
Let’s hear from
The new look
Park City piste
Park City has been redesigned in the same area
where the detachable chair lift L’Aiguille du Fruit
has opened. The new layout makes it easier to reach
and has seen it classified as a blue piste. It now
starts from the top of the chair lift and goes down
to the Altiport piste. It’s a fantastic part of the
resort where you can enjoy exceptional views.
You can also watch planes take off and land at the
Altiport’s impressive runway.
Project cost: 300,000 Euros
Courchevel Ski Area
“In Courchevel, we strive to give our guests the
very best. Everyone involved in the resort
works to ensure that every skier, no matter
their ability, goes home with the knowledge
that they’ve had the best skiing holiday of
their life.”
Ski schools
Ski area
Family Park
4 people and 8 hours
of snow grooming
per night
Over 1000 monitors
for service at its peak
Courchevel has the highest concentration of monitors in Europe. In total,
over 1000 men and women throughout the resort teach people how to ski.
You’re in for a day to remember if you call on them. A s well as teaching
you how to ski, the instructors are also your guide
and a privileged part of your bespoke stay. “Private lessons
account for a huge amount of our business,” says James Gachet, Director
of ESF Courchevel 1850 ski school. “It’s the opportunity for skiers to treat
themselves to a bespoke service alone, with friends or family.” Ski instructors
can go and meet holidaymakers where they want. They will introduce them
to the resort at their own pace. For around 400 Euros, you can treat yourself
to an unforgettable day with five or six loved ones. In Courchevel, you can
take lessons in a dozen languages including Swedish, Dutch and of course
English which all instructors must be able to speak. To maintain this level of
excellence, ESF ski schools not only provide language lessons to their staff but
also lessons in customer service.
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COURCHEVEL • press kit winter 2014 - 2015
Learning is always tailor-made
at the ESF ski schools in
Courchevel. There is a variety
of packages for holidaymakers
to choose from.
For example, mini group
courses for skiers aged 6-12.
Family Park on the Verdons slope is a fun space with a
range of units and highly popular with skiers of all levels.
Everyone loves boardercross, big air bag and a series of
hills. Four people work on the site full-time throughout
winter and provide holidaymakers with a high quality
and constantly changing playground. Snow gromming
machines spend eight hours every night grooming it.
The activity leaders focus on hosting social activities.
Families spend their afternoons having giant snowball
fights, jousting contests and games in a snowy maze.
The philosophy behind Family Park is to constantly
innovate but stay true to the spirit of fun and
sharing. Skiing may be a sport but what’s most
important is that holidaymakers enjoy themselves. With
this in mind, the site now has a second big air bag to be
used with a buoy.
the verdons
by night XXL
These lessons have groups of
5 or 6 students and make it
faster to progress from the
first star to the gold star.
BB ski at ESF 1850 provides
lessons for toddlers aged 18
months and over to have their
first skiing experience on a
one-to-one basis, weather
permitting. Children are
provided with appropriate
equipment and taught by
teachers trained in teaching
young learners.
Wednesday night equals
the Verdons by Night
Every Wednesday from the end of December to the start
of March, the Verdons piste and its Family Park switch
to night mode. The slope stays open until 8pm on the
Wednesday night lates. Skiers can experience a unique
atmosphere with the host of entertainment in the Park to
the sound of DJs’ turntables. “The initial idea was just to
provide something which was social and different,” says
Jean-Pierre Lalanne, S3V Sales Director. “It was an instant
success.” Last winter, 600 people came together every
week during the school holidays. This season has lots of
surprises in store.
Following the success of The Verdons by Night,
S3V has decided to host The Verdons by Night XXL
on important winter evenings. What’s the idea? In
Jean-Pierre Lalanne’s words, to make the winning
night skiing formula “bigger, longer and better.”
The party lasts long into the night as the ski lifts
stay open until 10pm. Manufacturers test out new
products and the ESF ski schools perform torchlight
processions. The evening ends with a huge firework
display on the mountain.
A warm and friendly atmosphere reigns over The
Verdons by Night XXL. Last winter saw 2,000 to 3,000
people flock to the party every evening.
One resort and its people
disabled skiing
Over 70%
disabled-friendly ski lifts
is focusing on disabled
access to the ski area. Over 70% of the ski
lifts are disabled-friendly. New installations have been
fitted with equipment to make it easier for wheelchairs
to mount and dismount. S3V has updated the older
facilities e.g. special carts have been fitted at the
departure and arrival of the La Saulire and Les Verdons
ski lifts. Some ESF ski instructors are specially trained
to teach disabled skiing. Equipped wheelchairs can be
hired and teaching is adapted to all sorts of disability.
“All the resort’s figures work very closely together,” says
Thomas Thor-Jensen.
direct access to the pistes
S3V has an avant-garde disabled skiing policy.
There are two dedicated parking spaces for disabled
skiers on La Croisette. Their privileged position provides
direct access to the ski lifts.
There’s also a free bespoke service. Disabled skiers can
make appointments at the ski lifts by phone to book
their place. Once on site, the staff is here to help them
get into their chair, bring their package and help them
put their equipment away at the end of their day skiing.
Making the ski area accessible to everyone also means
making it easier for disabled people to access and have
an enjoyable experience in safety.
Avalanche blaster,
a unique career
Courchevel’s piste service is renowned for the quality
of its work. It employs around 50 ski patrollers most of
whom work in avalanche control. “It’s something that
makes S3V unique,” says Denis Bonnefoy, Head of the
Piste Service. After two or three seasons all patrollers
take their qualification.
An avalanche blaster’s work involves safeguarding the
ski area. The working day starts at 7am with an analysis of the PIDA (avalanche control plan) from the day
before. One of them carries out the 68 blasts from a
computer whilst their colleagues optimise the work on
the ground: “We go and see what the Gazex blasts have
produced and we carry out manual blasts if necessary.
At 9am we have to have done all we can to ensure
that holidaymakers can make the most of the ski
Some avalanche blasters also work to re-lawn the
pistes in summer: “No matter the season, an avalanche blaster is like a ski resort landscaper,” says
Denis Bonnefoy. “They work to make it safer, more
beautiful and better to ski on.”
Serenity patrols:
for stress-free skiing
Inform, guide, prevent. Founded in winter 2011/2012,
serenity patrols work to take the stress out of skiing.
11 patrollers specifically trained in service work mainly
to educate and inform.
When skiers are lost, they are here to provide help and
reassurance. When they see dangerous behaviour, they
take preventative measures. “This is a vital service given
the level of excellence which we hope to provide,” says
Thomas Thor-Jensen, Ski Area Director. “Ours is a large resort so it’s important to guide our
guests in their experience. Holidaymakers are highly appreciative of this extra service.”
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COURCHEVEL • press kit winter 2014 - 2015
15 Altipôle staff members
day and night
The Altipôle is S3V’s new technical
centre. It opened in January 2014
and houses S3V’s many technical
and maintenance services which
were previously dotted all over the
resort. The building is divided into
different workshops: mechanical,
carpentry, snow cannons, cleaning
etc. This is where the 21 snow
grooming machines are maintained
and repaired.
Fifteen or so people work at the
Altipôle day and night. Particular
attention is paid to their working
The building is partly underground
to restrict energy loss. Waste is
handled carefully. Its stone and
wood-build and maintenance-free
rusty design means the Altipôle fits
into its setting perfectly. It is positioned off-centre to avoid disturbing
holidaymakers with noise.
Another side
to the summits
With 45 activities, there’s something to suit
everyone in Courchevel. Snow basher driving, spas,
cookery lessons with a Michelin starred chef and more. The
resort has a wealth of things to do for everyone’s enjoyment.
Courchevel’s winter wonderland is so much
more than skiing. Skating rink, trails, sledding pistes:
playgrounds aplenty for a heady mountain experience.
Courchevel is a resort where you can
experience heaven and earth. Hot air balloon
rides, skydiving and dream trips on snowy trails: live life to the
full on the mountain.
Experience another side to Courchevel:
cultural heritage. Soak up the history of the different
villages on themed trails. Tour guides share their knowledge of
local architecture and traditions.
in the
p r e ss
rd mag,
nowboa 3.
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COURCHEVEL • press kit winter 2014 - 2015
Snow and ice
One ice rink: a thousand and one shows
The Nordic call
In Courchevel, skiers of all ages and
abilities can experience their favourite
Nordic ski sport. Cross-country skiers
can explore 66km of marked and maintained trails for free. Try something new
on the nine trails for different levels.
You can also don your snowshoes to
explore the resort. There are 9 routes
which last between 45 minutes and
2 hours for novice and expert hikers.
Sporty holidaymakers love the 17km
of Nordic skiing trails.
Slip your snowshoes or hiking boots
on and join the mountain guides,
your perfect ally to explore protected
areas off the beaten track.
We don’t just do sledding here: we’re home to the ultimate sledding
piste. Get your adrenalin pumping on the ride of your life.
A 2.3km piste, 300m difference in altitude and average
15% slope takes you to Courchevel Village from La Croisette.
The site is lit up until 7.30pm for a unique evening
It can be accessed from Les Grangettes gondola which
is free after 5.00 pm. It is open to over 8-10 year
olds. Young children must be
accompanied by an adult.
The resort also has a ski
area made up of two
trails suited to each
age category: 3/6 and
6/8 year olds.
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COURCHEVEL • press kit winter 2014 - 2015
Snow basher
Courchevel provides holidaymakers
with the chance to drive snow
bashers around the altiport
(minimum age 6). Take to the wheel
of the snow bashers (over 240hp)
on a specially adapted course with
slants, bumps and steep slopes.
“It’s a unique opportunity to go
behind the scenes with an expert
instructor,” says Fabrice Perez,
Courchevel Aventure.
The ice rink is a major social hub in Courchevel. It was
built for the 1992 Albertville Olympic Games inside the
Forum and hosts numerous major events throughout
the year. Four international figure skating events
take place in the winter, including Les Etoiles de la Glisse
between Christmas and New Year which is broadcast on
France Télévision and Eurosport on the last Sunday of
the year.
The ice rink also attracts entertainment and tennis
fans. The Classic Tennis Tour attracts big names
from the past. On December 12th, the Courchevel ice
Driving on the ice:
kids too
In Courchevel, adults can try their hand at driving
snowmobiles on 23km of pistes and trails. And now
children can ride their own snowmobile too! From
the age of 6, budding drivers take the helm of
real 120cm3 snowmobiles. They have a quick
lesson on a specially prepared course. “This has
been a great success,” says Fabrice Perez. “The kids
love being in charge and acting like adults.”
rink hosts an exceptional match exhibition with Björn
Borg, Henri Leconte and Mansour Bahrami for the
Women’s Alpine Ski World Cup draw. “A lot of world
firsts take place here,” says Didier Barioz, Director
of the Forum ice rink. “The arrival of skiers on studded
motorbikes on the ice, an animal training show, an
indoor firework show and this year former tennis stars…
The only place to experience it all is Courchevel.”
Let’s hear from
DIdier barioz
Director of the ice rink
and Forum in Courchevel
“In Courchevel, it’s non-stop at the ice rink. From
the start of the season to the end, there’s always
something going on. Leisure, galas, shows, matches:
we are always on the lookout for new ideas from
the most traditional to the most surprising.”
In the air
On land
cultural tours:
Request the guide
There are several cultural guided tours to
choose from in partnership with FACIM
(International Cultural Mountain Action
Foundation). “The idea is to show another
side to Courchevel, its villages and
heritage,” says tour guide Emilie Meynet.
Tourist Information Center has published a
heritage guide for holidaymakers to have
at their side. You’ll find all sorts of trail
ideas on the website
the senses
The highest altiport
in Europe
The Altiport is integral to Courchevel’s history. The
legendary site with exceptional views was founded in
1961. It’s a vital part of the resort’s heritage and has kept
the magic of its past alive. The runway lies at an altitude
of 2007m making it the highest in Europe. It is one of
the first of its kind to have been built and
is still the only runway to be snow cleared
throughout winter.
6,000 trips are recorded every winter. The Altiport namely
provides transfers to/from Geneva and Lyon airports.
In recent years, helicopter transport has significantly
increased to almost 70% of business.
air sports
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COURCHEVEL • press kit winter 2014 - 2015
The Altiport is the meeting point for adrenalin junkies.
Courchevel gives holidaymakers the choice of eight
options. If you want to experience incredible views,
plane and helicopter rides soar above the most stunning
summits including Mont Blanc. Hot air balloon rides are
also a fantastic way to gaze at the scenery away from
the world below. Experienced instructors take adrenalin
junkies skydiving and on aerobatic trips. You can also go
paragliding and hang gliding from the resort’s peak.
Ski jumps: one giant leap
The Olympic ski jump site in Courchevel Le
Praz welcomes expert ski jumpers every year.
Learn about ski jumping on the 10 and 25m ski jumps
with ESF ski schools this winter. Speed ski sessions are
also provided to students on competition lessons on
the 120m pistes.
Courchevel is a pleasure resort. After a day on the slopes,
shopaholics can shop ‘til they drop at over 100 shops in
the resort. Foodies can take part in cookery lessons. The
resort is also home to several health centres and spas
plus a bowling alley and cinema for outings with friends
and family. There are lots of free activities throughout
the season.
Spectators can watch trainees jumping on 60, 90 and
120m ski jumps at an impressive and awe-inspiring
Peak proposals
If you’re looking for an original way to declare your
love for your partner, Courchevel has a variety of
bespoke options to choose from. The resort does
its utmost to provide unique and original packages
for your Valentine’s Day marriage proposal. Make
your proposal by bear, flash-mob, sky dive and more.
There’s something for every taste and budget.
The Women’s Alpine World Cup brings
together the greatest champions. The event is
so much more than a race; it’s a celebration which the entire
resort is part of. 20,000 spectators are expected the weekend of
December 13th and 14th.
The Sports Club is a major part of Courchevel.
It hosts the Alpine Ski World Cup and several competitions
throughout winter. The resort’s young skiers train here.
In Courchevel, competitions for everyone are
held throughout winter. The ESF ski schools have 215
test sessions every season. Millet Ski Touring puts holidaymakers
through their paces in ski touring throughout winter.
Courchevel is home to unique facilities open
to everyone. The Emile-Allais slalom stadium has no less than
21 lanes. Treat yourself to an exceptional experience in the wake of
the best World Cup skiers.
Giant slalo
m and
Olympic m downhill
chevel h
of the bes osts one
t Wo
Cups of th rld
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COURCHEVEL • press kit winter 2014 - 2015
World Cup
fourth time
1 giant
+ 1 slalom
= 1 amazing
Of the 3 slaloms in Courchevel
since 2010, Austrian Marlies Schild
has won all three of them! Last
December the slalom expert beat
the Swedish Frida Hansdotter and
her little sister Bernadette Schild.
33 year-old Marlies Schild won
the general category twice at the
Slalom World Cup. The three-time
Olympic medallist has also won
the World Championship twice.
She has a record number of Slalom
World Cup victories (35).
The Austrian will have to work hard
to keep her crown this year. The
young American prodigy Mikaëla
Shiffrin and Olympic winners Tina
Maze, Anna Fenninger and Lindsey
Vonn will try to rob her of her title.
Top French skier Tessa Worley
is also in the running whilst
Courchevel’s very own AnneSophie Barthet and Taïna Barioz
will have the home crowd cheering
them on.
Courchevel is hosting the Women’s
Alpine World Cup for the fifth year
Slalom skiers flocked to the resort
in 2010, 2011 and 2013. The
International Ski Federation awarded
it the giant slalom in 2012.
This year will see the best female
skiers descend on the Emile-Allais
stadium for a giant and slalom all
weekend (December 13th and 14th).
13,000 spectators watched the World
Cup week last year. Since 2014’s
event is at the weekend, Bruno Tuaire,
Sports Club Director, hopes to attract
at least 20,000 people.
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COURCHEVEL • press kit winter 2014 - 2015
Let’s hear from
bruno tuaire
Courchevel Sports Club
“The World Cup is obviously a major sporting event but it is
also THE biggest celebration marking the start of the season
in Courchevel. The event takes place on the piste but its
atmosphere reigns over the entire resort. Everyone in
Courchevel is delighted to have a hand in it.”
The World Cup,
a celebration
for everyone
The Women’s World Cup is so much more than a race
pitting the world’s best skiers against each other. It’s
party time in Courchevel for two days.
The day before the first race, the bib draw is a spectacle
in itself. Following this year’s draw spectators can come
and watch international tennis legends like Björn Borg
in action at the ice rink which has been transformed
into a tennis court especially for the event.
Throughout the weekend, aerobatics and lots of
surprises are also in store.
Borg at the ice rink!
Since the very first Women’s World Cup in 2010,
spectators have always been treated to an ice show
after the draw.
This year the event has been given a new twist.
In association with the legendary Classic Tennis
Tour, some of the biggest names in the
history of the sport are descending
on Courchevel. Björn Borg, Mansour Bahrami
and even Henri Leconte will battle it out on Friday
and Saturday evening. Demonstrations are also
scheduled between races in the finish area of the
The cult
It has become a highlight in the award ceremony. Winners
are awarded a ski helmet specially designed by David
Cintract. The renowned contemporary artist famous for his
modern pop and glamorous style has displayed his work
in Courchevel for years. He is behind the Mademoiselle
Courchevel statue in La Croisette.
Athletes are very fond of this unique prize. Slovenian
Olympic medallist Tina Maze confesses to being “overprotective” of the one she won after her 2012 victory.
World Cup
Four Courchevel skiers
in THE French team
Piste Preparation:
how does it work?
Transforming the Emile-Allais slalom stadium into a
World Cup piste requires lots of work and planning.
The arrival area is set up several weeks in advance with
the installation of stands, seats and press areas.
A week before the race, the route is covered with 40-50
centimetres of artificial snow for a thick and uniform
layer. The piste is then watered and “injected” or
hardened using Steinbach machines.
Once the slope has been approved by the International
Ski Federation, extensive work is required to keep it that
way. In the event of snowfall, dozens of people descend
on the stadium in snow plows to smooth and push the
snow down. “Subject to weather, it can be
all hands on deck all night,” says Thomas
Thor Jensen, Ski Area Director. “Preparing the piste is all
about teamwork.”
23 year-old Alexis Pinturault
is the new golden boy in
French Alpine skiing. He
Courchevel hosts
the World Cup
until 2016/2017
Courchevel has fast become a classic
on the women’s world circuit.
The International Ski Federation is
delighted with the work carried out by
organisers and has chosen the resort
to host the Women’s World Cup for the
next two winters.
In December 2015 and December 2016,
Courchevel will host the giant slalom as
it did in December 2012.
600 people
behind the scenes
All Courchevel is part of the World Cup’s success.
No fewer than 600 people take part including 400
volunteers involved in checks, customer service and
parking organisation. There are also 150 instructors
especially provided by ESF ski schools. S3V provides
ski patrollers, ski lift and snow plow staff. For example,
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COURCHEVEL • press kit winter 2014 - 2015
it takes 2 days to install 6 km of protective netting
around the slalom stadium.
The Women’s World Cup welcomes 80 competitors and
120 journalists. 20,000 spectators are expected for the
2014 event. The event budget is 1.7 million Euros for
two days of competition.
won bronze in the giant slalom at
the Sochi Olympics and has already
won 7 World Cups including 3
in the 2013/2014 season (slalom
in Wengen, super combined
in Kitzbuhel and super-G in
Lenzerheide). His versatility saw
him come third in last winter’s
World Cup ranking. And he’s only
getting warmed up…
barthet &
Taïna barioz
The two 26 year-old Alpine skiers
on the French team hope to shine
on the World Cup circuit and before
a home crowd in Courchevel.
Previously, Taïna Barioz reached
the World Cup podium in the giant
slalom in Lienz in 2009.
The 18 year-old is a rising star in
women’s ski jumping. Léa Lemare
took part in her first Olympic Games
in Sochi where she finished 20th. Last
season she also achieved 6 top 20s in
the World Cup.
the supplier of champions
Head is one of the world’s biggest ski manufacturers. Courchevel
Sports Club’s partner also supplies equipment to three members of
the French Alpine ski team.
summer Alexis Pinturault joined the Head Rebel team
alongside the best skiers in the world such as Ted Ligety, Bode
Miller and Aksel Lund Svindal. The Austrian brand also has girl power
with Anne-Sophie Barthet and Taïna Barioz.
Sports Club
To each their own race
A Courchevel institution
At the competition
215 tests taken every winter
Competition may not be the main focus of Courchevel’s
ESF ski schools but it is integral to tuition provided by the
860 instructors.
With this in mind, taking tests are an important time in life
at the ESF schools. At the end of every week, these fullday competitions mark the end of a course. Friends and
families can watch students take their tests. The timed
tests are held at the Emile-Allais slalom stadium where the
Women’s Alpine Ski World Cup takes place.
From the famous “étoiles” to the “chamois” and the “flèche”,
917 members,
18 trainers, 6 fields
A unique
slalom stadium
The Sports Club is a driving force in Courchevel. Founded
in 1948, champions such as Jean Blanc, Nicolas Dessum
and Alexis Pinturault have trained here. 250 out of its 917
members compete in one of the six fields (Alpine skiing,
ski jumping, Nordic skiing, biathlon, Nordic combined and
The Sports Club is involved in organising a hundred
or so days of competition every winter. It
hosts the Women’s Alpine Ski World Cup, several European
Cups and the summer ski jumping Grand Prix.
Its 18 trainers don’t just train athletes. They help the valley’s youth to achieve their sporting goals and prepare for
the future namely by pointing them towards careers as
trainers or instructors.
The Courchevel Sports Club has unique facilities.
It manages the Emile-Allais slalom stadium which
functions as a small business. Five full-time staff
organise the events, handle access to lanes and provide
The stadium has no fewer than 21 lanes. In the
competition layout, it can host up to 6 time trials at the
same time.
Slalom stadium: smile, you’re on camera!
This is the newest feature in the Emile-Allais stadium.
Being able to time yourself on the World Cup piste
isn’t enough; holidaymakers can now be filmed during
their trial!
24 | 25
COURCHEVEL • press kit winter 2014 - 2015
With an integrated chip in your pass, you just need
to go through the starting gate and finishing line to
start and stop the recording. You can then watch the
video on-site or download it for free on the Sports Club
the ESF ski schools carried out over
in Courchevel last winter.
35,000 tests
Millet Ski Touring:
ski touring
for everyone
and have fun
Courchevel’s ESF ski schools founded ESF Club sections
last winter; a hybrid between the normal ESF and the
Sports Club. They are for children who want to enter competitions and have fun. In the long term, the goal of these
sections is to train skiers who excel technically so they can
work in the skiing sector.
Ski touring is in fashion and anyone can do it. Millet
Ski Touring, hosted by Courchevel Sport Alpinisme
since 2011, has had great success every year with
1,377 tours and 781 competitors last winter.
The goal? To get to Courchevel Le Praz when the
pistes close, put on your skis and set off on a 3km
social experience with a 500m difference in altitude
towards La Croisette.
What’s unique about Millet Ski Touring Courchevel
is that it attracts ski touring stars such as Kilian
Jornet, Mattéo Jacquemoud and Laetitia Roux.
The ESF ski schools and Guides Bureau provide lessons and trips for novices.
Events and activities
Every day
is a celebration
Courchevel sparkles from the start to the end
of the season. Major festivals, prestigious events and social
gatherings are ideal for getting together and having fun.
Courchevel is always striving to provide
holidaymakers with an array of exciting
activities. This winter sees a huge pyramid come to the
resort. The embodiment of a pioneering and avant-garde project
celebrates the art and creativity of an extraordinary setting.
Courchevel hosts large-scale events for
everyone. Festivities for the Alpine World Cup, Christmas, New
Year and Easter attract thousands of people every winter.
Free local activities encourage people to get
together. Holidaymakers love meeting up at the foot of the
slopes for a “chamallow party”. And let’s not forget ski springtime
with the highlight being the Féria Blanche when end-of-season
skiing is celebrated in a warm atmosphere.
in the
p r e ss
Forbes tra
trips of a liguide, 10 unbelieva
“Picture yo time, April 2014. le
elf sk
powder su
rrounded biing on
capped mo
y snowthe après-suntains. Soak up
after a gre atmosphere
at day on
the mounta
26 | 27
COURCHEVEL • press kit winter 2014 - 2015
Courchevel, temple of creation
Celebrate creativity
Since its very beginnings, Courchevel has had
an avant-garde outlook on creativity. With
this in mind, the resort hoped to open a site
packed with meaning to “host a large-scale
schedule,” says Jean-Christophe Chopin, the
brains behind the project alongside the Town
Hall and Tourist Board. The huge pyramid in
the heart of the resort has been designed to
celebrate creativity.
Events devoted to modern art, music, design,
fashion, food and even new technology will take
place from December 6th to April 24th near La
Croisette and the Forum.
Christmas festivities are a unique time in Courchevel.
Father Christmas visits every village to see the children
and take photos with them. His arrival is carefully
orchestrated: in a horse and carriage, on skis and even
with a patrol of snow bashers as his escort. A warm and
friendly atmosphere reigns over the entire resort toasted
by traditional mulled wine and hot chocolate. There’s
a variety of shows for kids and adults. The resort also
celebrates Orthodox Christmas on January 6th. 500 ESF
ski school instructors treat holidaymakers to a stunning
torchlight procession.
An extraordinary project needs
an extraordinary building. The
pyramid is an exceptional
construction. It is 25 metres
tall and 25 metres wide. Skiers
can glide beneath it through its
arcade. The project’s design began
in summer 2013. A few months
later, in November 2013, the
foundations were laid. Completion
is scheduled for autumn 2014. It
will take 1 week for the world’s
best experts to set up the 82 ton
It is almost entirely made
in the Savoie Mont Blanc
area by master craftsmen.
“It’s haute couture work tailormade for Courchevel’s ambitions”,
says Jean-Christophe Chopin.
Over 5 years, total investment is
estimated to be 5 million Euros.
The pop-up building will return
every winter.
28 | 29
COURCHEVEL • press kit winter 2014 - 2015
The pyramid is a project which is here for the long haul. “The first
year lays the foundations for the next,” says Jean-Christophe Chopin.
“The goal is to set it in stone in the next ten years.”
Over the coming years, Courchevel’s ambition is to become a major
international crossroads in the world of art and creativity. It’s a
natural progression as the resort is proactive in the sector given its
involvement in modern art, its sculpture exhibitions
and its influence in terms of fine dining,
hospitality and services.
Let’s hear from
Over the years, Courchevel’s Easter weekend has
become one of the most popular end-of-season
events. After a day out skiing on Saturday, the
children get together at the foot of the slopes on
La Croisette for a big party “Last year we organised
a raffle and the top prize was a giant egg weighing
11 kilos,” says Aymerick Mermoz, Director of Events
and Entertainment. They then go on an egg hunt
at the foot of the slopes and end the evening with
a magical firework display. On Sunday, 10,000
eggs are dotted over the ski area in the ski lifts to
everyone’s delight. Then there’s the traditional
Easter mass when everyone gets together.
Ski Springtime
You can’t imagine how good end-of-season skiing in
Courchevel is! At the end of April, the resort hosts
the Féria Blanche Courchevel, a busy
weekend of festivities radiating good times.
Everyone in the resort teams up for the occasion and does
something special e.g. part of the ski area opens at 8am, car
parks are free, S3V sells discounted packages. Two water
slides at the Family Park open in addition to the regular
facilities so everyone can ski and have fun. Equipment tests,
introductions to the biathlon and paragliding are also on
the agenda along with snow scooters for kids, concerts,
barbecues and more.
aymerick MERMOZ
Director of Events and Entertainment
“230 events were hosted in Courchevel last winter and shall
be again this year. They create fantasy, discovery
and magic for all holidaymakers. The resort is alive
from the start to the end of the season. On the foot of the
slopes, in the resort’s streets and now in the new pyramid,
the excitement never stops.”
Easter eggs
A long-term project
A unique
Christmas magic
Chamallow party
Every winter, the resort puts a new twist on an event that
successfully launched last winter: the “chamallow party”.
Fire pits, hundreds of chamallows and a good atmosphere:
at the foot of the slopes, holidaymakers are invited to
enjoy a skewer of sweetness. Simple, social and highly
popular with children and adults.
Two new
for Courchevel
They are called “Neige” and “Snow”. Two snowflakes
fallen from the sky, a brother and sister. The mascots
were designed by illustrator MIYA (Sophie Ayraud)
as part of the French Famille Plus accreditation
whose French resort members provide familyfriendly facilities. Neige and Snow bring sweet
treats for kids and get them dancing all winter at
the foot of the resort’s slopes.
A peak
Courchevel the hedonist. A dream night at a top
chef’s restaurant, a traditional meal, family dinner or something
exotic…anything is possible here.
There’s a wide variety of accommodation to
suit any holidaymaker in Courchevel. Hotels,
residences and rentals of all types provide an impeccable level of
service. Extensive work approving rental properties (chalets and
apartments) guarantees quality and reliability.
Courchevel, spa heaven. Treat yourself and bask in
the myriad of exceptional spas. Recharge your batteries in an
unspoilt natural haven.
in the
p r e ss
pril 2014
ateur. A
Le Nouv
ne of the
evel is o
ch winte
most ico
ts with it
own ide
30 | 31
COURCHEVEL • press kit winter 2014 - 2015
Courchevel, a unique and multi-facetted
mountain experience. The five villages each have their
own personality and are full of surprises, new experiences and
dreamy scenery.
Fine dining at its peak
13 stars, 7 restaurants
Le 1947 **
Chef : Yannick Alléno
Michelin starred since 2010
Yannick Alléno arrived in Courchevel in 2008 and welcomes
guests to the foot of the piste in a showy setting where they can
watch the master at work. He creates divine dishes before guests’
very eyes with his team.
Pierre Gagnaire pour Les Airelles **
Chef : Pierre Gagnaire
Michelin starred since 2010
Rare and exceptional produce, subtle and surprising
combinations…Innovation is king in this warm and peaceful
haven. Pierre Gagnaire moved to Courchevel in 2007.
Le Chabichou **
Chefs : Michel Rochedy AND Stéphane Buron
Michelin starred since 1979
This exceptional restaurant is part of Courchevel’s heritage.
Michel Rochedy got his first Michelin star in 1979 and the second
in 1984. Stéphane Buron has been working with him for over 20
years and serves perfectly balanced and elegant dishes.
Le Strato **
Chef : Jean-André Charial
Michelin starred since 2011
for every taste
Food lovers adore Courchevel. The resort
may be famous for its fine dining but it
also has a wealth of restaurants to suit
any taste or budget.
There are 68 restaurants: bistros,
brasseries, crêperies, world cuisine,
Italian, pizzerias, casual, traditional,
Savoie, Michelin starred and fine dining
restaurants. Every day throughout
your stay you can experience new
restaurants, new settings and new
Jean André Charial opened Le Strato in 2009 with a peaceful and
elegant atmosphere to serve a blend of modern and traditional
creations. His authentic menu is inspired by the Mediterranean
with a mountain twist.
it’s all about the label
Courchevel provides holidaymakers with a wide variety
of quality accommodation. Furnished rentals get special
attention which may have a national rating between 1 and
5 stars based on the surface area and quality of the fixtures
and fittings.
The resort has also set up its own rating system specially
designed to meet Courchevel’s visitor demands. The “Label
Courchevel” has three categories: “Mountain of Charm”,
“Mountain of Dream” and “Mountain of Exception”.
Almost 500 rentals have been rated and/or accredited.
“The accreditation is an excellent quality guarantee,” says
Michèle Hérard, project leader. “It boosts our holiday
rentals’ profile for visitors.”
You can book from home on the online booking system
which only lists accredited properties.
La Table du Kilimandjaro **
Chef : Nicolas Sale
Michelin starred since 2009
La Table du Kilimandjaro serves fine dining dishes in a traditional
pine interior. Nicolas Sale got his first star when he arrived in
Courchevel in 2009 and the second in 2013.
Le Kintessence **
Chef : Nicolas Sale
Michelin starred since 2013
This intimate gourmet lounge is the newest Michelin starred
restaurant in Courchevel. In the kitchen, Nicolas Sale takes each
product and does it three ways to give his guests a sensory
L’Azimut *
Chef : François Moureaux
Michelin starred since 2010
L’Azimut opened in 2007 as a place where fine dining goes hand
in hand with a warm atmosphere. Chef François Moureaux
is passionate about quality produce. He got his attention to
detail and creative dishes from his father, another Michelin
starred chef.
32 | 33
COURCHEVEL • press kit winter 2014 - 2015
Let’s hear from
Adeline Roux
Director of
Courchevel Tourism
“Courchevel is a resort for people
who love life. Our guests’ happiness is our
main priority. Every holiday is an all-round top
quality experience both on and off the slopes.
The natural setting is stunning and we strive to
provide the best restaurants, accommodation and
skiing to the masses.”
An authentic stay
in a charming chalet
Stone, wood and buckets of tradition. Chalets are one of
Courchevel’s most charming assets. They conjure up a
sense of cosiness as the classic mountain dwelling which
is highly popular with holidaymakers. There is a wide
variety of chalets in all shapes and sizes
(from a 2-person “mazot” to a chalet sleeping 15) for
any budget. The most luxurious ones are available with
bespoke services. For example, you can hone your cookery
skills with a chef one evening with friends or soak up the
relaxing atmosphere of a spa area without having to leave
the house.
44 hotels and
16 residences and
holiday centres
There’s something for everyone no matter your
requirements or budget in Courchevel. Eight
residences and eight holiday centres are perfect for
a holiday with family or friends. There’s an incredible
variety of hotels to choose from. From a traditional
family-run hotel to a 5 star palace, there really is
something for everyone. The resort is home to 44
cosy hotels of all styles and star ratings.
Mountain experience
500 treatments
to choose from
It goes without saying that there are spas aplenty in
Courchevel. These havens of wellbeing and relaxation in
3* hotels to 5* palaces are one of the resort’s strengths.
Numerous spas provide well-known cosmetic brands
with exclusives treatments and product ranges. There’s
a wide array of packages from a chocolate massage
to relaxing in a traditional wooden hot tub outside.
Courchevel provides a total of over 500 treatments to
choose from. Treat yourself.
Water fun centre
scheduled to open at
the end of 2015
The water fun centre is one of Courchevel’s star projects.
Construction work on the 10,500m2 complex between
the villages of Courchevel, Courchevel Moriond
and Courchevel Village began in October 2012. It is
scheduled to open at the end of 2015.
Among the many planned facilities, there will be
several pools in which to swim, play, surf and relax.
The spa area will have a relaxation pool with Jacuzzi
beds, hot tubs, Finnish saunas, Turkish baths and steam
rooms. You can treat yourself in the beauty area in
cabins equipped with the latest technology.
With its blend of sport, relaxation, wellbeing and spa,
the water fun centre is going to be big.
34 | 35
COURCHEVEL • press kit winter 2014 - 2015
Five villages,
five personalities
Get away
from it all
in Courchevel
The best experiences are often the simplest.
In Courchevel, you can get away
from it all anywhere in the resort
and on the slopes. Take a big gulp of
fresh air on the many footpaths through
unspoilt nature. It’s easy to reach the most
beautiful Alpine peaks and enjoy stunning
views of Mont Blanc with the hiking
New this winter: explore Courchevel’s
architecture, history and heritage for
yourself with the new guidebook. It provides
walking tour suggestions and riddles for
kids. Most of the routes are accessible on
foot or snowshoe and can be found on the
Courchevel’s five villages show us five different faces,
views and sides of the mountain. There’s one to suit your
If you love tradition, you’ll adore Saint-Bon, the original
cradle of the resort at an altitude of 1100m.
Courchevel Le Praz exudes the subtle charm of a mountain
village. It is the bastion of ski jumping and home to Olympic
ski jumps. People love its incredible ski route through the
forest whatever the weather.
Courchevel Village has a warm and friendly personality.
Take the ski lift for a quick ride to Courchevel.
Courchevel Moriond is particularly popular with families
with its traditional atmosphere and fantastic sunshine.
Last but not least, the resort’s legendary village: Courchevel.
All the villages are connected to each other by free shuttle
buses and provide direct access to the ski area.
Do you fancy a yurt
or lumberjack hut?
To each their own
Courchevel experience
is a resort where anything
is possible. You can chill out or get out and about;
experience cool luxury establishments or warm traditional
hotels. Adventurous holidaymakers will love heading out
on night time snowshoeing trips in torchlight or having an
unforgettable snowmobile or snow basher ride. For something
more rustic, try a Savoie speciality in the unique setting of a
yurt on “arbre à fondue” nights.
Why settle for the ordinary when you can have the
extraordinary? For an intense mountain experience,
Courchevel provides all sorts of unusual and innovative
Be at one with the mountain by spending the night in a
yurt under a blanket of snow. Enjoy tasty nibbles after a
snowmobile ride in the great outdoors. “In Courchevel, the
yurt experience is an expert blend of emotion, tradition and
gourmet food. It’s an opportunity to try good local produce,”
says Fabrice Perez, Courchevel Aventure.
For something more social and rustic, spend an evening in
the lumberjack hut playing games, trying Savoie génépi and
traditional food as the accordion plays in the presence of a
real lumberjack. “It’s a social experience which has proved very
popular. Holidaymakers walk into another world in a matter of
minutes and have great fun doing so,” says Fabrice Perez.
Almost 70% of ski lifts are disabled-friendly
20 practice pistes including 4 secure zen areas
where beginners learn to ski
8 free easy-to-reach ski lifts
ideal for beginners
4 free magic carpets
ski area
The world’s largest ski area > 105km2
66km of cross-country ski pistes
18km of marked snowshoe trails
21 snow groomers
46 snow groomer drivers
Comparison with the main international ski areas
Les 3 Vallées
105 km2
Paradiski (France)
75 km2
Arlberg (Austria)
36 km2
Zermatt (Switzerland/Italy)
Sella Ronda – Dolomites (Italy)
73 km2
90 km
Whistler Blackcomb (Canada)
27 km2
1,177,405 days of skiing
in winter 2013/2014
578 snow machines
60% of the ski area equipped with snow machines
les 3 vallées
170 ski lifts
600 km of connected ski pistes
22,878 hours of snow grooming including:
140 nights every winter
20 days in November to prepare the area
in summer on the mountain
pastures to maintain the slopes
58 ski lifts
150 km of pistes
Altitude: 1100m > 2738m
80% of the area is above 1800m
5.13m of snow in total in winter 2013/2014 at the peak of La Saulire
Ancient Courchevel proverb in dialect (phonetic transcription)
Quand les anhandes sont iates
yé non sgnio de niver hawé quia de né˝
Translation: When the gentians grow tall, there’ll be lots of snow this winter
That’s what happened this summer. Let’s see what happens.
36 | 37
COURCHEVEL • press kit winter 2014 - 2015
Courchevel, number 1 school resort:
16,965 days of ski school in 2013/2014
including 5,000 free days from the S3V
Les 3 Vallées
Adult day
58 €
Child day
46,70 €
Adult 6 day
283 €
Child 6 day
228 €
6 day Duo Pass
273 €
6 day Tribu Pass
268 €
6 day Family Pass
228 €
11 PIDA in winter 2013/2014
(avalanche control plan)
Ski area opening date: December 6th 2014
Ski area closing date: April 24th 2015
Approximately 4 tons of explosives used in winter
For each PIDA:
Manual blasts: 100
6 Catex: 40 blasts (dynamite)
16 Gazex systems (gas: oxygen and propane)
76 blasts (controlled from a computer then checked
on-site. The entire process takes 2 hours)
Adult day
49 €
Child day
39,20 €
Adult 6 day
240 €
Child 6 day
193 €
6 day Duo Pass
230 €
6 day Tribu Pass
225 €
6 day Family Pass
193 €
Free for under 5s and over 75s
ski patrollers
1 operation required for 13,000 ski
lift trips
Mini pass: by area, 3 hours etc.
50% off the 6 day pass for beginners aged
16-25 as part of the “French skiss” project.
Emile-Allais slalom
Founded in 1961
Courchevel’s ESF ski schools
At an altitude of 2007m
Europe’s highest runway
21 lanes
Up to 6 timed trials at the same time
537m long runway
with up to 18.5% slope
6,000 trips every winter
including 69% helicopter journeys
240 hours of snowclearing
The only altiport to be snow cleared all winter
170 competitions in winter 2013/2014
115 ESF test sessions
25 private trials
10 FFS, regional and national ski races
20 International Ski Federation races
12 foreign languages spoken in the 3 ESF ski schools:
English, Russian, Portuguese, Brazilian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Turkish, Flemish
Transport and road maintenance
35,802 tests taken (from Piou-Piou to Etoile d’Or, Flèches and Chamois) in winter 2013/2014
9 shuttle bus services in the resort’s villages and areas
from 7am to 2.10am
190 journeys per day
Cost: approximately 1,430,000 €
40km cleared highway
20km cleared pavement
48 staff
Year-round population of 2014 (2012 figure)
44 hotels
Accommodation capacity: 40,000 people
including 7 Michelin-starred (13 stars in total)
and 12 altitude restaurants
100 boutiques
45 activities
230 events and entertainment hosted
in winter 2013/2014
10 000
eggs distributed
for Easter festivities
38 | 39
COURCHEVEL • press kit winter 2014 - 2015
The road is never blocked in Courchevel
For example, when 40cm of snow falls overnight, teams
begin clearing snow at 3am
sports club
alexis pinturault
founded in 1948
23 years old – 20/03/1991
Disciplines: Slalom, Giant Slalom,
Super G, Super Combined
917 members
18 trainers
6 fields
100 days of events organisation per winter
4 Courchevel Sports Club athletes
in the French team
8 residences
8 holiday villages
477 rated and/or accredited rentals
40 snow plows
Approx. 450 hours of snow clearing per staff member
in winter
alexis pinturault
alpine ski
anne-sophie barthet
alpine ski
Joined Courchevel Sports Club in 1998
1 Olympic bronze medal for the giant slalom
at the 2014 Sochi Games
Ranked 3rd at the 2013/2014 World Cup, 8 podiums
including 3 victories:
Slalom in Wengen on January 19th 2014
Super Combined in Kitzbuhel on January 26th 2014
Super-G in Lenzerheide on March 13th 2014
22 podiums and 7 victories since first World Cup
(first entered in March 2009)
taïna barioz
alpine ski
léa lemare
ski jump