Aquatic Center, Courchevel, France


Aquatic Center, Courchevel, France
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Aquatic Center, Courchevel,
The aquatic center at Courchevel
will be opened in the 2015/2016
winter season.
It is located in the department Savoie and lies within the leisure center Grandes Combes, at the entrance
to the Courchevel skiing area.
Due to the complexity and the size
of the project, the architects opted
for a large grass-covered roof.
The roof adapts perfectly to the
topographic, climatic and environmental constraints and contributes
to the continuity of the landscape.
Aquatic Center, Courchevel
©Auer & Weber
A roof of 120 x 80 m covers the interior spaces where terraces and pools
are arranged on different levels. The
supports of the roof have a distance
of 29 m at some locations, the cantilevered beams can reach up to 17 m
in length.
Due to its location, the calculation of
snow loads and the seismic design
were particularly important.
In order to withstand heavy snow
loads and seismic variations, the
construction consists of a network of
crossed truss girders with a static
depth of 2 m and four locations
above which shells open to the
south providing the necessary light
for the interior rooms.
Furthermore, two pedestrian bridges have been built to connect the
roof with the surrounding mountains.
Engineering Office
Bollinger+Grohmann Engineers
The following companies participated in the construction:
Dlubal Software
Tiefenbach, Germany
Courchevel (Savoie), France
Auer + Weber + Assoziierte
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DYNAM modules
Modeling with RSTAB (Bollinger+Grohmann)
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