Carl`s Rip Van Winkle Motor Lodge


Carl`s Rip Van Winkle Motor Lodge
Rose up, he of the ponderous sleepLifted himself to a stretch in the luminous day.
Looked up and saw the trees grown giant
That were but yearlings when he slept-last night?
Last yesterday?-How stinging is the sun upon the
Looked down and felt a sudden shame!
Clothes tattered - fleshed revealed - the jacket
Beyond repair - Did I fight?
His hand, thinking to grasp dead leaves,
Met instead with a beard - his beard, rib-longFear and wonder arrested on his face…
The firearm, - protection against whatever Saw it lying rusted, the stock now worm’s abode,
The lock an instrument forgotten of precision;
Felt an oddness in his body,
In each joint a winter the head a throbbing ache;
“Oh! The flagon! That wicked flagon!”
And with a rushing terror“What excuse shall I make to the Dame Van Winkle?”
From “Rip Van Winkle’s Dream”
One hundred and sixty acres of meadows and a
pine forest along the scenic Catskill Creek that is
accessible by our own hiking trails. Don’t forget
your fishing poles! We hope to help make your
stay with us a memorable one!
The surrounding countryside has many interesting
roads for stimulating rides leading to historical stops
and points of interest. Hiking trails, horseback riding,
fishing, boating, golf, bowling, shopping,
entertainment, drive-in movies, all easily accessible
from Carl’s.
Our beautiful swimming pool, sun deck and spacious lawns are just some of the daily delights
for our guests. We also offer shuffleboard, playground, picnic areas, barbeques and a kiddie
pool all located right on the premises.
A Family Tradition…
Owned & Operated by the
Carl Family
3rd Generation
Our cabins are constructed from authentic
logs and some even have fireplaces. (seasonal
usage) They are all well arranged to comfortably accommodate groups, families , as well as
couples or individuals. Each one has its own
“put your feet up” comfortable porch where
you can relax at any time of the day.
The rooms are large and well ventilated. All
rooms and cabins are Non Smoking, have
air conditioning and are heated. Efficiency
units are available on a weekly or monthly
basis .
Open from April through November. Deposits
are necessary & required to confirm your
Sorry, no pets are allowed.
We will make every effort to place our guests
in the rooms of their choice, but , we cannot
We know you understand