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Appestat - Hammer Nutrition
Safe, effective, jitter-free weight loss
by Steve Born
We’ve come to that time of year when
many athletes, myself included,
need to get serious about dropping
those dreaded “off-season” pounds.
It’s amazing how quickly and easily
those extra pounds can appear but it’s
equally amazing how frustratingly
difficult they can be to get rid of. It
seems that the older I get (I’m now 51),
the easier it becomes to gain weight
and the harder it is to lose it. I’m
guessing that’s true for you as well.
The question is: “Is there a weight
loss product that is both safe and
effective”? Well, even with ephedra
having been banned in 2004, there are
still many weight loss formulas that
contain ingredients whose primary
mode of action is CNS (Central
Nervous System) stimulation. In
addition, your body can build up
a tolerance to some of these CNSstimulating ingredients, which means
that you eventually have to take more
and more to receive the desired effect.
These are things that you neither
want nor need. Sure, they may give
you a short-term buzz and temporarily
reduce hunger pains but in the long
run, these stimulant-based products
are simply not good for your health.
Fortunately, there is a product
available to you that is not only safe,
it’s effective, and it’s got a multiyear track record to back it up. That
product is Appestat.
Appestat - Safe, effective, & time-proven
Since its introduction nearly a
decade ago, thousands of athletes
have discovered that Appestat is the
healthy approach to weight loss. The
unique Appestat formula has proven
itself time and time again to not only
be safe, but highly effective as well.
As it is with all Hammer Nutrition
supplements, if Appestat didn’t work
as promised you can bet we wouldn’t
have it in our product line. Bottom line
is that it does work and, as thousands
of athletes can testify, it works
incredibly well.
No empty promises or unrealistic guarantees
Appestat has never been about wild
claims, gimmicks, or short cuts. Not
only does it NOT whack your body
with stimulants, it’s also not about
deceiving you with empty promises
such as “losing slabs of weight” or
“melting off the pounds.” Instead,
the nutrients in Appestat work with
your body, cooperating with its finely
vol. 1.10
tuned mechanisms, not overriding
them like stimulant-based weight loss
products do. And because it works in
cooperation with your body, Appestat
helps you get to your desired weight in
a safe and healthy fashion. The best
news of all? You won’t have to starve
yourself or feel hungry all the time!
More information about the Appestat
formula and how it works is inside…
check it out!
Your powerful ally now & throughout the year
Not only is Appestat the perfect
product for this time of year—the
time to get rid of excess weight before
the season is in full swing—it’s also
a great product to have on hand
during periods of inactivity (i.e.
while injured), when weight gain is a
potential by-product.
The right product + effective guidelines +
your discipline = Weight Loss Success
Appestat is a great product, no
question about it. However, as good as
Appestat is, there’s more to successful
weight loss than just this product.
You see, we at Hammer Nutrition
have long maintained that weight
loss success does not come simply
from a pill. We have always strongly
advocated that dedication and effort
on one’s part are integral factors in
achieving success in weight loss, just
as they are in training and racing.
Additionally, we believe that sound
and sensible guidelines must
accompany any weight loss product.
That’s why, in addition to the superior
weight loss product that is Appestat,
Appestat - Lose weight the healthy way! “Appestat” continues here...
we provide you with proven, science-based guidelines and tips that work
in tandem with Appestat. Along with proper use of Appestat, they’ll
help you get to your desired weight safely and successfully.
Simply put, Appestat—along with your disciplined adherence to the
weight-loss guidelines that we provide—will help you achieve lasting
success in attaining your desired weight, without harming your system.
The time is NOW so don’t delay
Don’t wait any longer and definitely don’t miss out on the opportunity
to get your body to the weight it needs to be at in time for the upcoming
season. Now is the time for Appestat! Also, now that you know that
Appestat is a product you can use year round, this is a fantastic
opportunity to stock up on this time-proven product.
You simply won’t find a better product + guideline support package to
help you achieve weight loss success and we guarantee your satisfaction
100%. More details about Appestat follow. Check it all out, then give
us a call (800.336.1977) or log on ( to start
getting your body ready for its best season ever.
We’ll help you drop the weight so you’ll be ready to drop your
competition! Give us a call or log on today!
Dr. Bill Misner, Ph.D.,
discusses Appestat
Each of the ingredients in Appestat is formulated to
synergistically effect rapid access to carbohydrate
stores, simultaneous mobilization of fatty acids for
increasing the rate of fat metabolism, and shortterm weightloss by reducing appetite cravings.
Appestat is designed for a short-term weight loss
of 2-5 pounds in a 20-consecutive-day period,
followed by 7 days of no use before repeating a
second 20-day protocol.
The mechanism for this product is dependent
upon compliance to aggressively deny hormonal
feedback loops, preventing the body’s “Appestat”
to lower basal metabolic rate as a compensation
response from immediate body fat loss. In the
field trials we conducted, 100% of the subjects
lost weight while supplementing with Appestat
and applying the recommended guidelines.
These subjects reported that they were unable
to lose weight on all other weight-loss plans
using a variety of
What’s in Appestat and What Do These
Nutrients Do?
5-HYDROXYTRYPTOPHAN (5-HTP) is a plant-based precursor of serotonin. In addition to potentially
enhancing the quality of sleep and growth hormone release, 5-HTP aids in reducing sugar cravings.
ZINC (we use the extremely bioavailable Monomethionine form) is an essential part of approximately
300 different bodily functions, including carbohydrate metabolism. Low zinc levels, common in high
carbohydrate diets, can also reduce the athlete’s ability to utilize oxygen and generate energy during
IODINE is needed for the synthesis of one of the thyroid hormones known as thyroxin that is involved
in regulating metabolic rate.
CHROMIUM POLYNICOTINATE helps insulin regulate blood sugar levels; supplementation tends to
decrease blood sugar in people with high blood sugar levels and raises blood sugar in people with
low blood sugar levels. It improves the uptake of cellular glucose for energy production and is believed
to inhibit the synthesis of new fat from carbohydrates which frees the mitochondria to burn already-stored fat. While there are many forms
available to the consumer, the polynicotinate form is superior, considered to be 300 times more biologically active (referring to absorption
rates) than other forms of this trace mineral.
HYDROXYCITRIC ACID (HCA) may just be one of nature’s most remarkable weight loss nutrients. This active ingredient of the Garcinia
Cambogia fruit safely inhibits an enzyme called citrate lyase, which is used in the conversion of carbohydrates into fat. It also gently
suppresses appetite and reduces food intake.
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