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February 2016
What It Means to be
diamond cut
alex angelo
Progressive Power Metal
OVER a decades worth Of experience and knowledge
04 Alex Angelo
See Through My Eyes
A Face To Remember
07 3rd Coast Gs
When Focus And Hip Hop Collide
08Emory Forbes
Renaissance Man
10Chevy Woods
The Place... The Time... The Vibe
18Fit For A King
Slave To Nothing
Progressive Power Metal
24Tanya G
English Triple-Threat
25Silver Snakes
12/26Djoir Jordan
What It Means To Be Diamond Cut
Lifestyle | HEALTH
14Dr. Vastola’s Health Tips (Column)
Discrimination vs Genital Transplants
16 Valentine’s Day Ideas
For All You Lovebirds
22 Be Inspired (Column)
Eloho Shares Her Words Of Inspiration
17All Hands On Deck (Column)
Antonio Fargas aka Huggie Bear Interview
19Harry A. Milman (Author)
Novel: A Death At Camp David
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driven media has become the golden chalice of promotion; fresh content delivered with the minimum of fuss
constantly throughout the day has become the key to
ensnaring the public interest, of reaching the plateau of
fame and recognition you deserve to be standing upon.
last issue
Without an audience to listen no-one can hear you talk.
Without a pair of eyes to observe no-one notices when
you achieve greatness and without a market waiting
on pins to learn which direction their latest fascination
will be coming from no-one will be holding the banners of congratulations when you finally step up to the
With an empire of insiders working tirelessly away to
bring you the biggest, best, and breaking news across
the entire landscape of the media BWD Magazine has
built a reputation as being one of the leading names
in the industry.
With a worldwide audience of subscribers downloading
and learning which name to look out for, which band
they should be following, who or what the next Big
Thing is going to be, BWD Magazine speaks to millions
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With the world as an audience BWD Magazine puts you
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BWD Magazine - “The Best Worldwide Driven” Magazine
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‘Leading Whilst Others Follow’
BWD Magazine • • 3
t the early age of 10, Alex
Angelo, the multi-faceted
singer, DJ, and dancer,
began mixing songs.
host and produce a nationally broadcasted radio program.
Born in Florida, and raised in Cleveland,
Ohio, the teen sensation’s career began
by using his father’s iPad to produce his
playlists. Later, Alex upgraded to Technics
1200s turntables, using the profits he
made from selling his skateboard ramp.
As a result of his determination and
love for music, his name crept into the
spotlight and skyrocketed. Soon after,
he would be opening for world famous
entertainers such as Justin Bieber, Carly
Rae Jepsen, Austin Mahone, Hoodie Allen,
Pitbull, and more.
In February 2014, Alex’s success catapulted even further with the release
of his debut EP, “This Is the Beginning.”
Shortly after, his single “It’s Your Night”
joined the rotation on Radio Disney, and
its popularity, landed him a gig as the
new House DJ for the 2014 Radio Disney
Music Awards. The award show delivered
3.2 million total viewers and was ranked
as the #1 primetime TV telecast of April
2014 across all major youth demographics. With his rapid explosion of popularity came the “Fangelos” – Alex’s loyal fans
and supporters, whom are always eager
to stay up to date with the latest on Alex.
Alex Angelo was destined to stand out
from the rest of the crowd. He debuted
a weekend show on Radio Disney, titled,
“Radio Disney’s Saturday Night Party with
Alex Angelo.” This radio phenomenon
put his name on the map as one of the
youngest on-air personalities ever to
Alex has also entertained audiences
at Cleveland Cavaliers games as both a
DJ and as part of the Cavs’ Kids Dance
Troupe, a youth group of talented hiphop dancers who entertain Cavalier fans
during the NBA season. He is religious
about making trips to Los Angeles to
4 • BWD Magazine •
study with the iconic choreographer/creative director,
Flii Stylz.
After touring earlier this year with teen icons Austin
Mahone, Fifth Harmony, and Shawn Mendes, Alex hit the
road this past summer with Jake Miller on his “Dazed
and Confused” tour and Megan Nicole on her “Sweet
Dreams” tour.
In addition to his success on the road, Alex recently
released two singles including “Turn Me Up” and “See
Through My Eyes.”
Alex currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio with his parents and little sister.
Contact Information
Facebook: RealAlexAngelo
Twitter: @AlexAngelo
YouTube: AlexAngelo
Instagram: AlexAngelo
All Rights Reserved
BWD Magazine • • 5
ri Manun’s aka ThaRealBri is an energetic,
Southern girl with a knack for having fun. This
Rising star was born to entertain. She’s been
writing and recording since
the age of nine and she’s no
stranger to the music industry.
throughout the south’s club scene, giving girls everywhere a
new voice and attitude.
Bri will ‘definitely’ be a face to remember.
Bri has appeared as opening acts for
numerous artists such as Nappy Roots,
Russell Simmons, Rev Run, The Party Boyz,
Lil Romeo, SlimThug, Kirko Bangz, Bun B, and
many others along her journey.
ThaRealBri has been turning down recording deals since the age of 12 but has since
then signed with an up and coming record
label, “NoYeMad, Inc.”, which recognized her
unique style, abilities and need to combine
classic hip-hop with classic Rhythm and
Blues, fused with the sassy swag of a jazz
Contact Information:
Twitter: @NoYeMad (Label)
Facebook: ThRealBrianna.chambers
ThaRealBri has been working on her debut album which has
given us her sassy single, “I’m On It”, that’s been spinning
Soundcloud: ThaRealri
Instagram: ThaRealBri
All Rights Reserved
6 • BWD Magazine •
rd Coast G’s is a group of artists from all
around Texas and the surrounding areas.
All brought together for the love of music.
They all have their own style. No one artist
sounds like the next and together, amazing
is to say the least.
3rd Coast G’s got together in a small town named Lufkin,
Texas; yea we know you may have no idea where Lufkin,
Texas is located in East Texas. However, we’re pretty sure
you have heard of the Dallas Cowboy’s super star receiver
Dez Bryant. It’s his hometown but when it’s all said and
done, trust you will know exactly where Lufkin, Texas is
3rd Coast G’s intends to come out in this industry and take
their place in the hip-hop scene. Although they’re coming
out under an Independent Label ‘Feel Good Entertainment’
they are something to be talked about. Even under an independent label the 3rd Coast G’s understand fully that they
have it even harder to make a mark on this industry and
trust they are ready for the challenge.
3rd Coast G’s have had their hard times in this thing we
call life and now they’re ready to show the world what they
can do when really focused. Regardless, of nae sayers, 3rd
Coast G’s are ready for that challenge too so just be on the
lookout for 3rd Coast G’s coming to a radio, city, town, cd
near you!
Contact Information:
Twitter: @HeavyChevy82 | Facebook: 3rdCoastGs2015
Instagram: 3rdCoastG82 | iTunes:
All Rights Reserved
BWD Magazine • • 7
emory forbes
o Be Lyrical, or Not To Be” is not the question, when it comes to Emory Forbes. Also,
known as Steven Sutton, was born in
Baltimore, MD on February 27, 1990.
some selections of urban and R&B flavored mixes. This artist is so diverse; he can be described as a “Renaissance Man”.
Introduced to the art of hip-hop at the age of 12, Emory
Forbes soon began to master the freestyle. Heavily influenced by all music, Forbes admires artists like; Eminem, Jay-z,
Nas, Big L, Big Pun, and the lists goes on and on.
At the age of 19, Emory Forbes enlisted in the US military
and moved to Lompoc, CA. It was there where a mutual
friend introduced him to legendary producer Reckah (Rex
Lee). Together, they created Emory’s debut project, and one
of the best mixtape releases of 2011, “Live From The Bottom”,
which received high praise from many independent outlets
including an IMA nomination for best Hip-Hop/Rap Album.
“Live From The Bottom” was Emory Forbes’ first recording, and
there were a lot of emotions put into it. “I had lost a lot of
the things that I cared about, and I wasn’t making any progress
with the music that I was making, so I just tried to put that all
in the CD to let the world know how I was feeling”, says Forbes.
While still focusing on his music, Emory began to branch
out into theatrical and cinema performance. During many
months of 2012, Emory Forbes showed off his acting skills in
live stage productions.
Contact Information
Twitter: @EmoryForbes
Instagram: EmoryForbes
Forbes’ upcoming album will also display his multi-faceted
mix of talents, which include rapping, as well as vocal performances. The self-titled album is set for release on January
15th and will contain several hip-hop based tracks, yet also
8 • BWD Magazine •
Facebook: EmoryForbes
Photography Credits: Jermain Issac Photography
All Rights Reserved
rom the sunny shores of a Floridian sky to the
Not only affording the world of music a genuine outlet to purvey
ears and eyes of a worldwide audience BWD
it’s unbridled talents BWD Radio also promotes and inspires the
has grown from an acorn of an idea into an oak
musicians it unveils, the multi-faceted nature of BWD incorporat-
tree of industry-might, its roots deep within the
ing all avenues of generating awareness and recognition to the
strata of social sites and online promotions, its
talents it reveals, encouraging the growth of their fan-base and
branches far-reaching and bearing fruitfulness aplenty.
helping propel them onto the iPods and bedroom walls of a global
Starting out developing websites Ms. V proved herself more guru
than mere graphic designer, her final works forging a reputation of
With the recent successful launch of the BWD Radio app the audi-
being the go-to girl for all things attention grabbing and intuitive.
ence all artists are looking to find are as close as they have ever
been, right on the other side of millions of touch-screens and
Quickly she began laying the foundations for what would become
monitors, smart-phones and tablets all bearing the app’s visage
her own empire, reputation growing with each engagement and
across their surface.
the horizon of possibilities expanding even further than first
Now a major player in the world of radio and media, the leader in
the field of generating buzz around the artists it plays on its non-
Whilst making some of the connections that would see BWD
stop, commercial free station, and proudly wearing the banner of
become a leader in its field murmurings and mutterings regarding
being The Home Of The Indie Artists BWD founder Ms. V has proven
the state of the music business came filtering through the wire.
you don’t need a thousand lawyers fighting over who gets the
Listening to the sounds of discontent chattering in the background
best parking spot in front of offices to forge a dominant empire
it became clear that, for all the talented individuals with credible
of multi-faceted out-lets; as the late great British entertainer Roy
worth vying for the attentions of a label or promoter, those in the
Castle once said ‘Dedication’s all you need’. The ‘Best Worldwide
Industry were more concerned with how profitable a bottom-line
Driven’ Station.
they could wring from their talents than the merits and music of
the people themselves.
An avid appreciator of new and classic music Veralyn saw a gap
Twitter: @BWDRadio_
in the market for someone with the knowledge and nous, con-
Instagram: BWDPromotions
nections and cunning, and - of course - the dedication to provide
a credible alternative to those as-yet unsigned greats of music, a
platform for them to launch themselves into the airwaves and soar
into the charts.
With each passing year BWD has grown in both experience and
influence, the listening world turning up the dial to be the first to
hear the latest unsigned extravagances of talent bursting from the
underground and across a global stage.
(Sponsers) Photo Credits: BWD Graphics - All Rights Reserved.
BWD Magazine • • 9
chevy woods
acing up for his first official studio project
and album after several mixtapes, Chevy
Woods has been a longtime backbone within
the Taylor Gang. The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
native has navigated a patient path to success. However, after handfuls of nationally acclaimed mixtapes, the former All American athlete-turned-hustlerturned Rap sensation has been hording his finest work for
his recently released The 48 Hunnid Project, and a forthcoming album.
For the man born Kevin Woods, rapping began as secondary
to athletics. A basketball phenom and a football star, Woods
was encouraged by older guys in the neighborhood to kick
bars at cookouts and after tournaments.
Rapping in front of strangers, Woods won over fans and
made friends, as he says, “Just seeing if it worked out, and I
got kind of good at it.” This gift of connecting with the people, beyond familiarity, race, or circumstance would prove
to be one of Woods’ many gifts. As an athletic scholarship
student at Robert Morris University, things started to shift.
While studying business, playing ball, and messing with
music, Woods maintained a double life. He was a scholar by
day, hustler by night.
Respected in his Hazelwood section of the city, Chevy
earned an income through selling drugs. Looking back,
10 • BWD Magazine •
Kevin admits that the rewards did not justify the risks.
However, with a budding Rap career, equipment and CDs
cost money that his studies could not supply. In 2004, during a particularly challenging season, Kevin made a profound transition in his life. “I was hustlin’ in the hood, and
things didn’t work,” he says of the drought. “It got to the point
where I had zero dollars, but I had this Triton keyboard. I went
to one of those music pawn shops and they gave me $350.”
With the money, Kevin aimed to do something productive.
After looking around, he stumbled upon a start-up recording studio, ID Labs. “I booked two days,” Chevy remembers.
“The second day, Wiz Khalifa happened to be working there.
He liked what I was doing, I liked what he was doing, and we
just became friends.”
That friendship grew fast. As “Kev da Hustler,” Woods
appeared on Wiz’ acclaimed Prince Of The City breakthrough
mixtape, and his 2006 indie debut, Show and Prove.
Chevy Woods would serve as an anchor to the street imagery
on that work, understanding the high stakes of the Steel
City. “He had his select group of friends, but they weren’t all
from the same place; mine were,” says Chevy of the earliest
days of Taylor Gang. “It’s a lot of my homeboys, my friends,
my brother,” he adds. In fact, the idea of the interactive mob
of artists and fans began with conversations Wiz had with
Chevy in 2007 and 2008. Today, also serving as a label, Taylor
Gang is a destination state of mind. “I’ve learned a lot from
Juicy J, Ty Dolla $ign, and Wiz,” says Chevy. “It has everything
to do with work ethic.” Coming from a blue-collar city to a DIY
label, the strong work ethic comes naturally and every inch
of success is earned, not given. “Coming from Hazelwood, you
gotta go for yours, whatever it is.”
With the meteoric rise of Taylor Gang, Chevy Woods made a
clean start. Changing his name in an effort to be original, the
MC nicknamed “Chevy” around his way for oversized pants
turned the key on his Rap career.
In 2008, Woods says he left the hustling behind. “I didn’t
want to be in the streets chasing the small money, looking
over my shoulder.” He adds, “Everything that I got right now is
off of music.” Today, Chevy is a homeowner, a car enthusiast,
who loves vacationing with his parents, his brothers, and his
own children. He professes, “When you eliminate one negative
thing, a lot of positive things start to happen.”
It is that kind of seasoned wisdom that’s made Chevy Woods’
Gangland mixtape series so unique. Starting in 2012, the
benchmark projects in Chevy’s discography helped show an
underbelly to the Steel City, but differentiate him from his
cohorts. “I didn’t want to get credit for what I did in the streets,
‘cause it was good times and bad times. But what I did want
to get across is that I’m not a weed-rapper,” he says. A casual
smoker, Chevy’s material focuses on the tense realities of
corner transactions, stashing money, and trying to enjoy a
fast life. Owning his past, the MC now draws inspiration from
his father, a former steel mill worker, and the work ethic of
his mother, who raised six boys. Still with a hustler’s mentality and a D-boy’s swagger, Chevy Woods is of the world he
may no longer be in. On The 48 Hunnid Project, Chevy teamed
with hit-maker Rico Love (Usher, Beyonce, T.I.) to make savvy
songs. “I’m in school again, when I get around him,” Chevy says
of the Grammy Award-winning Rico. “He knows both sides of
the industry: women and R&B, and the hip-hop.” This record
bridges the gap between the bus stop and the boardroom.
Other songs, like current video hit “30 Deep,” capture the
loyalty of Taylor Gang, and the audience of 412 natives that
travel to see Chevy on the road.
The road is a big part of Chevy Woods’ success. After co-headlining a tour with Kevin Gates, Chevy returns to be a guest
feature alongside Fall Out Boy and Wiz Khalifa this summer.
“It gives me time to reflect, and interact with fans,” says Chevy,
who has done nearly 10 major runs in his career. With The 48
Hunnid Project, which features the crew as well as OG Maco
and DeJ Loaf, Chevy had time to focus, and fed off of the
energy of his brothers. Fresh off of crossover “Now That I’m
Up,” Woods set out to provide more wisdom and perspective.
Chevy Woods’ day is here. “I never sold anything,” says the
hustle-savvy MC. Even still, he was always architecting this
day. “Right now, there are songs that are important to me that
I recorded in 2010, that have never been released.” He elaborates, “I’ve put together plans for things to happen, plans for
certain songs. If it’s not the right time, I don’t put it out.” The
right time is coming, and creatively, Chevy Woods is going
back to the place, the time, the vibe. The complete story is
weaving together for one of Pittsburgh’s most patient modern pioneers.
With appearances on gold albums, hit singles, prime compilations, and more history in and out of the booth than he
takes credit for, Chevy’s engine is revving. Since inception,
Woods has been the granite foundation within the Taylor
Gang. His insight, his edge, and his network helped take a
movement from the rust belt to the top of pop culture. After
paying dues, perfecting his craft, and studying his brothers,
this artist aims to be the latest rookie to show his formative
years as a decorated vet.
Contact Information
Twitter: @ChevyWoods
Facebook: ChevyWoods
Instagram: ChevyWoods
YouTube: ChevyWoods
Soundcloud: ChevyWoods
All Rights Reserved
After giving away hundreds upon hundreds of songs away,
BWD Magazine • • 11
inger/Songwriter/Dancer/ Entertainer Djoir Jordan
may be the freshest artist to hit the EDM/Pop/
Rock music scene in a while. Her edgy style and
fun catchy lyrics, driven by hard hitting sounds
will keep you captured and excited, leaving
you wanting more. Her positive message to
#BeDiamondCut (“Be unique, stand out and reflect your light.”)
has people of all ages supporting and desiring to be a part of
The Diamond Cut Team.
Djoir has performed and/or worked with huge named acts
such as: DEV, The George Shelby Band, Aaron Carter, RedFoo of
LMFAO, Hypercrush, Táta Vega of 20 Feet From Stardom, Hok of
QuestCrew (ABDC), LMFAO, FUEL, Reel Big Fish, Cassandra Mills,
Dalvin DeGrate, KC of JODECI, Ginuwine, Shane Sparks, Jason
Edmonds, 112, NOVASPACE, Shaneal Funk, Breanna Kennedy and
many more.
Djoir’s 4th single “Partypocolypse” aired on ABC’s TV series Pretty
Little Liars on Episode “Fresh Meat”. It was also featured on
USA Network’s series RUSH on the “Learning To Fly” episode.
“Partypocalypse” was also featured in the 20th Century Fox Film,
The Longest Ride, which was released in Theaters everywhere on
April 10th, 2015. This now makes Djoir 4 for 4 with her releases.
Djoir is full of energy on and off stage. With her fun upbeat music, catchy
lyrics and hard hitting sounds, she will have you captured, excited and inspired, leaving you wanting more! Her love for her fans has people all over
Djoir Jordan’s 2nd single “Get This Party Rockin” (Feat HP) was
recently placed in the upcoming movie trailer for Best Night Ever
that hit theaters January 2014.
the world connecting to her message of “Being Diamond Cut” (Be Unique,
Stand Out and Reflect Your Light). Djoir feels her purpose in the music
industry is to be a light in people’s lives, inspire people to embrace who
they are, and never give up on their dreams. Her hustle and hard work is
Her 1st single release with NOVASPACE called “Control” (Feat.
Djoir Jordan) quickly climbed to #62 on Beatport’s Electro House
chart and has gained support from Top EDM artists around the
gaining notice within the music industry and Djoir is on her way to becoming a household name.
When and why did you start writing and performing music? That moment where you just KNEW this was your calling?
Her 2nd release with NOVASPACE called “Right Now” (Feat Djoir
Jordan) climbed to #13 on the UK charts and gained support from
Knife Party, Gold Top and many more DJs around the world.
I’ll never forget the moment I realized I wanted to perform. It was summer
when my mom snuck me into this huge concert at a local fair. I was so
young, I have no idea how we got past security, but we did! It was the most
amazing experience I’ve ever had. Seeing all the people affected by this
Djoir Jordan is no stranger to performing live in front of large
crowds and on big stages. She’s opened for many multi-platinum
selling artists, and most recently did an AFE (Armed Forces
Entertainment) tour in Japan where she performed for the military troops and their families. She’s toured all over the United
States and continues to tour both in the US and Internationally.
one person, singing her lyrics, with lighters in the sky, I even remember the
audience throwing flowers on stage. OMG, I was so hooked! This definitely
fueled the fire, but I always had the performance bug.
I started performing on stage at the age of three. My Grandmother was
a Pastor and I performed at her church all of the time. From there, my
mom got me into traveling-kid-singing-groups and eventually landed
exclusive interview
an audition to be a part of a nationally syndicated kids TV show called
Colby’s Clubhouse. I did that for 4 ½ years and really loved the experience. I always enjoyed performing and Colby gave me the opportunity to
develop my skills in singing, dancing, acting and recording in the studio.
Welcome! Please introduce us to Djoir Jordan…
After the show ended, I continued to pursue music, dance and sports. . In
Djoir is an American Pop/Dance Singer, Songwriter and Actress. Born and raised a High School, I began testing out my songwriting skills and also recording
Southern California girl and is currently living in Los Angeles.
hooks for friends that were rappers.
12 • BWD Magazine •
I loved it so much, that I decided to continue developing my musical talents and
Live performances are HUGE. People are paying their hard-earned money and
see where it would take me. I eventually landed in a few girl-groups, one called
taking their time to come see you live and putting on an amazing performance is
Minx Mafia in which I worked with Mr. Dalvin from the multi-platinum selling
something SO important to me. That’s why I’ve made sure my live show is one to
R&B group JODECI. This groomed me mentally and truly gave me a taste of what
remember and I truly leave my heart on the stage every night. People can expect
it takes to be successful in the industry. Very recently I decided to go solo, discov-
a live band, dancers throwing out glow sticks, costume changes, and a few other
ered who I really was, and realized that my calling was to be a light in people’s
surprises throughout the night. I can’t give away everything though, you’ll have to
lives. I wanted to give myself to my fans.
come see for yourself! I also love to connect with my fans and do meet-and-greets
before and after the show.
If you had to explain your music to someone who has never heard of ‘Djoir
Jordan’ until today, how would you describe your music?
Do you get nervous before a performance? If so, how do you handle that?
I would describe my music as fun, edgy and upbeat. I’ve been loving tribal-like
YES! Always! I’m such a stress-ball! LOL! Right before I go onstage, I make sure
drums recently, with a four-to-the-floor beat to drive the music and adding in-
to take some time to myself to do my vocal warm up. We do a group prayer and
teresting sounds. Some songs have a dance-pop flare with a bit of an edge to
I try to just breathe and then jump around to get pumped up! I usually feel like I
them and others are more dramatic feeling that will pull on your heartstrings
forgot everything, until I step foot out on stage and then go on autopilot.
and connect with you through lyrics. All in all, I want you to feel good when you
listen and make you smile.
Your motto is “Be Diamond Cut”! Can you explain what that means to our
readers and the idea behind it?
What is that ‘Unique” one-of-a-kind Djoir Jordan style!? We love it! Definitely
To “Be Diamond Cut” means to Be Unique, Stand Out and Reflect your Light. Don’t
need to know the inspiration behind the look! Was this always the look or
be afraid of who you are or what you want to become. Go after your dreams, shine
music and performance inspired?
your light in this world and give it all you can and be the best YOU.
Thank you so much! My style comes from a combination of things. I’m inspired
by musicians such as Michael Jackson, Gwen Stefani and Pink. However, I don’t
As a versatile artist, dancer, and entertainer; what do you feel have been
always follow the trend, I tend to wear and do what I like, so it’s always changing
some your greatest accomplishments to date?
and evolving. As far as clothes go, I love bright colors, leather jackets and a nice
It’s been a crazy ride! I feel very fortunate to have accomplished so much thus far
clean black-on-black look with some good hardware. I think it’s fun to be girly,
in my career. Charting with my 1st and 2nd single was an amazing feeling. Hav-
with a little edge.
ing my 3rd single in the movie trailer for Best Night Ever was so awesome and
my 4th single placed on TV shows such as RUSH, Pretty Little Liars and the Fox
Share with us some of your musical influences while growing up and what
Feature film The Longest Ride. I toured in Japan and most recently did a Medi-
and/or whom inspires you to be the artist that you are today?
terranean tour last April, hitting 6 different countries. My team and I played the
I grew up listening to the radio, so I was influenced by many artists. I believe
main stage at the House Of Blues on Sunset in Hollywood, California before they
that’s why I am so diverse vocally and open to so many different ideas when cre-
closed their doors, which was a long time “vision board” goal for me.
ating music. I have so many influences it’s hard to choose! I love Michael Jackson,
Christina Aguilera and Pink. I also have a soft spot for R&B music. I am a big fan
And finally, what’s next for Djoir Jordan in 2016? Any project happenings
of Brian McKnight, Stevie Wonder, and Usher. I also have a secret obsession with
that you’d like to share with us. Any dates we should be looking to circle on
Country music. Although, it’s not much of a secret anymore, I guess!
our calendars?!
YES! Super excited for 2016! I am currently working on my EP, due to release
Congratulations on the recent release of your single titled, “Partypocalypse”.
early this year! I’ve teamed up with some amazing Producers and Songwriters.
What was the inspiration behind this track and what can the listeners expect
I’ve been hard at work in the studio nearly every night with Taylor Sparks, In-
from your sound and storytelling?
ternational DJ Casper (of DarkChild, Rodney Jerkins), Jeremy Snyder (Writer of
Thank you! I wrote this song with Dave Whiteside and we originally wrote this
Purpose, Justin Bieber), Ian Gott, Carl So Lowe, KBM and a few other extremely
as a fun, playful song, making light about how everyone was thinking the apoca-
talented musicians. I’m really looking forward to this EP release and also looking
lypse was coming and the world was going to end. We decided to make it an “end
forward to touring in 2016. Lots of other big things getting lined up for this year,
of the world” party song and joked about what we would be like if the world did
but it’s too early for me to comment about them right now. Best way to keep up
end. Luckily, it didn’t and the song went on to get placed on Film and TV! I was
with tour dates and releases is via my website, Social Media and my fan club.
incredibly thankful for how well my fans embraced this song.
Listeners can expect upbeat catchy melodies from me, with playful lyrics that are
simple to remember and fun to sing along to. My stories are inspired by my dayto-day life and what I am going through in the moment.
No doubt you’re raising the roof at your performances! What can fans expect
to see at your LIVE shows? Where can we see you perform? Upcoming shows?
Twitter: @Djoir
Facebook: Djoir
Instagram: Djoir
All Rights Reserved
BWD Magazine • • 13
Discrimination vs. Genital Transplants
Tit for Tat
Discrimination is everywhere and in medicine too. Medical
Services should be equal and fair but with many breast
implants and not a medical reason for them, it has been
skewed for the ladies.
Breast implants are many times cosmetically done to help enhance a women’s............, even though it has NEVER
been the real reason for a meaningful
relationship. And what have the guys
got? Nothing, but now there are penile transplants (someone
else’s)! My fingers can’t type fast enough and todays shadows will
not cloud the excitement that is on the horizon!
penis has to be a genic match and the
operation is very expensive ($400,000500,000), about 12 hours long with many
side effects but I’m sure the line will be a
mile long. Designed for injured men i.e. combat, every Tom, Dick
and Harry will want it to be longer, firmer and fully packed like
a cigarette. Maybe we can even name them and choose from a
menu, i.e., “Big John”, “Wirey Willie”, “Harry Wiener” or “One Hung
Long”! It would certainly have a month named after them for
recognition and celebrate which we could call “Flag Pole Month”.
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Unsung (unhung) Hero’s
There are other considerations like the immunosuppressive that
you need to take the rest of your life risking serious infections i.e.
T.B. or cancer but like Viagra and Cialis with sudden death, the guys
will take the risk. I’m in! Of course the altered values that we have
with sex being number one over everything else, and the aspect
of a cash business to make a lot of money will determine which is
very predictable. Penile transplants will be as common as buying a
banana at the grocery store and perhaps there may be a parallel.
For the men that truly need it, God Bless and I’m happy for them
Dr. David L Vastola runs a private practice in Palm
Beach, Florida, specializing in Internal Medicine and
Gastroenterology, and is often called the Sherlock Holmes
of Medicine for uncovering problems that other medical professionals missed. He has 4 books, 5 children,
has been married for 34 years, has an assistant lovingly
named Patrick the Poodle, and is showcasing a new TV
pilot called, Good Health Hunting, at film festivals. Dr.
Vastola also has an extensive media experience as a medical and nutrition expert on WJNO Radio, Fox News and
CBS 12 News in Florida. His new book Fountain of Youth:
Nutritional Therapies (Carrel Books/Skyhorse Publishing)
is due for release in July 2015.
but I’m afraid that the celebration will overshadow the benefit and
real need.
Dr. David L Vastola
Brought to you by:
Twitter: @DrDavidVastola
Facebook: Dr David L Vastola
Photo Credits: Dr. David L Vastola - All Rights Reserved
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by Wannikki Taylor
valentine’s day ideas
Valentine’s Day is a special time for parents to call the babysitter
mustard on the side.
and step away for an evening to enjoy a romantic meal together,
talk and gaze into each other’s eyes. A reservation for two may
Cupid’s Arrow Fruit Skewers
already be in place at you and your Valentine’s favorite restau-
Cupid is a health guru this Valentine’s Day! He’s shooting heart-
rant for dinner. Perhaps a concert or play may be a part of your
shaped fruit your kid’s way.
agenda too. However, since the evening will be devoted to just the
What You’ll Need:
two of you lovebirds, invite everyone in the household to gather
around the kitchen table earlier in the day. Express your love to
Watermelon & Cantaloupe sliced, Seedless Grapes
your littlest sweethearts with a scrumptious mid-morning meal.
Heart Cookie Cutter & Wooden Skewers (Or Popsicle sticks for younger children!)
Sweetheart Egg Muffins
Bite-sized omelettes with a few added vegetables are perfect for
Use the cookie cutter to press heart shapes into the watermelon
little fingers.
and cantaloupe slices. Slide the bottom of a watermelon heart
What You’ll Need:
through the skewer, then slide on a grape and slide on the can-
12 count heart-shaped muffin tin
taloupe heart. Repeat. Continue until you have two skewers for
10 eggs, beaten
each family member. Serve yogurt on the side for dipping sauce..
1/2 cup cheddar cheese, shredded
Be My Valentine Pink Milkshakes
1/2 cup tomatoes, chopped
1/2 cup green peppers, chopped
The rich, pink color of this sweet drink and the addition of fun
sprinkles makes it the ideal treat for Valentine’s Day.
What You’ll Need:
Preheat oven to 350. Spray the heart-shaped muffin tin with cooking spray. Whisk together eggs, cheddar cheese, tomatoes and
Vanilla Ice Cream 3 Scoops, Red Straws
green peppers with a dash of salt and pepper. Pour the egg mixture
Fresh Strawberries (leaves removed) 3 cups
into the muffin tins but leave some room at the top of each tin.
Whole Milk, 1 cup, Whipped Cream, Mason Jars,
Bake for 20 minutes or until the muffins are a golden brown color.
4 Sprinkles, Valentine-themed or simply red or pink
I Heart You Turkey Sandwiches
Place all ingredients in a blender. Blend the ingredients until
Say “I Love You” to your little ones with little sandwiches in the
smooth. Pour the milkshake equally into the mason jars. Top each
shape of a heart.
mason jar with whipped cream and sprinkles. Stick a straw in each jar.
What You’ll Need:
Turkey, low-fat lunch meat (or your family’s favorite meat filling
Valentine’s Day Table Mason Jar Centerpiece
chicken salad, ham, peanut butter and jelly,etc.)
A simple centerpiece can be made with a mason jar. Fill a clear
American Cheese, sliced
mason jar with candy conversation hearts and put a few plastic
Whole-Wheat Bread, slices and an Heart Cookie Cutter
flowers in the middle. Tie a ribbon around the top of the jar. Place
your centerpiece in the middle of the table. Perhaps you can have
Place a slice of turkey and cheese between two slices of bread.
the kids play a guessing game to guess how many conversation
Press the cookie cutter in the center of each sandwich. Discard
hearts are in the jar. Besides bragging rights, provide the winner
the remaining bread for the perfect heart shape. Serve mayo or
with a chocolate heart.
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all hands on deck
Antonio Fargas
It has been our pleasure over the years to be able to bring to both our
play in England a few years ago, I had to take a taxi to the theater every
radio and print audiences interviews from many artists and personalities
night in a small town in England. They have a great theater tradition in
that we greatly admire. This could not be truer for our next guest. We
England, even in the small town. So I was doing a play there and every time
have watched and been entertained by this gentleman for many years in a
the cab driver would pick me up he would say you know what Antonio,
multiple of classic and memorable roles on television, stage and the silver
I just want to thank you for what you did for me growing up watching
screen. With a career that spans over 50 years more than one era has
Starsky and Hutch, you don’t have to pay me for this fare. So it was some-
experienced his dramatic and comedic talents. Sitting down with us today
thing that they could give back to me which makes me feel like I am a very
is Mr. Antonio Fargas!
very blessed and rich man because of all the love that I’ve been given back
through my participation in this business that I love.
Mr. Fargas it is an honor, a pleasure, it’s a pleasure, an honor to talk
to you. Thank you so much Mr. Fargas, in case you don’t know who
Now let me ask you this Antonio. You are something else and I love your
we’re talking to we are talking to… Well hold on a second let me just
energy and I always watched everything that you’ve done. I’m a big fan.
let you guys know who this man is. This is Huggie Bear from Starsky
You’ve been around for a while. You were in Blaxploitation movies. You
and Hutch. This is the man with the fish shoes on “I’m Gonna Get You
all don’t understand what this man has done for black actors. How hard
Sucker”. This is the man Fly Guy. This is the man from everywhere you
was it for Black actors to crack into the entertainment business when
name it Martin and so much more....
you first emerged as an actor?
Also Everybody Hates Chris. Let’s back step to that
If I knew how hard it was I probably wouldn’t have done
old, you know you might remember me on All My
it you know. I was naive and hungry. And now I look
Children. If you’re into nostalgia Foxy Brown. I played
back and I realize that every time you even get a job in
a character called Link. In a film called Car wash I
a series it’s like hitting the lottery because everybody
played a character called Lindy. Well you can go on
wanted that job. Everybody thought that it wasn’t even
and on cause even some of that stuff is so old I can’t
available so I was just like one of the young pioneers
even remember. But I’ve just been blessed that 54
of television. As an African American to be on televi-
years of doing something that I love and it’s been a
sion starring in a series in the early 70’s when it wasn’t
gift. And my gift has been you know, that I’ve been
fashionable yet for us to be in these positions and then
it got better and better on the shoulders of those who
able to give it to you and to share it with so many
people. Not only in this country but around the world through the miracle
never made it to series television. When I did my first job I think I had a
of television and film and not even the internet.
guest star role when I got to Los Angeles on Bill Cosby show. When he had
his little cartoon. The Bill Cosby show was almost the first, he was such
Do people still call you Huggie Bear?
a pioneer that he had that I Spy show when it was just unheard of. And
It depends you know, people call me fly guy, they call me doc, they call
because he was a squeaky clean and sharp cat who just came out of the
me Huggie Bear. Huggie Bear was the most, I guess like a foundation in a
comedy clubs it was very palatable. It was just Sidney Poitier in film and
54 year career in film, television and theater, because Starsky and Hutch
Bill Cosby on television and then we all stand on both cats shoulders and
was syndicated in over a hundred countries around the world. I always
then again it was just as it was really tough but at the same time I didn’t
tell people, you do a play for five years but a Full House does not reach as
pay any attention to that, cause I just had a hunger for what I did. And
many people as a syndicated show like Starsky and Hutch reached around
God provided me with opportunities that I could show what I could do and
the world on any given evening. So, television is a very powerful media,
gain a reputation as being somebody who could be depended on or who
so powerful that no matter where I go even in Europe or you know South
represented characters that people just wanted to see as well as charac-
America, Mediterranean wherever television reach, I reach people. So there
ters that represented the streets with dignity and then in characters that
is some old school folks around the world and new school because it has
represented the people that you know when I was like playing the kinds of
been continually showing around the world. In fact, when I was doing a
roles of survivors.
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olid State Recording artists, Fit For A King have
announced a new album, Slave To Nothing, to be
released October 14th. Produced by Will Putney
(Suicide Silence, Miss May I) Slave To Nothing promises to be their biggest sounding and most cohesive work to date. Although composed of a humble
and unassuming quartet in their early 20’s, this is not a statement
to be taken lightly.
Smashing onto the Solid State roster with their 2013 release
‘Creation/Destruction’, Fit For A King had the BIGGEST album debut
in the history of the label (which is no small feat considering their
catalogue also includes heavyweights such as Underoath, August
Burns Red and Demon Hunter). Well exceeding expectations the
band found themselves in the enviable position of #3 on the
Billboard Heatseekers Chart.
Musically Absolute Punk noted the bands ability in “churning out
high quality, apocalyptic 3-minute breakdowns.” This is a somewhat
simplified summation of their sound, as in addition to the metallic
assault, there are melodic moments, grave atmospherics and messages of faith throughout.
Another of the band’s strengths is in their live show and unending
enthusiasm for the road. Composed of Ryan Kirby (vocals), Bobby
Lynge (guitar), Jared Easterling (drums) and newest member Ryan
O’Leary (bass/clean vocals), Fit For A King has crisscrossed the
nation repeatedly since signing to Solid State. This includes supporting acts including For Today, Upon A Burning Body, Attila, Like
Moths To Flames, Stray From The Path, Impending Doom, and making
a stop on the 2014 Vans Warped Tour.
This experience and the members world view has expanded
through their travels, which in turn has informed the new album’s
lyrics. Speaking on the overall lyrical theme for Slave To Nothing
Kirby reveals “since getting signed and becoming a full-time touring
band we have become very cognizant of addiction in its many forms.
We encounter very different types of people on our travels and it is
apparent that many people out there are addicted to something. This
can be drugs or alcohol of course but it also is money, fame and even

Songs like “Hooked” on Slave To Nothing delve into the topic of
happiness as the vocalist explains “It’s become a prevalent attitude
in society to put yourself first, even if your happiness is at the expense
of someone else’s.”
18 • BWD Magazine •
“Hooked” stands in line with one of the central themes on Slave
To Nothing as Kirby states “we aren’t in this for money, especially in
the current state of music. We aren’t driven by the need for fame or
excesses as a band. We aren’t slaves to any of that behavior; we are
just excited to play our music for people. That being said, even though
we write about faith, these also aren’t happy Christian songs. We
struggle just like anyone who connects through our music.”
Some of these struggles have come through the loss of friends in
the recent past. “Young & Undeserving” deals with O’Leary losing
a close friend to substance abuse. “That passing was devastating
to Tuck (O’Leary’s nickname within the band) but it’s also the questioning of what comes after that is central in that song. We are told
that good Christians are assured a place in the afterlife but how
could someone who is a good person, regardless of religion not be
allowed in as well?”
In addition to the lyrical themes, the band says Will Putney’s input
as a producer also helped the progression on the new album.
On the musical differences found with Slave To Nothing, Kirby
notes “we were very green when we recorded the other albums.
Performance wise we were tight but after getting signed we didn’t
have much experience in experimenting in the studio or developing the songs. This time around working with Will, he really gave
input and above the board dedication to make this record great!
Some of that input ranged from being honest enough to tell us to
trash certain riffs because we could do better to even noticing repetition of the word ‘me’ in a verse and suggesting revisions.”
While fans attending the band’s sets during Warped Tour have gotten some previews of the forthcoming album, Fit For A King have
confirmed tour dates from August well into Summer 2015 and will
be joining the Vans Warped Tour once again, but this time tearing
up the Monster Stage. Slave To Nothing is coming, don’t miss it.
Contact Information:
Twitter: @FitForaKing
Facebook: FitForaKingBand
Youtube: SolidStateRecords
Instagram: FitForaKingtx
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the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
(OECD), and the International Program on Chemical Safety (IPCS).
Dr. Milman also provided guidance to the regulated industry
involved in international transport of hazardous wastes.
Dr. Milman managed the preparation of preliminary guidelines for
“Risk-Risk Tradeoff” and implemented a research program on the
use of biochemical and immunological markers as early indicators
of cancer.
Dr. Milman was a licensed pharmacist in New York and Maryland for
about 35 years. He also served as the first pharmacist at the White
Earth Indian Health Center in Minnesota (1968-1970).
Lastly, throughout his career, Dr. Milman has received three US
Public Health Service Citations, the US Public Health Service
Commendation Medal, and the US Environmental Protection
Agency Bronze Medal for Commendable Service.
Dr. Harry A. Milman has served as a toxicology, cancer, pharmacology, and pharmacy consultant and expert witness since 1998. After
his 30 year career in the US Federal Government, Dr. Milman turned
to consulting and litigation support as an expert witness for both
defense and plaintiff attorneys. In addition, Dr. Milman evaluates
medical records (toxicology and pre-clinical pharmacology) and
testifies at depositions and jury trials on issues related to the fol-
by Harry A. Milman
A novel of political intrigue and murder mystery set against the backdrop of the election of a woman for president of the United States.
Dr. Bob Kramer, a forensic toxicologist with the air and suave demeanor
lowing topics: Toxicology, Cancer, Pharmacology, and Pharmacy.
of a James Bond, is recruited to identify the cause of a woman’s death.
Dr. Milman was a research scientist at the US National Cancer
White House–sponsored Fourth of July celebration. The woman attend-
Institute (NCI) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for 10
years. He conducted research in cancer treatment, childhood leukemia, and pancreatic cancer while in the Laboratory of Toxicology.
After that, Dr. Milman managed, monitored, and designed long-term
animal cancer and toxicology studies as part of the Carcinogenesis
The body was found on the grounds of Camp David the morning after a
ed the event as an impostor, a result of political dirty tricks. Morgan
Baker, an obese and unkempt private investigator from Louisiana is
hired to sleuth and assist in the investigation. Unbeknownst to the
president, her husband and the vice president, Eric Bunting, are lovers
and are implicated in the death. But who was that woman? How did she
Testing Program.
die? Was she a woman? How will her death affect the upcoming presi-
Dr. Milman was a Senior Toxicologist and Senior Science Advisor for
after the sudden death of her male predecessor, Leslie Breckenridge?
dential election of Jessica Worthing, who is running in her own right
nearly 20 years at the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In
the Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxic Substances (OPPT), and
evaluated over 200 cancer and toxicology studies and performed
many health assessments under Sections 4, 5, and 6 of the Toxic
Substances Control Act (TSCA).
As Chairman of the Health Research Subcommittee for OPPT, Dr.
Milman directed agency research priorities and coordinated scientific activities between the EPA, the National Toxicology Program
(NTP), the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
(ATSDR), and various national and international health organizations.
While in the Office of International Activities, Dr. Milman coordinated agency participation in the World Health Organization (WHO),
Twitter: @HarryaMilman | Facebook: ADeathAtCampDavid
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Huggie Bear was a survivor. Lindy in Car Wash was a survivor. Lincoln in Foxy
universe. You got to put it out there in the universe what you
Brown was just trying to get along you know, just trying to make it in a hostile
want. You got to believe and you got to understand that you can’t
world. So to gain a reputation as an urban street actor who also did theater
do it alone there’s gotta be somebody else to help you and in my
who was trained almost in the classical sense, but we didn’t get an opportu-
opinion and in my heart is that man above is the answer to every-
nity to do those things, we didn’t get an opportunity to play decent characters
thing. I want to say thank you.
until one of the biggest cats on television broke thru. Before that it was very
I just found out that my life has always been spiritually guided. And
easy for them to present the negative side of our community; the pimping,
like you say, I pray, I pray and God always answers it’s just sometimes
pimps and all that and survivors and all that. But eventually you know we
I didn’t understand what the answer was but he always, he always
were able to show that we could be a doctor, we could be an astronaut, we
answers prayer. And so you know my life has been a continual prayer
could be lawyers, I mean Denzel Washington on television as a doctor. After
I know he has been taking care of me relaxing and knowing that all
a brilliant theater baptism in New York and then he went once he began
this was predetermined before we were born. This conversation, this
on St. Elsewhere it was on from there and his star is still continuing to rise
radio and internet and all that stuff was predetermined by that higher
and he has been such an inspiration to us. So it’s just that we came from a
power. Then I go about my business, try not to hurt nobody, try to put
community where we helped each other. Living in New York was a very small
something into the stream of life, try to put away the shopping cart,
family of actors who were just hungry in doing it. And then we get a little
try not to get mad at the person who cuts me off you know, when I’m
break and we go to LA and then we come to television and movies and then
driving my car. I mean I have found an inner peace that came from
we start to get a separation. Everybody is competing against the next one and
this struggle. It came from you know, becoming compliant you know,
all that, and it’s been on from all that. But that small community I found......
to God’s will. Not just compliant with the handcuffs, and the things
that we get addicted to and all of that not just becoming but to being
You’ve made it happen. You opened the door and what he is
compliant to the spiritual guidance, to the spiritual source of whence
saying guys; if you’re listening in. It was just the beginning when
all this comes from. That has been the cherry on the cake of my 68
these black actors were actually getting in. No matter how you got
years old on the planet. My 54 years in this business.
in whoever opened the door for you, you kicked the door in and
you made it happen.
What was your favorite role what did you love the most out of
You had to be good. You had to be the best, you hear me. There
everything that you did?
were no slouches I mean we had to be better than the next. We had
I get asked that question and the only thing I can go to is that each
to be stronger you know, we had to have more fortitude in spiritual
one I love each one of these roles. I don’t care if it was a small role
conviction in order to survive.
or a larger role and I always did small roles. I just made my color of
that vivid color of that character that I get a chance to show his stuff
And I love that word spiritual because I hear you mention God and
in movies and television because I wasn’t the star, but I love each
I’m not the type that always preaches on the show. But you know
one of those roles like I love my children you know, and I love all my
lately I’ve been calling on God a lot and he has been answering
children no pun instead. And so it’s hard for me to pick one over the
and he has been answering so I appreciate you for saying that
other you know. It was a love for each one of those roles and each
because a lot of times a lot of people don’t understand that there
one of them was a significant part of the foundation in the matrix of
is a higher power and that you have to put something out in the
the amalgam of the steel that I forged in this business and in life.
20 • BWD Magazine •
Considering how much things have changed in the art of acting in film
old Huggie Bear was because he was an old soul like you’re an old soul you
and theater over the past years since you’ve been, since you are a pioneer
know. We’ve been around a long time and we’ve been able to talk to people
and since you’ve been in the industry. Have you ever watched a Black film
because we can communicate at this level.
as of late and thought like wow we’re still exploiting ourselves like this is
Blaxsploitation in the new millennium.
I could listen to you talk all night and for days because I’m getting so much
Well you know it’s not exclusive to Black folks, it’s not exclusive to African
knowledge from you and I appreciate it and all the jewels that you’re
Americans. Ever since the phenomena of reality television and Jerry
dropping right now.
Springer we have seen what we’re willing to put ourselves out there to
It’s all available. You know sometimes I’ll be sitting in a restaurant and
do for attention or whatever it is. I don’t care if it’s about a selfie. I don’t
somebody would come up to me with their “I thought that was you”, before
care if it’s about photography. I don’t care if it’s all of the things that you
you use to be able to get away when people want to take your picture. You
know. I mean people actually believe that reality television is reality
didn’t have a camera sometimes they say will you wait here while I run to
and it’s so far from reality but that’s how much we’ve been tricked and
the store and buy one of them disposable cameras. Now people come up to
people are tricked by that. Some people believe. I mean even when I was
you with their cell phones. They say this is you because they google you on
doing soap operas people actually got into the story so much. If you’re
their smart phones and then they want to take a picture. Lots of times they
a bad guy in the film, you know, people want to come up and hit you in
don’t even know how to put the flash on, on these wonderful devices that they
the supermarket. Why did you do that to Angie, why you... People get all
have. But you can’t get away no more so you know, being a public person is
up in there now because they can go on the internet and behind these
a responsibility.
talk shows and they can come have all these fantasies and play them out
and again it’s not just African American but I’m very concerned about my
people on the spiritual level.
Interview conducted by ‘Nafeesha “Flawless” Pasha and
We talked about the spiritual it’s such a lack of spirituality, such a lack of
Desmond “Dmc” Carter
family, there is such a lack of caring about your neighbor that I grew up in
and Written by DJ Sincere
my neighborhood we did care about each other. If I did something wrong my
For Drtybsmnt Multimedia. DJ Sincere is the founder of Drtybsmnt
neighbors told my parents you know, and I would get a whipping. That isn’t
Multimedia, mobile / mixtape DJ, Syndicated Radio Host and Columnist.
today. I mean you can’t even touch your kid, they’ll be calling 911 you know
all those kinds of things. Babies are raising babies, there are people who are
taking advantage of their kids and doing the right thing, so we do need that
protection but at the same time there has been a break down in in the moral
fabric and it’s not exclusive to color.
Media Contact Information:
Twitter: @Drtybsmnt
Facebook (MultiMedia) /Drtybsmnt
I am so good at what I do. I’m now a master of my craft because I’ve gone
through the systems. I call it the feudal system. Maybe like 50 years ago I was
an apprentice but today I’m a young master of my trade because I care about
it. I’m good at what I do. I can still do Huggie Bear because nobody knew how
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Monthly inspiration
Gods mercies are
new every morning!
Each day is a new
opportunity to close
the door on the past
and experience a
brand new start!
You can choose to
start afresh in the
new year 2016
because of His love,
mercy, compassion
‘’Forget about what’s happened; don’t keep going over
old history. Be alert, be present. I’m about to do something brand-new. It’s bursting out! Don’t you see it?
There it is! I’m making a road through the desert, rivers
in the badlands’’ Isaiah 43:19 MSG
Be Inspired! With Love, Eloho
and faithfulness!
You may be battling guilt and condemnation or feeling
bad about something you did yesterday or years ago.
What is done is done and only God can take care of it!
You just need to admit your mistakes, repent, receive
God’s forgiveness and go!
You’ve judged yourself and punished yourself enough
for that mistake! It’s now time to forgive yourself and
let go. God has already forgiven you and will never
ever treat you as your sins deserve! So you need to stop
holding on to the past! It’s a new beginning!
@Elohoefemuai | Facebook: Elohosmusic |
All Rights Reserved
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akesis are a four piece Progressive Power
Metal band from Birmingham, UK. Formed
in 2008, with the release of a limited edition four track EP, they soon followed on
with their debut album ‘Trial By Fire’ in
2011 to much critical acclaim. Following
on from their success of this album the band went
on to record their second full length album “The New
Dawn” in 2015 which is set to be released in March
Their latest release was recorded at Carbon Studios
in Birmingham and mixed by Nino Laurenne at Sonic
Pump Studios based in Finland (Ensiferum, Wintersun,
Stratovarious and Firewind) and sees a marked change
in the direction of the band.
With more progressive influences and the addition of
powerfully epic orchestral backing; alongside new session keyboard player Jacob Underwood, Dakesis have
sculpted a vast instrumental soundscape alongside the
heavier metal influences.
The band have toured the UK extensively and have
enjoyed prestigious support and festival slots including
playing with Edguy, Thunderstone, Blaze Bailey, Pagan’s
Mind and performing at Glastonbudget, Bloodstock
Open Air 2012, Valkyrian Festival and headlining the
Cackblabbath Stage at Wildfire Festival in 2015.
Contact Information:
Twitter: @Dakesis | Facebook: Dakesis
Youtube: Dakesis440
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nglish triple-threat singer/songwriter and dancer
Tanya Gordon, (better known as Tanya G) was
brought up in Hackney, East London and is ready
to submerge the music scene with her soulful
voice and relatable lyrics.
At an early age of 11 years old, Tanya established a place of serenity where she wrote her mixed feelings and experiences into songs.
Her dynamic rhythm and attraction to the beat came of assistance
during her street dance career with the dance crew “Platinum” for 5
years. However, she came to realization that dancing alone wasn’t
fulfilling her passion for music. So she hit the studio.
Based on her belief that “Anything is Possible”, dancing background,
love for UK garage and her aspirations towards artists such as
Beyoncé, Sade and Mariah Carey; she later joined the girl group
“Fe-Nix”. Whilst being in the group she has shared the stage with
artists to the likes of; JLS, Pussycat Dolls, Tinchy Stryder, Tinie
Tempah and N-Dubz (did a 30 show tour with them).
In Tanya G’s career she has also been heavily involved with
Universal Records, both signed and her songs featured on 5 compilations released by them. Creating both memories and achievements to be proud of.
Contact Information:
“Can’t Feel Your Love” is one of her newest trophies. Produced by the
likes of Paleface (known for producing the hit record “Do you Mind”
featuring Kayla) and Urban Soul; this track leaves us with the mix
Twitter: @Miss_Tanya_G
of dance, a splash of deep house and soulful garage. The contagious
Facebook: /Tanya-G-161008820914449
melodies vocalized by Tanya herself, will have you singing along
Instagram: Miss.Tanya.G
and conjuring up feelings you didn’t realize you had before.
All Rights Reserved
24 • BWD Magazine •
silver snakes
sually, when singer/guitarist Alex Estrada begins
“The idea of sabotage is something that can be applied to everyone’s
the writing process on a new Silver Snakes’ album,
lives,” Estrada said, revealing the muse behind the album’s title.“It is
he will retreat to the California desert or moun-
a human urge to want to succeed over everyone else, or to see someone
tains to distance himself from the day-to-day
not succeed just for the pleasure you get out of that…that’s what this
hustle of the Los Angeles landscape he calls home.
record is about.”
This time, he welcomed the chaos.
While “Saboteur” is not full-on concept album, there is a common
“I didn’t want this record to be influenced by seclusion,” Estrada said.
thread which ties songs like the Deftones-meets-Om track “Glass”
“I wanted to experience the outside world for what it is at this time,
with the hypnotically heavy riffs of “Dresden.”
not just in my own head or what my idea of it was. It was very different for me.”
The mechanical, heartless feel of “Saboteur” enhances the narrative
that Estrada and the band explore thematically on this release, but
“Saboteur” (Evil Ink Records) finds Estrada and bandmates, bass-
also runs the risk of alienating fans of the band’s earlier riff-laden
ist Mike Trujillo, guitarist Jeremiah Bignell and drummer Garrett
Harney delving further into a darker side of the human condition
for their third full-length album (their first for Evil Ink) due out
It is a risk Estrada is willing to take to see Silver Snakes continue
Feb 9th.
to push boundaries the way his musical heroes did more than 20
years ago.
“I felt like the last record was very out in the open, it was like being in
middle America…almost a Western feel,” Estrada explained. “’Saboteur’
“Bands like Nine Inch Nails do whatever they want because their first
reminds me of a dirty city with broken infrastructure and people on the
few records were similar and built on each other. The fact that from
streets. I feel like this is more of a social record.”
the get-go we have done something different from album to album
is kind of a self sabotage on ourselves,” Estrada said, highlighting a
Formed in 2011, after Estrada’s hardcore/crust band Cathedrals
crossroads the band once again finds themselves in on the verge
went defunct, Silver Snakes started an evolution that has blended
of a new album and tour next year with Coheed and Cambria and
his many influences, from Latin singer Lola Beltrán to bands like
Godflesh and Ministry. So, not surprisingly, “Saboteur,” finds the
songwriter experimenting with samples, synths and beats for the
“We have always written what we want to write,” Estrada said. “regard-
first time. “It’s something I have always had an interest in, and it felt
less of the fact that this new album might be a bit more accessible, it
like a new challenge. It’s not like picking up a guitar and teaching
is still the darkest music we have ever written.”
yourself a few chords.”
Inspired by two alternative masterpieces: Nine Inch Nail’s “The
Contact Information:
Downward Spiral” and Sleep’s cult classic “Dopesmoker,” the storyline interwoven with the music of “Saboteur” takes the listener
Website: (Label)
through a pyrrhic victory of someone who, because of their own
Twitter: @Silver_Snakes
passions and goals, sabotages and manipulates for their own ben-
Facebook: YearOfTheSnakes
efit and soon has to come face to face with the consequences of
their actions.
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