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A Creative Spirit Has Emerged
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Embracing The ‘Wild’ In Your Dog
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Earning Fans One Show At A Time
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fame and recognition you deserve to be standing upon.
Without an audience to listen no-one can hear you talk. Without
a pair of eyes to observe no-one notices when you achieve greatness and without a market waiting on pins to learn which direction their latest fascination will be coming from no-one will be
holding the banners of congratulations when you finally step up
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With an empire of insiders working tirelessly away to bring you
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As we hit our 4 year Anniversary...We speak, others listen.
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BWD Magazine- ‘Leading Whilst Others Follow’
BWD Magazine • • 3
Here’s some of the early
feedback for “Stay All Night”
“It’s catchy as hell, has big
chunky riffs with a devastating lead guitar - 5/5”
David Farrell – Planet Mosh
“This is proper rock n’ roll
the way it should be made.
Ballsy, bold and tighter than
a drum and has your head
nodding from the get go.”
Adam Onslaught - Metal Nation
“They sound superb.”
Scott Munro – TeamRock
“Stone Broken have it all. Huge
chunky riffs, massive infectious
choruses & killer production.
Definitely one of the strongest
heavy rock bands currently
on the circuit. Ones to watch!”
Johnny Doom – Kerrang! Radio
tone Broken are a 4-piece hard
Dodangoda (Motorhead, Bring Me The Horizon,
rock band from Walsall, UK.
Bullet For My Valentine).
Formed in late 2013 from the
Stone Broken released ‘Stay All Night’ as the first
fragments of 2 local bands, Rich,
official single from ‘All In Time’ on Friday 27th
Kieron, Chris & Robyn, have formed a dynamic out-
November. It was accompanied by a video pro-
fit that delivers a fat sound with huge choruses.
duced by Video Ink and has already achieved over
12,000 plays across YouTube and Facebook.
They self-released their debut EP – The Crow Flies
– in 2014, with the video for ‘Let Me Go’ achiev-
The band will be re-releasing the video for ‘Let
ing cult status in the UK with over 14,000 plays,
Me Go’, featuring the remastered audio later in
across YouTube & Facebook.
Stone Broken signed a management deal with
Frontman, Rich Moss said: “We originally went
TMR Band Services in October 2015 and just a
back to Romesh at Longwave to record a second
month later announced their debut album, ‘All In
EP but upon hearing the results of both sessions
Time’, will be released worldwide on Friday 29th
together they just cried out to be put together as
January 2016.
a single album. So we asked Romesh to work his
magic and he remastered all 10 tracks together
‘All In Time’ features 10 tracks in total; 5 from the
to make them sonically tight. In all honesty, it’s
original The Crow Flies EP, and 5 brand new songs,
turned out fantastically well and we can’t wait
all produced and fully remastered by Romesh
to share it with everyone.”. He continued, “Stay All
4 • BWD Magazine •
Night is our first official single from our new album, ‘All In Time’, and it
really sets the tone for what to expect from us as a band. We wanted
a no-nonsense ‘performance’ video to highlight what we do best, which
is play in-your-face hard rock with huge hooks.”
‘All In Time’ track list:
1. Not Your Enemy
2. Better
3. Be There
4. Let Me Go
5. Wait For You
6. Save Tomorrow
7. This Life
8. Another Day
9. Fall Back Down
10. Stay All Night
Stone Broken will play an album launch show at The Slade Rooms,
Wolverhampton, UK on Friday December 18th.
Stone Broken then have plans for a UK-wide tour throughout March/
April 2016.
Contact Information
Stone Broken are:
Facebook: OfficialStoneBroken
Rich Moss – Lead Vocals / Guitar
Twitter: @StoneBroken_
Chris Davis – Lead Guitar / Vocals
YouTube: OfficialStoneBroken
Kieron Conroy – Bass / Vocals
Instagram: StoneBroken
Robyn Haycock – Drums / Vocals
All Rights Reserved
BWD Magazine • • 5
The Painting and The Piano, by John Lipscomb and
Adrianne Lugo, is set to be released in February 2016.’”
he Painting and The Piano is an improbable
story of survival and love.
Growing up more than a thousand miles
apart and worlds away from each other,
Johnny and Adrianne seemed to have all that a child could ask
for. However, the demons of their respective mothers would
tear their young, fragile lives apart.
Holly. Both are involved in the AA/Recovery community.
Adrianne currently works at a recovery house and Johnny continues speaking, sponsoring and helping others in recovery.
Praise for The Painting and The Piano:
“Two adults overcome damaging childhoods and addictions to find
each other and rebuild their lives together in this affecting debut
memoir.” - Kirkus Reviews.
Eventually, destiny would bring Johnny and Adrianne together,
but first they had to endure the painful toll that alcohol,
drugs, and a negligent court system would take on them.
With parts of Adrianne’s story ripped from national news
headlines, their story takes them from the depths of despair
and near death, to their first serendipitous introduction and
the moment each knew they were finally safe.
“Have you ever read a book, that upon finishing, you just knew would
be a story that would stay with you for a long, long time? Well, that
certainly was the case for me when I finished the last words of The
Painting and The Piano… Authors John Lipscomb and Adrianne Lugo
have done a splendid job in telling their unique stories in a wonderfully intertwined way that pulls them both together. The stories,
though difficult, are told delicately, and will grab readers from the very
Filled with hope, inspiration and humor, The Painting and The
Piano is an unforgettable story of pain, loss and the undying human quest for happiness. Told as a tandem narrative,
Adrianne and Johnny’s stories are unique, but share parallels
that create a taut and emotionally compelling narrative.
beginning. I was unable to put down this book until the very end…” Reviewed by Tracy Slowiak for Readers’ Favorite.
Contact Information:
Johnny and Adrianne reside in South Florida with their Yorkie,
Twitter: @Painting_Piano
Facebook: ThePaintingAndThePiano
All Rights Reserved
6 • BWD Magazine •
luna rosa
una Rosa are a quartet hailing from Corby
Rosa brings a raucous sound that the music
industry has been missing for far too long.
Big beats to shake your cranium, groovy rhythms, guitars
that scream and wail like a banshee. Walls of sound that
force the people to move, all laced with anthemic lyrics.
Luna Rosa bring an Alternative/Indie sound that crosses
over into various genres to create something new.
Forming in 2014, Luna Rosa were quick off the mark getting
a set together and racking up almost 80 gigs within a year.
In 2015, Luna Rosa traveled the country while playing all
over; coast to coast. Gaining airplay from the likes of Tom
Robinson on BBC6 and various other stations. November
saw the release of their single “Fever” and their self-titled
debut EP.
In 2016, Luna Rosa are touring for their self-titled debut
EP to really push it out there with the hopes of recording
another EP that would be ready for the summer time.
Contact Information:
The crowds are growing, the songs are getting better, and
Luna Rosa are on a roll.
Twitter: @lunrosax | Facebook: lunarosapinkmoon
Instagram: lunarosapinkmoon
All Rights Reserved
BWD Magazine • • 7
ntonio Spears aka Yung Abundance is the Chief
Nas, Isley Brothers, J.Cole, and Big K.R.I.T. DeeRaw’s style is just like
Executive Officer (CEO) and Founder of S &
his name suggests “RAW”.
M Media Group LLC., based in North Carolina.
The oldest of three siblings, Abundance grew
Milton Lee Elliott aka Millz is the Co-Director of Music Talent and
up with a love for music; mainly Hip Hop.
Development for S & M Media Group LLC. Born in Raleigh, North
Upon graduating from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical
Carolina. As a child, Millz parents were into drugs and the streets,
State University; with a Bachelor’s in Marketing, Abundance joined
so this gave Millz a first row seat into the life that he depicts in his
Corporate America. His love for music never faded and after
verses. After a couple of run-ins with the law for narcotic posses-
his younger brother Dmaxxx lit spark with a track he recorded,
sions, and assault charges, he moved to Wilmington, North Carolina
Abundance’s desire to follow his inner creative spirit emerged.
and focused more on his music. Millz later moved back to his hometown Shawtown, North Carolina and got together with the founder
After founding S & M Media Group LLC., and publishing a book,
and cousin of 9Ten Mobb. It was then that he started producing
Abundance shifted his attention to recording Hip Hop music. His
mixtapes. His musical influences range from Young Jeezy, Eminem,
smooth delivery and ambition for living an abundantly blessed
Tupac and LL Cool J.
lifestyle comes across clearly in his lyrical content. Abundance’s
musical influences range from Notorious BIG, Jay Z, Rick James and
many others.
Dion McIver aka Dmaxxx is the founder of 9Ten Mobb aka 910
Mobb. He’s also the President of Music Operations for S&M Media
Group LLC. Dmaxxx received a Bachelor’s in Marketing from Shaw
University and has been recording music for six (6) years, and writing music for twelve (12). Reppin’ Lillington and Fuquay-Varina all
day, every day. His style is down south but he’s versatile on any beat.
Contact Information
Deshawn Spears aka DeeRaw is the Co-Director of Music Talent and
Development for S & M Media Group LLC. A highly talented and
recruited athlete coming out of high school, his talents landed him
at North Carolina Central University. There he cultivated his musi-
Twitter: @YungAbundance
cal talents and joined the team. Hailing out of the small town of
Instagram: 9TenMobb
Bunnlevel, North Carolina. DeeRaw’s country upbringing is a major
influence on his hustle and flow. His musical influences range from
All Rights Reserved
8 • BWD Magazine •
From the sunny shores of a Floridian sky to the
underground and across a global stage.
ears and eyes of a worldwide audience BWD has
grown from an acorn of an idea into an oak tree
Not only affording the world of music a genuine outlet to purvey
of industry-might, its roots deep within the strata
it’s unbridled talents BWD Radio also promotes and inspires the
of social sites and online promotions, its branch-
musicians it unveils, the multi-faceted nature of BWD incorporat-
es far-reaching and bearing fruitfulness aplenty.
ing all avenues of generating awareness and recognition to the
talents it reveals, encouraging the growth of their fan-base and
Starting out developing websites Ms. Keach aka Ms. V proved her-
helping propel them onto the iPods and bedroom walls of a global
self more guru than mere graphic designer, her final works forging
a reputation of being the go-to girl for all things attention grabbing and intuitive.
With the recent successful launch of the BWD Radio app the audience all artists are looking to find are as close as they have ever
Quickly she began laying the foundations for what would become
been, right on the other side of millions of touch-screens and
her own empire, reputation growing with each engagement and
monitors, smart-phones and tablets all bearing the app’s visage
the horizon of possibilities expanding even further than first
across their surface.
Now a major player in the world of radio and media, the leader in
Whilst making some of the connections that would see BWD
the field of generating buzz around the artists it plays on its non-
become a leader in its field murmurings and mutterings regarding
stop, commercial free station, and proudly wearing the banner of
the state of the music business came filtering through the wire.
being The Home Of The Indie Artists BWD founder Ms. V has proven
Listening to the sounds of discontent chattering in the background
you don’t need a thousand lawyers fighting over who gets the
it became clear that, for all the talented individuals with credible
best parking spot in front of offices to forge a dominant empire
worth vying for the attentions of a label or promoter, those in the
of multi-faceted out-lets; as the late great British entertainer Roy
Industry were more concerned with how profitable a bottom-line
Castle once said ‘Dedication’s all you need’.
they could wring from their talents than the merits and music of
the people themselves.
Contact Information:
An avid appreciator of new and classic music Veralyn saw a gap
in the market for someone with the knowledge and nous, con-
nections and cunning, and - of course - the dedication to provide
Twitter: @BWDRadio_
a credible alternative to those as-yet unsigned greats of music, a
Facebook: BWDRadio
platform for them to launch themselves into the airwaves and soar
into the charts.
Instagram: BWDPromotions
Twitter: @BWDPromotions
With each passing year BWD has grown in both experience and
influence, the listening world turning up the dial to be the first to
hear the latest unsigned extravagances of talent bursting from the
(Sponsers) Photo Credits: BWD Graphics - All Rights Reserved.
BWD Magazine • • 9
lex, a Soul/R&B vocalist and actor is
no stranger to the entertainment
scene. Having started his entertainment career at the tender age of 7
years old, he toured throughout the
southeast region with his siblings.
Alex has a growing worldwide following due to
his #1 hit singles titled, “Hope For Us” and “Love
Line”, as well as his Top 20 Billboard success, “Don’t
Walk Away” with his brothers, A7, and his electrifying, soulful, engaging performances.
Alex’s polished lyrical styling and dynamic energy
is a breath of fresh air with a very earthy twist
that transcends multiple audiences everywhere
he performs; including two (2) of the Presidential
Inaugural Galas, Premier of Bermuda Gala, Premier
of Ireland Gala, as well as many other prestigious
galas, schools, colleges, corporate events, and festivals worldwide.
10 • BWD Magazine •
Most recently, Alex performed at the Macy’s
Thanksgiving Parade in NYC.
Alex has not only headlined his own shows, but
has graced stages with entertainers and actors,
such as Al Green, Bobby Rush, Eric Benet, John
Legend, Kirk Franklin, Lamman Rucker, Leon and
many others.
In addition to Alex’s music career, he started
his own music program for students, ACT: Arts
Conservatory for Teens. By creating ACT, Alex is
giving kids between the ages of 11-18 the opportunity to express themselves freely and encourage them to be creative while refining their artistic skills in a professional environment; a chance
Alex himself was never given.
ACT also serves as a support group between academic institutions and parents; ensuring that students are prepared to pursue higher education. It
has a 100% graduation rate, and a 100% college
placement rate.
Alex firmly believes in an artist’s social responsibility; the accountability of empowering local
communities through partnering with organizations that will support the cause. For Alex, it’s his
ACT program that provides the platform for that
social responsibility. He’s made it his duty to
empower the youth of socioeconomically challenged
communities worldwide.
“Please Come Home for Christmas, is one of my
favorite holiday tunes”, says Alex. “This holiday, I am
dedicating this song to the women and men who
often leave their homes and families to serve our
wonderful country. It is one of my ways of saying
thank you!”
Eventually, Alex plans to have more ACT’s; each in
a major city, throughout the U.S. and abroad.
Arriving just in time for the festive season and
family gatherings, Alex’s recent Holiday song
“Please Come Home For Christmas” appears on the
album “A Classic Holiday” and Presented by MBK/
Sony Entertainment.
Other Featured Artists Include: ALICIA KEYS, TYRESE,
Alex’s soulful and invigorating rendition of “Please
Come Home for Christmas” brings in the holidays
with a body rocking, toe tapping, head bopping
Contact Information
Twitter: @LxEntertain
Facebook: /ALEX-114884536895/
Instagram: AlexTheSinger
All Rights Reserved
BWD Magazine • • 11
avvy, fun, creative, adventurous, determined and delightfully
unexpected are a good start, but adjectives begin to run out
well before facets of SaraBeth’s artistry do. A force-of-nature
Texan who is already building a meaningful presence as a
singer, songwriter and entertainer, she is a virtual lock to take
the next step – if only because she hasn’t missed one yet.
Earning fans one show at a time, landing considerable regional media exposure,
scoring two nationally charted singles, developing a base in her native Texas,
expanding it nationally and even internationally with a successful U.K. Tour in
2014, SaraBeth has made astounding strides in a very short time. And the release
of her self-titled EP and aggressive first single “I’m Sick Of It” will surely carry her
even further. Unusually, however, for someone who’s gone all-in as an artist, music
wasn’t her life’s goal.
Raised in the Dallas area, SaraBeth found joy in music, to be sure. “I always loved
singing,” she says. “My first song was ‘Frosty the Snowman’ and my mother says it
wasn’t annoying at all when I sang it for the 500th time. Not to mention Lambchop’s
“You’re scared and learning, but without any experience you count on oth-
“The Song that Never Ends”, “Lord help my parents and grandparents,” she laughs.
ers and end up taking in a lot of opinions. Eventually you realize that’s
putting you in a box that looks a lot like a cookie cutter. Every day 100 new
Despite her appreciation for music and a good bit of education and practice
singers move into town and getting where you want to go doesn’t mean
through her childhood, it never seemed a likely destination. A self-professed nerd
sounding like everyone else.”
who loved school, SaraBeth attended Baylor majoring in entrepreneurship. “My
thought was to go be a power business woman, which probably would have landed
Writing became a focus and her style evolved to reflect her music col-
me in real estate. But I knew I wouldn’t be able to sit in a cubicle or behind a desk.
lection. “I have everything from Chamber music and Christian to Hip Hop
From the age of 15 through college I was a waitress and being up, moving and talking
and Country. We write a lot of stuff with drum loops on the bottom, and we
to people seemed to fit me better. It was more fun.”
mix in synthesizer, fiddle and steel, whatever works for the song.”
SaraBeth paid her way through college and spent the summer after graduation
On her latest collection, SaraBeth collaborated with established writ-
teaching music in the Dominican Republic. “That was the best experience of my life,”
ers: Glen Mitchell, Tim Morgan, Sandy Ramos, Brian Eckert and Gwen
she says. “There’s so much you can do with an entrepreneurship degree, but being
Sebastian. Taken as a whole, the EP is a well-rounded exposition of
fluent in Spanish gave me that opportunity. When the music teacher dropped out and
who she is, framed by her confident alto.
they asked me, it was a nudge toward music. Then my brother got drafted by the St.
Louis Cardinals, and I started thinking. I realized I didn’t want to look back and wonder
SaraBeth freshens the rodeo/romance analogy with “You Rock My Ro-
what would have happened if I had tried. Instead of spending the rest of my life won-
deo” and paints a perfect sound picture of her personality with “Runnin’
dering, I headed to Nashville and tried to learn as much as I could as fast as I could.”
Outta Lipstick”, “You Keep Me Smilin’” is as clever and fun as “Do What
You Say You’re Gonna Do” is serious and heartfelt. And the guitar-driven
Country music was not just the obvious choice; it was the only choice. SaraBeth’s
anthem “I’m Sick Of It” showcases an unbridled aggression that’s more
parents listened to light Rock and Christian music. Her father sang low bass in
than welcome in today’s Country music.
his college gospel group. “I have vivid memories of him popping in a cassette and us
singing along to ‘Step Into The Water’ on repeat,” she says. “But the moment I really
The writing session for the single gives a window into her creative
fell in love with music is when I found my great grandmother’s cassettes of Patsy Cline
vision. “It was a rainy day and Gwen and I were laughing. She is just a
and Alan Jackson. I played them so much at her house that eventually she was like,
hoot! Then Glen started playing this angry riff and one of us said, ‘Uh oh,
‘You can just take these with you.’ On that four hour drive home, I’m pretty sure we
it sounds like someone is pissed off.’ Someone else said, ‘Fed up.’ And then
listened to ‘Chattahoochee’ for at least a third of the trip.”
we looked at each other and said, ‘Sick of it.’ We wrote it so fast – probably
less than an hour.”
Even on her way to Nashville years later, the concept of a career was far from her
mind. “I thought I would record three songs, cross it off my bucket list and be done,”
“That’s the most rocking thing I’ve ever done,” SaraBeth adds. “And it gets
she admits. Instead, she caught the bug. “The first stuff I did was so wrong because
great response. I like to have a lot of fun on stage, dance and let the audi-
I had to unlearn all the classical training I got growing up. It was quite a process.
ence be a part of a good time.” And her ability to connect has gotten un-
Self-doubt tries to take over, but you keep going anyway.”
likely affirmation ... in the form of one of America’s favorite beverages.
12 • BWD Magazine •
“I’m not a coffee snob, but I do talk about coffee a lot,” she says. “So people
Share with us some of your Musical Influences while growing up and what
started sending me coffee related things – hats, mugs, and shirts. When I opened
and or who inspires you to be the artist that you are today? Shania Twain and
my post office box and started seeing this stuff, I realized I was connecting. They
The Dixie Chicks were pretty much all you would find in my 5 disc CD changer in
really are getting to know me as more than a girl they saw singing somewhere.”
high school...a little Michelle Branch too!
On SaraBeth, they’ll get to know her even better, particularly on the song
What had first seemed to be the most unlikely genre of music for you to write
“Runnin’ Outta Lipstick.” “I’m known for being a baseball hat nut,” she explains.
and sing; what moved your heart to pursue a career in Country music; even
“I’ve always been one of those girls who likes to hang out in a rock and roll t-
though you were exposed to Light Rock, Christian, etc. music while growing
shirt and converse. Just a chill, all-American girl who can be one of the guys. But
up? Oh, and we ‘must not’ forget about “Frosty The Snowman” either! ;)
sometimes, I want to put on a black dress and blow them away.” Setting that
The first CD I ever owned was Alan Jackson’s greatest hits and a Patsy Cline
dichotomy in even deeper relief is the unexpected turn of phrase that pep-
album. They may have actually been cassette tapes. I wore them out! My family
pers her writing. “We drop in some fun lines like, ‘Slap your mama, drop dead.’
has a very eclectic taste in music. I grew up singing at the Garland Opry, and just
It’s sort of different, but it works.” Or maybe it works because it’s different. Sort
loved the lyrics of country music. To me, country music is about telling a story. It
of like SaraBeth.
talks about the good, the bad, and the ugly, but they’re real life things that happen to real life people. They’re songs that make you dance and others that make
exclusive interview
you cry because you can relate.
Welcome! Please introduce us to SaraBeth… I’m just a Texas girl living in a
As a vocalist, writer, and entertainer; what do you feel have been some your
Tennessee world! I love travelling, coffee, sweatpants, my dog (Dallas), running,
greatest accomplishments? Everything that’s happened in my music career
and my stay cool pillow (which may be one of the top 10 greatest inventions
feels a little surreal. I’ve had big dreams my entire life, but when those things
start happening you kinda feel like you actually are dreaming. I’ve been able to
write with some absolutely amazing people Glen Mitchell (Livin’ Our Love Song
Tell us how you started out. The turning point from college, business careers
by Jason Michael Carroll), Arlos Smith (Mayberry by Rascal Flatts), Dean Sams
to when your musical journey began. The Epiphany if you will. What inspired/
(from Lonestar), Sandy Ramos (Let ‘er Rip by the Dixie Chicks). My last EP also hit
motivated you to pursue a new career of passion within the realm of Music
the Top 10 on iTunes. I still remember someone sending me the screen shot. I’ve
& Entertainment? I feel like we all grow up dreaming about what we want to
made so many amazing memories...big and small!
do. For me, I wanted to be singer...especially when I found out the nurse’s outfit
didn’t look like the Halloween costumes! Eventually I let my own self-doubt get
The Guys WILL want to know… So…are you single?!
in the way and decided college and a degree was the right thing to do. I made
ring on it yet! one’s put a
the decision to pursue my music dreams again once my younger brother got
drafted to play for the St. Louis Cardinals. He was definitely my inspiration! It’s
Where can we go, digitally, to get your awesome music? The best “Google
been such a fun ride so far! I’m incredibly thankful for everyone who’s helped me
Keyword” search? My music is available pretty much anywhere...iTunes, Amazon,
to get where I am! It’s a team effort!
Google Play. You can also head over to my website If you’re
feeling lucky with Google search SaraBeth Music. I’m not even sure what all
Congratulations on the recent release of your ‘self-titled’ EP and the first
comes up. Probably something embarrassing from high school!
single titled, “I’m Sick Of It”! What was the inspiration behind this particular
track and what can the listeners expect from your sound and storytelling?
And finally, what’s next for SaraBeth in 2016? Do you have some live events,
Thanks!! Well, it’s rockin’! I wrote this song with Gwen Sebastian and Glen
music videos, or project happenings that you’d like to share with us? Any
Mitchell. It was actually the first time we ever wrote together. I remember it was
dates we should be looking to circle on our calendars? There’s a lot on the
cold and rainy and we were at my apartment nothing really. Natu-
horizon. I’ll be heading back in to the studio to release new music. With new
rally 3 laughing people wrote the most angry break-up song they could think of.
music comes a new single, new video, and tour dates!! I know for sure I’ll be
We got the inspiration from something that Glen played on the guitar. Gwen said,
heading to the UK for 10-12 shows. I haven’t announced those dates yet. I’ve
“This sounds like someone who’s just sick of it.” And a song was born!
also got several US dates that I’m excited about! Stay tuned to my website for all
Tell us more about your self-entitled EP! Which singles are closer to your
the updates to the tour schedule!
heart and why? As well as, how many tracks are on the EP? I titled this EP
“SaraBeth” because it’s the first project I’ve put out where I co-wrote all the songs.
I finally understand what people mean when they use the phrase “I’ve grown as
an artist.” Glen Mitchell also co-wrote all the songs and produced the EP (and
Twitter: @SBSwags
played all the guitar parts. He’s a talented dude). We had fun and experimented
Facebook: SaraBethTX
with different sounds. Each of the songs is special to me for a different reason.
Instagram: SaraBethTX
If you ask for my favorite today, it’ll change by tomorrow!
Michael Gomez Photography
BWD Magazine • • 13
running for your life
exercise versus running
It’s amazing to me to see how many untruths there are within
and surrounding the medical profession. Despite the rigors
of getting into medical school, its intense curriculum requirements and long training hours, people listen to TV and movie
personalities for advice or some muscle bound trainer who
barely got out of high school. Myths, incorrect ideology and
even downright corruptible advice to sell something is all
around us. For me, one of the biggest TRAGEDIES is running
and it almost snuggles up to Shakespeare.
People run for many reasons but none
of them make any sense unless a lion is
in pursuit. Studies have reported that
power walking (get heart rate up) is just
as beneficial health wise as running but
won’t wear out your knees, hips or ankles in the process. So why
do people do it? A false sense of betterment, Pea-cocking, and
forget about those endorphins because these molecules have
been found to be too big to get into the central nervous system
so they don’t effect brain enjoyment.
running gear
If you have any doubt about running and
people knowing what they are doing, let’s
look at running sneakers. First there was
the “minimalist” ones, to be followed by
the “maximalist”, to “FAT” soles, to “FLAT”
soles, to the “MIDSOLES” to God knows what’s next. Nobody
knows but everyone is an expert and mostly to sell you footwear.
For you runners out there, I’m sure you are running out of money
and closet space too because of all that footwear. The fact is,
there is no “real” running shoe because you’re “Running out of
14 • BWD Magazine •
If you want maximum benefit from exercise, “DON’T RUN”.
Power walk to elevate your heart rate and maintain it there for a
total of 3 hours weekly. That’s called, “isometrics”. By the way, you
can break it up 20 minutes here, 30 minutes there, as long as it
adds up to 3 hours weekly. One more thing. It’s been shown that
excessive exercise, running, causes a free radicle avalanche in your
lungs that can lead to pulmonary fibrosis (scarred lungs) so if you
insist on running, make sure that you take a bushel of antioxidants
every day and get that oxygen tank ready! The next time you see
Dr. David L Vastola runs a private practice in Palm
Beach, Florida, specializing in Internal Medicine and
Gastroenterology, and is often called the Sherlock Holmes
of Medicine for uncovering problems that other medical professionals missed. He has 4 books, 5 children,
has been married for 34 years, has an assistant lovingly
named Patrick the Poodle, and is showcasing a new TV
pilot called, Good Health Hunting, at film festivals. Dr.
Vastola also has an extensive media experience as a medical and nutrition expert on WJNO Radio, Fox News and
CBS 12 News in Florida. His new book Fountain of Youth:
Nutritional Therapies (Carrel Books/Skyhorse Publishing)
is due for release in July 2015.
someone running, with their ear buds, think of a large turkey (not a
peacock) whose tail is on fire, heading for that Thanksgiving Table
because that is how they will end up.
Brought to you by:
Dr. David L Vastola
Twitter: @DrDavidVastola
Facebook: Dr David L Vastola
Photo Credits: Dr. David L Vastola - All Rights Reserved
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Beauty Tips for Christmas
Tips for looking your best on Christmas Eve!
make the skin look good and fresh. By the time Christmas Eve
On Christmas Eve many people go out to parties or visit
with families. It is a time to be around others and to spread
joy. When going out on Christmas Eve a woman wants
to look her best. There are some tips to help a woman
look great for this special evening. She will be looking
as good on the outside as she is feeling on the inside.
Do Not Forget Sunscreen
When the temperature is cold and winter has arrived many people do not think that sunscreen is needed. This is a big mistake.
Just because a person is not spending hours outdoors does not
mean the rays of the sun do not reach them. Every time a person
is heading outside they need to apply sunscreen. This is important to do even on cloudy days. Sunscreen will help keep the
body protected and will also help keep the skin looking great.
Use Lip Color
In the winter lips tend to dry out. They can become cracked
which can be painful at times. Adding Chap Stick will help
hydrate the lips but often Chap Stick does not come in a color.
For Christmas Eve a lip shade with a little color is going to
be needed. To keep the lips hydrated while still looking good
select a lipstick that has moisturizing properties. Usually this
information can be found right on the package. Popular colors
for Christmas Eve include pinks, reds, and even a coral tone.
A little bit of lip gloss can also be applied for an extra shine.
comes around the woman will be looking her best at the party.
The holiday time can be very stressful. There is so much to do and
there is limited time to get it down. Also everything is very expensive which can put a big dent in finances. In order to stay looking
good for Christmas Eve it is important to handle this stress. There
are procedures that can help a person relax. A massage is a great
way to unwind. When a person is not feeling stress their skin will be
healthy looking and they will have a glow. When feeling the holiday
pressure take a minute and do something to help get rid of the stress.
Stay Hydrated
When a person goes out for the holidays including Christmas Eve they
may have an adult beverage or two. Or several. Alcohol dehydrates
the skin making it look tired and dull. A person needs to remember
to drink plenty of water. This will replenish the body and allow the
skin to stay healthy. Water is important for the glowing look as well.
A person should increase their water intake to help keep the skin
looking good especially if they know they are going to be celebrating.
Do Not Overdo It
As a woman is preparing for this night she may add additional
steps and products to her skin care routine. This is something
that should not be done. Adding additional products can irritate the skin and cause redness. She should stick with her usual
ways. It is also important to keep up with this routine. Around
the holidays there is so much to do that things often get overlooked. She should continue to clean her face and skin as normal.
Exfoliating the skin will help keep it looking fresh. When a person
This is one thing that she cannot lax in. If a woman is looking
exfoliates they are removing dead skill cells that look tired and
to brighten her skin she can use a skin brightening product.
dull. Once these skin cells are removed a layer of new and fresh
The best skin brightener can help instantly lighten the skin
cells will appear. These skin cells will help a person stay look-
complexion and make the skin look new and fresh once again.
ing great. A person should exfoliate around the holidays at least
twice a week. This can be done with scrubs that are purchased
These are just some of the beauty tips out there to stay looking great
or made at home. This will also help open the pores and allow
on Christmas Eve. This day is to celebrate with friends and family
dirt and other build up to be removed. Exfoliating will help keep
and following these beauty tips will help a person look their best.
the skin firm, help instantly lighten the skin complexion and
16 • BWD Magazine •
all hands on deck
(Live) Interview
We have often heard about the trials, tribulations and hardships of being
That is so commendable and you know what, we need more of that in the
an independent music artist. Many will tell you it is no less difficult being
Black community but now let me ask you this: how do you transition from
an independent film maker. From finding the players to scouting locations
doing a movie about comedy to doing a movie about child abuse, kidnap-
and just getting the funding to fulfil your vision, these and other issues can
ping, and what was the thought process that happened in-between there?
all trip you up individually needless to say what any combination can do
to thwart your best efforts. Recently we caught up with a successful indie
Well actually what happened was the first movie I did… I was doing
film maker to discuss his history and current projects. May we introduce
stand-up like I said and I saw it wasn’t a real outlet for comedians like
you to Dexter Tucker…
it used to be maybe ten - twenty years ago when they had DEF Comedy
Jam and they had Comic View and all these different outlets, they don’t
My name is Dexter Tucker, I am from Atlanta, Georgia. I’ve been doing
have anymore. I worked with a lot of funny guys over the last ten years
stand-up comedy for the last 13 years. I am a film maker as well. I’ve
at that time and all over the country and they were hilarious but you
just finished my second film, my first one was called ‘A Comedy Club
know they were only doing these small rooms and there’s pretty much
Movie’ we made a classic comedy, good comedy that you will be seeing
the chitlin circuits. So I said the best way for me to help them and to
on all your digital outlets soon, Netflix, iTunes, Vimeo. And my second
help myself and do my first film is to get some of these funny, hilari-
movie is called ‘Jimmy did you get one’? We went in a totally different
ous guys in a film and let them shine. So I did that, wanted to make a
direction. This is a horror drama, it’s
classic and I think we succeeded in that.
very realistic, it’s about…it’s based on
Upon finishing that I met Jerry May and
true stories and it’s about abduction,
he came on to help me edit the movie
it’s about child abduction. We’re going
at the end. So as he edited the movie
on in this small town and it was going
and I saw how good he was at what he
on for a period of over 10 years and
did. Jerry had the idea about Jimmy…
the police didn’t really have many good
Jimmy was his idea. He originally started
clues and it’s something very real and
writing the movie and I came on and
near and dear to my heart. I did a lot of
continued to write because writing and
research on it and every forty seconds
directing is my forte. I always thought
in the US a child becomes missing or
I’d be a good filmmaker because I
abducted and we see Amber Alerts and
always knew what I wanted to see in a
things like that but after a day or so you
movie - I’m just like a big movie buff and
don’t see it anymore. You never know if
I always knew what I needed to see in a
movie. I felt like I knew what was miss-
that child got found, and a lot of times
they didn’t and it’s something real. I grew up in Atlanta during the child
ing for us. We’re a big market, we spend a lot of money, and we end up
missing and child murders. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of that but I
going to watch stuff that we don’t even like, that’s really not for us, but
grew up in the middle of that. I was grade school age and you know
we still want to go to the movies and we watch a lot of television as
walking home from school and playing outside and every time we go
well. So that’s how we came about Jimmy, that was Jerry’s idea… he’s a
in the house and watch the news there was another child found dead
brilliant film maker and director and editor and writer as well. Getting
and that was for a period of almost like around 2 years I think. That
a strong team together was Godsend because he and I together made
was real scary times in Atlanta so I wanted to make something deep.
a great team.
I wanted to make some good, positive movies along with my partner
Jerry May… we are trying to put out great movies. We’re trying to follow
the footsteps of great film makers like Robert Townsend, Tyler Perry, F.
(Continued Page 21-22)
Gary Gray, and Spike Lee.
BWD Magazine • • 17
Djoir Jordan
inger/Songwriter/Dancer/Entertainer Djoir
Jordan may be the freshest artist to hit the
EDM/Pop/Rock music scene in a while. Her
edgy style and fun catchy lyrics, driven by hard
hitting sounds will keep you captured and excited, leaving
you wanting more. Her positive message to #BeDiamondCut
(“Be unique, stand out and reflect your light.”) has people of
all ages supporting and desiring to be a part of The Diamond
Cut Team.
Djoir has performed and/or worked with huge named acts
such as: DEV, The George Shelby Band, Aaron Carter, RedFoo
of LMFAO, Hypercrush, Táta Vega of 20 Feet From Stardom,
Hok of QuestCrew (ABDC), LMFAO, FUEL, Reel Big Fish,
Cassandra Mills, Dalvin DeGrate, KC of JODECI, Ginuwine,
Shane Sparks, Jason Edmonds, 112, NOVASPACE, Shaneal
Funk, Breanna Kennedy and many more.
Djoir’s 4th single “Partypocolypse” aired on ABC’s TV series
Pretty Little Liars on Episode “Fresh Meat”. It was also featured on USA Network’s series RUSH on the “Learning To
Fly” episode. “Partypocalypse” was also featured in the 20th
Century Fox Film, The Longest Ride, which was released in
Theaters everywhere on April 10th, 2015. This now makes
Djoir 4 for 4 with her releases.
Ever that hit theaters January 2014.
Her 1st single release with NOVASPACE called “Control” (Feat.
Djoir Jordan) quickly climbed to #62 on Beatport’s Electro
House chart and has gained support from Top EDM artists
around the globe.
Her 2nd release with NOVASPACE called “Right Now” (Feat
Djoir Jordan) climbed to #13 on the UK charts and gained
support from Knife Party, Gold Top and many more DJs around
the world.
Djoir Jordan is no stranger to performing live in front of large
crowds and on big stages. She’s opened for many multiplatinum selling artists, and most recently did 2 AFE (Armed
Forces Entertainment) tours in the Mediterranean and Asia
where she performed for the military troops and their families. She’s toured all over the United States and continues
to tour both in the US and Internationally.
Contact Information:
Twitter: @Djoir | Facebook: Djoir
Youtube: Djoir | Instagram: Djoir
Djoir Jordan’s 2nd single “Get This Party Rockin” (Feat HP) was
recently placed in the upcoming movie trailer for Best Night
[email protected]
All Rights Reserved
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Bryan Bailey
ryan Bailey is a nationally-recognized, award-winning animal behaviorist, who has shared his exper-
“Embracing the Wild in Your Dog”
by Bryan Bailey
tise with Dog World, At Home Mid-South Tennessee,
Bloom Magazine, and Fox News, along with veteri-
narians, dog owners and celebrities such as John Mellencamp, James
This book is about developing a deep understanding of the authors of
your dog’s behavior; nature and the wolf. In doing so, you will truly learn
Fitzpatrick, the late Junior Seau, and Julio Jones.
who and what your dog really isand the whys and hows of its behavior.
Bailey’s unique qualifications also include: nationally-certified
impulses and mechanisms in your dog will lead to the harmonious exis-
Master Trainer and Pharmacotherapy Behaviorist, Decorated Veteran
tence and the control you always dreamed of.
You will learn how activating and deactivating the natural, wolf-like
of the U.S. Navy, working extensively as a supervisor and trainer for
the U.S. Navy’s dolphin and sea lion projects, honor graduate of the
Most of all, you will come to embrace the wild in your dog and the grace
Indiana Law Enforcement Academy with duties including training
and the peace that is breathed into its acceptance.
supervisor of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department K-9 narcotics
detection, and search and rescue teams, and trainer for the Indiana
Department of Health and Social Services to train service dogs for
children with Muscular Dystrophy.
Bryan has also studied canine problem solving and pharmacotherapy at Cornell and Tufts University, wolf behavior and social dynamics at Battleground Indiana and Ely Minnesota wolf conservatories,
is a certified Veterinary Technician, and has professionally shown
dogs in AKC Obedience, Conformation, Schutzhund and Ring Sport.
Bryan Bailey’s first book, Embracing the Wild in Your Dog, is a culmination of his experiences and expertise and will soon be followed
by his second title, The Hammer – Understanding Canine Aggression.
Bailey and his wife, Kira, reside in Memphis, Tennessee with their
children, dogs, and cats. Together, they own ProTrain Memphis and
Twitter: @bryanbaileywolf | Facebook: ProTrainMemphis
Taming the Wild.
All Rights Reserved
BWD Magazine • • 19
That’s awesome, and I find this happens a lot when you’re in a position where
ten years so yeah I still love comedy but the film making was always my
someone can help you do one thing you find that they can open up so many
goal from the beginning.
creative doors for you. They just bring something out of you that makes you
Omarosa was nice man…that was my first time meeting her.
able to cross boundaries and do different things and that’s what it kind of
Now I need you to tell me about Omarosa. What was that like?
sounds like to me. Like Jimmy…I’m sorry, like the movie Jimmy, but what is
You know what? I had never met Omarosa. I met her for the first time
the guy’s name again?
where we did a little rehearsal and we hosted the show Saturday night
Jerry May
and she was really nice, she was fun, she had a great sense of humour
Jerry May, alright because I was thinking Jimmy [laughter].
and that’s right up my alley and we played off each other well and we
Another Jerry May production
kept the crowd laughing. I like Omarosa, she’s really cool. You know she
It sounds like Jerry kind of tapped into that with you, like he was able to open
is a character, she is a character. I mean when I met her, I mean I didn’t
up a different way for you to look at things and that you guys were able to.
take her serious not one second ‘cause she joked around the whole time.
He did, he did and I’m so glad that I met Jerry because once we started
She’s a character.
working on this you know I had…it really touched me because like I said
I’ll accept that, we’ll accept that, everybody listening in, did you all hear that?
growing up in Atlanta when the child murder thing was going on, I know
We have to stop hating on Omarosa because she ain’t that evil that she was
how it felt on both sides, the fear in the community; and in the movie
on Wendy Williams Show.
‘Jimmy did you get one’ we come in at you from three different angles.
Nah, she’s not. She had her mother with her. Shout out to Mama Rosa that
We come in at you from the police investigation, from this family how
she called her Mama Rosa. Her mother was with her at all times, she was
they feel and how helpless they feel, the community how they feel about
cool, I didn’t know what to expect, I’m a comedian so I was going to adapt
children coming up missing and they have…they feel helpless about it and
to whatever, but she was cool, she really was.
also from Jimmy’s point of view from him going out doing the abductions
Now let me ask you this question, cause I know you get this question a whole
but no one knows who is doing them so... It’s a really good movie, I am
lot. Do you know what the question is? **Morpheus voice**. Do you know the
excited, and I really can’t wait for everybody to see it.
question? [Laughter]
What question?
Wow. Yes it sounds a little bit like ‘Silence of the lambs’ meets ‘Boys in the
Come on now.
hood’...I am so, so, so looking forward to seeing it, and I promise you that I
What’s the question?
will. Now, are you still doing stand-up comedy?
Are you Chris Tucker’s brother?
Yes, I am, I’m still doing comedy, and I’m on the road most weekends. I just
Yeah I’m Chris tucker’s brother, a matter of fact I just walked out the house
came back from L.A. I hosted the NAFCA: African International Oscars, with
outside so I can hear you guys, he’s in the house right now running his big
African international beauties along with Omarosa, she was my co-host
mouth. Yeah that’s my brother..
and that was great. Yeah they honoured…oh my God, what’s her…Florence
from ‘The Jeffersons’ name…Florence Johnston {Marla Gibbs}, they hon-
Oh wow. So now as you being a comedian and he’s a comedian, how hard is it
oured her, they honoured Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs and they honoured
like to make your own way in comedy?
James Brown as well and they gave out all the awards for the international
Well, when I started doing comedy you know I started late. Comedy is all
movies and that was great, that was probably one of the biggest shows
Chris ever did. He did it right out of high school you know. I always sup-
I’ve done in my career and I’ve been touring doing comedy clubs the last
ported him but I did a lot of other things.
20 • BWD Magazine •
JIMMY ”Did You Get One?”
I went to college and I had a trucking company…real estate throughout
funny and hitting that stage is two totally different things. You’re going
my 20s. When I got right around 30 I was like oh man I want to have some
to get booed, you got to keep going out there, and you got to build your
fun this isn’t what life’s all about. So everybody was always trying to get
set. People would be surprised how long it takes to get a 20 minute set,
me to do comedy so I started doing it but I respected the game. I knew
until you get a good solid 15-20 minute set then you’re not going to make
you couldn’t just jump on that stage and be good right way, it takes time,
any money. You can be an opening act once you get like 15-20 minutes,
cause I watched…I remember when Bruce Bruce was getting started and
but when I tell you it takes like 5-6 years maybe to get that, people are
Earthquake and all those guys. I watched them. I went the route, I did the
surprised. Now you see somebody on TV doing like a 5 minute set okay,
same clubs, did the same underground spots got booze, everything, and so
but 20 minutes is a long time.
I earned the respect of the comedians first in the underground, in Atlanta
first. So I didn’t try to just cut me in off his name and just try to shine and
Tell everybody the name of the movie again.
people put me on shows just because of the Tucker name, sell a few extra
Okay the name of the movie is ‘Jimmy Did You Get One’? We do have a
tickets, naw you’re not going to embarrass me, I took my time and paid my
website that you can go on and look at clips of the movie: http://www.
dues… a lot of people thought well you’re just trying to do this because and also you can look for the ‘Comedy Club’; you
your brother is…naw I’m doing it because I’m a hustler and it looked like
can YouTube trailers of both of them. I also have a radio show on Internet
a good way to go, it’s better than the job I had.
Radio which is a relationship based…relationship forum show where people send their letters in and we have forums
Well you know, I have to answer that because I actually did do comedy a few
and we can talk about relationship issues. It’s very funny.
times I had one of my…well one of my friends his name is Rasheed he was a
very big comedian and he was coming up and I remember him when we were
Well Mr. Tucker it’s been great speaking with you, thank you for your time!
young and he was just trying you know, when the teeth were bad.
Thank you for having me.
Rasheed that passed?
Yes sir
Yeah, I {knew} Rasheed, yeah…
Interview conducted by ‘Nafeesha Flawless Pasha’
He’d been a very, very good friend of mines, as a matter of fact I was with him
and Written by DJ Sincere
the week that he passed away and he put me on the stage and also another
For Drtybsmnt Multimedia. DJ Sincere is the founder of Drtybsmnt
good friend of mine is Brooklyn Mike, I don’t know if you’re familiar with
Multimedia, mobile / mixtape DJ, Syndicated Radio Host and Columnist.
Brooklyn Mike.
Brooklyn Mike, yeah I knew all the comedians, over thirteen years I met
them all…
Yeah and he also put me on the stage and I tell you something to all the
Media Contact Information:
listeners that are listening, it is totally a science to do a stand-up. You have
Twitter: @Drtybsmnt
to have timing; you have to have…you have to be funny but more important
Facebook (MultiMedia) /Drtybsmnt
your timing is everything, who knew that!
It’s an art, it’s a craft definitely, and I mean what we call…being cook-out
All Rights Reserved
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Monthly inspiration
Recently I heard my 4
year old daughter crying in her room. I kept
calling her and asking
why she was crying
but she kept on.
Eventually, I found out
her drawer would not
fit back into her dresser so she thought she
must have broken it.
She tried to fix it on her own but was unable to and so she
started to cry.
Call on Him! Run to Him! Cry out to Him! He can handle it!
He is able!
“Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and
you shall glorify Me.” (Psalms 50:15 NKJV)
You can do all things through Christ. You can make it, you
have what it takes.
Be Inspired! With Love, Eloho
When I figured out why she was crying, I said “You should
have just come to me and said ‘Mum, I think my drawer is
broken, and I’d have fixed it for you.” Eventually, that is what
I did.
It got me thinking, ‘how many times we try to fix things on
our own without calling out to God for help!’ Our Heavenly
Father is just waiting for us to reach out to Him and ask for
This is for everyone reading this! Be encouraged! He can
fix it!
@Elohoefemuai | Facebook: Elohosmusic |
All Rights Reserved
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Sixty-Nine Crash
ixty-Nine Crash is a Sleaze/Hard Rock band
from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In 2013, they
were formed by three friends: Jay B Roxx on
vocals/guitar, Davis Ramay on guitar and Andy
Carvalho on bass.
Their passion for music, especially the 80’s hair metal bands
like KISS and Mötley Crüe, along with the mix of 2000’s
European Hard Rock scene; including Crashdïet, Santa Cruz,
and a little bit of pop accent is what makes this band’s sound
different from any other.
international stations throughout the USA, Europe, Australia,
and Brazil.
Sixty-Nine Crash just released their video for the new single
‘Everything I Need’, which is already becoming a success with
more than 1000 views in only four days.
Sixty-Nine Crash is now in the studio rehearsing and preparing for their first worldwide tour.
In 2014, Sixty-Nine Crash released their first album, in
digital format, titled “LOUDER!” which was produced by
Celo Oliveira; a well-known Brazilian metal musician and
In early 2015, Demon Doll Records invited them to be a part
of their team and released the physical album including
‘Rebel Yell’ (Billy Idol cover) as a bonus track.
Contact Information:
“If you are looking for what might be the next Glam Rock treasure”, says Demon Doll Records, “then don’t pass up on this
chest - open it up & let SIXTY-NINE CRASH shine in their true
Hard Rock light! Highly recommended listening!”
Twitter: @Sixty9Crash | Facebook: 69Crash
Youtube: Sixty-Nine Crash | Instagram: Jaybroxx
[email protected]
Currently, Sixty-Nine Crash’s music is playing at numerous
All Rights Reserved
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