« general there seems to be endless
amounts of inventionism and an inner
urge to lead the listener to surprising
places in the musical landscape.»
Concert review, Gaffa Magazine
When you enter the world of the transscandinavian ensemble Sekten, you’ll encounter a
whiff of madness and frail naïvity combined with musical breadth and instrumental
After receiving the Danish Music Award/Jazz for their first album Annars är det tyst,
Sekten are now ready to release their second album, Mäktiga Vingar.
With this new album, Sekten once again prove their obvious talent for alternative
songwriting performed with a unique playful interplay, that leaves plenty of room on
all levels of the emotional register.
The music is both energetic and subtile, consisting of songs and improvisations
created by Sekten. The two singers and voice artists whisper and shout, deliver music
hall ditties, all members taking turns sliding between storytelling and soundestethics.
Swedish lyrics are sung beautifully straight, or unpleasantly threatful, strong melodic
themes are being presented on layers of rhythms and improvisations played with
fearless spontaneity.
On stage, Sekten is performing uniformed and gives the audience a total conceptual
experience of the stage set and the music. With focus on improvisation, intuition and
interaction, this unique band delivers a constantly surprising performance.
Line up: Josefine Lindstrand – voice, Qarin Wikström – voice, Simon Toldam Rosengren – piano,
Stephan Sieben – guitar, Putte Johander – bass, Knut Finsrud – drums.
Sektens members are also active in bands such as: Attaboy, Big Bombastic Collective, Django Bates
“Human Chain”, Fattigfolket, Han Bennink Trio, Nana Jacobi and the Moveabouts, Simon Toldam &
Prügelknabe, Triåveræinne, Kostcirkeln, T.S Høeg og Locomotion Starsemble.
Simon Toldam
Slotsgade 7 st. th.
2200 Copenhagen N
[email protected]
+45 23 36 67 94
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