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Avadhoot started his career as a composer in the year 2002, when he composed a basic album of 8 songs on the theme of Rain (M
Title "Paus"). Avadhoot shot into fame instantly with this album and received the "Alpha Gaurav Puraskar" for the Best Composer 2
this album. His second album as a composer was an Indi-Pop album called "Aika Dajiba" which is considered to be a landmark in the
Indian Pop Music. "Aika Dajiba" started the trend of Hindi pop songs with a Marathi punch line. This song received unparalleled re
from audiences of all ages worldwide. This album was followed with yet another superhit album “Meri Madhubala” which launched
a pop singer. Thus from the first album he composed, to his latest ("Mera Dadla"), Avadhoot has an excellent track record of hi
extremely short span of two years. In short this young composer has started setting trends in the Indian music scene with his creativ
ability to experiment with different kinds of music. His study of Indian folk music coupled with his awareness of the latest intern
music trends, gives his music a unique fresh quality. Avadhoot's talent doesn't end at composing, song writing and singing. He h
proved his mettle as an arranger. From soft instrumental to remixes, Avadhoot has done it all and with the same amount of creativ
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