Biography Orange Glow
Orange Glow serves steaming indierock. Vile and sweet.
Playful and perky. Capricious like a young dog.
Orange Glow is a ‘songwriter-singer’ of the filthy kind. Six years after the well received debut
album ‘the Magic Tale’, he is back with a new band and album: ‘Down to earth’. Still catchy
melodies with edgy twists. But now stripped naked, muddy and resolute.
The debut album was a magic tale, the new one is an enlightening slap in the face. Again
recorded on analog tape. Without ‘copy-pastes’ and ‘auto tuners’ the album credits mention:
‘We believe in authenticity. The perfection of imperfection. Magic’.
Fully in line with the subject of the album: ‘9 songs about desires, temptations and our alienation
of instincts. The struggles this brings, even though the solution is so near.’
The new album was released in Holland and Belgium by record label My First Sonny
Weissmuller/Konkurrent. The new band also plays live. Besides that the band already works on
new material for a real band album.
Sounds like:
Indie rock influenced by 90’s indie, 70’s post-punk, psychedelics & noise.
Mikal Cronin, Pedro the Lion, Built to Spill, Neutral Milk Hotel, Grandaddy.
Earlier releases:
Drones single: Heftklammern (2011, eigen beheer)
CD: the Magic Tale of Flying Kite in the Animal Kingdom (2008, MFSW/Konkurrent)
Single: Sunken (2004, eigen beheer)
Band members:
Eric Hoogeweg (songwriter, guitars, vocals, keys), Marc Fien (drums & percussion),
Titus Rudolphy (bass).
Website: www.orangeglow.nl (with audio & video)
Facebook: www.facebook.com/OrangeGlowband
Twitter: https://twitter.com/orangeglowband
[email protected]