Mar 9 - Mar 19, 2012
A Chat with Musical Sensation, Elan Atias
By Princella Talley
The Guardian Express
well-established artists
including Gwen Stefani,
Carlos Santana, Pharrel
Williams, the Dave
Matthews Band, Kenny Chesney and Matisyahu, the fear of flying
solo seems far from his
mind as he describes
his emotions regard
Elan Atias is one of
those artists who take
you back to a time when
music was all about vocals, soul, and fun. Following closely in the
footsteps of Bob Marley,
he was chosen to sing
lead for the hugely successful band that Marley was once a part of,
The Wailers. After performing a long stint as
frontman of the band,
the “young lion” of Reggae decided to go solo.
Page 11
ing the experience as
“excited” and “eager.”
He further proclaims
that he “is happy to say;
things are going great!”
Considering him an artist of inspiration, I was
curious to know what
inspired him and led to
his moment of realization as a dedicated musician. “I would have to
say that being on stage
with the Wailers in front
of 6,000 people at my
first show with the band
- which was in Dubuque,
Iowa - on a humid summer night with thunder
and lightning throughout the show that we
incorporated into the
music. As soon as
we finished our set it
started pouring. It was
amazing timing, beau-
tiful and moving. That
was the moment. That
was the sign,” he says.
Upon hearing his album and after speaking with him, it’s safe
to assume that we’re
sure to be hearing and
seeing a lot more of
Elan Atias, a creatively
moving artist who is
both passionate and
Beats Music Festival,
where he performed
on February 15th inside
the Castellana Room
at the Cosmopolitan.
I had the opportunity
to speak with Elan, who
informed me that his
personal playlist is full
of diverse sounds from
artists such as Skrillex,
Robyn, 12th Planet,
Major Lazer, Jesse and
the Toy Boys, Young
the Giant, and Zadik.
Citing Bob Marley as
With his newest album, a major reason for his
“We Are,” Atias has put love of reggae, Atias
a very personal spin on also shares that he loves
things. With thought- the “rhythms, the lyrics,
provoking lyrics that are and the positive meslaced with the infectious sage” of the entire genre.
sounds of pop, reggae,
and acoustic melodies, The message of posithe album is one for tivity is apparent on
the ages and many in Elan’s album, “We Are.”
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