The most beautiful smile of Slovakia



The most beautiful smile of Slovakia
The most beautiful smile of Slovakia
Thomas has won the heart of the Czech and Slovakian community with his
amazing smile and positive energy. He was born in Holland, on the border of
Germany, and grew up speaking dutch, slovak, german and english.
He graduated from the best musical and drama Academy in Amsterdam.
Thomas starred in international productions all over the world, including
Peter Pan, Romeo and Julia, the Full Monty as well as playing the lead in
shows such as, the Disney Musical 'Aida', 'Saturday Night Fever', and
'Grease'. Thomas also starred as an actor in a famous Dutch TV series and as
a dancer and choreographer for many music videos.
As a model he has become the face of well-known fashion brands, including
L'Oreal, Avon, Adidas, Jean Paul Gautier and Soladey-Eco, to name just a few.
Thomas became a household name in Czech and Slovak republic in 2009 as a
finalist in the singing competition 'Czech - Slovak SuperStar', aka...'Pop Idol', in
the UK . He has established a huge fanbase in Eastern Europe and has
introduced a bit of western style thinking to the music industry there.
He plays the guitar, piano and drums and composes most of his songs alone.
His sound is mature, fresh and brings a new style to the music industry.
Thomas says, ''I get inspired by all sorts of musical styles. I would call my
sound ‘new wave electro pop’, and I love to experiment a lot with different
genres of music. I do not want to repeat things from the past. I want my
music to be universal and create an album that is accessible for all ages
and all types of people''.
Thomas Puskailer is to release his first album in 2012. Prior to the entire album
being released he has debuted his 'maxi single' consisting of three songs:
1. Sitting on a Cloud
2. By Your Side
3. Life is Good
The first two tracks 'Sitting on a Cloud', and 'By Your Side', were created in
England where Thomas worked together with Joe Dworniak, a global
producer of Riverfish Studios. He has worked with stars such as Duran
Duran, Paul McCartney and Frankie Goes to Hollywood.
The third track, 'Life is Good', is a happy, positive and uplifting music track. The
final audio tracks were produced by the best production studio in Slovakia,
'Creative Music House.'
The multi-talented Thomas Puskailer is currently starring in two of Slovakia's
biggest musicals, '8th Continent', and 'BoyBand'.
Thomas's much awaited debut album will be released in the spring.
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