Your wine: Gevrey-Chambertin En Songe
Your winemaker: Jean-Michel Jacob
Your terroir: En Songe
The Hautes Côtes, even to the non-wine lover, is a beautiful spot to visit. After
the excitement of travelling through the myriad of world-renowned villages below,
it is something of a relief to head up into the hills. Although so close to Beaune,
the wine capital of Burgundy, you could be on a different planet; the beautiful,
wild, rolling and windswept hinterland is home to many species of wildlife, and
the vineyards are interspersed with wildflower meadows.
A third of the villagers in the charming little village of Échevronne earn their living
from the vine and it is here, tucked away up a half-forgotten valley a few
kilometers northwest of Beaune, that you will find Domaine Lucien Jacob.
Approximately 40 acres in size, this family domaine is mainly planted with the
Pinot Noir grape for the production of red burgundy. It is run by Jean-Michel
Jacob, his wife Christine and his sister Chantal.
The Jacobs are an incredibly hospitable family. They have never detached
themselves from the people who drink their wines. They enjoy sharing their
passion and knowhow with visitors and their privileged position is never lost on
them. A visit here is truly recommended.
Jean-Michel is a huge bear of a man. A veritable gentle giant! Despite his
enormous hands, he has a light touch in the winery. His wines exude delicate
and precise fruit flavors. He wishes to display the floral, perfumed nature of Pinot
Noir, with oak forming a subtle backdrop, rather than the main constituent. He
achieves this brilliantly as evidenced by the many awards and plaudits his wines
In the village of Gevrey-Chambertin, to the south of Dijon, Domaine Lucien Jacob
has three small parcels of vines, the most prestigious of which is called En
Songe (meaning ‘in a dream’ in French). It is only 0.25 of a hectare in size and is
made up of a mixture of old and young Pinot Noir vines. Yields are restricted to a
maximum of 48 hectolitres per hectare and the wine is matured in oak barrels,
half of which are new each year. En Songe is, potentially, the best wine the
Jacobs can make from their holding in Gevrey.
The appellation of Gevrey-Chambertin is the largest and perhaps the best known
village in the famous Côte d’Or. Located just to the north of Morey St Denis, the
clay soils of Gevrey are slightly richer in iron content which helps give a deeper
color and firmer structure to the wines. They can be some of the most complete
and long-lived of all burgundies, with an intense dark cherry, blackcurrant and
licorice character. They provide a brilliant match to hearty local dishes such as
boeuf bourguignon, coq au vin and rabbit stew.
Gevrey-Chambertin En Songe
Grape variety
Bottle price*
Pinot Noir
€ 17.80
* Alcohol % may vary each year. Price based on collect. Wine available in cases of 12. Based on 2015 prices excluding tax.
Your Gevrey-Chambertin comes from a tiny plot of old vines called ‘En Songe’ in
the Côte de Nuits. This Pinot Noir, aged for 18 months in a mix of new and used
French oak barrels has intense perfume of dark cherry, raspberry and spicy oak. In
the mouth it is fresh and intense with delicate flavors of red berry, cassis, black
cherry and vanilla. The finish is long and powerful with exotic spice supported by a
smooth and supple texture. This delicious, well-made wine can be drunk young and
fresh, but will age in a good cellar for between five and ten years after the