Importance for the
future of your child
The widest range of course choices are
available to your children if they study
Higher Level Mathematics.
For more details..
Mathematics and
It’s your child’s future
Mathematics is relevant to most third level
Applications of Mathematics are relevant
to all Engineering courses and careers.
Studying Higher Level Mathematics and
Science will give your child the skills to be
successful at third level education.
Science and Mathematics widen the options
for your children later in life as the broadest
range of careers will be open to them.
Mathematics and Science lead to some of
the most exciting and well paid careers
‘…when we place otherwise capable students
into lower math tracks, their performance
will likely deteriorate. Average students can
perform well when challenged, this is often
ignored.’ (Callahan, 2005)
The choices your children make
at Junior Certificate level will
determine the opportunities
open to them later in life.
….Encouraging your children to study higher level
mathematics and science is beneficial to them when they
are older …...
Your child can
change the world
With Mathematics and Science,
your child could ……………
Develop vaccines or drugs to cure diseases
like cancer or aids.
Study the spreading of diseases to plan for
Produce special effects for television or the
film industry.
Save lives through the development of
medical devices.
Study climate change and the impacts of
human activity on the environment.
Develop computer programs and software –the
next generation ipod!
Ensure the food we eat is as nutritious, safe
and delicious as possible.
Improve the performance to Formula 1 cars.
And many many more……….
What will your child gain
Problem solving techniques.
A better ability to use logical thought.
How can I help my child
to success?
Speak positively of the subject and give
Mathematics and Science cannot be left to
the last moment, the secret is consistent
study throughout the year.
Confidence and self belief.
Ability to think creatively.
Better appreciation of the world
People skills — learned through team
work in laboratory class.
Access to a wider choice of careers.
Gain knowledge which help to inform
their decisions through life.
If your child struggles with these subjects...
• Talk to your child and try to find the
problem area.
• Talk to their teacher and ask for help.
• Help your child to look up books available
or for information on the web, e.g.
• Check out nearby third level institutes for
support available.
• Encourage the school to promote group
• Seek one to one tuition.
‘….results also showed that both mother's support and father's
support positively affect adolescents' math selfefficacy…’ (Sherri L. Turner, Jason C. Steward, Richard T.
Lapan ... 1991)

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