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Flier - Institute for LGBT Studies
Friday 2:00 PM
Hip-Hop, Punk, and Identity
MLA 403
“Queer Ruminations on Past and Present: Affect and Belonging in Palestinian Hip-Hop”
Alexander Karaman, University of Arizona
"Performing Violence Girl: Social spaces, experiences, and subjectivities"
Susana Sepulveda, University of Arizona
“From autoethnography to activism: Evolution of a punk from street to screen”
Kristi Kouchakji, Concordia University, Montreal
Moderator: Sonia Arellano, University of Arizona
Film and US Ideology
MLA 405
“ ‘Also Famous for His Shameful Orgies’: An Account of Rape and Nativist Discourses in Martyrs of the Alamo
Amilynne Johnston, Arizona State University
“ ‘Reverse Nostalgia’ and the Cheshire-smiling Ideal of the American Dream: The Repetitious, Violent Past of
Indian Ghosts in The Shining and Pet Sematary”;
Amanda “Spo” Spoto, Dartmouth College
“The General and the Gipper: Arachnophobia and American Conservative Anxieties”
Eli Turner, University of Arizona
Moderator: Eli Turner, University of Arizona
Monsters, Queers, and Freaks
MLA 406
“Monstrous Forms: Evolution and Queer Time in The Picture of Dorian Gray”
Emily Lyons, University of Arizona
“Queering Time and the Libratory Rhetoric of Spontaneity"
Derek Mkhaiel, California State University, San Bernardino
“Hidden Structures in Queer Spaces: Looking In and At Freak Shows.”
Emily Cottrell, Loyola University, Chicago
Moderator: Carie Schneider, University of Arizona
Friday 3:30 PM
Doing Trans/Gender
MLA 403
“Fractured Images: Lacanian Psychoanalysis and the Trans Phantasmic”
Mel Ferrara, University of Arizona
“Dangerous Intimacies: Trans-Femme Relationship as a Form of Queer Exile”
Yael Mishali, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Moderator: Kimberly Wine, University of Arizona
Rhetoric, Pedagogy, Virtual Spaces
MLA 405
“From Chaos to Cosmos, and Back: Spatializing Writing Theories and Displacing Hegemonies”
Ryan David Leack, University of California, Riverside
“I Can Haz Analysis? Internet Memes as Rhetoric”
Lauren Harvey, University of Arizona
“Phantasizing ARK: Rhetoric of the Fantastic in Contemporary Immersive Computer Games”
David Rick, University of Arizona
Moderator: Madelyn Pawlowski, University of Arizona
Other Americas
MLA 406
“Disclosing Empire: Zora Neale Hurston’s Trans-American Historical Imagination”
Aristides Dimitriou, University of California, Berkeley
“Staging Tourism: Pseudo-Places and Performances in Bharati Mukherjee’s Jasmine”
Catherine Fakler, University of Arizona
“Spatial Violences in the works of Don Delillo”
Pete Figler, University of Arizona
Moderator: Christopher Sloman, University of Arizona
Visions of Burlesque:
A Burly-Dirty Roundtable
5PM Friday, ILC 130
Join us as we host
Rambo Reza,
Lacy O’Ceans,
and Jacqueline Boxx
in a spectacle of burlesque and transformation.
Dr. Jack Halberstam, USC
Keynote address
Friday, April 22
ENR2-S107 7PM
Reception to follow.
Saturday 10:30 AM
Plastic Spaces/Identities
ILC 133
“Debating Speed: Reflections on Conquering Space in Nineteenth Century America”
Paul Kuenker, Arizona State University
“The Benefits of Plastic: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Hyperobjects, and Edgar Huntly”
Jeremy Miller, University of Arizona
“Character and Counterfeit in Sheppard Lee and The Confidence Man”
Christine Walsh, University of Arizona
Moderator: Christopher Sloman, University of Arizona
ILC 135
“ ‘what we see, makes us’: Sight and Subjectivity in Olive Schreiner’s The Story of an African Farm”
Jayda Coons, University of Arizona
“Anticolonial Politics Beyond Identity: Friendship, Utopia, and “Wild” Spaces in Michael Ondaatje’s The Cat’s
Nisha Eswaran, McMaster University
“Reflecting the Colonial Self: The Shop Window and 1930s Kyŏngsŏng”
Haely Chang, University of Pennsylvania
Moderator: Marguerite Happe, University of Arizona
Tennyson, Pound, and Woolf
ILC 145
“Tennyson and the Woman Artist”
Grace Chen, University of Arizona
“Stillness and Time in Pound’s ‘Seven Lakes’ Canto”
Timothy Salzer, University of Arizona
"The Ghostly Narrative Presence in Mrs. Dalloway: A Lyrical Transgression of Genre"
Sovay Hansen, University of Arizona
Moderator: Ally Egan, University of Arizona
Saturday 2:00 PM
Latin American Visual Cultures in Digital Media
ILC 133
“Countering Heteronormativity in Superheroes via a Brazilian Electro Funk Music Video”
Claudia Nazario, University of Arizona
“Performative Multiculturalism in Calle 13 Pa’l Norte”
Whitney Waites, University of Arizona
“Webcam Millionaires: YouTube Youth Culture and Global Neoliberalism”
Hannah Collins, University of Arizona
Nation and Survival
ILC 135
“Majoritarian and Minoritarian Politics on Ryosai Kenbo and Xiánqī Liángmǔ: The loss of ‘the national’”
Xuefei Ma, University of Arizona
“Borrowed Time: Survivors Supporting Survivors”
Victoria Adams, University of Arizona
“Posthuman Habitats”
Aroussiak Gabrielian, University of Southern California
Moderator: Dr. Meg Lota Brown, University of Arizona.
Space and Disability Studies
ILC 145
“Visualizing a Deaf Town”
Rachel Levit Ades, Arizona State University
“Libro de buen amor and the Prejudice against Medieval Disability”
Jared Wait, University of Texas
“In/Visible: Disabled Spaces”
Caitlin Rose Myers, University of Arizona
Moderator: Jayda Coons, University of Arizona
Saturday 3:30 PM
Gender + the Machine
ILC 133
“Unwieldy Machines”: Cleland’s Mechanical Revision of Eighteenth-Century Sexuality in Fanny Hill”
Marguerite Happe, University of Arizona
“Fashion, Pleasure, & Excess: Babes Doing Bad Things in Eighteenth-Century Amatory Fictions and in
Postmodern and Contemporary Media”
Emily Thomas, University of Arizona
Moderator: Safari Ross, University of Arizona
Media's Exclusion
ILC 135
“Media Inclusion and Exclusion: Media Presence and Access for Impoverished Communities in the Philippines”
Shelley Guyton, University of California, Riverside
“Public Sex and Anti-LGBT Propaganda Laws: Struggle for Life Chances in a Changing Kyrgyzstan”
Justin Ostrowski, University of Arizona
“Media Representations of Ferguson”
Kelly Sharron, University of Arizona
Moderator: Elizabeth Labiner, University of Arizona
Dr. Donald Pease, Dartmouth
Keynote address
Saturday, April 23
ENR2-S107 7PM
Reception to follow.
Arrive at 6:30PM
to see
In Vir, On Ment
dance installation by
Carie Schneider
Elizabeth Breck
Maria Sara Villa
Emily Thomas

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