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06.02.2006 16:39:15 Uhr
German Quality
Mobile but Online!
Have smart communication without any excuses.
CAPTURE IT GLOBAL will work wireless or direct
requirements. Every new product includes the
connected within 1.000 mm or 1.000 km away
experiences of users request.
from any server and database or direct cable
PANMOBIL is active member of important international Auto-ID associations. We always use
Being member in most
esteemed AutoID com-
Put an end to endless collecting of manual data
and implement the newest technologies to insure
munities is part of the
input on paper or external memory. With major
“State of the Art” equipment.
warranty for reliable
problems nowadays of misunderstanding errors
PANMOBIL products.
and data lost, Capture It Global focuses the
Made in Germany
modern way of data collecting. Radio controlled
Nowadays, everyone is talking about the global
data transferring via Bluetooth, WLAN or GPRS/
market and the large dominance of American
UMTS are currently the must have technology
and Asian Auto ID manufactures in Europe.
and “State of the Art” system.
PANMOBIL is proud to announce that their tech-
You have direct access to article lists, data in
nology is “Made in Germany”.
progress, data collecting units or any other kind
This is a big plus for companies as we are local
of information-sources. This allows permanent
and can provide quick communication between
worldwide updating of information without any
developers and users. PANMOBIL headquarter is
time delay. Thus, it is the highest grant for
located in the heart of Europe, Cologne/Germany.
reliability of real-time databases.
Technical support is around the corner, and a big
“PLUS” to your company!
Concentrated Experience is your warranty for
SCANNDY, made by PANMOBIL, combines the
perfect technology.
abilities of a real handy unit (mobile phone style)
The PANMOBIL developing team and its control,
and a scanner (RFID and/or Barcode), to make
proudly stands for over 25 years of experience
a unit that is an affordable “worldwide data
in developing a full range of Auto-Id products.
Learning in countless international logistic
projects, our team worked with various user
More than 30.000 Memo-SCANNDY units are
groups and applications that are “real world”
already in daily use throughout Europe.
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06.02.2006 16:39:18 Uhr
Barcode and RFID
SCANNDY is made for a variety of usage.
Collecting data means using present and future
Collecting 2D barcodes is done by a CMOS-optic. Equipped with user friendly
orientated AutoID-technologies.
Connecting an RFID reader unit is very easy.
technologies, SCANNDY, is the
All you need to do is combine SCANNDY body
real “Multi-Talent” application.
unit with a RFID TECPACK together, same as
changing the batteries.
SCANNDY is the first solution in the market that
The well known 1D and 2D barcode technologies
allows the combination of all possible reading
are approved, but the advance use of new
devices such as 1D/2D barcode and RFID in one
technologies such as RFID is not about to stop.
compact smart unit. Combined with all of today’s
Being able to rewrite an RFID tag as well as
available ways of communication, from Desktop,
being able to read it without seeing it are just two
In-house, and World Wide, it is an all-in-one
of the large variety of chances to speed up data
RFID antenna
collecting today and in the near future.
The Multi-talent SCANNDY will host all modern
The scan technology for barcode can chosen
out of a range of readers pending on the aimed
Keyboard layouts
A Japanese High-Tech, High Quality Laser
module will guarantee exact and fast reading
results. It will read poor quality printed barcodes.
The large depth of field makes SCANNDY very
easy to operate, especially for untrained users.
Communication and
recharging unit Gun
Communication and
recharging unit Basic
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06.02.2006 16:39:19 Uhr
The “Mobile AutoID concept” of tomorrow
SCANNDY – The Original
, the AutoID tool made for all
Logistic requirements of today and tomorrow!
The SCANNDYbasic version the “Always with
24 hour usage or occasional use, the ergonomic
you”-usage comes in a lightweight Mobile Phone
design of SCANNDY makes the users feeling com-
typical style of 100g only.
fortable working with the data collector. If not in
use, SCANNDY can slip in your shirt pocket or
hide into a leather, rubber or nylon bag fixed to
the user’s belt.
ARM inside!
Base for the SCANNDY high performance
operating system is the 32 Bit ARM Technology
which speeds up any application and allows
direct Internet connectivity.
OLED Display-Technology
• OLED colour display (128 x 64 Graphic)
• 170° View angle
• Daylight independent (Readable in
100% sunlight or total darkness)
• Extreme operating temperature range
–20°C to +70°C
Low power consumption
• 24h operating time
(20.000 laser scan (read) within 4s interval)
• High power Li-Ion rechargeable battery
up to 3,200 mAh
• Power saving Technology
• Water protected
• Free configurable, f.e.: 0 / 7 / 9 keys
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06.02.2006 16:39:21 Uhr
SCANNDY Variationen
The right technology for any application!
The SCANNDY construction is aimed at maxi-
Following the AutoID technology trend, SCANNDY
mum in flexibility and user acceptance. The
is extendable by a concept of modular TECPACK
large assortments of accessories are one of the
units. It can also contain various RFID/ Trans-
keys to fulfil different application requirements.
ponder modules.
In SCANNDYbasic version the TECPACK modules
The recharge and communication units are made
are space saving and ergonomically integrated in
for multipurpose usage. The wireless communi-
the palm of the users hand. It will fulfil the
cation between SCANNDY and the Cradle is via
request for large mobility.
Bluetooth up to 100m. The interface to host
computer can be RS232/485, USB, keyboard
The SCANNDYgun version is using a larger front
(PS/2) or via Ethernet and Internet. The Cradle
antenna, where TECPACK is located in the large
can also recharge the internal battery of
rugged rubber front. This version is for perma-
SCANNDY and one spare battery at the same
nent daily warehouse use, where Barcode and/or
RFID are used extensively.
The very stable Cradle version for SCANNDYgun
For sure, SANNDY also can be used as a stan-
allows the scanner to be placed, with its gun type
dard Online cable connected scanner using
handle, into a “Presentation Mode”. Doing so,
RS232/485, USB or keyboard interface.
barcode- or RFID labels presented to the reader
will be read automatically. In this configuration
the OLED display can be turned 180° and the
character pitch can be increased. So, the user
does get all the information directed to his position.
From top down:
SCANNDYbasic unit with Cradle
SCANNDYgun version with cradle
TECPACK in gun
SCANNDYgun with rubber-front
antenna for RFID
SCANNDYgun with cable
SCANNDYbasic with cable
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06.02.2006 16:39:24 Uhr
SCANNDY – the tool for mobile applications
A Maximum of Flixibility
...for “logical” requests!
Service/Asset management: When using SCANNDY,
the technician gets any required information he
needs, either from his Homebase, wireless via
GPRS, WLAN, Bluetooth, or from his local Database
inside SCANNDY, which can be up to 2GB. The
reliability of sensitive medical operations. The
very compact, robust construction and the long life
SCANNDY – Medical version has an antibacterial
battery gives SCANNDY the nickname “Always with
coated housing for hospital use.
me partner” of any technician in the field.
Transportation/Delivery: “Bread and Butter”
Warehous/Logistic/Production: Where work
of Transport logistics is flexibility and being
is hard, SCANNDY shows what its “made for”,
always online with the home base to confirm
because the robust rubber housing and its long
and check deliveries or shorten ways to fulfil
life battery approves to be the right co-worker.
urgent requests. With its unique GPRS TECPACK,
Being at all times direct wireless or with cable
SCANNDY offers “Always Online with Home”.
connected to the main server gives the users
SCANNDY allows allocation of the user by GPS-
capabilities to be in bidirectional contact to the
car-station. The GPRS version can also be used
controlling unit. All feedback will be displayed on
as a regular mobile phone, to make and receive
its powerful colour display.
Healthcare: Cost reduction and increasing safety
POS: SCANNDY the Shop-All rounder: Scanning
for patients are only a view demands that can be
goods coming in, stock control, inventory, are
fulfilled by using the “Multi-Talent” SCANNDY. The
standard jobs for the “Multi-Talent”. At the
handsome barcode and RFID reader enables easy
POS SCANNDY will scan while being placed in
and secure identification of patient and medicine.
the cradle just by presenting the goods to the
SCANNDY being online in different ways also
scanner. The display will be facing you and the
allows the continuous updating and controlling of
character size can be large, showing all the
patient-, administrative- and medical database.
products information requested.
SCANNDY is made to increase the efficiency and
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06.02.2006 16:39:27 Uhr
TECPACK – the open system for future extensions
The modular way to upgrade with HighTec!
As expected from any real modern HighTec peripherals in present time, SCANNDY is an open
System, which easily can be upgraded by hardThere is an ongoing development
ware and software.
on TECPACK modules, to keep all
systems up to date and “State of
The TECPACK concept allows hardware extensions
the Art”.
such as RFID modules, Audio-Packs with MP3,
GPRS-, WiFi-, IRDA- or NFC modules.
The operating system is created to recognize all
128 MB bis 5 GB
changing of extended modules via plug and play.
The user is always kept informed about his new
possibilities. Upgrading Software can be done in
WIFI/802.11b WLAN
all wired or wireless communication-ways.
Mp3 playback and recording
RFID-TECPACK modules are available for all common frequencies from LF, HF to UHF.
Transponders of all well known manufactures can
be read and written ( f.e.: Philips, Infinion, Texas,
The integrated module
enables the worldwide
database access.
Sokymat..... )
Transponder: Read/Write by
interchangeable TECPACK
modules for all frequencies:
Infrared interface
125/134 KHz
13.56 MHz
869/915 MHz
Using NFC (Near-Field-Commu-
Antenna: Internal and External
nication), SCANNDY can interchange data bidirectional with
its NFC Partner by just touching
each other.
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06.02.2006 16:39:31 Uhr
PANMOBIL – Connectivity from local to global
a BT equipped PC (or dongle), via a mobile phone
Mobile, but Online!
with BT to access the host computer or Internet
like a modem, or via SCANNDY cradle with
SCANNDY offers a wide spectrum of ways to
integrated BT receiver.
communicate. Depending on distance and exisIn combination with SCANNDY cradle, with
ting communication-infrastructures there are
different techniques available:
integrated Bluetooth receiver, the connectivity
opens up flexible partnerships. Data coming and
SCANNDY can be used locally in direct
going to SCANNDY now can be interfaced via
connection to a terminal/PC, so the interface will
the cradle through RS232/485, USB or Ethernet.
be wired RS232/485, USB or keyboard wedge.
In case of Ethernet, no PC is needed, because
the cradle supports (thanks to its ARM 9 CPU)
The SCANNDY integrated Bluetooth module
TCP/IP protocol. It will obtain its own IP address,
will do a wireless communication of up to 100m.
which can be changed with PANMOBIL software
Thanks to the flexible SCANNDY operating
package. The SSL encoding can be turned on for
system, the communication can be done direct to
safe data exchange.
Connectivity from local to global
local operating via keyboard
interface, RS232/485 or USB
3 Recharge and communication
10-100 m
can be connected to keyboard
interface, RS232/485, USB or
Ethernet (no PC needed )
All mentioned technologies are available for
SCANNDYbasic as well as for SCANNDYgun.
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06.02.2006 16:39:34 Uhr
SCANNDY can be equipped with
both Bluetooth standards Class1
(100 m) or Class 2 (10 m)
The (NFC) Near Field Commu-
nication module allows fast data
In case of an available WLAN, SCANNDY
The WLAN TECPACK is equipped
exchange between NFC devices
will operate in 802.11xx standard as member of
with WIFI / 802.11b / i modules to
by only touching each other. No
the net in its covered area. SCANNDY is a reliable
allow a wide area local coverage.
complicated passwords required!
partner of existing- and planned Logistic systems.
In case of collecting and updating data, any-
With the GPRS module, SCANNDY
TCP/IP communications between
where at anyplace, the use of the worldwide
can be world wide connected to
SCANNDY cradle and any host
mobile GSM/GPRS network is the right applica-
any database.
is very easy, with or without SSL
tion. If SCANNDY is used with GPRS TECPACK
module, SCANNDY users can access the home
based database 24 hours, 365 days anywhere
world wide. PANMOBIL also installs the interface
Direct cable connection from
server between all mobile connected SCANNDY
As a TECPACK option, SCANNDY can be extended
SCANNDYbasic/gun or from
units and the existing enterprise systems such as
with an Infrared IRDA interface to communicate
cradle via USB, RS232/485 or
SAP / BAN / or any Microsoft operating system.
with mobile printers.
keyboard interface PS/2.
GPRS communication via
mobile-phone network
WLAN integration
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06.02.2006 16:39:37 Uhr
Get in touch with the AutoID technology of tomorrow
Some questions to keep in mind:
Technology of tomorrow already in use!
• What frequency is the right one
for my application?
• Which Transponders fit my
Everybody is talking about automatic data
collecting without a code in sight and without
reading each item one by one.
• Which housing configuration is
the right one for me?
• What reading distance can I
• Do I need memory in my transponder, how many?
• What can be stored and is it
worth doing?
• How do I get data transferred
into my system?
• How safe are the data stored and
how safe is data transferring?
• How do I integrate my existing
barcodes with my new transponder data?
• Will the people in our company
PANMOBIL offers the right “soft start up” in one
• One SCANNDY with integrated Barcode-Laser unit
of its training-sets, which consists of:
• One or more RFID TECPACK module of your
choice ( LF, HF, UHF )
• One Recharge- and Communication unit with
USB, RS232/485, keyboard or Ethernet interface
• A software package which allows you to communicate with Windows PC, upload and download
data from SCANNDY, display all collected data and
modify it, store the data as CSV file or communicate via ODBC interface. SCANNDY can also be
configured via these software.
• The Transponder test set does also include a one
accept reading transponders,
day free RFID seminar which includes RFID
how will they handle it?
theory, a large overview of existing applications
• How do I get the data from the
transponder into my database?
• How does the new technology
harmonize with our enterprise
system such as SAP, BAN ....?
• What hardware and software
cost should I expect?
• …?
including ROI ( Return Of Investment ) calculation
and practical hardware and software demonstrations (ask for fully seminar documentations in
• The Test set does also include a large bunch of
different transponder modules fitting to the
frequency you choose.
On request, SCANNDY can also be equipped with
Bluetooth, WLAN or GPRS.
10 | 11
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06.02.2006 16:39:41 Uhr
SCANNDY – Accessories
Tools for the daily job.
Not only the high performance processing inside
SCANNDY and its universal connectivity that
makes SCANNY a “Multi Talent” for the professional AutoID market, but also a large range of
accessories, which makes the “Always with you”
scanner SCANNDY more flexible, easier and
durable to use. Based on customer’s requests,
the system can be continually extended or
• Heavy duty rubber protection for rugged use
with easy access belt clip.
• Heavy duty rubber protection for SCANNDYgun
• Large rubber protected RFID antenna for long
distance reading.
• TECPACK extension with MP3 recording and
playback for “Pick by voice” applications.
• Direct connect cable for SCANNDYbasic: USB,
RS232, keyboard ( PS/2)
A short summary of the large accessories list:
• Direct connect cable for SCANNDYgun or
cradle: USB, RS232, keyboard ( PS/2)
• LiIon batteries from 1600mAh up to 3200mAh
• Car recharging cable
• Car recharge station with build in GPS receiver
• Holster with belt holder made of leather or
nylon for easy access including bag for spare
• Holster with clear plastic top which allows to
enter keys and see display with belt clip.
Please ask to find the right
accessories to make your
application perfect.
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06.02.2006 16:39:45 Uhr
ARM 7 (32 Bit)
Cradle – Technical data:
SCANNDY – Technical data:
8051 / ARM 9
up to 2 GB
Realtime clock
Keyboard PS/2
Keyboard (PS/2)
USB 2.0
Infrared (IrDA)
Bluetooth (MTSU-WML-C20-NH)
Bluetooth (MTSU-WML-C20-NH)
Class1 = 100 m or Class2 = 10 m
Class1 = 100 m oder Class2 = 10 m
WAV - data
OLED colur-graphik display 128 x64
170° view angle
View direction turnable by 180°
Red /green/yellow/blue
Red /green/yellow/blue
Operation temperature -20°C +50°C
16 key
no key
7 key
large trigger key
1D laser Class1
CMOS 1D Modul
EAN/UPC-Code 39-Code 128-
CMOS 2D Modul
Code 2/5 interleaved, EAN 128
LF: 125 / 134 kHz
HF: 13,56 MHz Mifare
HF: 13,56 MHz I-Code
TecPack – 13,56 MHz Mydi
TecPack – NFC
104x56x33 mm
92x96x56 mm
SCANNDY Standard
138x56x120 mm
211x120x75 mm
color range is: White,
102 g
110 g
Yellow, dark-blue,
172 g
216 g
grey-metallic. Please
Li-Ion 1200 mAh
Recarging of SCANNDY
ask for your color!
and spare battery
Li-Ion 1600 mAh
Backup battery
3 year
Li-Ion 2000 mAh
Ethernet – SSL encoding
110/220 V
Hansestr. 91 | 51149 Köln | Telefon: +49 (0)22 03 – 10 334 777 |
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06.02.2006 16:39:48 Uhr