Lifetouch Yearbooks®. We`ll make it easy, you`ll make it great.



Lifetouch Yearbooks®. We`ll make it easy, you`ll make it great.
Lifetouch Yearbooks .
We’ll make it easy, you’ll make it great.
WebEase – our stable and secure web-based tool helps
you create the perfect yearbook for your school.
Simple Solutions...
• A streamlined approach and support ensure a successful project.
• Predesigned templates, borders and backgrounds make it easy to create yearbook pages.
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Streamlined processes make it simple and straightforward to
manage your yearbook
• Drag and drop templates and
graphic elements into your pages.
• No CD’s, no mail – Images
automatically uploaded from your
Lifetouch picture day.
• Student names are automatically
populated in the Sales Tracker – no
need to enter names.
• Community image upload allows
you to gather candids and feature
more students.
• Quality assurance – you will be
alerted if a photo is low resolution.
Support every step of the way
• Home page keeps you up to date on
the status of your deadlines. What to
do Now feature keeps you on track.
• Monthly newsletters guide
and provide inspiration.
• Interactive tutorials and PDF downloads
walk you through every stage.
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