Standing Corn on WDFW land


Standing Corn on WDFW land
Some parts of the fields like this one show heavy waterfowl
Usage. The birds have apparently mowed these rows down
And eaten every kernel of corn. This particular patch looks
Like it is wetter than some others shown on subsequent pics
More well utilized corn – no
yellow kernels left either on
the ears still attached to
standing stalks, nor on the
ears down on the muddy
field in this picture.
More evidence of corn well utilized by
waterfowl. Note the duck foot prints
in the mud and the kernel-less cobs on
the ground
However, here is an example of many uneaten
ears of corn still supported on stalks. I pulled
back the corn husks on these ears so the
uneaten kernels would show up in the photo
The ears of corn shown in
the previous picture now
thoroughly twacked with a
machette – either laying on
the ground or the stalk
doubled over to put the
ears/kernels with easy
reach of a waddling duck
As I was working, ducks were
constantly flushing up out of
the standing corn and others
were circling wanting to come
in for some more high calorie
breakfast. The program is
definitely successful and
popular with waterfowl. Don’t
know if my thwacking
assistance was necessary but
will definitely make it easier for
the migrating flocks to access
the resource/investment

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